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  1. knowing thai society and taxi drivers, telling a taxi to use a specific route might make him think you have something to hide, either contraband, incorrect immigration status, etc and theoretically the driver could think he can share in extortion money if he goes a route known to have police checkpoints.
  2. i am just a bit amused because you are thinking in a way like you should in a war zone, literally
  3. solution 1 . stay home, never go out solution 2 preplan using gps to instruct taxis which route to use , assuming they agree thai's report the same harassment in areas completely removed from tourist areas
  4. perhaps a bit extreme making sure you do not use the same route to go home more than once...? 007 style
  5. as ex special ops you are not selected solely on ability to follow orders. they screen and you are able to analyze situations and think critically. the basis of this thread is not about hating thailand but being harassed and extorted by police. many if not most thais feel the very same way about police but would you suggest they move to a different country?
  6. more amazing deductive reasoning and failure to review the whole thread.
  7. your life, your choices as applicable to everyone.
  8. yes not all but it would not be dishonest to believe the majority are based on financial need
  9. "do their own plumbing and electric" i would strongly urge you to get a second opinion - inspection of this system in your house since water and electricity in thailand live in infamy
  10. Ladies in Thailand.

    i suggested the guy with comparable house and some cars including a late model corvette even though another guy had a porsche it was a 924, an older less valuable car that some called more of a volkswagon than a porsche.
  11. may i nominate you as the new "thaivisa poster child" . ??
  12. Update; per my upscale thai friend that folows social media police have been shaking down people in the same manner they did to me. reportedly the army is handling complaints about this. yesterday some police that did this were reprimanded. below is the official info hotline where to report such ocurrences