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  1. teacherofwoe

    Cork Balls

    Thanks, but they only have 32mm which are a bit on the large size. Unless you have seen smaller ones on there that I may have missed.
  2. teacherofwoe

    Fishing the river ping

    Hi Andy, There is quite an array of fish in the river such as tilapia, various carp and others that I don't know the name of. The biggest fish I have seen come out was a Chinese carp which I guess was around 8kg because the guys that caught it took it straight to the fish restaurant across the road and got B800 for it. I prefer lake fishing so I'm not the best person to ask, but they caught the carp with bread. Worms and dead bait work well too. I've only had a couple of small catfish like you and I got a small grass carp once. Once I was fishing, I saw a couple of guys in a boat collecting a strange fruit that falls into the river. I called out to them and they said it is good bait for big fish. I'm sorry but I don't know the name of it but when I next see the mother in law I'll ask her and hopefully she will know.
  3. teacherofwoe

    Cork Balls

    Hi, does anyone know where I can buy/order cork balls for hair rigs in Thailand? Many thanks
  4. Hi, just wondering if anyone lost or had their passport stolen. I registered mine lost with the local police station in January. Got my new passport and Immigration transferred the stamps and I did my late 90 day report. No problems then. I did my extension of stay in June, again no problems. I recently did 90 day reporting and they told me that my passport is lost/stolen and there is an alert on their screen. They told me to go back the the police station and get them to delete the original report I mage in January. The police scratched their heads. So, I went back to immigration and was told that I should staple the police report into my passport because they are unable to get my passport clear on their database. "Don't worry, many people have this on their passport" I was told. So, my question is, are there any people out there that have the same or similar "alert" status on their passport and have you had problems dealing with immigration as a result. I'm also concerned about problems trying to leave and re enter the country. Thanks in advance for any info.