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  1. IMHO shift change /interpreter follow advice above! passport in exchange for cash sign NOTHING Leave
  2. Not identical but happened to a member of my staff in 2004 on KPG 25K asked paid he spent 1 night in cell i paid and he walked
  3. As said police request for 49K Bail is , really pay us the money and off you go! The Thai police force is not a recognized police force as in the western world more like a criminal mafia, in reality they probably sold the stuff to you son So pay up get passport back as exchange for cash nothing in writing and GO!
  4. No nothing anyway I pity the poor squaddie who tries to speak to Mrs Poohy about it
  5. Yes the road is certainly not complete nearest town after border is something like 80Km on a bad road you safely say its going to a while yet
  6. Thailand to declare IUU-free Thailand

    I really dont think you should post Little P s morning mantra he might get cross and we wouldnt want that and the inevitable song being written would we?
  7. Not sure about this idea of "highly trained soldiers" soldiers wandering around willy nilly telling people how and what to think? Its only going to cause more confusion plus they will probably get lost if they go too far in their little tank
  8. Got sent here by company 20 years ago met wife got nice house land beautiful location drawbacks, food, IMHO is lousy compared to Indian, Middle eastern, and even Uk ,i just dont like it was used to heat but dessert heat humidity here stinks oh beer is disgusting Any way i travel a fair bit so no real hardship ...ok until pension age them move back to Uk
  9. IF you are talking about Dan singjorn crossing no crossing for foreigners!! just a local crossing point for Thais and Burmese
  10. Good that they expediiatring !!!! This has been talked and talked about since about 2004!
  11. MOST DEFINITELY!! easier to check alignment of stocking seams and for any offending knickers
  12. Its a Asian thing! this shoeless lark i would not want to see socks or barefoot ladies in my house Joking aside In western counties it would never cross my mind to either take off my shoes or request someone else too In fact i used to request my girlfriends kept their stilettos on at all times
  13. My mom sold him a suit when she worked at gray's department store in Dudley, he had dirty finger nails was the only comment i heard her say