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  1. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Earlier today I included above snapshot from PureVPN about their 5 years for $79 offer that had been $5 years for $69 just a few days ago. I just checked the PureVPN site a little before 8pm Thailand time and the 5 years for $69 offer is back...for how long, who knows...see snapshot below. Even the cost of their 2 year plan changed once or twice today. With it getting closer and closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday the deals offered by some VPN providers may change from day to day, hour to hour, etc.
  2. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Guess I better get another VPN service for my stacking and other illegal activities. Oh, did I mention PureVPN costs me $1.15/month plus works fine for me....oh yea, I already did.
  3. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    OK, my Cyber Week VPN shopping is done for around 5 years....yes, 5 years. I just bought the PureVPN 5 year plan for $69, which works out to $1.15/month. The 5 year plan was added on top of my current PureVPN subscription (call it top up) which ran until mid 2018....I'm now extended to mid 2023. Did all of this during a chat session with a PureVPN rep. I first asked what happened to the 5 year plan at $69 I saw a few days ago....can only find the 5 year plan at $79 now. The rep said she would give a $10 discount and make it $69. And once again I confirmed it would just top-up my current account. I then said go for it. She generated the invoice...I logged onto my PureVPN account and paid the invoice. At that point my account now reflected two subscriptions...my current one going to mid 2018 and the 5 year plan going to mid 2022. I then told the rep I had paid the invoice but two subscriptions were showing in my account as the 5 year plan did not just top-up my other subscription. She said hold a few minutes and the two will merge/she is working on it....and it will finally show just one subscription to mid 2023....and sure enough that is what happened in just a few minutes....less than 5 minutes. My VPN credentials did not change...I did a quick check to confirm I could do a VPN logon with my old credentials and I could. Done, finished, said thank you....good to go for VPN until mid 2023. Once again, I'm not recommending PureVPN to anyone....it just works fine for me.
  4. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    SooKee, While surfing around on the PureVPN website I found that they do offer a 3 day trial period for $2.50. Not free, but $2.50 (about Bt83) ain't much if you want to test out PureVPN. But to tell you the truth, when switching to a new VPN provider and getting use to their app and differences from your current VPN provider can sometimes cause confusion/dissatisfaction if not really having the time to dedicate to checking out the potential new VPN provider....and 3 days is not very long.. Anyway, see below webpage which talks the 3 day trial period. https://www.purevpn.com/blog/vpn-deals-and-coupons/
  5. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Yeap...that was back then....the reason I got my refund from PureVPN but ended up signing back up about a month later. Their app is much better know...I almost like it...but I really don't use it that much since I have manual Windows VPN connection setup which means I have no need for the app. Once I started using the Dedicated IP method for my Singapore, San Francisco, and Seattle VPN connections I was never logged onto a different VPN location. I stopped using LA simply because the SF and Seattle connections are faster. Additionally, there have been times where I decided to play around with "not" using the Dedicated IP method which I've mentioned in my earlier posts and always gave me the specific server/location I wanted versus just using the layman's name for the VPN server at a certain city like Los Angeles for example. Once again Dedicated IP just means you enter the IP address number like 192.XXX.XXX for the website layman's name of www.vpnserverinSF.com which means you can only be connected to that IP address number and not somewhere else that might be in another city. Before all to often (saying 20% of the time) PureVPN would not make the LA connection (or whatever city you chose) when using their app, but connect me to another city in the US instead....it still made a connection to the US just not to the city I wanted. For those folks who just wanted a US IP address then no issues....but without going into details if you didn't get the specific VPN location you wanted it can cause you problems in logging onto certain services like that service/website challenging your logon since it's coming from a location they don't show in their history files of your previous logons....they think it might be someone trying to hack your account. Preaching to the choir I know. Additionally, I bet many folks when they make a VPN connection to what they think is a certain city in their country, they don't double check the connection specific location by using a website site such as iplocation or whatismyipaddress. They made their connection....got an IP address in the country they needed...and they are good to go....probably more true for folks from small countries where you can drive across the entire country in a hour or two or three. But for folks from large countries like the US with multiple times zone...cities thousands of miles from each other....logging onto a specific location can be very important to prevent logon challenges, gaining access to certain video streaming choice, etc.
  6. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Sounds like NordVPN was really beating around the bush and saying they don't have IPv6 capability yet so our IPv6 incompatibility is probably causing your problem....it's confusing our IPv4-only VPN servers. So we need you to clear-out old IP-related files on your computers (start fresh) and turn off IPv6 to ensure your computer don't regenerate some IPv6 related files. IPv6 can indeed cause issues like certain servers/websites getting confused in dealing with dual stack (i.e., IPv4 & IPv6) clients. It's a problem due to those websites/sites not having IPv6 capability/problems. If your ISP provides IPv6 connectivity in addition to the standard IPv4 connection then some servers/websites who are trying to determine your IPv4 address get confused due to your computer's IPv6 address basically taking priority over your computer's IPv4 address which causes that server/website not to be able to properly connect with/identify your computer. It's just something we'll have to deal with until more sites becoming IPv6 compatible....IPv6 becomes the dominant protocol and IPv4 is retired. But we are still probably at least 5-10 years from the point of IPv6 becoming the dominant protocol and probably 10-15 years before IPv4 is retired.
  7. Yeap in your case that's true and for others who were paying significantly less that $134 due to the Hold Harmless rule protecting them in past years. However, for folks who were already enrolled in Medicare Part B in 2017 paying $134/mo they will get to see the entire 2% COLA increase in the SS pension since their Part B premium will remain unchanged.
  8. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    PureVPN offers a Fire Stick VPN app also....and a Android TV VPN app...plus other apps like in the snapshot below. Below webpage talks specifically the Fire Stick app https://www.purevpn.com/vpn-for-firestick And here is a Snapshot of various PureVPN apps taken from the bottom of their main page. And something else to consider is what VPN protocols does the VPN service provide. Below are the VPN protocols provided by PureVPN...the UDP and TCP mean OpenVPN TCP or OpenVPN UDP. Personally, I use the IKEV protocol whenever using their Windows app due to speed and security. Automatic just means the app automatically picks the best protocol depending on the VPN server you are trying to connect to since all server locations may not support all protocols. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING PUREVPN TO ANYONE as everyone will get different results/level of satisfaction with different VPN providers due to different personal and technical reasons. Seems most people either end up hating or loving a certain VPN providers. Just providing some crossfeed on some of the capabilities of PureVPN.
  9. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Regarding stupid things some VPN companies do is they may not offer the latest and greatest promotion (i.e, cheap deal) to current customers "on their current subscription number/email address." It's like the promotion is only available to new customers; not current customers. To get the latest/cheaper deal you have to start a new, separate subscription with them with a different email address/logon credentials. StrongVPN is that way (and still are as of a few weeks ago) which I use to be with...and it don't only apply to "current" StrongVPN customers but "former" customers also. Even when you just go to their main page, maybe see a promotion that you may want and when you begin the signup process where you need to enter your email address if that email address matches an email address as a current or former customer you can't get that deal....you can only get their regularly priced plans. To get the cheap deal you would have to sign up as customer with a different email address which they see as a new customer. But like TG said, "But hey, it's their business...."
  10. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    For you UK folks, using my AIS Fibre 200/50 plan in a Speedtest.net test to London, with and without a PureVPN connection at around 11:35am Thailand time. As mentioned earlier, on my AIS Fibre plan a VPN connection has never really helped to increased speed like it did when I was on True DOCSIS/Cable. And don't always blame the a certain VPN service provider for less than desired VPN speeds as it may be your internet service provider's network setup/technology that is the limiting factor. You could try different/change VPN service providers till the cows come home and your VPN speed may not improve much "because it's your internet service provider's network" that's the controlling factor; not the VPN service. Yeap, everyone results with VPN providers will vary....not just because all VPN service providers are not created equal but because everyone is on different internet service providers. To London....non-VPN connection To London....VPN connection
  11. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    PureVPN does not offer a free trial period....but they use too. However, as mentioned they do provide a 7 day money back guarantee which they definitely honor as I did that once. Of course they tried to talk me out of the refund with a couple of emails in wanting to resolve whatever dissatisfaction I had, but I just said No Thanks...just refund my money. And a few minutes later the refund hit my PayPal account. Then about a month later I signed up with them again after I got a little smarter regarding VPN use and expectations. Like getting a little smarter in how to prevent being connected to the wrong city when you selected another city for the VPN connection which is an complaint frequently seen by customers of various VPN providers such as PureVPN...that is prevented by using the "Dedicated IP" method in the VPN providers app or in your manual Windows VPN connection setup. All easy. Dedicated IP just means entering the VPN server IP address number like 199.XXX.XX..XX versus the VPNs host name like www.vpnserverXYZ.com. Easy. But the downside is the IP address number for a server will change every few months, so you need to look up the new IP address number and start using that....just takes a minute. But for those who don't care about connecting "to a particular city" within a country like say they only want to connect to "anywhere" in the U.S. or whatever country versus say connecting to San Francisco in the U.S., then above is not an issue. PureVPN is not a US based company but a Hong Kong based company I think.
  12. The folks who still get Medicare Part B for $109/mo that's because they have been protected under the Hold Harmless rule for several years due to no or very low Social Security COLA increases. But those folks protected under the Hold Harmless rule are in for a surprise for their 2018 Part B premiums. Since the SS COLA for 2018 is a 2% increase that means the Hold Harmless rule is not in effect and for some people their entire 2% SS pension increase could easily end up going to their new Part B premium cost which is remaining at $134 for 2018....same as for 2017. More info below from a post I made in a related thread. Per the Social Security Administration most people will be paying around $130 in 2018 (that's an average amount) who had been protected under the Hold Harmless rule with most other folks paying the standard/current $134/mo premium like if your are just starting Part B. And of course higher income and other folks do pay more like in shown in LSM's post above. ************************ Medicare Part B premium for 2018 to be $134...same as $134 for 2017. See this Medicare webpage. And here's the Medicare webpage for the 17 Nov 17 news announcement regarding 2018 premiums. So, for those folks who have paying significantly less than $134/month due to being protected under the Hold Harmless rule, I expect most/all of your 2% Social Security increase will go towards your new Part B premium amount. A few snapshots/partial quotes from above weblinks.
  13. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    No, I haven't tried PureVPN with Netflix or Amazon since I'm not into that type of video streaming service at least yet...can't say how well it works. All VPN services providers advertise "by-pass ISP blocking/throttling, fastest speeds, strongest encryption, etc.," but it's all just car salesman and real estate salesman talk--that is, they will say anything and all the right buzz words to sell their product/service. And these various websites that rate/review various VPN service providers a person might wonder why one review website may have a certain VPN provider as one of the top rated VPN providers but the next review website don't even mention that VPN provider. Well, that is usually because unless a VPN provider "pays" to be included in the rating/review the website don't include them in their review. And it seems like the more pricey per month VPN providers get into almost all the reviews because their prices makes good profit for them which allows them to advertise more....and paying to be included in a Top 10 VPNs or similar review is the same as advertising. Preaching to the choir I know.
  14. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    PureVPN has a Cyber Week deal going on which runs through Cyber Monday on 27 Nov....5 years for $79....and a few days ago it was 5 years for $69. I've been with PureVPN for around 18 months now on a $2.08/month for 2 years I got before and it has worked fine for me/for my needs which is occasional VPN use.....your results may differ....everyone seems to have different results/level of satisfaction with VPN providers. PureVPN provides a 7 day month back guarantee that I even took advantage one time (yeap, they refunded my money), but I later rejoined them...and as mentioned it's worked fine for me since I got a little smarter regarding VPN use and expectations. And they always have online real time chat support. If you get the 5 year deal it just "adds-on" to the expiration date of your current PureVPN subscription...you will not lose any time on your current PureVPN subscription. The 5 year deal will probably not be shown when you first arrive the PureVPN website, But just go to the PureVPN website, click on the 2 year deal or just click around for about a minute or so and then a popup window should appear offering the 5 year deal. When the windows pops-up it will always have the 5 minute count down clock running trying to motivate you to grab the deal before it goes away in 5 minutes....but if you leave the site and come back to it the windows will soon appear again with a new 5 minute clock. And expect a PureVPN rep to offer a chat session while you are looking at the site. I expect the offer will run through next Monday. I waiting to see if it drops to $69 again and I will take advantage of it then. Below I've also included a speed test "with and without" a PureVPN connection from Bangkok to San Francisco. On my AIS Fibre 200/50 connection a VPN connection does not really help with speed like it did when I was on a True DOCSIS/Cable plan where it helped a lot. On my AIS Fibre plan a VPN connection acts like a VPN connection will "normally" work...that is, you will usually get less speed with VPN connection than a non-VPN connection, but as mentioned your internet service provider plan will be a key factor if a VPN connection "might" speed-up your connection. To San Francisco at 9:50am Thailand time with a "Non-VPN/regular" Connection To San Francisco a few minutes later "with a PureVPN PPTP Connection"
  15. Most of the big telecommunications companies do "not" want net neutrality as it limits them from charging for various services and types of data flow. Big business loves the Trump Administration because of the many regulations his administration is killing off or changing to be coporate friendly vs consumer friendly. Many of these regulations which protected the consumer from certain business practices but many voters just don't get it.