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  1. So its ok then?? He should be locked up and certainly not be anywhere near kids
  2. I am pretty sure I was told as a kid you should never stand under trees in a thunderstorm!
  3. It's a Second hand price, so = second hand table and all that goes with it
  4. Dozens of ways to view without adverts and no they cannot stop you signing in Ps I have never seen an advert on here yet unless i turn "it " off to post then its *****ing horrendous
  5. Wouldn't be so sure about that just looked at a Uk newspaper FB page (no VPN or anything odd) with a news item headline .............. FB 1 (name of country)0 photos etc still there
  6. Just a thought could they not just issue a set of dress restrictions/ suggestions for Thais travelling abroad it might be simpler
  7. Have a look for yourself using one of those internet thingies or app or whatever. i would elucidate further but washing my"crop top "
  8. Did i say it was legal?? But anyway it works doesn't it,
  9. Best they dont look at the Daily Mail today then!
  10. "They who must be obeyed" probably get paid so its cash in their pocket they aren't going to bite the hand that feeds em. luckily there's ways around this advert lark
  11. Totally agree most times nothing worth reading, what is there is old news or certainly not newsworthy
  12. There goes your 90 day reporting then!
  13. Sad indeed but my grandfather died in a concentration camp He fell out of the watchtower
  14. Bad gateway and reload message today and generally slow site Note All other sites functioning ok Seems like the site running well (cant even add sarcasm emoticon)