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  1. Good. The two winners aren't great either but at least it's not a complete monopoly.
  2. DrTuner

    Thailand’s No Beach Party for Investors

    The investors remember the Chinese reverse merger scams well and see who's taking the reins here. Better get what you got and move on.
  3. In Pattaya it's been the crappiest year evah, maybe five sunny days. And since Pattaya is the center of the universe, I accept the theory as gospel.
  4. The other half are probably Thai-Chinese, happy to return to motherland.
  5. Ah yes the traditional violent festivities need a soldier with Chinese AK-47 copy in every corner.
  6. Probably. I'm surprised they don't offer a McMoxy at McD, people here pop them like candy for any small papercut. Once a bug gains immunity because of the overuse it'll wipe the population clean in a few days.
  7. DrTuner

    Water resources in EEC area being studied

    I hope the farangs around Mabprachan built their McVillas on stilts. "Water Management" coming right up, usually means a couple of meters of flood water.
  8. Ah, the oh-so healthy Thai fruits. You'll never get sick eating them as you get your daily 1000g antibiotic doses. So exotic and tasty!
  9. If the cost of visa is a factor in visiting Thailand, these quality tourists must be pretty skint. Why not bring back the zero dollar tours while at it, all that matters are numbers. Maybe start importing corpses to get a few more.
  10. As long as a box of Beer Lao is 1380baht (Makro yesterday) don't bother. Asean...pfft.
  11. I have a suggestion on how to finance the co2 thing: make the scientist make a bet with 10:1 odds, minimum bet 100k US with a timeline of 10y. I think that 97% would magically shrink to 0.97% as soon as it's not somebody else's pocket where the cash flows out of.
  12. A big disappointment coming to them when they figure out the junta rigged the system so it doesn't matter who they'll vote in. Just a bunch of puppets.
  13. I'm placing my hopes on virtual tourism using VR. No need to travel at all and if the service is bad, you may shoot them with a bazooka. Saves a lot of energy and nerves.
  14. Who knows what happens at the bottling stage here. I'm always suspicious when the label says "Bottled by a somchai in a BKK backyard".
  15. Nobody looks at him anymore. Is he still on at 6PM?