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  1. aretha was a true singer superstar whose vocal abilities alone were more than enough to captivate the audience. aretha did not need elaborate sexual motif choreography like madonna.
  2. can condo ownership in thailand be used in lieu of the 800k baht (assuming the condo is worth that or multiples of that amount) ?
  3. what often happens is during the miserably low salary training years they sign contracts with private hospitals agreeing to work for them in exchange for financial help to make ends meet til they graduate. a neurosurgeon friend did this even though his family is quite ok.
  4. i wonder if her sister is number 4 prostitute in kazak..... i mean belarus ?
  5. likely doing mandatory government service at a pittance of a salary.
  6. atyclb

    Best hospital options for unknown illness

    is northern ireland the uk ?
  7. atyclb

    Best hospital options for unknown illness

    interesting how they diagnosed meningitis but didn't know the cause. the possible causes are limited and the lp and csf tests done should almost invariably tell the story. viral meningitis is an exclusion diagnosis that is if nothing else tests positive the the assumption is viral. it is very surprising the irish docs did not say likely viral in such a scenario. ireland has a damn good medical education system and highly competent doctors.
  8. it's not about trump but about everyone / anyone
  9. when police catch him he will learn payback is a bitch
  10. atyclb

    Best hospital options for unknown illness

    should also explore the multitude of autoimmune diseases and some probably not even discovered yet. a rheumatologist could help have a look at this list; https://www.aarda.org/diseaselist/
  11. atyclb

    Lasik v. replacement lens?

    https://crstodayeurope.com/articles/2017-jun/multifocal-and-trifocal-lenses-in-post-lasik-eyes/ https://crstoday.com/articles/2011-aug/my-most-difficult-case-incorrect-iol-power/
  12. atyclb

    How did you meet your Thai wife?

    i find that hard to swallow as all the thaifriendly gals are PhD's
  13. atyclb

    How did you meet your Thai wife?

    Do you have a picture ? as I may know her
  14. typically the advertising for pickup trucks shows them in the light of performance and how fast they can go