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  1. I did call AIS Fibre again this afternoon asking why I didn't get the promised call back yesterday from Rep XYZ regarding my HOOQ problem. The rep I got today told me she would ensure Rep XYZ does call back by 5pm today. Well, Rep XYZ did not call back but another rep did about two hours later. The rep said yes, the HOOQ app is having problems with the new boxes and AIS has asked HOOQ for a resolution/updated app but the rep could not provide a Get Well date.
  2. Correct. It'S the Suspension Notice letter that they send in mid Jan saying if they don't get the Are You Alive or Deal letter ASAP your January benefits will not be paid in Feb. Below is a partial quote from the SSA regulation (they call POMS) section dealing with the process...and I've also attached that section below. I expect those who didn't receive the first two notices (i.e., the Dead or Alive form to mail back) will not get the Suspension Notice either. Or, if the person does get the Suspension Notice it might too late to work things out with the SSA to ensure your Jan benefits are paid on time....might be a delay of X-period of time (X weeks to X months) in getting the SSA satisfied you are really Still Alive so the payment suspension will be lifted. I seen posts in other forums where some people got the suspension cleared up fast like in around 10 days and their Jan benefits were paid promptly (only a few weeks later than normal)..and other folks who took months to get the SSA satisfied and get the benefits flowing again. And of course sometimes a few horror stories/posts of taking around a year to clear things up, but I bet those horror stories include untold details like maybe the person was actually residing in a country where SS can not send benefits and the pensioner didn't have a U.S. bank account anymore so the funds could be sent there instead....or the person just drug his feet in getting things cleared up. Dead or Alive Form_Supension_SSA - POMS_ RS 02655.pdf
  3. Yea, the SSA can have two two addresses on file for you: 1) your physical address (i.e., where you actually live) and 2) your mailing address. If the SSA has both of these addresses on file for you as they do for me, in your SS online account it will only show your mailing address in the Address area. And it does not specify that it's your physical or mailing address....it's just your Address. Although the Address area may show your mailing address, the best I can figure your physical address will still be used to determine certain things about whether an Are You Alive or Dead letter must be sent. And if such a letter must be sent based on your physical address on file the letter will be mailed to your mailing address as that is what mailing addresses are for although you may not (probably don't) physically reside at your mailing address. Also in the SSA link Jim gave above showing how to update your address, on my online account it does "not" allow you to update your address online probably because my physical address is Bangkok/not a U.S. physical address. Instead of a button to update my address I only have a line saying to contact the SSA to update my address or phone number. And like where you supposedly can update your Direct Deposit info online; I can't and you are told to contact the SSA. Once again probably because I do not have a U.S. physical address, but a Thailand address. A lot of times these websites that give info like on how to use your SS Online Account are written for those with a U.S. physical address which I expect 95% of folks have which causes your Online Account to have different capabilities/options for certain things than those of us with a non-U.S. physical address on file.
  4. And if that second notice goes wrong for whatever reason you always have the 3rd step where your monthly payment for Jan occurring in Feb does not occur. That something the pensioner will notice (little pun there) and definitely get his attention whether he was at fault or not related to the first or second notice not being received or completed notice not getting back to the SSA.
  5. I've been with AIS Fibre since Jul 16 and anytime I had called them regarding an "internet" problem (only a couple of times for brief outages and a couple of curiosity questions type calls) they always worked it fast, got good service, followed through with promised call-backs, etc. Zero complaints there. But their support and call-backs for this "IPTV related problem" has just been "sad" to use one of Donald Trump's (Twitter Boy) favorite twitter words. Maybe it's because they must rely on the HOOQ company to help resolve the problem versus AIS being able to work/fix the problems totally by themselves. The last call they said they had sent the problem to HOOQ and was still awaiting a response....maybe true; maybe not. Regardless of the reason, the support on this new box HOOQ problem has been sad. And fixing the problem may not even require an update of the HOOQ app installed on the box; maybe it's something AIS can do via a patch to their servers which interface with HOOQ servers. And just to repeat, I do not have any other issues with AIS Fibre other than this HOOQ app problem with the new boxes.
  6. Yes, you could be using whatever DNS server your VPN is using. But my experience with VPN services is they do not automatically use a different DNS from what you use or your ISP uses. Your DNS service continues to be used UNLESS you manually enter a different DNS service into the VPN "app" or VPN manual settings.,..or the VPN app has a setting named something along the lines of "Stop DNS Leak." And by selecting that setting all you are really doing is allowing the VPN to use a certain DNS....like the PureVPN app....when enabling their Stop DNS Leak setting you are enabling use of Google DNS.
  7. Preaching to the choir I'm sure but you don't receive the Are You Alive Letter because you have a U.S. address registered with SS (i.e., the family member in the U.S. address). But per SS policy you are suppose to notify them of your actual address (where your body resides), but you haven't done that....so, they assume you still live at your U.S. address therefore no Are You Still Alive letter.
  8. Yes, last week when really into trying to solve the HOOQ app problem I did a fair amount of googling on HOOQ like what versions were out there/version history. I stumbled across some site that seemed to have a pretty good overview/history of the various HOOQ versions and there were a LOT of version numbers. Some version numbers had "prod" or "prod release" for production/production release, some just had version number like or something along those lines without "prod" being in the version number anywhere, and it other cases it just said "varies by device." I'm guessing, but maybe any version number with "prod/prod release" in the version number is used by internet service providers such AIS who control your HOOQ logon conditionals and the HOOQ version that must be used with their IPTV. For the new Playboxes running Android 6, I got the HOOQ version number of "" which I think is a old release based on my googling before and when playing around to change the Permissions in the app it will tell you when changing a permission that since "This app was designed for an older version of Android..." denying a certain permission may cause the app to no longer function as intended. I changed the three different permissions to see if it would solve the HOOQ problem and it didn't help so I set them back to their default positions of being on. And if you use Google Play to update the HOOQ app it will install but you no longer have logon conditionals (user ID and password) to make it work. Well, I guess you could try entering the 52 (fifty two) upper and lower case letters and numbers comprising the User ID shown in the HOOQ settings which was generated by AIS but no password is shown. Then to get back to the HOOQ version provided by AIS you have to do a Factory Reset of the box which I've done around a half dozen times. Now where I said operation of the HOOQ app was inconsistent with the new boxes this morning when I turned on the box, clicked the HOOQ app, and started to play movies/TV episodes which I just refer to as videos from here on out. Below is how the test results went (and today I would classify as a typical day in using the HOOQ app every since getting the new/upgraded boxes)...old box always worked 100% of the time with HOOQ Turn Settop Box On and then try to start videos 1st Test Run: 10 videos in a row start OK, then the 11th fails...get the HOOQ error. Close app to do another test run 2nd Test Run: 20 videos in a row start OK and then I stop and close the HOOQ app 3d Test Run: 1st video fails...get error....close app and do another test run 4th Test Run: 6 videos start OK and I just stop. I now turn off the box for about 5 minutes Turn Settop Box back on 5 minutes later and try to start videos 1st Test Run: 1st Video fails...get error...close app to do another test run 2nd Test Run: 1st video starts but 2nd fails....get error...close app to do another test run 3rd Test Run: 1 video starts, but 2nd fails...get error....close app...enough testing for me. Above is good example of what I mean by "inconsistent" operation of the HOOQ app with both of my new Playboxes. You just don't know what to expect in how well the HOOQ app will operate...it will either operate pretty good with no error message for a good many video if you happen to be briefly viewing different videos....and it other cases the HOOQ app will not work worth a durn as the first video you try to view errors or it may be the 2nd, 3d, etc. The majority of the time the HOOQ app errors out on the 1st attempted video play or the 2nd or 3d video. The HOOQ pretty much acts like a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Dr Bannon and the Hulk, a moody female, etc....you just don't know if it's going to work as it should/worth a durn when wanting to use it. P.S. That promised call-back by Thursday evening from the AIS Fibre supervisor I talked to on Thursday morning did "not' occur just as most other promised call-backs from other AIS Fibre reps I talked to regading the HOOQ problem didn't occur. Not an all impressed with AIS in their desire and urgency to solve this problem....and I know now from my conversations with the AIS reps many others getting the new boxes are also calling in with the same HOOQ problem.
  9. No doubt that's surely part of it....but there is more to it. The card is really a "dual branded" network card of Thai Payment Network (TPN) and UnionPay. TPN is a joint venture between Bangkok Bank and UnionPay....each owns 50% of the TPN. TPN is to be used for local transactions (i.e., within Thailand only) and would not have to use another network such as Visa, Mastercard, etc., to process the transaction and therefore also share some of the profit associated with each transaction with Visa or Mastercard. When not needing to get another network such as Visa/Mastercard to process the transaction and being able to use the TPN instead, Bangkok Bank makes more profit on each transaction since they do not have to share any profit with another card network other than UnionPay who owns half of TPN as mentioned earlier. So, if you have a Bangkok Bank UnionPay card, look closely at it and you'll see two card network logos...TPN and UnionPay.
  10. Answers: 1. The Netflix app is not visible in Google Play when accessing it from the Playbox. However, when I just access Google Play for Netfix from my Samsung S4 then Netflix is visible...and when I click install just so Google Play will ask which device I want to install it on since I have around 6 different devices (to include the Playbox now), Google Play says the Playbox is not compatible which is identified as a Amlogic Q201 device....see snapshot below: Answer 2: I do not have AIS as my mobile carrier; I use DTAC. So, I can not speak to if you subscribe to the Premium Channels on AIS Fibre would that unlock those channels if using AIS Mobile. My guess is as your that he would need to pay separately to get in on his AIS Mobile device. And regarding use of HOOQ on the new boxes. While I said earlier the new boxes were working just fine, further testing shows the HOOQ application is intermittent on the new boxes which run Android 6. Both of my boxes are acting the same way. When I say intermittent I mean the HOOQ application always starts up, always offers all the movies/TV show episodes you can scan through to select one to play but when actually selecting a move/TV show you may get an error message and the movie/show don't play. You have to close out of HOOQ, start the app again, find that movie/show you wanted to play and try again. Now once that movie/show starts playing it plays fine...no problems. It's just getting the movie/show to play is a "hit-and-miss" situation....sometimes it works...sometimes it don't. Sometimes you can start HOOQ and just select/watch multiple movies/shows without a problem...no error message; other times the first movie/show you try to watch gives you the error. Completely intermittent/inconsistent on how HOOQ is going to work (or not work). With the old boxes running Android 4.4.2 KitKat HOOQ worked 100% of the time....never-ever had any problem using HOOQ. In my initial HOOQ testing in my earlier posts HOOQ worked fine on both boxes for the "couple of movies/shows I played" to do some quick testing, but further HOOQ use brought this problem to light. I have had a multiple phone calls with AIS Fibre over this HOOQ problem since late last week....to include another call this morning with a supervisor supposedly...and once again I was promised a phone call back this afternoon...a phone call that probably will not happen. Apparently their new boxes are indeed having intermittent problems with HOOQ based on how the supervisor responded to me which may require you to restart HOOQ multiple times to watch a movie/TV show. And supposedly AIS engineering has a problem ticket in with HOOQ....still awaiting an answer/resolution I was told. I have tried a Factory Reset of the box multiple times and just many other things with the Android and HOOQ settings in trying to get HOOQ to work "consistently" with no joy. It appears to me AIS is using a old production version of HOOQ which worked fine on earlier Android versions such as 4.4 Kitkat but is not fully compatible with Android 6 "or" possibly the particular box AIS is now giving out. Apparently AIS Fibre didn't do enough app compatibility testing before buying/providing the new boxes to customers. Other than this HOOQ intermittent problem the new boxes work fine for the AIS TV channels, HBO Go, Youtube, etc. I have Kodi 17.X loaded but haven't set it up yet for video add-on like Exodus...been busy with a lot of other things over the last week. Yeap, although my AIS Fibre internet plan continues to work great (reliable & fast)...the new Playboxes definitely have a problem with the HOOQ app pre-installed by AIS. If a person don't use HOOQ I even tried installing the latest HOOQ app from Google Play, it does install/replace the AIS provided HOOQ, but since you don't have a personal account with HOOQ you can't use it. Although you can see the really long HOOQ User ID/email (dozen of digits long) in the AIS-provided HOOQ app it does not show any password since the HOOQ app used with AIS Fibre is specially modified for use only with AIS Fibre. So, if you are a frequent HOOQ user, don't get the new AIS Fibre boxes until AIS gets this HOOQ problem fixed. If an infrequent user as said you can get a HOOQ movie/show to play depending on it's mood at the time which may require several HOOQ restarts to get it in a good mood.
  11. And I'm sure HQ Bangkok Bank has also sent multiple memos to all branches and meetings with bank management saying "push the UnionPay card over the Visa card." In turn branch managers continue to brief branch employees to push (push hard) the UnionPay card. End result is multiple excuses from some branches as to why a person can not get a Visa card anymore when the Visa card is really still available. UnionPay just has a major problem in many parts of the world, to include Thailand, in that many businesses still do not accept UnionPay for payment of services/products. Me thinks Bangkok Bank is speaking out of both sides of their mouth.
  12. Yes, they took the old/original box when I got the upgraded box (one time Bt650 fee to be billed on my monthly bill). And I also got one more box which you pay a one time Bt1000 fee to the installer.
  13. Appears Bangkok Bank has sold their soul to the devil in switching their customers from Visa to Union Pay.
  14. Works fine for me when clicking your above link...I'm on AIS Fibre in Bangkok. Maybe your internet provider is the problem....or maybe a DNS problem. I use Google DNS servers ( or
  15. I'm on AIS Fibre in Bangkok using Win 10 Pro and use Google DNS servers versus whatever DNS AIS Fibre uses....and I'm not having any problem connecting to ThaiVisa.