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  1. Hi Vincent. I personally don't believe nor disbelieve such things as Kharma, & Re Birth, but travel with an open mind, but the position you've illustrated surprises me. I'm puzzled that on one hand you accept the possibility of such teachings, but you aren't open to the Abrahamic or Christian God. In the Buddhas teachings of Kharma & Re Birth, didn't he refer to God (Deva) realms, amongst others, and isn't it possible that the Abrahamic or Christian God resides in one such realm? Others have described such Gods/Devas as Re Births in divine existences due to the fruits of great stores of accumulated good Kharma. These beings bask in heavenly existence for great periods until such Kharmic stores are depleted. Periods so great that inhabitants in such realms have the illusion of immortality. But as we understand, once the positive kharmic forces are depleted, then beings then recycle into other realms until Awakening takes place. The Buddha taught, as you indicated, "brilliant concepts", which included God/Deva realms. If you accept Kharma, Re Birth, & Realms of existence, why do you not also embrace the Abrahamic or Christian God who would very easily fit into the model? Finally, the other puzzling thing is that, if the Buddha taught "brilliant concepts", which were ahead of their time and aligned with science, then isn't his teaching highly probable of being accurate? If the answer is yes, then why don't you walk away from your lifestyle and devote yourself to practice?
  2. The first concern is that there was a beginning (having a beginning already presents insurmountable problems). The second concern is that your scenario features a timeline (from one, to awareness, to consciousness, to division, to complexity, to oneness). The third concern is the need to interact, especially if the one is permanent , unconditioned & timeless/infinite (everything that there ever was & everything that there ever will be, all at once & forever.) Samsara = Conditioned & Impermanent (involves time) Nibbana = (Unconditioned & Permanent (timeless)
  3. Does the Bangkok Hospital publicise their dental tariffs. The Dental Hospital Bangkok, which is next to the Bangkok Hospital had been recommended for quality work. They're just a little pricey.
  4. Hi Sheryl. I arranged a full check up in my country and have established the need for two crowns and a filling. There is some decay under the site of one of the proposed crowns, but well away from the root so no root canal is required. I was given a quote in Melbourne as follows: 2 x Crown Posterior, Porcelain fused to Metal each THB32,000 all up. The Bangkok Hospital quoted: Full Ceramic THB22,100, or Bonded to precious metal THB28,100 each with THB1,400 consultation & X Rays plus THB1,500 if they're not happy with the clean I've just had. The Bangkok Hospital won't bond to non precious metals. I'm thinking the savings appear quite modest, particularly for a short time traveller if problems are experienced. What are your thoughts?
  5. On a scientific level you are correct. The link is not proven. However, at a personal level, eating raw sea food in Thailand is like playing Russian roulette with your/your families lives. Pla Ra is meant to be fermented for at least 15 - 18 months. Many open the drum after only 6 months. Not long enough for the fermentation process to kill all fluke parasites found in raw fish. No amount of regulation will prevent villagers from consuming raw fish products. It's already been quoted that "Khonkien is the world capital of liver fluke in humans". c 4.25 Narong Wongba.pdf Waiting for proof will seal many peoples fate. I witnessed the slow death of a very lovely lady whose liver went west. Not having any health cover, they dispensed digestives, aspirin and vitamins, which she had to pay for. Her death was a slow agony. It's a huge thing in Thailand, but being a third world country, no one is investing in any kind of research.
  6. You've done your homework F P. Alas, your prescription will require too much effort for the OP. Most live in a fixed habitual life. The wife has probably got to the point where she dreads each encounter and can't see herself doing this for years to come. Add to this diminishing Hormonal levels and the writing is on the wall. Who was it that said Homo Sapiens aren't natural monogamists? It flies against Darwins natural selection.
  7. Hi Vincent. I also like the way the Buddha was able to articulate in great detail, an accurate description of how a human functions well before the advent of modern science. One could also ascribe positives to other religions, but taken in their entirety, most can be rejected. Doesn't the Buddha touch upon aspects which may seem illogical, irrational or unscientific? Re Birth from life to life (each person having a linear lineage (your Re Births are a different lineage to mine) No mention of Alien life forms involved in such lineages). Entering Permanent & Unconditioned states. Kharmic affect on future lives To name but a few.
  8. I'm often drawn to thoughts of why many turn to Buddhism. Those who view Buddhism as just another irrational religion, one which in their eyes is founded on superstition, will naturally reject rituals and effort required to subscribe. As Unawakened beings, we all start from a position colored by Greed, Aversion & Delusion? Why are you drawn to Buddhism? What drives you to spend hours of practice pursuing such a belief? Are these motives un-Buddhist like, and how do these align with our chosen path?
  9. In absolute terms, you maybe considered just as incorrect as those who argue a "yes" answer.
  10. Yes, it seems unrealistic, implausible & impossible to our mind. However, this is the Buddhas invitation. Letting go and experiencing for oneself. The Kalama Sutta indicates to try for oneself and if it is false to move on. But to try for oneself requires a considerable amount of effort and faith in order to have first hand experience. Hence the rewards along the way such as Piti, Sukha, & other states. The point being that Mind is impermanent & conditioned, whilst Awareness is deathless. From the writings of many, the closest I can come to describing Nibbana is deathless, universal & without time. If you attain it in this life, it doesn't mean that one drops their daily life. It's just that the traveler realizes the reality of Samsara. It's said that the shell of an Arahant (ones life) continues to go about its conditioned life governed by various forces including Kharma until death of the physical body/mind. .
  11. Well set out Vincent. I find placing the Buddhas teachings in a discussion is a good way to re familiarise oneself with Buddhism, as well as being able to share thoughts and ideas. What immediately comes to mind (my mind) after reading the your list of senses is that the practice of Mindfulness brings us closer to seeing the world as it really us, rather than seeing it through "conditioned eyes". The sixth sense is definitely of interest. Without it there would be very little separating us from an automaton. My intimation of "something beyond our noses " goes a little further than the realm of Mind. From what I am reading, the Mind is also an impediment. Initially we must use the Mind to navigate through the quagmire of conditioning and to navigate along the path. Eventually Mind will present as the final obstacle. Quote: Do you think there is something very special about realization? There is not. It is quite ordinary. It is just becoming who you already are. It is perfect peace of mind, freedom from fear, dissolution of ego and a spontaneous unfolding of life within silence. It can be difficult to drop the mind. That is the key. Once you realise this then the pathless path is clear. Buddhist analytical thinking just confuses this simple message. There is no teacher. There is no student. There is no teaching. Cut the root of a tree And the leaves will wither; Cut the root of your mind And Samsara falls. The light of any lamp Dispels in a moment The darkness of long kalpas; The strong light of the mind In but a flash will burn The veil of ignorance. Whoever clings to mind sees not The truth of what’s Beyond the mind. Whoever strives to practice Dharma Finds not the truth of Beyond-practice. To know what is Beyond both mind and practice, One should cut cleanly through the root of mind And stare naked. One should thus break away From all distinctions and remain at ease.
  12. I think the Buddha leaned towards a state both "Permanent & Unconditioned" rather than a supreme individual. I agree that Nirvana is beyond description but a Creator God, as indicated by the Buddha, is also in Samsara along with us, only with greater powers. 21st century man could take on the guise of a God in the eyes on stone age man. Soon we'll uncover the genetic puzzle which causes us to age and perhaps man can then live for very long periods. However all our powers and might are impermanent & conditioned. Yes, Nirvana is beyond description. All we need do is ponder infinity & beginning to settle on the notion that there's a very good chance there is something beyond our noses.
  13. Hi Vincent. I think I viewed her video. It was quite some time ago. Quite inspiring. I don't think a "Silent Mind" or "Conscious State without Thought" equals "Awakening". You can spend considerable time in that state (Samadhi or Stillness of Mind) but this is not Awakening. I've also read that this state contains traps which lay in wait for the practitioner. Samadhi (Right Concentration) is one of a number of tools one uses on the path to Awakening. In terms of the "pure religious belief" description, wouldn't we have to take this up with the Buddha? We are talking about that which is the opposite to "Impermanent & Conditioned"? To us, not only is it inconceivable, how could we ever devise tools with which to measure or degine it?
  14. I have a feeling that scientific measurement can only be used to measure the realm of Samsara. If you can measure it Awakening hasn't taken place. Nibbana is beyond measurement.
  15. Hi Vincent. This has always been the case hasn't it? Didn't the Buddha proclaim Awakening without empirical evidence (enlightenment being an 18th century word which doesn't capture the original Sanskrit & Pali words)?