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  1. A manicure with a happy ending. I think you are on to something.
  2. Went thru on the 20th of December 2017 never ask to show but I was prepared just a FYI
  3. in Thailand you need to agree on a price before anything you do, make sure you include the quantity, specific location ,time, number of passengers is luggage included. is it price per toe or per foot or includes 10 toes and 2 feet if there is a way to change the price they will try. I was just in Thailand for 3 weeksand I managed to not get scammed many tried. start by not taking Taxis you may eliminate 50% of them. Never had any issues with public transportation. Buy from food vendors that post the cost per item. carry small money so you can pay the exact amount. My wife who is Thai bought pad Thai at the sunday market in chiang mai the lady said 40 baht sign 40 baht she handed her a 50 baht note and the lady said 50 baht and walked away it was my wife that let her be scammed she saw me and thought Thai lady with Farang screw them. I know it was 10 baht but I still like to be treated fair had she handed her two 20 baht notes it would have been 40 baht
  4. ATM limits

    maybe I was not clear I am referring to the yellow bank of ayudthaya web site krungsri.com
  5. Best way to get to pattaya from don muang

    just a follow up we did the 50 baht mini van to Suvarnabhumi then public transportation bus to pattaya we caught it at the airport terminal I think it was eight. Then short motorbike taxi to our hotel the mini van ride was not that good if there is another option i will explore that next time the public bus to Pattaya was very good and cheap.
  6. Us to Thai ring size conversion

    I am now thinking this is a Thai 65
  7. I have read a few topics looked at charts and still need help here. I can ask the vendor to convert for me but want to double check what is a us ring size 11 in Thai? it appears to be a 20.6 mm in the mm scale and I see Asian conversion charts any help here. I think this should be simple.I could have the finger mailed here but that would defeat the purpose
  8. ATM limits

    Ok just an update I think you can pull until you money is gone or a high limit I did 2 30k pulls and a 20 k 1 30 at one atm and a 20 and 30 at the same atm different location immediately in a one hour period
  9. ATM limits

    Thanks for the replies it is a Bank of Ayudhya issued card I will try 30k again as that is the limit per pull I will try it again for another 30k and report back thanks
  10. ATM limits

    Thanks I will try after midnight
  11. ATM limits

    Quick question can someone tell me what the atm limits are here specifically for bank Ayudhya the yellow one I just got 30 1000 notes as the atm said that was the limit when does that renew 24 hours or next calendar day I am using their a card thanks
  12. Best way to get to pattaya from don muang

    We are already booked to don muang I am unaware there was a flight from samui to pattaya
  13. Best way to get to pattaya from don muang

    Ok thanks I will sort this out I have until the 4th we are currently in Koh Samui
  14. Best way to get to pattaya from don muang

    Thanks I will look at this option the reason I considered the bell bus is it seems to transfer to hotel I guess just songtaw to hotel from there
  15. Metered taxi

    Thanks 7 km should be a very simple task if there were metered taxis