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  1. Asking for a friend who's considering coming to Chiang Mai from the UK for heart bypass surgery (instead of waiting on the NHS). Is this a good place to come to have it done? Any recommendations for heart doctors and hospitals ? Or if you would like to share any experiences, please pm me, would really appreciate it - thanks
  2. Thanks, just hope they won't probe him with too many questions !
  3. Just thought I would update you. We have submitted the application and the officer asked my husband some questions; husbands monthly income? what my father+mother's names are, if I had any siblings, what was my occupation in UK, how did we first meet, how long have we been married ? Today the officers came to our house (unexpected), I was home alone as hubby travels for work. Therefore they have asked us to visit them after songkran with somebody to guarantee that we are a genuine couple. Now I'm wondering what they will ask the guarantor? Just wanna be prepared
  4. Great, they are booked up until May ! what now? Is my only alternative to go in 30days prior, early in the morning, pick up ticket , pray and wait? Also, once I submit my application/docs, is that when they stamp the '30days consideration' , they process it, and I go back and they will grant 1yr (if successful). Also, what kind of questions will they ask at the interview? tx again, this is my 1st time to apply as you can probably tell
  5. Was just reading about the the online queue system, can I use that to make an appointment for my application? tx - Sorry pls ignore, just saw Marios post above
  6. Sorry, do I need to make an appointment to submit my application+docs with them beforehand? does that appointment have to be within the last 30days ? Last time i went there just to get info on docs needed the place was heaving and it was on a friday afternoon near closing time.
  7. Hi, I'm on a 1yr non-Imm O multi-entry visa, which has 'must enter before 19th Jan 2013', which I did, and so have permission to stay stamp until 17th April. I am a UK national female married to a Thai. I would like to know how to apply for 1 extension of this visa based on marriage. Should I apply for extension about 1 mth before 19th April? We live in CM, thanks