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  1. Were to buy comfrey root?

    This article is about comfrey root powder. https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/products/comfrey-root-powder/profile
  2. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    If you haven't already, it would certainly be a good idea in most cases to make sure that the rescue service at your preferred hospital--or a number of hospitals--knows exactly how to find your house. Many areas of Chiang Mai are a tangled maze, and the last thing I want is an ambulance driving up and down dead end sois trying to find me when I need help. Bangkok Hospital is very accommodating on this matter. They look up your house on Google maps, and save a few photos in your electronic file in their computers. I hope I never need them to come after me, but if I do, I want them to get to me without undue complications, assuming that I'm at home when I need them. Also, put their emergency phone number in your contacts list on your phone. I listed them as "1 Bangkok Hospital" with the "1" making their number appear first on my contacts list. For their rescue service the number is "1719." A stitch in time saves nine.
  3. Another mysterious animal

    Regarding Post 18 above, the glass surface is smooth. I'm right there with what Silverhawk_USA says, i.e., I'd simply rather not have the noise, potential for babies and their offspring, all the accumulated shit, possible eating of my wiring, the off-chance that my ceiling tiles and gypsum will be breached, and all else that goes with uninvited house guests. I didn't know that only the male tokay makes the familiar sound. I haven't heard any tokays calling for weeks, so I didn't give it a thought that one or more could still be around. Maybe she's moved in. Thanks for all the cautionary advice about capturing tokays. My neighbor and I will be extra careful when we go up there looking for whatever it is.
  4. Ultrasonic Critter Repeller.....

    On the Banggood web site there are quite a selection of ultrasonic pest repellers. Which item do you, Buddy Dean, find works well. Do you place it outdoors? What is the range of effectiveness? I'm thinking that one placed inside my attic would keep mice and other critters away. There is an electrical outlet in the attic, so that would be no problem; solar, of course, is another story. Thanks for your help. https://www.banggood.com/search/ultrasonic-pest-repeller.html
  5. For the past week or so there has been a nocturnal animal visiting my yard at night. Occasionally I hear that he's gotten into my attic space, rutted around a bit, and then apparently leaves since the noise does not continue all night. It's definitely a night-time creature due to the fact that the noises occur on different nights at any random odd hour of the night for, oh, 15 minutes or so, then stops. The night before last as I was at my computer at about 9 pm it apparently was on my roof, and made a misstep, causing it to slide, trying to get traction as it slid, scratching its claws on all four feet from the top of my roof to the lowest edge...and then there was a dull thump outside my wall. No caterwauling, just silence, and no evidence of anything in the morning. But it stayed away for 2 nights. Over the last weekend I woke up to animal tracks on my living room window! I know that the photos don't show them very well, but maybe they'll help identifying the critter. The highest footprint is 240 cm (about 8 feet) above ground level. Actually there's another window even higher that also has a footprint! The print is about 5.5 cm wide (2¼ inches). Does anyone have an ideas what kind of animal, other than a gecko, can climb up a vertical glass wall? Beats me. Incidentally, the slatted woodwork in the photos is on the other side of the walkway, about one meter from the wall.
  6. Dr Chanagan did a fine job on my knee a couple years ago. He has hours at Rajawet Hospital immediately across the street from the Holiday Inn. He also has a private clinic on the opposite side of the river; his hours are shown in the photo. I (and others, I'm sure) highly recommend him.
  7. Electric bicycles in Chiang Mai - 3 questions

    Maybe you've already done this, but if not, one thing to be sure of is the height of the bicycle seat. If it's too low--which is often the case--raise it for proper usage of leg muscles. The tiring will greatly lessen.
  8. Delightful New Restaurant!

    Not intending to hijack the thread, I'm more interested in the helmet communicators. Can you briefly tell us what you have and where to buy it? Thanks.
  9. Accomodation and private school

    Keep in mind everyone that the student does not understand Thai. Only international schools with all-day English curriculum would be appropriate for the boy. Of course, the international schools also offer courses in Thai as a foreign language.
  10. Borax or Boric Acid in CM

    Here's a good article on how to use boric acid for ants: http://www.atticpestauthority.com/does-boric-acid-kill-ants/
  11. Regarding point C, solar panels: I've seen this place south of town, and it might be worth looking into. I don't know anything about the company, however. https://goo.gl/maps/2zEPLe8Hrzj
  12. In Person 90 day reporting

    As for going in person to Promenada, If you're unfamiliar with the procedure, you need to first check in at the 90-day desk that is outside. Complete the required form, hand it and your passport to the woman behind the desk for checking that all's in order, and receive a queue number which will be called by the clerk inside the building where you should be waiting with others. Be aware that the office closes at 12 noon for an hour. Arriving after 11 could have you waiting until early afternoon for completion of your report.
  13. Gall Bladder Scan Hospital?

    Here is a streetview of the clinic that elektrified mentions above: https://goo.gl/maps/8xuKhFQSbmC2
  14. Looking for Permethrin

    I realize that this isn't what you asked for, but in the past I've had excellent results with Hafif shampoo. The active ingredient is Carbaryl 0.6% w/v. It's effective not only on the usual hairy places, but on any area of one's body that may be infested and have that crawly feeling. One application does the trick. This shampoo is widely available at drug stores.