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  1. yes i suppose the towns will become busier however i live 15 km south of PKK next to a 6 km long beach no tourists now i guess none then.... no shops no car parking/ roads no restaurants, yes a beautiful beach but everything a Thai would hate
  2. What are these people on ??? Phuket weather warning as Mangkhut to bring heavy rain, floods Just spoke to a friend in Hong Kong its a beautiful evening there at the moment but they are ready and waiting
  3. Im sorry but its making landfall in Hong Kong!!What on earth are they on about
  4. poohy

    Kodi not loading tv shows or movies

    So its blacklisted but it works unlike you i can live with that
  5. poohy

    Kodi not loading tv shows or movies

    I have kodi on windows 10 laptop I use Exodus 6 (yes from kodibae repository) for TV shows no problems whatever
  6. I hardly think Burmas Buddhist monks are either passive or peace loving https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2017/may/12/only-takes-one-terrorist-buddhist-monk-reviles-myanmar-muslims-rohingya-refugees-ashin-wirathu
  7. This neutral white is probably Apt!
  8. poohy

    Husband almost beheads wife in Krabi

    Have a very pleasant evening!
  9. Apart from probably the Rembrandt many years ago never really had a good Indian here, but i suppose thats what a visit to Penang is for!
  10. real ale, eg Bathams then..... usually meals in this order not all on same day i hasten to add an Indian/Bangladeshi curry fish n chips Pie chips and curry sauce a Chinese special curry take 96 year old Dad to local carvery all whilst raiding the supermarket for cheese of all descriptions
  11. Dont forget us poor souls living in PKK who have to live through the yearly celebrations of this "wondrous victory!"
  12. Sadly with the lower income lower intelligence bracket I think the bag culture is also a proof of payment i.e if its in a bag you have paid for it i have never ever seen a Thai refuse a plastic bag
  13. With due respect sad shes dead but i think the original poster were saying that any girl with kids at 23 had hardly made wise choices. 23 and looking after kids unless she could farm them out is utter drudgery, i know its worldwide but you would think people would realise what they are getting into. Yes i openly hate kids but love puppies
  14. Incorrect !! ....see U tube video clip "Dont tell him Pike !"