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  1. Sometimes it seems a person might get an more accurate answer from the security guard at the bank versus the bank rep. Sounds like the bank rep was getting things confused with an ATM DCC transaction. Yeap, just ask the security guard next time.
  2. If you go to a Thai bank to do a withdrawal without your passport then:
  3. Now below from the Bangkok Bank website is "not" what I was talking about for a Thai citizen; but for a farang. It talks the required paperwork, but I'm sure the process and much of the paperwork would be the same. Will google some more as I have time regarding withdrawal for funeral expenses of a Thai.
  4. There is indeed a provision for withdrawal from a decreased Thai bank account to cover certain immediate expenses....I stumbled up on it one time while googling Thai banking policies. Don't quote me but I think it was up to Bt150K if the required paperwork was provided....may try to google to see if I can stumble upon it again.
  5. Since the uncle had all the right paperwork to get the cars, houses, land, etc., I expect he had the right paperwork for the bank withdrawal. Paperwork from the court. Yes (and unfortunately) poor panning on your friend's part.
  6. I doubt your home country bank will reimburse a fee for a counter withdrawal (none of my banks do); but reimbursement of ATM Use fee is different...a can-do.
  7. Yeap....click on the account name/number and you are now in a query type screen where you enter a beginning to ending date to query on. So if a person wanted a monthly statement of transactions for July 18...just set the beginning date to 1 July and ending date to 31 July. Glad it worked for you....works same-same on Krungsri and KrungThai ibanking.
  8. Good to hear it worked out. And since the the Krungsri branch you used had the same Bt150K limit as the Krungsri branch I used here in Bangkok that strongly suggests to me that would be the limit at every Krungsri branch for a counter withdrawal using a foreign card. And if you ever get the chance to get a Mastercard debit card, at this point in time Krungsri does not charge the Bt200 fee....only on a Visa card for some reason.
  9. Regarding statements the wife and I have accounts at three different banks....Bankgok Bank, Krungsri Bank, and KrungThai Bank....three different ibanking systems...none of them provide statements like you are use to seeing in many western countries....but you can accomplish and printout transactions going back in time up to six months...it's looks very similar to a monthly statement....more than satisfactory. You can compare rates by looking the exchange rates on each back's website...or your can use below website that will show most major Thai banks. Based on a snapshot in time of USD-THB and GBP-THB today, Bangkok Bank had the best rate of Thai banks...Kaiskorn was middle of the pack. https://daytodaydata.net/default.aspx
  10. For a farang your passport is your core ID. Yes, you may have a Yellow Book, Pink ID card, Drivers License, and even your name & photo tattooed on your forehead, but your passport is your core ID. You used your passport to open your bank account because that is what a bank requires of a farang, that is your core ID, and that is what the bank requires to issue a new passbook. If you close your Bangkok Bank bank and at some point in the future when needing a new passbook issued from your new bank (i.e, Kaiskorn, SCB, Krungsri, etc) you will be required to provide your passport. It could get old closing your bank account every time you need a new passbook. When needing a new passbook recommend you take your passport to the bank.
  11. Unfortunately there are people who will only become aware of the Bangkok Bank policy change when their ACH automatic or manual transfer from their a U.S. bank to Bangkok Bank gets rejected starting 1Apr 19.
  12. You will know if it's a DCC rate if the receipt of signature reflects AUD "and" THB. If it does, don't sign...tell them to cancellation that transaction and rerun in Thai baht. The receipt for signature must only reflect THB. Krungsri shouldn't attempt a DCC...they never have on me. It's just apparently now they charge a Bt200 counter withdrawal fee on a foreign Visa card but not Mastercard....this is per there fee schedule. Some people when doing a counter withdrawal just ask for what their max limit is in the home currency....like asking for 2K AUD in your case. What the bank then does is usually use their Note rate to determine how much baht 2K AUD is so they have a baht figure to key into the POS machine. That Thai bank Note rate is not the rate you get...it's just the rate they use to ballpark your request into a baht figure....the Visa/Mastercard exchange rate will be the one used to accomplish the AUD to THB exchange hitting your bank account unless they are attempting a DCC transaction. Since the Note rate is usually used to ballpark the number to punch into the POS machine that makes some people think the Note rate is being used for the exchange. I prefer just to avoid that ball-parking by the bank rep...and I figure it might help to avoid the bank rep from doing a DCC transaction since the customer asked for AUD (or USD, GBP, whatever) versus THB.
  13. Visa or Mastercard exchange rate page.
  14. Recommend you ask for a little less than your card limit to avoid the possibility of the transaction being rejected. Take a look at the card network exchange website the day you plan to do the withdrawal....do some math to see what you max baht amount would be and then I would recommend ask for a little less to avoid an over limit rejection by your card-issuing bank.