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  1. Today 7.30 am drove 5km to village to get milk, rainy heavily so i was diving slow thankfully Now no exaggeration, 2 motorcycle 1 saleang and a pickup drove blindly out of side roads without even looking! Another saleang driven by some fat matron blindly driving down the narrowvillage high street on wrong side of road ! is there so law i am missing that allows the above as it seems a very popular way to cause accidents
  2. As one poster pointed out, its still a third world country despite shopping malls and condos and the odd 5 star beach resort, more importantly with its failed education system and almost fatalistic attitude to death there is no real desire to improve or even acknowledge things need improving unless it affects Thais personally e.g MONEY Been here since 2000 and sadly in some aspects the country is going backwards, although on a positive note the internet (FB)is starting to rattle some cages. but a long way to go!
  3. I always throw the box away only record i can see is LOT HF0008A EXP030820 That dont help me much Shame as its a lot cheap than Co Diovan Anyway what are alternatives to this
  4. If they are talking of Thai restaurants in UK "very sparse and way over priced" although must admit i would never think of eating Thai food in UK My choice would always be Indian Bangladeshi food whilst at home in UK certainly cheaper and prolific God i am hungry now!
  5. poohy

    Wife ,42 had 1. GOUT attack

    Used to have the big "G" regularly but changed blood pressure tablets get it about once a year if that now But always keep my 2 best friends nearby Dicofenac and Colchichine They can solve it and i eat and drink what i like
  6. Suggested better title Boring Mercedes Benz tries self immolation
  7. Well there you go..... you learn something every day
  8. As its been said elsewhere were i betting man i would have bet heavily against this result Very pleased I am wrong! One last thing though Shouldn't the headline Be HURRAH what the heck is "Hooyah"
  9. But bars dont get their mates to ship in 100s of customers who have paid in advance every day do they
  10. Didn't they propose to stamp out nominee companies, this is a Chinese company operating in Thailand... profits straight back to China
  11. poohy

    Mission chief hits out at errant media

    Very true i committed a heinous crime this morning shopping for milk at 711 in shorts MINUS underwear .... tis a real law evidently thou shalt not "not " wear underwear! Can only be in Thailand where on the other hand you can buy overpriced beers and gaze at women without underwear through a glass ceiling
  12. poohy

    Immigration Office in Prachuap City?

    The closest Immigation Office from Prachuap Khiri Khan is located on the way to Dan Singkhon border Business hours: Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 16:30 Phone number: 032-810-565 Right now, they only provide these services: Tourist Visa extension 90 days notification Certificate of residence For any other paperwork, you’ll need to go to Hua Hin immigration.
  13. Hua hin immigration no problems i live near Dansingkorn (Prachuap) immigration also a helpful pleasant but small office live 1km from the beach in Wakor 13km south of PKK quiet rural i love it PM if you need more info
  14. You have confirmed 100% what i said Of course the better ones will go for better paid commissions leaving the more inexperienced at the mercy of the corrupt businesses
  15. Quite simple I am sure there are good captains of boats in Thailand, but i doubt any are captains on pleasure boats, these guys are just glorified bus drivers (with probably little or no education or training) and we all know how safe they are