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  1. Can you imagine the fit he would have if he read or could read "Not the Nation"
  2. SIMPLE Quietly or maybe not so quietly tell the SOB headteacher you are paying 2000THB same as other kids and will deduct overpayment from school fees That's what Mrs Poohy would do only , well apart from scaring the headteacher to death!
  3. But it's a pretty much true statement IMHO ,and yes i have lived here 18 years and find most untrustworthy and in general deal with them as little as possible.
  4. Agreed a rather stupid law , and its treating people like children, but in reality, Thais, buddhist or not, that want to buy beer or drink will do (mom and pop shops hardly ever close or stop selling) Likewise expats have knowledge to find places to buy or drink, or plan ahead So It only really effects the bona fide tourist /travellers who are not aware of the ways around these things,and probably would have no idea about buddhist dry days. Of course some of these tourist could be staying in nice hotel and will not take too kindly not having a glass of wine with their meal Lastly the shop in our village, lady who owns it is one of the "buddhist rent a mob" at the local temple, her dad is a monk....and i have never know here not to sell on any dry day.
  5. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    Thy might have a smartphone pick up or motorcycle, but i would put money on the fact they are NOT paid for ...eg on credit!
  6. Thank god for this we can sleep safer in our beds from now on!
  7. Yup .... perfectly normal for most shops in Prachuap that's if they are not hiding avoiding you
  8. Error 502 Bad gateway

    Been away on business so not checked or been affected recently but yes normally this a regular 9./9.30 pm in Thailand thing, quite simple dont use TV around this time, although why they cannot do their backup repairs etc in the middle of the night baffles me
  9. However! I would think seriously well connected very bad( and probably wealthy) foreign criminals would get their visa taken care of by local home grown criminals!
  10. Lopburi train on Pa Sak Dam tour

    That picture really does not sell the excursion to me
  11. So simple Remember BIB .... Basmati is Best!
  12. Exactly .....And that's what your pay the fee for! Whats the problem!?
  13. Disrespectful words by gf

    You know the best option already, get out while the goings relatively good It ain't going to get better!
  14. "A poll in June showed that 53 percent of Thais would like Prayuth to serve another term." It appears i know an almighty amount of the 47% that want him out then!