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  1. I guess there was a reason caning was introduced in Singapore. Seems to have worked.
  2. Yeah, should just be usually rich. Naughty boy, too greedy.
  3. "Hey Somchai go teach the kids integrity and ethics" "Sure thing boss, right after I finish my laokhau, khrap"
  4. Yikes. A python would be normal but a bloody cobra, no thanks.
  5. The results will be in in 9 months.
  6. The difference between a straight as an arrow Autobahn where Germans sticking to the rules and fully expecting some nutter (been there, done that, it's boring and expensive) coming at 250kph+ and Thai "roads" with Somchais equipped with an IQ of a somtam crab and ego the size of the universe is the reason for that.
  7. Getting a bike over 150cc seems to be a good way of never having to worry about old age.
  8. Looks like Pattaya beach. He'll need a multi century dredging operation to clean that one.
  9. That's another major problem in Bangkok. Getting anywhere is a nightmare, so everything has to be replicated every 50 meters. Hawking centers need an effective transport network to enable the herds.
  10. Darwinism in action. Drink up, villagers. The DNA pool will thank you.
  11. Just provide a regulated space and ban hawking outside them. Something like the Thepprasit night market in Pattaya, which is now a pleasure to shop for food in, after they cleaned it up.
  12. People shop online because of better deals, no traffic problems, no stalking vendors, no crowds, delivery to doorstep, better selection, no clueless sellers to irritate you, etc. Good luck competing with that. Good riddance, Lazada <deleted>.
  13. Volatility due to Korean situation? More likely due to BOT stopping meddling with the market.
  14. Oh. I didn't know you have to empty the containers before entering Laos. No ploplem doing that on Thai side, though.
  15. Female dominated workplace. No male without a death wish wants to work there, toxic.