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  1. I purchased one in Thailand and use it successfully in the US. Did not make any changes and the power supply takes 110-240 so not an issue. If your power supply is not dual voltage I expect you could just buy one in the US to use with the android box. Mine has a round connection so the actual power supply is changeable if necessary. US internet speeds tend to be faster than many of the Thailand connections so no issues there.
  2. When acquiring a used iPhone there are two levels which need to be cleared to be of full use to you. First is needs to be unlocked from a carrier or factory unlocked. I have read that even when you have an IT person unlock it reverts back to locked each time you update the IOS so important it is factory or carrier unlocked if you buy a used one. A second an even more important criteria is that it is not linked to an Apple ITunes ID. If so you cannot make changes, updates, restore, etc. since you are unable to log into the iTunes account of the person to which the phone is linked. Note you may have the phone set to download updates or new apps without reentering the password but other changes may require password input. Regarding photos, if the phone is set up to periodically backup to ICloud this will be done automatically when using wifi or a regular basis. This would have the new users photos uploaded to the original owners ICloud where they could see them which is not good for the current holder of the phone. If location services are set up on the phone and ICloud you can pinpoint the current location and also erase the phone which is useful if you have accounts set up with saved passwords. So, it is important when acquiring a used iPhone that the ITunes link is signed out so the new owner can link to their ITunes ID. While the new user should be concerned they cannot link to their ITunes account they could be a basic user and aware of the importance of this feature and need.
  3. +1 bought at Family Mart on Monday when
  4. One week ago used copy of drivers license for address. I am a renter and had letter from condo management as back up in case they would not use license. They used license last year as well.
  5. Good points here. Many hotels or guest houses have monthly rates if you want to look around before committing to a longer term rental agreement. Regarding noise, condos which have a lot of short term rentals may be nosier due to holiday makers staying there. Some condos do not allow short term rentals (3 months or more) and are quieter with restrictions concerning tenant behavior, etc. which you must sign. Can be a good thing depending on your objectives. Another source similar to Pattaya Condo Guide is Hipflat https://www.hipflat.co.th/en where you can search by area or just type in the name of the condo. Note Pattaya is not specifically listed so use Chonburi. Once here you can talk to people who have been here a while and can comment on pros and cons of various places depending on what are your main requirements in a place to stay.
  6. I was there today and got the flyer. They said when going to future outreach meetings they will post the baht figures on their website and in the email notification so people will have the correct Baht amount in their drafts due to exchange rate fluctuations. Since they do not have cash there will be no ability to pay differences or get refunds if the amount is incorrect. Seems overkill but easier for them.
  7. I had a motorbike key made a year ago and recall it was about 200 baht. They need a good blank and also have to put in the steel or magnetic pins in the right configuration so that you can open the ignition key lock cover plate. Perhaps if a Honda key blank rather than a generic blank it would be higher.
  8. I have met the person who writes the Steetside Bangkok food blog/website a few times when he is in Pattaya playing golf. He is a friendly guy who is enthusiastic about food so I would try places based on his summaries. I tend to avoid visiting Bangkok so cannot provide my own feedback regarding his reviews. His reviews cover a wide spectrum of places and probably worth a look to see if they align with your viewpoint on places you have eaten. http://www.streetsidebangkok.com/
  9. Lovely photos Village Farang. Brings back memories of a trip to north Thailand a couple of years ago. Very scenic and peaceful with changes of terrain and seems to be a great area to live and relax. I did visit the Royal Villa and border station picture looks familiar. Was frequently stopped by checkpoints in those areas as close to the border but never any issues. A very interesting place to visit which is quite unlike other tourist venues is the Hall of Opium outside Chiang Rai. Another impression was that all land seemed to be farmed in some manner and surprised to see corn grown in very mountainous areas as harvesting would be difficult and only by hand.
  10. I have a good friend who has worked at a couple of different legit massage places. For Thai or foot massage she receives either 90 or 100 baht depending of the shop which typically charges 199 per hour. Oil is more so they get more and it somewhat depends on if they provide the oil or if the shop provides. They are paid once or twice a month for their share of the fees. They also work in the shop cleaning, etc. before opening. Tips are a key component of their income and while many give 20 baht they appreciate 100 baht as they provide a personal service which can be tiring when customers want strong massage (typically Asian customers) as it requires a lot of effort. The income level in legit places is not great and they do like return customers and better tips as it makes the effort worth while.
  11. To OP, Yes you should update your car and/or motorbike driver's licenses. You will need a resident letter (also a good time to change this if out of date), original passport and licenses plus copies of all the above. I also took the old passport and letter from embassy stating the new passport was a replacement which I used at immigration to transfer stamps into the new passport. No testing was involved, just an administrative event to change the numbers and get new photo. Since they return passport and old licenses you should have copies of everything with you as they typically do not make copies there. The process was easy and worth it to avoid any issues later if the documents do not agree.
  12. Banyan and Black Mtn are the top two in my opinion. Best of the others are Springfield (Jack Nicklaus design), Palm Hills, Sea Pines and Imperial Lake View probably in that order. I don't particularly like Majestic Creek and Royal Hua Hin was a big disappointment and probably best to avoid as overall condition is poor unless changed. While not so many courses compared to other places in Thailand there do have a reasonable number of quality courses.
  13. I'm just about to help a friend book an appointment for his annual 'thingee' to say how much his pension is. Wow I see only early morning appointments in January ... last is 9am ... have things changed as last year I thought that I made an appointment mid morning for him. I see a comment on the appointment listing that you can call the embassy and ask about other times. Worth contacting them as to why afternoon times are not regularly shown. If you do suggest you post their response.
  14. I went a couple of months ago but did not have the print out as do not have access to one on a rear basis. The check in process is easier with the print out of your appointment. Recommend you arrive at least 30 minutes ahead of time as the lines at the street entrance are long for non-US citizens and even the US citizen line takes a while to negotiate. You must be on the appointment list then they check passport, etc. and move you into a smaller area for security checks. You should read the list of what is not permitted inside the embassy and they do take away cell phones which they return when leaving. I had a key fob for condo door access and they kept that as well as looked electronic. Once inside the rest goes pretty smoothly where you wait for your number than then give them the documents. I spent more time getting into the embassy than picking up my new passport and having a document notarized. As an aside, parking is limited in the area and I parked at a hotel/shopping center just down the street. If you are driving in from out of town be sure to allow time for this and Bangkok traffic. A late morning or early afternoon appointment might be easier. I had a 9:30 time and driving into Bangkok and parking was unpleasant. Leaving town as a lot quicker around lunch time.
  15. +1 Thais also say "hospitun" for hospital and "Royun" for Royal Garden.