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  1. It's been doing this for a few days now. Fibre connected but no net connectivity. Looks like the routing to BKK is being "fixed" by a Somchai. I expect it to go to total crap, that's what usually happens a couple of months after I change ISP. There's just no hope.
  2. Where to get a laptop repaired in Pattaya?

    I do all my IT DIY and use lazada and InvadeIT. Go to youtube and educate yourself. If you get scammed, feel free to hit yourself. What ever you do, do not let the common Somchai within 5 miles of your equipment. Better to throw it in trash yourself. There's a reason Thais don't want to buy second hand anything. They know Somchai was there.
  3. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    And they bring all that lovely communist culture they've been born and bred into with them. Makes one hope Mao was still alive and the borders closed. Xi seems to be doing a fair effort to make that happen, though.
  4. terrible rental experience (ongoing)

    Trash the acs and walk away. Not worth loosing a couple of years of life due to high blood pressure.
  5. Yes, but that was just another latte drinking exercise. I grew up in the middle of the forest surrounded by wolves. Having to go to school in -50 degrees while they were chasing you for the whole 25km stretch 4am was more educational.
  6. The Hit and Run Pattaya "whinge" Thread

    Yes. I got it from HomePro I think, Scotch products are a real hit&run deal around here. If you see it, grab it. Took 3mins to get rid of all the crap on my new fridge, smudge free.
  7. The 2018 Pattaya Songkran FAQ (long)

    Oh. Would've missed the whole Songkran angst if I hadn't seen this pinned up, forgot about the whole thing. Phew!
  8. I remember the time tourist police was touted as help for foreigners. I guess they are helping the foreigners to get the hell out of Dodge now. How very nice of them.
  9. The world and all its sensitive precious little snowflakes taking offense on every little atom in the universe need a hard way for sure. I'd suggest a proper boot camp, Full Metal Jacket style. Make a man or a trucker lesbian out of them yet.
  10. Uuuuu, meltdown. So much better than furious netizens, the Chinese are way ahead in their social development. Probably lasts a few milliseconds longer too.
  11. Thai guides are just as useless as the zombies in hardware stores. Only use I can think of is to provide carbon dioxide for plants.
  12. 56? That's like half the circumference of the globe, innit?
  13. Put a bounty of 50 baht per mutt on. In 0 seconds flat armies of Somchais have modified their Buddhism to fit and are enjoying their hard earned laokhau with no dog alive within 100km.
  14. PC, I suppose. I have no objections to "let's go murder some mutts".
  15. 170b to pattaya and 1700baht from train station to city center? All hail the taxi mafia.