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  1. Rimping has turkey again!

    Wow I bought 4 20 pound butter balls last year in the USA and froze three of them They were on sale for $ 5.00 each. Even not on sale they are about $ .69 cents per pound That's a pretty big mark up.I do remember while in Thailand wanting to do the Thanksgiving thing but looked at the turkey prices then nixed that. I will take a chicken over turkey just my preference.
  2. Air Asia flights luggage Carry on

    Thanks for all the replies. I purchased a backpack that meets their specs I packed it so it was almost full and I was still under weight. I have no issues paying for checked in baggage and will with four legs of this trip. Its more the ease of transportation with taxis or motorcycles or walking.
  3. Air Asia flights luggage Carry on

    Kinda of what I thought. That was my experience some time back. I was just going to buy a new backpack that is close to their specs. I have traveled Thailand with luggage and it really limits your transportation options when they see a Farang rolling baggage. I will still try to respect their guidelines. Thanks
  4. I will be doing some traveling in Thailand late this year can anyone tell me if they have traveled Airasia recently. What I want to know is they have a carry on Baggage limit of 7kg and a size limit also. I have 8 separate flights scheduled I am trying to do these via backpack and will most likely be able to operate within their rules but are they real picky, like you are 1/2 kilo over or 1/2" to large on luggage. I just want to be sure because the check in at flight is pretty pricey. Most airports have a baggage thing that can size them to see if they are to large but I have never seen them used at other airports.
  5. Thanks poor. Sucker that helps
  6. In My Shadow The first is a 2k the latter is a 3k room. We will be in Thailand during the high season yes we both work and need to visit during a period when our work is slower due to holidays at the end of the year. We will be paying more because of the dates. We are already covering Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai Bangkok and pattaya. We just have never visited Koh Samui. Thanks
  7. Poor sucker thanks for the First Residence suggestion it has good reviews and meets my criteria one other question does anyone have any experience with First beach bungalos Is this a better option yes it about $ 30.00 more than First residence but seems to be a more direct beach area . Thankyou
  8. Thanks to all for your responses . I am trying to get the booking thing wrapped up in the next week. I will try the google map thing also. I must say the weather related problems at that time of the year I had not given enough consideration. Looks like I need to do a little more internet surfing. Thanks again
  9. Thank you samui Bodah i have the don muang to surat thani then bus ferry thing mostly figured out beats a 10 hour bus ride or a $ 700.00 usd for 2 directly to Koh samui thanks for the busy season heads up I understand the hotel thing everybody is different.
  10. Seeking a little help for suggestions on where to stay in Koh Samui We will be arriving on or around December 28th for about a week after leaving Chiang Mai. We have been to Hua Hin, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and a few other places in between ,but never to Koh Samui I will be traveling with my Thai wife of nine years I am 55 she is 37 we are not backpackers or high end travelers. We have been away from Thailand for about 8 years Most of the places we stay at are in the $ 30 usd range some are more some are less just to give you an idea of what we are used to. I am looking for a place close to the beach or on the beach and close to local Thai food we eat pretty much everything. Beer is a must so at least a few good local cheap charli bars would also be a bonus. We can do the motorbike thing but would like all these options that can be done on foot if possible. I don,t want to be way out and need transportation to do everything We are not late night people, looking for more of a beach experience no need for Scuba Diving but swimming and sunning I am not stuck on the $ 30.00 thing but over $ 100.00 per nigh is not what I am after. Private bathroom for sure I have not made the travel arrangements either bus ferry or flight the latter seems pricey. I might try and tuck a 2 days stay in Hua Hin Before we go to Koh Samui Any suggestions I would greatly appreciate
  11. Thai or US passport

    The passport update is not to bad in the US the problem is it is about 1100 miles away we have done it once before. The Thai consulate has a traveling office and comes to the seattle area once a year we just missed it. We can also plan a vacation to Southern california and combine the two that would be my first choice but not until next year. If we can do it in thailand even better we will most likely be in Chiang Mai for a full week the other two moving about. Again thanks for the input.
  12. Thai or US passport

    Thanks for the replies
  13. Thai or US passport

    Thanks for the replies we may not renew her Thai passport while in Thailand as we will not be in one spot for the entire 3 weeks. My fear would be if we have any issues that take extra time we might be stuck waiting in the area we applied
  14. Need a little advice. I am a US citizen married to a thai lady for 9 years we lived in Chiang mai for a short stint before returning to the US. She is now a US citizen with a US passport. Her Thai passport will expire in the next few months. For us to update this passport we need to travel to Los Angeles to the Thai consulate to get it updated. I am trying to avoid traveling across the country to get this done at this time until it is convenient. We want to return to Thailand for a short 3 week vacation at the end of the year her thai passport will expire around that time. We do not want to make any mistakes on entry to Thailand also booking flights as that requires your passport # So here is my question do we really need to worry about her thai passport now can't she just enter the same as myself with her US passport(visa on entry), we are only staying for 3 weeks and will be returning as we both have jobs then when it is convenient we can update her Thai passport. I just want to be sure that we are not sacrificing her thai citizenship or any complications that could arise by entering with a US Passport verses a Thai. Thanks