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  1. All depends on the card-issuing bank as they will have set limits for at ATM withdrawal, withdrawal at the counter within another bank, and a purchase. The ATM and bank you do the withdrawal at will also have limits but it the limits set by your card-issuing bank that will be the major limiting factor for counter withdrawals.
  2. Some leaks are so small and in locations on the outside or inside unit that they are almost impossible to detect with electonic detectors or leak dye. Just very small leaks from corrosion, latent manufacturing defects, etc. "Normally" the only place connectors are used is right at the outside and inside units connection points and these connectors are metal flare connectors...no rubber seals involved. Lengths of tubing are tailored made/cut to required length by the installer. For my 7 A/Cs the piping distance between the outside and inside units ranges from around 4 to 10 meters. The outside unit compressor is hermetically sealed like used in a refrigerator. To date my 9 year or so units have never required a refrigerant topup. 3 are reqularly used; the other 4 rarely.
  3. I expect numerous times the topping-up/regassing of A/Cs is purely to get some additional money and the tech actually does "not" add any additional refrigerant even though you may see the tech hookup a refrigerant tank and gauges to the A/C. Then the A/C tech fixes the "real" problem like possibly cleaning the outside and/or inside unit being really dirty. Heck, I've got seven York split air A/Cs in my house...they are around 9 years old (installed when we bought the house new) and none of them have ever had to have additional refrigerant added...but one has had a outside unit circuit board replaced that was smoked/shorted and two outside units have had their startup capacitors replaced (I did those cap replacements which was cheap and easy enough).
  4. Yes, the PureVPN Thailand server is a virtual server which is actually in Singapore. Although actually being in Singapore it issues out a Thailand IP address. Many VPN service providers use virtual servers for many countries/cities....they do "not" actually have servers located in many countries/cities especially countries that seem to frown on VPN...instead virtual servers are used. The magic of virtual VPN servers. Take a look at Hide-My-Ass and PureVPN descriptions of virtual servers: https://support.hidemyass.com/hc/en-us/articles/202722036-What-are-virtual-locations-and-what-do-I-need-them-for- https://support.purevpn.com/virtual-servers-and-when-you-should-use-them
  5. TallGuy, Your residence has also probably been bugged (including night vision capability) by Google....they know your every move 24/7.
  6. I just looked at my April bill again and the line entry for the basic monthly Platinum subscription fee went "down" from Bt2000 (which it has been forever) to Bt1869.16. Now if you increase Bt1869.16 by 7% come 1 June I'll be back to exactly Bt2000/mo. Magic math going on here....but it appears to be magic math that may keep my basic subscription fee the same....once again, maybe due to particular promotion I'm on...don't know....time will tell...will need to see what future bills reflect.
  7. I've read the letter a couple more times and it seems to apply mainly to "monthly" subscription prices (which I expect is how most folks subscribe/pay), but if you go with an annual or 6 month subscription you get X-discount. But when you look at the monthly membership sublink it seems to reflect the current price vs the higher price (I think) with the up to 7% higher monthly subscription. One thing to consider also is over the years TrueVisions has had many different promotions which means you would get a lower price than their standard promotion which I think the sublink displays. And although a promotion at the lower price usually says good for 12 months it usually continues on after that 12 month period based on my experience with various subscriptions on internet, mobile and TV packages with various companies....not only with TrueVisions but with other companies also like DTAC and a few others. And some of the lower priced promotions were not advertised widely and only open for a limited window of time....and in some cases only applied to cable TrueVisions vs satellite TrueVisions. I'm on one of those lower priced cable Platinum package promotions...have 4 boxes basically at the price of 1 box....yeap, it was a special promotion a couple years ago I got into. Heck, since 1 Jan I've even been getting an additional Bt600/month discount after I called and complained royally about them dropping the HBO/Cinemax channels. The discount was only for 3 months (Jan thru Mar) but when I called and complained again in mid March before that 3 month discount was up and wanted a continuing discount I was basically told Sorry, Charlie. However, on the 4th month bill which I got a few days ago the account/Ref 1 number had changed and the individual billing entries (i.e., subscription, fees for boxes, etc) had changed quite a bit but when the dust settled I still had a total of Bt600 in special discount which made me happy. That Bt600/mo discount fully covers with 1 baht left over my AIS Fibre Platinum TV add-on package which includes various HBO channels, Cinemax, and a bunch of other premium channels. So maybe after my call they rethought things about my account and are continuing the discount for X-more months...or maybe forever (one can hope). Since the account number changed for my April bill it seems they may have just put me on a different promotion....or maybe they changed lot of peoples account number for some other reason....I really don't know. Time will tell...all I know is I'm paying significantly below the standard price with multiple boxes due to the lower priced special promotion I got into several years ago...plus the current additional Bt600/mo discount I'm getting. Yeap, various prices depending on what promotion you are under/got in under.
  8. The doctor recommended 10mg per day for both the wife and I and it brought our cholesterol down to well within limits/normal level. This 10mg dosage level also inline with prescribing info shown below. Seems the dosage can range from 5mg to 80mg daily depending on your condition. 10mg worked for both the wife and I. Don't want to take more than I need to.
  9. Got a letter in the mail today from TrueVisions announcing an up to 7% price hike effective 1 June 17. The letter says their last monthly fee adjustment was in 2005. They also brag about the improved quantity and quality of programming. Of course they didn't mention all the channels they have recently dropped like HBO/Cinemax. I found the letter to be confusing even after reading it several times because of some offers of special privileges and just being unclear on the new pricing as to current and future subscribers, whether on a 6 or 12 month subscription, whether on a monthly subscription, etc. And after reading the letter several times and also going to their website mentioned in the letter for more info I got more confused--Maybe it's just me...or just really good lawyer/accountant talk. One or both weblinks below should take you to the price hike letter along with additional info. truevisionsgroup.truecorp.co.th/pricejune17 http://videochat.truecorp.co.th:8080/tvsnovat/customer.htm?action=customerRegister&ln=en And here's a snapshot of the letter.
  10. No need to fill an FBAR unless the aggregate value of all foreign accounts exceeded $10K at any time during the year (even a millisecond). So if you want to avoid the requirement to file an FBAR ensure the aggregate amount in your foreign account(s) does do not exceed $10K equivalent. Some people like to do large transfer(s) a couple times a year (like over $10K to reduce the amount going to fees) and for these folks they automatically just incurred a requirement to fill an FBAR...even if the spent all the money same day. And for folks who use the Bt800K in a Thai bank account for an annual retirement extension of stay, Bt400K in a Thai bank account for their annual marriage extension of stay, and/or just want to have more than $10K in a Thai bank account for savings/investment they also must file an FBAR.
  11. If you go for simvastation, just ask for Zimmex. The wife and I have been taking 10mg per day for a couple of years now First recommended by our doctor at a large private hospital here in Thailand....they definitely work to lower your cholesterol....sure worked for the wife and I. We buy Zimmex 20 (20mg) and just break the tabs in half...the tabs already have a midpoint breakpoint. Here in the Bangkok pharmacy area they go for around Bt220 for a box of 30 tabs....works out to around Bt7/tab. You can buy it by the pack of 10 tabs, a box of 30 tabs, or a box of 50 tabs based on my personal buys at two different pharmacies. Just walk in and ask for it.
  12. Is there a Legacy mode in your BIOS? If so, be sure that is enabled. It can still be set to boot from UEFI first but also have Legacy mode enabled which may allow the USB boot option to appear.
  13. And during install/upgrade it defaults to being turned on to upload/backup your pictures to you Google account cloud storage but it does notify you of this the first time you open it and gives you the option to turn off cloud backup. You can also turn cloud backup off and on in the app settings.
  14. OP, study up a little on getting a visa/extension of stay good for one year....then renew it once a year....no border runs.
  15. Hot Thailand is a dusty place.....dirt trucks everywhere carrying dirt with dust flying out, dried out farmers fields, sides and mediums of roadways which are just dirt/dust with no vegetation cover, ongoing construction, etc. All these sources of dust result in a very fine dust constantly in the air in many places.