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  1. What was the price before? And isn't their Express stores prices normally higher than their big stores?
  2. AIS and access to certain websites

    Here is some IPv4/IPv6 Stats from the ipv6-test.com website. Below link takes you to their stats on Thailand. You can go back to their main page and under Stats select the country you want stats on. The stats are based on tests done to the ipv6-test.com website. Anyway, for IPv6 it looks like AIS and its subsidiary company of AWN are the 800 pound guerrilla in Thailand for IPv6. And in one graph which shows a comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 bandwidth in Thailand, the two have been equal since around mid 2014. Actually going back further than mid 2014 for certain periods of time...but after mid 2014 the two protocols had the same bandwidth (except for minor & brief dip in mid 2016). Look at the chart...you see what I mean. But there is a chart right below the graph talking highest IPv6 internet speed provider in Thailand and True wins that trophy but it was based on only 59 tests. Stats on Thailand http://ipv6-test.com/stats/country/TH
  3. I just wonder if they had so much stock in the warehouse under the old excise rate that they are still selling that stock so price have not changed. Not until they deplete that stock and start selling new stock procured under the new excise rate that the price would possibly change. In an earlier post I said a case of Leo beer big bottles at the Lotus I use was Bt588 before the new rate and a few days after the new rate the price was Bt584...went down 4 baht. However I noticed a few days later that their stock of beer on the store shelves was really low or Leo and Chang cases....I mean like I had never seen it this low....almost out of stock...no normal at all for this Lotus store....but the price was still Bt584 for a Leo case. Now I haven't been back to since to see if they have restocked and check the latest prices....maybe I'll go tomorrow out of curiosity .
  4. AIS and access to certain websites

    Comcast has a dual IPv4 and IPv6 speed tester which tests to several dozen U.S. Comcast sites. First link below talks about the tester and others. Second link is to the tester itself. To select whether you want to test with s IPv4 or IPv6 connection (if your ISP also has IPv6 capability) and the site you want to test to, click the Advanced Settings button on the tester to make the selection. I randomly tested to around a half dozen of their sites/servers around the U.S. using both IPv4 and IPv6. At 4 of the sites there was not any significantly difference between IPv4 and IPv6 speed....I ran the test multiple times at each location...sometimes IPv4 would win by a nose....other times IPv6 would win by a nose. But two locations I tested, the Jacksonville, Florida and Manassas, Virginia servers, consistently gave much higher speeds on a IPv6 connection. Once again, I did multiple tests to these locations. So, based on the limited testing I did to these half dozen IPv4/IPv6 sites, IPv6 was the winner since 4 of the sites were neck-and-neck in speed between the two different connections (call it a tie), but at two other sites IPv6 was the clear winner. Talks about the tester https://www.internetsociety.org/blog/2014/02/comcasts-speedtest-now-breaks-out-ipv6-speed-vs-ipv4-speed/ Speedtester Link http://speedtest.xfinity.com/
  5. AIS and access to certain websites

    This webpage primarily talks comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 site speed but it also has a paragraph above how various browsers may prefer one protocol over another. Quoted below. Also, that ipv6-test.com website has a Speedtest that can test to a half dozen or so sites that have "both" IPv4 and IPv6 connections. When I ran the speed test to Sri Lanka their IPv6 connection was much faster than their IPv4 connection. Got similar results when testing to the other half dozen speed test sites....the IPv6 connection was always significantly faster.
  6. AIS and access to certain websites

    AIS did activate my line for IPv6...and they did call back within 3 hours. In fact they had to call me back several times because after I got the first call it has been activated and I confirmed I could see my IPv6 connection activated in my router menu, I couldn't get the various test sites which test your IPv6 connection to confirm their was a connection. While they did activate the IPv6 connection it turned out I had some IPv6 setup issue with my computer which I figured out between some of those calls with AIS. My last call with them was just a thank you for the quick activation and assistance. Below is long winded discription of how I got the IPv6 connection thing fully working on my computer after AIS Fibre did their part and activate my connection/update my router for IPv6. Although when going into Windows to confirm TCP/IPv6 was turned on like shown in my earlier post (I've always had it turned on the years regardless of computer or version of Windows I was running), apparently it was not fully turned on. And as mentioned in the other post I even turn it off and back on and it didn't fix the issue. So, I got brave and decided to try the Easy Fix at the this Microsoft Support webpage which basically has a variety of Easy Fix routines to turn off or on IPv6, set whether IPv6 or IPv4 DNS connections/prefixes are preferred, etc. Go to the webpage and you see what I mean. I first used the routine titled "Disable IPv6" instead of running "Re-enable IPv6" because I thought to myself since Windows says IPv6 is enabled I'll just let the routine disable it in case it does it a different way. I then ran the "Re-enable IPv6" routine which also created a restore point and then told me to reboot my computer. After reboot using the IPv6 test websites reports I'm good to go with IPv6 since AIS activated IPv6 on my line. I then began to worry about this IPv6 DNS preferred over IPv4 or IPv4 DNS preferred over IPv6 thing like RichCor mentioned earlier which can cause problems in reaching some sites sometimes. Now the above Microsoft website also has routines to select the preference of either IPv4 preferred over IPv6 or the other way with IPv6 over IPv4...but I did not run either one of those, for now at least. First I wanted to figure out what preference with the routine I did run had set because nothing in the routine's title gives you that info. And the answer to that is really don't know for sure, but I'll research it some more over the coming days. However, I did find out that apparently each browser (i.e., Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, etc) has a "default" of either IPv6 or IPv4 it "first" tries....and maybe it really gets that preference from how your have your Windows TCP setup...like the Easy Fix routine I ran...I really don't know. If the browser can't reach a site after X-seconds the browser falls back to trying the other protocol. So, if the browser's default is to first try a IPv6 connection it will try for X-seconds before falling back to IPv6....or it could be the other way...try IPv4 first, if unreachable fall back to IPv6 after X-seconds. I found that testing your connection at this ipv6-test.com site will give you detailed info/results....much better than testing to a very similarly named webpage of test-ipv6.com I mentioned earlier which gives fewer results. See a couple of snapshots below of the differences in info given. When using the first site mentioned it will also tell you which IpvX DNS the browser first tries and how long it waits before trying/falling back to the other IpvX DNS...plus it tells you other things. I have Chrome, IE and Edge on my computer....I tested all three at the ipv6-test site and it showed all three browsers defaulted to attempting an IPv6 connection first and how many seconds they would wait before trying a IPv4 connection. Maybe that is telling me the Microsoft routine I ran set my computer to give an IPv6 connection priority over an IPv4 connection. Anyway, For Chrome and Edge they would wait on 1 second for a IPv6 connection before falling back to a IPv4 connection. For IE it would wait 8 seconds before falling back to IPv4. Summary: I "think" I'm good to go with the IPv6 thing what little I really understand about it....time will tell. IPV6-test.com Results/Info Given Test-ipv6.com Results/Info Given
  7. AIS and access to certain websites

    AIS just activated IPV6 on my account after I called them, but I still can't reach above websites....just like when I didn't have IPV6 activated as I mentioned in an earlier posts. Also, using the http://ipv6-test.com/validate.php website to validate above address it says its a validate IPv6 site but it may not be reachable on all ISPs since it does not have a the domain has no registered IPv6 DSN server......see below.
  8. AIS and access to certain websites

    They did call back and I now have a IPV6 connection status in my router but when using the test-ipv6.com website above it still says no IPV6 address detected. I do have TCP/IP 6 turned on in Windows....see below snapshot below. And this Microsoft webpage talks how to disable and reenable ipv6 on your computer but I don't want to try that just yet since Windows turns on IPV6 by default (it's on right now) and if you do turn it back off by unchecking the appropriate block below that does the same think as far as know. Now I did notice the IPv6 "gateway" that AIS is using starts with an "fe" and my IPV6 address starts with 2405. The test-ipv6.com website says any IPV6 address starting with "fe" (among some others) will not work on the public IPv6 network. Although my address starts with 2405 the associated AIS gateway starts with "fe" which may be the problem. Quote from test-ipv6.com AIS has called me back several times regarding this problem, but I still can't get the test website to say I have an IPv6 address...nor can I reach the ipv6.google.com pages given earlier in this thread. Is it something on my end/my computer I don't have setup right or is it AIS?
  9. Guess it costs a lot to help defend our allies in Europe, Asia, and other places....would be nice if they would spend more for their own defense. According to these Wikipedia references, an $81B increase is more than any U.S. ally spends on their entire military budget. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_military_expenditures
  10. Anyone else Have a Syndome UPS ?

    Maybe their email server was done....went down when the power went down and their Syndome UPS's didn't work to keep the server going. Just kidding. Yea, I know it can be frustrating sometimes in trying to get a response or getting a response that simply not a canned, scripted response that doesn't really address you issue(s). I have experience both over the years with various manufacturers like ASUS when I had a router problem in that their responses were scripted and didn't really address my issue. I would respond 'nicely' that they didn't address my specific questions and what did I get? Just another scripted response. I go back again with another email and while still polite pointing out they appear to be side-stepping the answering of my specific questions which was just technical questions regarding a problem I was having with their latest firmware update to my ASUS router. Never got a response to that email either...and I even sent it again which also didn't get a response.
  11. AIS and access to certain websites

    I will add that a few minutes ago I called AIS about my IPV6 issue...about IPV6 not being turned on based on what I see in my AIS-provided router and using above website. Got a rep that spoke good English....who understood my issue....she said she will relay the issue to a technician (probably really an engineer vs a technician that comes to your house)...and that technician is suppose to call me back within 3 hours. If I do (can) get IPv6 turned on for my plan, I sure hope it don't cause me problems. Oh well, I'll just have to blame myself.
  12. AIS and access to certain websites

    You can use this website to see if your ISP has IPv6 enabled on your connection/their system: http://test-ipv6.com/ It tells you in simple layman's terms whether you do or not. Here's a couple of screen shots of the answer it gave me for my AIS Fibre 200/50 plan which is just a regular home plan; not the Pro or Business plan that "might" have IPv6 capability...I don't know. My plan shows as not have IPv6 connectivity. And as I mentioned in an early post when looking in my AIS-provided router firmware menus it says IPv6 is "disconnected." So, I guess that why my results are as shown below. But hey, I never knew I might be missing something by not having IPv6 connectivity at this time because my internet connection does everything I need it to do....has always reached all the website I need to reach, etc.
  13. True Online Upload Speed Problems

    Good luck. Your upload speed problem is a strange one. I guess it could be bandwidth issues in your local area where ever you are in Thailand. You never did say where you were at in Thailand....Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, some little town in the sticks, etc. But it's True problem to solve....keep on them. Years back when I was on a True DOCSIS (cable) 20/2 plan right after True did a unannounced system-wide upgrade my upload speed went way down...could no longer get 2Mb...lucky to get 1Mb to a test server even across the soi. It took True techs around 5 days to figure out my problem as they came out with several new routers, checked my line, checked the trunk line in my moobaan, and simply could not figure out/fix my upload speed problem. On one day the had three crews around my house checking the trunk line/equipment on the line, replaced my line, etc. Nothing helped. Then, after more and more people called in with the same problem over the next few days True narrowed it down to certain models of Cisco routers....and the new routers they initially tried to fix my problem was Cisco routers. Anyway, the techs came again to the house on about the 5th day and said we have a fix...they brought router from a different manufacture (can't remember the name now....maybe it was a Huawei)...it fixed my upload speed problem. They said their engineers had finally figured out the system-wide upgrade they did to their DOCSIS (cable) system simply did not agree with the firmware with some of the Cisco router models many customers had (and I had one of the affected models). So, they had to swap out certain Cisco router models with a different manufacturers router. But it took their engineers days to figure that out and apparently due to the high number complaints from customers with the Cisco routers....the engineers finally put 2 and 2 together to find the problem.
  14. True Online Upload Speed Problems

    In this post you added one additional piece of info (which I bolded) where the upload speed also decreases when testing within Thailand to some servers. Your opening post implied it only occurred when testing to "outside" of Thailand which would have been most likely a True "international gateway server" issue....that is, True not buying enough international bandwidth. But since you now say it happens to some servers "within Thailand" also that routing would not be going through True international gateway; it would be staying on their "domestic gateway" so their international gateway would not be a player. Something else is going on with your connection....my guess would be it's not a local issue but a issue with your account/how they have your connection setup on True's certain servers probably in Bangkok. Also, there's an outside chance it could be your router but an upload speed problem should appear regardless of the server you are connecting to...even a server across the soi. Also, keep in mind all Speedtest.net servers, or any speed tester test servers around the world, are created equal. That is, say Speedtest has multiple test servers at one city....like how Los Angeles using has 5 different severs to select. Although these severs are located in the same city you can get widely varying download and upload speeds when testing to all five...or at least I have experience that when testing to all of them over just a few minutes timespan. Obviously each sever does not have the same bandwidth capacity and/or the final few kilometers connection has varying bandwidth. Anyway, I just tested to probably every Speedtest.net server in Thailand and a lot of the Thailand locations/cities only have one server to select from so it didn't take long. I got full upload speed to each location except one which gave me 45Mb upload speed. But when testing to the Khon Kaen location where they had two severs, while I didn't get decreased upload speed on my AIS 200/50 plan (it actually give me 60Mb upload speed), I noticed the Khon Kaen University server gave really low download speed (I repeated the test several times with similar results), but the AIS server at Khon Kaen gave me full speed. Appears the Khon Kaen University server is having a bandwidth issue right now on the download side. Khon Kaen: AIS server Khon Kaen: Khon Kaen University server
  15. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    I started getting frequent 502 Bad Gateway errors today (have got several over the last hour)...on AIS Fibre 200/50 here in Bangkok. Before it was like once in a blue moon I would get such an gateway error to include during this "slowness" period TVF is experiencing. So, now we have slowness and bad gateway issues....not sure that shows promising progress in fixing things.