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  1. The evidence is of two kinds: a) Follow up studies of alcoholics consistently reveal high suicide rates. The proportion dying by suicide varies from 8% (Kessel & Grossman, 1961) to 21% (Gabriel, 1935) depending on the length of follow up. These figures represent a risk 5080 times that of the general population. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/6648755/ older study. More recently: Alcohol is involved over a quarter of all suicides in the US (approximately 7500 per year). Suicide is 120 times more prevalent among adult alcoholics than in the general population. Alcohol abusers have higher rates of both attempted and completed suicide than non-abusers.
  2. maybe action to recover the dowry should the bride prefer clams to hot dogs ??
  3. from the video it does not appear she checked for breathing or pulse before starting cpr.
  4. new lyrics for rolling stones song "i see an airplane, and i want to paint it black"
  5. posting relevant links from credible sources that elaborate the rationale behind the international air safety bodies concern rather than depending on my comments based upon recollection is never a bad idea. your "hearsay comment turned into 1 isolated incident. fraud related to airline safety (maintenance) required engine overhauls that were not done is hugely significant as it undermines the integrity and credibility of an airline. if they fudged the required safety work on one airplane why would they not on others?
  6. C'mon, you're being sensible, that's just going to confuse the Thai bashers. https://www.eturbonews.com/115154/reason-behind-thailand-s-air-safety-problem "Even more important, in the beginning of the negotiations, AvCon had its engineers look at the aircraft using video borescopes it was to make offers on. Two of the aircraft’s engines required an overhaul, and C4 checks had not been done although the airline’s specifications not only did not reveal that information, but went even further indicating the C4 checks had been done. After finding these maintenance discrepancies, AvCon warned Thai Airways as well as the Thai government of this serious issue. Such an oversight could cause the Thai Department of Civil Aviation to downgrade the airline’s CAT 2 status, already at a dismal ranking. Adding to that issue is the fact that the Thai Department of Civil Aviation does not have enough inspectors. " it seems 2 of the 4 engines required an overhaul that according to paperwork had been done but the engineers discovers the overhaul had not been done.
  7. "You see???", see what? Sorry, but what's so hilarious about your remark? Are you suggesting that other airlines do have inspections and as a result do not have occasional issues? in a case that became infamous thai airways was i the process of selling one of their uneconomical 4 engine jets to a middle eastern billionaire. the wannabe buyer sent a team of engineers to inspect it prior to sale. their inspection included fiberoptic scopes that looked inside the engines. they found that the routine maintenance interval replacement parts had not been replaced even though the maintenance paperwork indicated it had been done. this is what led to the iata ban on thai airways and need to pass relevant safety checks
  8. Is DHL ripping me off

    my experience with dhl to thailand is also negative. the company that i ordered from in europe told me the shipping charges were paid in full and i would be subject to thai gov duty only. i paid the duty but dhl asked an addition delivery fee that looked like a scam. send via postal service from the origen country and AVOID dhl. thai post charged me vat only on a new digital camera coming from usa.
  9. did you read the comment i was replying to?
  10. 2 years in jail seems to defeat the purpose of the reason for being arrested
  11. guess the most "self aggrandizing" event in life would be having one of those African Hookers refuse saying it is too big.
  12. my thought also. I believe a high % of regular working girls would pull the same stunt if paid upfront or down below lol
  13. understand, becoming as smart as you is unattainable. and i though i had some hope
  14. the teenage girl will be able to join the "money hunters' on thaifriendly in 3 or 4 quick years