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  1. guess the husband s h . i . t on the floor also.
  2. nonsense. he is a prankster, comedian. i dont talk like eddie murphy, lenny bruce, or andrew dice clay and i am american. his prank target audience is not tv forum. so much hatred and animosity is perhaps really jealousy and insecurity cause the guy is fluent and reads thai also and has millions of thais that like him. get a life
  3. and some moaning expats enlist pussycats for cock fights providing the cocks can stand at attention.
  4. nate should learn that he would avoid legal trouble if he limits his stupidity to participation under a pseudo name on a popular thailand expat forum that way he'd probably go unnoticed
  5. imo thai soap operas influence and do immense damage to society. nates pranks are minuscule and not significant compared to soap opera copycats. he may very well already pay taxes to the usa claiming a few coins damaged the railway system is like saying stepping on the pavement damaged the road.
  6. taxi agreed to take her and use the METER. not easy to find. the lb talking down at the driver as if she is a hi-so going to work/walk on soi nana lol. the only way it could have been worse if it were an african hooker
  7. precisely lol your post reminds me how truly annoying the indian tailors on the sidewalk are. nobody forces you to go to nates websites. no doubt the tv forum academics will be out in force again on this thread.
  8. and affluent women do not seek youthful good looking males ???
  9. melania was considered a top model in the industry and likely her annual income was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars perhaps more. the majority of earths inhabitants would be considered relatively poor next to a billionaire. while theres many very nice bargirls and i am not unsympathetic to their plight it is not my role to fix their lives and or the problems-dysfunctions that may have led them there.
  10. i am thinking about volunteering as a tourist cop on walking street but can anyone confirm the rumour that the farang in uniform will get all the girls there?
  11. last week thai tv news aired a "facebook live" video of 2 drunk girls driving in a car. laughing, giggling, very happy. that video is the legacy they left before exiting this world. the tv news shows their car nearly cut in half. both dead.
  12. i even saw a gogo girl with tips affixed to her left breast and the 20 baht bill clearly showed the face of the father of all thais.
  13. " He's a gross, disgusting man. Not just physically. " as opposed to all the pattaya, nana, etc etc sean connery, brad pitt, harrison ford look a like nobel laureate triathloners with business empires and private jets ????