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  1. poohy

    Do you pick up monks on the road side?

    Not exactly but I do try to catch them with the wing mirror as i drive by
  2. poohy

    Hottest Thai Winter Ever?

    Been wetter this year near Phracuap khiri khan, i was away last week when it chucked it down and flood everywhere This week however! ok, cool early mornings and late eve, but Days however seem similar to mid April ..painful
  3. Point taken sire! However all my "edumdacted" Thai friends mostly ex work colleagues from the travel business all speak English and are 100% Bangkok based Sadly although beautiful and relaxed living here in the country is exactly what i said...... food lottery or failing that basic primeval grunts! Even my wife Bangkok born "N" bred struggles to understand or maybe lacks patience to understand the locals
  4. I got sent here by the company 20 years ago Met an old guy who was fluent in both reading a writing Thai ......I was impressed He just shrugged his shoulders and said they say nothing of importance all they really speak about is food and the lottery. Now years on and married i live a rural area I can speak Thai but not read or write GUESS What that guy was 100% right simply not worth the bother!
  5. Not been on here much recently as out of the country Tried yesterday it is painfully slow with a fair few 520 cloudfare errors However I rest assured that highly trained engineers are frantically working to rectify the problem ... just tried to add a sarcasm emotion and simply gave up as it just froze
  6. Yep same in Birmingham 1 bag and weight restricted!!! Emirates check in at Birmingham is run by the gestapo (albeit a little effeminate division if the last huffy "gentleman" was anything to go by) i was carrying on my usual small backpack and computer bag QUOTE i dont care about how you checked the same in BKK we do our job properly here) On the second trip this year i used Qatar
  7. poohy

    Doubts rise over Feb 24 poll date

    Funnily enough I was just thinking about long stay visas in Bavaria
  8. Yes same here I worked in Iran on the whole pretty good English certainly better than here
  9. poohy

    Nimmanhaemin -- Meh!

    Just tell them you dont want to have sex with them.... easy no problem!
  10. WANT and NEED are two very different things!
  11. but but but hes only 6 months!
  12. Super idea we have a socket outside where we keep the motorcycles now why didn't i think of that!
  13. Probably exactly the case Daily how many times do Thais drive a motorbike from left onto a main road without even looking. just returned local town some 6 km away if i desired i could have wiped out at least 4 motorbikes and their occupants mostly obese women who did exactly this. They really don't care or even look!
  14. Not a big Rap fan but love this and the words are amazing Lets hope it a start to rattle the house of cards ... its only a matter of time now!
  15. I see myself about 40 years ago ! living (and loving)the dream!