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  1. Ban Chinese and Russians and it's solved. Used to be a nice place before the invasions.
  2. And the people yapping about it likely drive wrong way on a scooter without a helmet and not blink an eye. I said it once and I'll say it again, bring on caining on national TV.
  3. All moved online. Out of sight, out of mind.
  4. Thai way is just another way of saying utterly incompetent. Of course it fails. Bury it under a hefty dose of maibpenrai, also known as the smiling apathy syndrome, and all is great and #1 again.
  5. Prescriptions are the usual 150baht at the local quack, right?
  6. Revealed: Thailand’s fastest baby

    And the there was Somchai with the cattle prod, eh?
  7. I won't be in the middle of those mobs. Double pricing even when I have the pink Thai ID. Keep your filthy parks.
  8. Corruption law to tighten limits

    Laws are irrelevant when not enforced.
  9. Indeed as hilarious as watching the paint dry. Jolly good, you'll get 0.05 chuckles. Carry on. Pretty easy to be a star these days, huh.
  10. Trump, the glorious champion against PC rot. Shithole countries are shithole countries, he just shot it straight.
  11. Won't be long now before men get tired of this metoo <deleted> and start actually acting like they are accused of. The backfire will be epic.
  12. Ha! The third one from the right is obviously the real deal, just look at the evasive action and tight stare right there. Only the Supreme Leader would be wise enough to photobomb his own cardboard copies, All Hail!
  13. Story about Pattaya and a female writer in the West. No need to read the insides.
  14. Pattaya now taking complaints via Line

    Line has a limit on how many contacts you can have, right? Just prepopulate the group with brown nosed folks and you're golden, just like the junta polls.
  15. Most of CP's stuff is horrible tasting processed garbage. Better stay away in any case.