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  1. Did anywhere the beer price go up?

    Nothing in mainstream shops in town but rob dogs local village shop up by 7 THB singha 5 THB Leo a bottle? Mrs poohy ( a fiscally minded lady with the personality of a scrap yard dog) went in this evening, lady asked her if she wanted the usual 2 beers, i think the sharp response of "no we can buy when we go out now at 7/11 got her back up somewhat!.
  2. I thought we had "got over "this
  3. Anti-Islam extremist monk forced to disrobe

    Also More Muslims have died by the actions of Muslim terrorists!
  4. I live relatively close to the burmese border in Mid Thailand smuggled cigarettes and whisky (very nice)is available but not in local shops) How to get it easily and safely? Simple.......place your order with the cops! They are going to love this
  5. hmmm !The roads to the burmese border are going to get busier round here
  6. I think Ranong is supposed to be the wettest place
  7. I used to fill atms years ago and the piece of paper could be something the bank left in error when loading the cash and was counted as a note Suggest you take receipt to bank asap they can check amounts dispensed against machine timestamps My reasoning is Normally if no 1000s the balance is automatically give in other denominations Fairly convinced it will be painful but you should get your 1000THb in the end
  8. Russian Nuclear Tech For Thailand

    If i lived in Nakon Nayok i would move, nothing good is going to come out of this,
  9. Probably just returned from a long stay overseas. Germany? I got the sarcasm well done i found it amusing But sad story but that's Darwinism at work sadly sometimes good people suffer
  10. Just thought maybe they could ask her son he's a cadet in the army and i am sure he would have a inkling where she is( Mind you if i was him i would have gone with her) or is that too easy?
  11. As such a superb actor it seems his main role appears to be playing a "ladies garden"
  12. Gibraltar qrops

    As everyone is probably aware Gibraltar did not follow the tax ruling brought in in April allowing flexible access to Qrops pension funds. However what you may not be aware is now Gibraltar is blocking any transfers out, to anywhere or any products that offers “Better benefits” So basically transfers to jurisdictions which offer Flexible access ,better tax arrangements such as DTA agreements or product such as SIPPs are now blocked. This is regardless of whether e you wish to access funds The new law was imposed since May and information from my financial adviser and lawyer state that many people including me have been affected. There is very little information on the internet regarding this at present but one can only hope a solution will be found soon.
  13. I bet talking to real journalists asking real questions got him in a bit of a sweat
  14. Yes its true Mrs could get cover in home area of BKK but not PKK until she registered at Prachuap hospital