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  1. Pib

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    OK, central Bangkok. I'm in western Bangkok. We should be getting the same streaming performance although I expect even within Bangkok certain areas many have better performing network equipment/performance than other areas. But if I had to bet some money right now the issue is all at the AIS central servers location and at that point customers accounts are loaded on different servers...and until they get all their servers working right some people are going to have streaming problems. Since 11 May I have went thru a couple days of good streaming, then a couple days of bad streaming....back and forth performance. I'm just hoping my last 47 hours or so of good streaming was due to some network fix late Monday night that fixed my problem permanently...one can dream. But it's still too early to tell....if my almost 2 days of good streaming continues to day 3...and then to day 4, I'll start feeling more confident that AIS did indeed do something late Monday night that fixed my issue. Time will tell.
  2. Pib

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    More info on the resolution thing from a bandwidth need standpoint. Below is a snapshot from the AIS Fibre webpage. Since HD is the highest resolution used on AIS TV (just like TrueVisions) only a 4Mb streaming speed is needed....and even less for SD at 2Mb. Even a 15Mb speed plan is more than good enough to stream HD resolution TV. But of course the server feeding the stream must be providing a reliable and steady stream to the settop box otherwise you get pausing, black screen, error messages, etc.
  3. Pib

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    I played around with the video resolution thing also when I was having daily problems. It didn't help anything. I would recommend you leave the setting on Auto to let the HDMI communications between the Playbox and your TV automatically keep the best resolution. And I'm pretty sure changing the resolution setting only adjusts the resolution sent from the box to the your TV; it does not affect the resolution of a channel flowing from the servers to the box. Clearing the Data only clears the AIS Play app setting like which language you select for the menus, preferred audio language, how long certain User Interface (UI) display on the screen, etc. Nothing in the Data area that affects the ability of the box to connect to the streaming servers. Yeap...I agree it nothing to do with your box and internal network....it's an issue on the server end. By the way what part of Thailand are you in? Wonder if part of the problem is "location" related especially if the AIS network in your local area is having streaming problems.
  4. Pib

    Forum down at 22:30

    I've got the 520 error a lot today when going back one screen...didn't use to happen.
  5. Pib

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    Yeap, I left TrueOnline internet in July 16 for AIS Fibre internet and about 6 months later dumped TrueVisions for AIS TV when TrueVisions lost the HBO and other channels to AIS and TrueVisions also implemented a 7% price hike. True simply wasn't competitive in their internet plan pricing...way higher pricing than 3BB and AIS....but since around late 2016 True did lower their internet pricing significantly...the competition from AIS and 3BB was obviously draining off customers. And AIS internet international speed was so much better than TrueOnline internet international speed...your result may vary. If person price compared the current AIS 200/50 Power4 plan (internet, TV, SIM, Wifi...including the Platinum TV add-on package for 12 months) at Bt1998 to the very similar True 200/50 plan (internet, TV, SIM, Wifi...including their Platinum TrueVisions add-on package for 12 months) at Bt2,799 that equates to a Bt801 higher price by True. That makes True approx 40% pricier than AIS...still not very competitive price-wise in my book. Add-in the 7% VAT to these prices to get a more accurate pricing. And for this comparison I'm considering the TrueVisions Platinum TV package and AIS Play TV Platinum TV package to be basically equal. I know this arguable based on what type of channels/movies each person prefers to watch. For me, I've had both TrueVisions Platinum and AIS TV Platinum and I prefer the AIS channel line-up especially since they have the HBO channels, HBO Go, and other features TrueVisions does not have. But hey, if AIS TV can't get it's streaming problems fixed that many are having with the neutered Playboxes I can easily understand reluctantly switching back to TrueVisions, without getting into the discussion on using other Android boxes, live streaming from other IPTV services, etc....etc...etc.
  6. Pib

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    As of 5pm today both my boxes still streaming fine...which means I've up to about 43 hours of no-problem TV streaming. Now as mentioned I did have the case of FoxNews not streaming for a few hours last night and I noticed today at 2pm as just laying in the easy chair watching it rain outside and scanning through the TV channels to ensure they were all playing that 3 channels out of 141 were not streaming...Fox Family Movies, one of those Chinese movie channels and a third channel I never watch...but by 3pm they were streaming again and still are...all 141 channels streaming on both boxes. Even with a super reliable system there will always be cases where a channel or two might "temporarily/occasionally" stop playing due to signal loss at some point between here and where it originates in the world. I had the same problem on TrueVisions satellite and cable before....and on my current free-to-air C/KU band TV dish setup. So, a channel or two not working for a short while can be expected on any system. But with that being said, for 43 hours so far my streaming has been working just fine. Where tomazboder mentioned he had a channel 991 on his box when looking on my two boxes, one box had that 991 channel and the other didn't. I thought to myself I wonder which box is correct since I had mentioned earlier a couple days ago there were more channels in the 900 series but they disappeared around late Monday night when my boxes started streaming good again....like AIS had also pushed out a new channel numbering lineup. And I'm pretty sure yesterday neither box had the 991 channel, but now one does and one doesn't. I began to wonder if maybe it's an AIS Play app "Data or Cache" issue. So, on the box that currently had the 991 channel I first tried a hard reboot...that is unplug power and replug power instead of just starting from standby....didn't help. I then went into the Android Settings and first cleared the Cache setting for the AIS app and checked to see if 991 still existed...it did. I then cleared the app's Data setting which causes you to have to reset your AIS Play language and related settings....just takes a minute. After that channel 991 was still there. OK, the wife is no longer watching the other box downstairs...the box that does "not" show channel 991. In this case I once again start by just clearing the Cache setting...now check the channel lineup again and now channel 991 is showing. So, it was an app Cache issue. This little experiment in clearing the AIS Play Data and Cache settings confirmed for me what each would do when clearing them. After this Data and Cache clearing the preferred audio issue on a couple channels still existed, so clearing Data/Cache is no help there. That problem is most likely an issue on the AIS streaming servers end....and not the Playbox end. With the old app on the un-neutered boxes for those channels that had two different language soundtracks like English and Thai AIS had separate channel icons to ensure the correct language played. But I remember about a year ago when AIS started adding channels like the HBO and Fox channels to its channel lineup it had the same soundtrack selection problem...and even when selecting the English soundtrack channel icon it would still play in Thai until you forced it to the English soundtrack. When complaining to AIS tech support about the soundtrack issue I remember them saying they are working that problem...the problem is on their end...and in about a month it did get fixed. Hopefully it will get fixed on the neutered boxes and their servers also....some of the channels have been fixed just over the last few days. I'm guessing here and many times I don't guess right, but I think once a box gets neutered those boxes connect to different servers than the un-neutered boxes...and the neutered box servers just have problems right now. But for the last 45 hours my boxes are streaming fine...if they continue to stream reliably past 48 hours that will be a record for me since my boxes were neutered on 11 May. I'm hoping whatever they did late Monday night may have fixed my problems...probably just jinxed myself by saying that....time will tell.
  7. Update: The transfer has posted to my Bangkok Bank account....took 24 hours to arrive. @bhatmasterson: I know firmly feel your transfer rejects core problem lies with "your sending bank."
  8. Pib

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    Where you describe your box as "small, slim" does it look like the first image which is what a lot of folks in this thread/related thread refer to as the new model Playbox? The old/original Playbox is also shown below. The new box is rectangular in shape; the old box is rectangular in shape. And the problems you described with the streaming and audio is exactly the problems I've been having off and on since 11 May when my two new model boxes got neutered....before the neutering they streamed fine. I still keeping my fingers crossed that AIS did indeed do some type of upgrade/fix to their AIS Play "streaming servers" late Monday night. Ever since then streaming on both my new neutered boxes has been rock solid and that is when the channel numbering changed from 1 to 994 to 1 to 807. Does your Playbox show 1 to 994 or 1 to 807? When I say rock solid I mean all channels start streaming in one second or less...the check you internet connection popup message haven't appeared...and at least half of the channels that was having the preferred language issue are now working correctly in automatically selecting your preferred language. Well, let me take it back that "all" channels have been streaming rock solid for the last 36 hours because last night I noticed when going to bed the FoxNews channel was not streaming...you know the Donald Trump cheer leading network. All other channels streaming fine. But this morning FoxNews is streaming again. Expect that was purely AIS temporarily losing the FoxNews streaming feed from the US. When I was with TrueVisions I saw streaming loss feeds like that but with TrueVisions a message would usually appear on the screen saying something along the lines that they had temporarily loss the feed...so sorry....please stand by. But on AIS TV you don't get that notice of why a specific channel may not be streaming. Anyway, regarding the temporary FoxNews thing for the last 36 hours my streaming has been rock solid....but I've had periods over the last 10 days/since the neutering where I go up to approx 48 hours of pretty good streaming. If the streaming remains rock solid for another day or two maybe, just maybe, whatever they did late Monday night may have fixed my streaming problems---one can dream....time will tell. Question: how long have you had AIS TV/Playbox? Did you just get over the last few days or week or so? The reason I ask if try to determine if the AIS Playbox streaming problem just happened to start on 11 May which is also the day my boxes got neutered....maybe both happening on 11 May was just coincidence in my case. But if you have been having the problems "before 11 May" with your neutered from the get-go Playbox then that would indicate there is/has been just a compatibility issue between the neutered boxes and the AIS streaming servers? New Playbox rectangular in shape Old/Original Playbox...square in shape
  9. Yea, from looking at AIS support webpage that gives info on their various routers the best I can figure the modem AgentSimth showed he has is the only "modem-only" offering which is a HUMAX modem....expect that is one model AgentSmith has. All the other AIS offerings were combo modem-router devices....all-in-one device versus needing two devices...both a modem and router. My AIS Fibre was installed 22 months ago...I got a combo modem-router (a Huawei HG8245H) which AIS shows at the GPON Router on their website. And actually they gave me another router also...a Edimax 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz router which I could hook to the Huawei HG8245H router since it only did 2.4Ghz Wifi. However, the Edimax only had 100Mb WAN/LAN ports which limited it use on plans faster than 100Mb. But 22 months ago AIS didn't have any plans faster than 100Mb. It was just one of the equipment packages they were "installing at the time." Get AIS installed today and it's hard telling what the equipment will be but I expect it will be a combo/all-in-one device which has an integrated modem and does both 2.4 and 5Ghz Wifi. An all-in-one device...makes its simple and easier for the typical, non-techie customer. Below is quote from their website talking the equipment they issue now. My neighbor got AIS Fibre to Home installed about 6 months ago....he go a combo modem-router also...not a separate modem and router. I really expect the equipment AgentSmith got was due to the area he was in or just the type of equipment AIS was handing out at the time since they are always awarding new contracts to buy-in-bulk for equipment they need to support their expanding customer base....need for replacement routers to replace defective routers, etc. In AgentSmith's case since he said AIS replaced their AIS router/modem combo 2 years ago with a separate modem and route, maybe it was an area-related thing...or maybe he upgraded to a faster plan the old router/modem couldn't handle....or ????? But regarding AgentSmith getting his equipment set to bridge mode since AIS didn't seem to want to help, that awesome...good info/crossfeed....thanks. In my case to get my AIS-provided combo device set to bridge mode so I could let my ASUS 86U handle all routing duties, all I had to do was call AIS and ask they switch the AIS provided router to bridge mode...they did it...took about 30 minutes to go into affect. Then my ASUS 86U automatically detected and setup the connection after I entered my account User ID and password (both are your AIS internet number which AIS told me during the call) and I've been good to go since. Nice to get firmware updates approx every two months for my Asus router to keep it fully up to date against ever changing internet threats. Every ISP-provided router I ever got over the years, like the AIS equipment, never got a firmware update. Below is a snapshot of my ASUS 86U WAN settings which allow it to connect to the AIS provided router set to bridge mode....maybe helpful to anyone trying to setup their equipment to bridge mode.
  10. Deleted...duplicate to above.
  11. As mentioned in my earlier post below I'm delaying update to 1803...give it a little more time to mature...will update in June I expect. With my Win 10 Pro I have the 35 day update pause setting to delay all updates for 35 days. Also two other settings where I can pause "features" updates up to 365 days and "quality" updates up to 30 days. Initially I only had the 35 day pause setting enabled but have since also enabled the features and quality delay settings to 45 and 30 days, respectively. That 45 day "features" setting should keep 1803 from installing after the 35 day pause setting expires on 4 June. As already mentioned enabling the pause also prevents me for getting "quality" updates "automatically"...repeat automatically through Windows normal daily Check for Update process. However, I can still get and install any updates I want to to keep my 1709 version fully up to date. Below on 9 May I talked about manual install of Patch Tuesday 8 May updates. Last night I manually installed from the MS Updates Catalog the Patch Tuesday May 21, 2018—KB4103714 (OS Build 16299.461 update for 1709). Easy to do...download the appropriate update, click on the install file that downloads, and the the update progresses similar to the automatic process. Just be sure to download the right patch for your version of Win 10 and type of system you have (i.e., 64 bit, X86/32 bit, ARM, Server, etc). Yes, it's patch Tuesday again and MS had an update for 1709. But no 21 May update for 1803...its last update was Patch Tuesday 8 May. Just FYI for those delaying update to 1803 but still want to keep their 1709 fully up to date. Yea, I'll update to 1803 in June sometime....I want to wait until MS releases at least two patches/updates to 1803 to hopefully fix bugs some people are experiencing during the install/upgrade process....so far, MS has only released one. Yea, come June sometime I'll let 1803 install on my two Lenovo laptops.
  12. Pib

    Kasikorn to Paypal?

    As you know, Thailand is the Land of Smiles for incoming funds but the Land of Frowns for outgoing money. Bank of Thailand regulations strictly control the outflow of funds...and Thai banks must follow BOT regulations. Being able to send/pull money from your Thai bank account to your PayPal account would basically bypass BOT regulations in controlling outflow of funds. https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/About-Business/Thailand-how-to-transfer-money-from-a-Thai-bank-account-to/td-p/1198681
  13. Good info...glad it worked for you. I have my AIS-provided router set to bridge mode which feeds my personal ASUS 86U router...been running like this for around 6 months with no issues. I don't have an AIS-provided "modem" and separate AIS-provided router like you have. My AIS-provided router is a "combo" modem & router....the incoming fiber optics cable plugs directly into the router which performs both the modem and router duties. Or should I say "use" to provide both duties....since I switched to bridge mode it only does modem duties to convert the incoming fiber optics signal so my ASUS 86U performs all routing duties. Whereas it appears you had your incoming fiber optics cable going to an AIS "modem only" and that modem outputted to an AIS router....then you were feeding that AIS router output to your personal router. Then you figured out the bridge mode setup you described above enabling your to take the AIS router out of the front-end setup....let you then use the AIS router elsewhere as an Access Point. I'm a little surprised you got both a FTTH modem and separate router from AIS versus just one of their combo routers.
  14. Pib

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    Shame on you!!!!....you put yourself and the AIS rep through heck because of your experimenting...trying to trigger the neutering....switching cables around....shame on you!!!! Seriously though, I had some fear during all my calls to AIS support over the last week and they would try to start blaming the problem on my bridged-router setup....or they would deactivate IPv6 on their end without telling me...or put me back behind the CGNAT...do all of this in trying to fix my issue or place problem blame elsewhere. But none of that happened because I expect they knew the problem was purely related to their TV/movie streaming servers and not the internet connection, whether you have IPv6 activated or not, whether you are behind the CGNAT or not, etc.....etc....etc. Now during several calls the reps would usually ask if I was using an Ethernet connection or Wifi connection with my Playboxes. I would respond with I use Ethernet but have also tried a Wifi connection which didn't solve the problem. And I would also point-out my internet connection was fine, zipping around at 200Mb because my computers and other devices were working fine/as always with the internet connection. Also mentioned a few times I have rebooted the router, did Factory Reset on the boxes, etc----telling them this upfront before they had the chance to ask. Just the durn Playboxes were having major streaming problems every since the neutering. I also pointed out a few times I'm not complaining about not being able to load 3d party apps anymore....I'm purely calling because the TV channel streaming problem. The first few days after the neutering and the Playbox streaming problems I did the Playbox Factory reset, router rebooting, moving Ethernet connections around, but none of that helped. There were a few times I thought it helped because the problem would subside temporarily, but soon return. As the week went on, more testing, how the streaming problems would come and go, and more conversations with AIS support where I picked up additional clues (like a few reps admitting my problem was also happening to many others also), I became convinced it was purely an AIS streaming servers problem....no problems on my end of the internet line. And I have to still think the problem centers around the streaming servers being able to maintain a streaming connection with some neutered boxes....and I was in that "some" category which could very well actually be a large category in terms of the number of other folks experiencing the problem. Then when I saw overnight they did a renumbering on the channels....or what TrueVisions would always call a "broadcast upgrade to improve signal quality" (see snapshot below from True's website) where they would renumber/add/delete X-amount of channels during the wee hours of the night and during that time you would lose TrueVisions maybe for 6 hours. That provided more proof to me AIS was doing something major with their streaming servers hopefully in trying to fix the problems. Since around 11:30pm last night both boxes have been streaming fine....but once gain time will tell how long that lasts....at some point a person would think they would get this core streaming problem fixed....I keep my fingers crossed whatever they did last night was a major fix---one can dream. Regarding the new model remote, while writing the post the wife said to me she likes the remote so much better than the old one in terms of its feel in the hand, pressing the various buttons, and of course the extended range. Yea, it would be nice if AIS came out with a Bluetooth/Wifi remote...and they just might in a year or two to sell a some more remotes....it's all about business/profit you know. But I'm thinking if most people had the new model IR remote which I got today they would not get too many people to spend more money on a BT/Wifi remote. Plus, I also expect Playboxes being issued now may come with the new model remote. Once again, shame on you for putting yourself and the AIS rep thru heck!!!
  15. Pib

    AIS Fiber and Playbox Review Comments

    Back from Lotus grocery run....checked boxes....both boxes streaming OK.