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  1. Yeah I know a couple of these. They are truly not racist, I'm pretty sure they'd stick in into a sheep if the opportunity arises. The rest, they are pickier.
  2. Those 15% very likely reject their own race. That's racism too innit?
  3. And once they can do it without being labeled racist online: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sexual_racism#Online_dating There's a lot of complete BS coming out of people's mouths in the name of being PC. When the rubber hits the road it's a different story.
  4. Unless you equally screw all races, you must be a racist. I f.ex. take a pass on Arabs, Indians and Chinese and Caucasians aren't high on the list either. One of the marvels of the universe is how did the Indo-Chinese end up looking so good.
  5. That obviously says nothing. A white man might exclusively select blacks and kick caucasians out the door.
  6. When it comes to selecting in what to dip my stick in, I am racist to the maximum extreme and beyond. And I reckon so is 99% of the male population. 98% will deny it, of course.
  7. When it comes to my taste in women, the kumbayaaah multi-culti folks can take their heads and stick them where the sun don't shine, it's my way or highway. Chinese are ugly.
  8. DrTuner

    NLA passes law to make Thailand hub of global organizations

    Organizations.. as in Russian mafia and triads?
  9. Many people don't like the Chinese. At all. There's not much to like. Of course they could care less.
  10. Best news in a long time.
  11. The ice was heavy and the land under it is still rising, it could be as simple as checking the elevation/depth changes.
  12. Yes, I wonder how many have actually ever had or visited a greenhouse. It's like a turkish sauna in there. Tomatoes love it. I understand growers actually add co2.
  13. Could you guys add something like for/against in your posts? Hard to see who's on which side with all the froth flying around.
  14. CO2 is good for plants, get a nice garden.