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  1. Be brave to speak .. and have a multi page bickering contest as the result. Now who wouldn't just love to do that?
  2. DrTuner

    French Fries. Standard cut or thick cut?

    Where I come from French fries are the crinkle cut sticks and the British version is called "block potatos". Thin and smooth cut for me, fried in very hot oil and served immediately with just salt, thanks.
  3. DrTuner

    Guesthouse Crackdown

    Interesting company you keep. Now, it might be a tad difficult to meet the others, as their Hong Kong shell companies aren't that likely to give a toss about Thai BiB, especially as long as the brown letters keep flowing. Farangs as usual might get the short end of the stick - good riddance. Did they really think a "guaranteed ROI" on a crappy condo in Pattaya was legit?
  4. DrTuner

    Guesthouse Crackdown

    Well if you'd formulated your question as why I don't like flippers or illegal hotel owners (many if not most of which are not Thai but Chinese and other assorted foreigners), you might have gotten an answer. I don't like opportunistic hustlers vying for a quick profit at the expense of sabai sabai for the residents. But as I'm a softie, I'll accept guilliotine instead of the noose. Just get rid of them.
  5. UN became irrelevant the same time their security council got Russia and China into it.
  6. Yes they did. I and a bunch of others learned the language from US TV series (apart from what I learnt from reading the Silmarillion). Thank you for that, but it's offset by the horrible white Ferrari Crockett had in Miami Vice. Lifelong trauma.
  7. DrTuner

    Guesthouse Crackdown

    Check the usual 'go home if you don't like it' threads here. That bone has been gnawed to the last bit.
  8. DrTuner

    Guesthouse Crackdown

    I'd be screaming bloody murder, but luckily I went with the age old wisdom of not investing more in Thailand than you're willing to loose. It's a playground, not a target for long term investment. I have zero symphathy for flippers or illegal hotel runners. Hang 'em high!
  9. DrTuner

    Guesthouse Crackdown

    I live in hope they'd stay at home. Thailand is equipped to handle maybe 1/8th of the current invasion force.
  10. Of course we change the way we talk depending on circumstances. Lately I've been keen on appearing like a total <deleted>, so I'm imitating the horrible nasal Hi-So wannabe khaaaaaaaa from Thai TV totties. It seems to work as people now perceive me at the top tier of the sakdina. I base this on the fact that I was just brought a cold beer, without asking for it.
  11. Oh, somebody really got axed from government. First for everything. Keep it up and get rid of all of the rest of them.
  12. Ah, grammar. It should be studied extensively at special universities. The kind where you herd them into the basement and throw away the key. Toss them a scrabble game once in a while to keep them happy bickering with each other. I propose such universities should be in England, the hub of grammar nazis.
  13. D'oh. Use a one shot gmail for android and never connect G+.
  14. I hope they put all prices up 50000%. Because then I can point fingers at any one saying it's no ploplem just grin and bear. First they came..and ya folks spread the buttocks wide. What we need is proper speakeasys and bootleg.
  15. DrTuner

    Govt: 2019 budget deficit appropriate

    Yeah, bleed it dry before forced into exile. A cunning plan.