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  1. Yes, i have been in Chiang Mai last year for 2 month and was living in Smith Residence. I filled a TM28 and was going to the Airport building 3. They accepted it! Perhaps because of my normal address is in Khon Kaen Province. When i did my 90 day report in CM then, they wanted also have a copy of the slip from the TM28! When back in Khon Kaen the Immigration didn`t want to have anything from me because i have yellow housebook and pink foreigner card!! They said, that the Smith Residence also did a departure report to the Immigration!
  2. Thank you for the informations! So i have to fill the TM28 because i am coming from Khon Kaen and will be in CM for some months! Thank you for the information about the Office on the 2nd floor. So i will go direct there and don`t have to wait half a day downstairs. Good news :-)
  3. I think, that this will be a problem, because as i know from other Hotels and Residences they are doing a TM30 every evening with a list of all foreigners living in their building! But i will ask them. Yes, i know, that all IMM work is now at Promenada, but normally you can also give your TM28 at all police stations in the country! Because this i was asking about a special counter or something like this. At the old Immigration they had an extra building for TM30/28 stuff! Thank for the answer!
  4. Hello, does anybody know if i have to do a TM28 if the Residence where i will live is doing a TM30 online? If they will make a TM30 online i won`t have slip with a stamp on! I have to make the TM28 still at the Airport Immigration Office at building 3 or is all closed there?? If so, is there an extra counter for TM30/28 at Promenada or do i have to queue? Thank you so much!
  5. The "old" Sofitel is now the "Pullmann Raja Orchid" Khon Kaen! I had very good experiences with the Centara Hotel in Khon Kaen, not too expensive and free transfer to the city.