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  1. Didn't know you could learn to write Korean by listening to it.
  2. Been crappy weather for weeks now and seems to continue. Likely to be topped later with floods. Not a good year.
  3. Throw her in the slammer. For inappropriate use of "sexy". 0% sexiness there.
  4. Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong really are separate countries, no matter what the mainlanders claim. They didn't get ravaged by commies.
  5. The question is what will the unemployed do with them.
  6. Maybe I should ordain. Monks seem to have all the fun these days.
  7. Went for a holiday down south for a week. Ended up validating my take that Thailand is an old gnawed bone with the lovely 10x farang double pricing (pink id did nada) to boot. Next trip will be somewhere outside. And that's what I'll be preaching to anyone asking.
  8. 328% tax. That's got to be criminal. Or at the very least insane.
  9. For a pan to be Thai-proof it has to have at least 5000 coatings.
  10. Nice perks the bosses got around here.
  11. I bet the place has stellar reviews in TripAdvisor. Those roaches are so authentic and cuddly.
  12. Near a railway station, seems appropriate for something Thais would give Japanese after WWII.
  13. That's quite nice, a proper temperature for a sauna. Here in Pattaya it's around 30's.
  14. "Thanks to him, the boundaries that separate the developed and developing worlds – decency and indecency, tyranny and democracy – have effectively disappeared" Maybe Thailand can claim a hub on this one.
  15. Respect must be earned, be it customs or people. This stuff is just silly.