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  1. Visa faires are a god send ! and luckily still available i am thankful for mine
  2. Thank you for comments i am but a poor soul that has to use planes not teleporters But I have lived here 20 years and I dont get worked up about by whatever you call visa or extension of stays Anyway i say again The IO had all the information he did not do his job correctly and I still maintain i have rarely ever spoken to an IO when entering the country i just hand over the passport
  3. regardless of what "he she they" call it! Actually i dont think i have ever spoke to an IO, i dont wish to socialise with them and i doubt they want to talk to me Anyway The IO had a valid re entry permit in front of him relating to a visa So he could easily find visa it related too But He asked for 20K that was not required then offered to let her wander around thailand without an entry stamp which is the sole purpose of his job not to allow either he's downright stupid or playing silly games, because he wanted a tip, or running a scam
  4. Don't think this is just a Pattaya problem as although i try to avoid any dealing with the locals as much as possible ,i do hear my Mrs who is not a local from the town (Thai from Bangkok ) complain about rude lazy staff at shops here in Prachuap.
  5. weather wise both will be wet Imagine they see more foreigner so should be easier in theory in Ranong However from memory sungaikolok i had a night at the Merlin "hotel "a few years back a very pleasant experience visa wise was also hassle free
  6. I think from my experience albeit a few years ago 2 hours late is considered nearly on time
  7. My main branch in BKK flatly refused my other branch in prachuap said "cannot no hab " then they had a relief lady manager a few weeks ago i asked again and no problem ...... seems its who you ask and it did have to come from BKK
  8. agree !when pushed enough BKK bank will issue a Visa debit card ordered from Bangkok But by god it take several branches and dozens of staff before this happens!
  9. reminds me of one of my first days here in 2000 ish having a sheesha in soi 3, a guy sidled up me and asked quietly in arabic " do you know where they sell snakeskin wallets" i said no.... he said ok i have to go! often wonder what was going down there....... maybe he did really want a wallet
  10. Shoes in the house dont bother I am a foreigner its not our culture up to the locals however a lot walk around barefoot so i can't see the point either way however more importantly regarding their culture ...........having half a fist up your damn nose does upset me
  11. Polite comment.... Not wishing to hijack the thread but (in My case)all other websites working fine so its nothing to do with OS or browser
  12. Same here in the last 6 weeks 2 deaths to alcoholism in our village one older guy and one about 40..... Lao kao rules here and also 504 bad gateway message galore today is TV switching off
  13. God almighty and i thought it was going to be a joke originally............. whatever you have had i want some !
  14. My heart is pounding at the mere thought of another witty meaningful ode! I am sure the farmers are completely overjoyed
  15. Mister T you should come out to Wakor we are much more enlightened here evidently,as a can be seen by more people than usual sitting outside the beer shops than normal on these Buddhist days ( damn refugees from PKK i suppose)