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  1. Changing THB to Vietnamese Dong

    It is just for a 4 day trip. So you mean I get more Dong if change baht in Bangkok than in Hanoi? Thanks
  2. Thai central bank bans banks from cryptocurrencies

    Banks and governments can not completely ban the use of cryptocurrency. They need to block the whole internet. So all negative news is pushed up by the media to scare the people to get into cryptocurrency
  3. Thai central bank bans banks from cryptocurrencies

    That means Banks can not directly buy or sell cryptocurrencies. Trading with exchanges is not prohibited
  4. I'm based in Thailand. Is it better to change Thai Baht into Dong in Bangkok or in Vietnam, Hanoi. Or is the exchange rate better to take US$ or Euros with me?
  5. Good or bad experiences at bx.in.th

    bitcoin.de in combination with Fidor Bank, Germany. If buyer and seller using this Bank, any transfer takes only seconds.
  6. I found a note in my calendar, that from today the sale of Gasohol 91 will be stopped. Anyone can confirm? And what type of gasoline should I fill up now. My Yamaha Nuovo run excellent with 91.
  7. Good or bad experiences at bx.in.th

    To register an account in BX.in.th is too complicated for me. I got stack with the 2factor authentication and deposit from a Thai Bank. The customer service was helpful but finally I gave up. In the meantime I'm registered with an exchange place in Europe and everything went fast and smoothly. All transactions are done instantly !
  8. Understanding Thai Addresses

    Addresses are useless. If I want to visit somebody in Thailand, I tell them give me the coordinates. Not easy for some people. But there are many apps who give the current GPS coordinates
  9. Skin rush

    Good question. I don't see any written diagnosis. Only how to apply the medicine and the receipt, total 1,865.00 baht
  10. Skin rush

    Went today to a hospital dermatologist for evaluation. It's no eczema, nor insect bite, nor allergy. They all cause itching, which I don't have. It is quite common in Thailand. She prescribed me a ‘Nano silver hydrosol water based’ gel, name ‘ASAP’ and a repair Cream ‘Cicalfate’. (Made in Thailand) If it persist, come back in 4 weeks.... Hope it helps. Anybody know and used this cream?
  11. Skin rush

    no, normal sitting. The red skin is getting now lighter but larger...
  12. Skin rush

    I have a red rush on one leg. No itching, no pain, no swelling. But it does not change the color. It is now over one month. Anyone had the similar symptoms?
  13. Hi David. Thanks for your infos. Does this new bus from Suvanabumi Airport make a stop in Cha Am?
  14. Pattaya Gold Shops

    Too bad. All I need is the thickness. I measured 70mm long, 40mm wide. The thickness I could only guess. It was in the package. About 3 or 4mm?
  15. Pattaya Gold Shops

    Hi Bob, sorry to jump in 2 years later. Can you tell me the exact dimensions of one 1 Baht Gold bar. Lenght, width, thickness in mm. And if possible the 10 Baht gold bar. Reason: I'm working on a calculation to use volume, purity% and weight to determine authenticity.