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  1. Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    O.K, I'll accede to the fact that on its face this seems like a survey that carries some weight. Tell me then, of all these "experts", how many do you think should have had the intelligence to understand the degree of difficulty in judging a President as "worst ever" when that President had been in office a mere 25% of his first term. In my opinion, until this President's term in office has been fulfilled it is or would be impossible to compare him to history. Of course, I'm no expert on the subject.........
  2. Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    Name them please.
  3. Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    At one time "experts" said the world was flat...........We have no idea of who these "experts" were nor of their qualifications........... As the kids just said.........I call B.S.
  4. Best (legal) streaming TV solution

    Where did you find your MiBox?
  5. This is still really an issue of proper zoning......the local government or whomever is responsible for allowing the markets should make it right by banning all but residential development in this area. I wonder if the parties who bought this land and built rather expensive homes on it had any idea when the nearby property was sold for commercial purposes. If these markets are the normal morning and night markets without proper buildings on them someone obviously is greasing the wheels for themselves. The only real solution is to turn the commercial properties back to residential only.
  6. 3BB prices (not fiber)

    We have had 3BB since December or January a year ago. I was paying around a thousand baht a month for what I thought was fiber. Having to go to the office to pay every month because they never sent a bill I noticed I could get VDSL for 590.....asked them what we had and found out I didn't have fiber but just had VDSL.....long story short is they never paid me back for the year's overcharge but finally relented to switching my bill to the 590. Couldn't really argue since I should have paid more attention in the first place and the service has been 99% good and reliable. I get a bill in the mail now too after some more complaining.
  7. I have never in my life owned or driven a car that couldn't be put in neutral. Now I have to admit I've never owned a BMW but I cannot for the life of me understand why they would build a car in this manner.........anyone know the purpose of this seemingly idiotic mechanical masterpiece?
  8. We've tried these but lately they cook up like they've been in the freezer for years.....what I really miss is BEEF! When Villa opened in Hua Hin I was treated to All Beef Hot Dogs from Oscar Meyer and beef Bologna but after the first batch ran out they haven't had any at all. We've found some good frozen Turkey Breast lately in Villa also, but the price of whole turkeys and imported beef is so outrageous I'm down to buying 1/2 or 1/3 pound of Australian beef to make hash (fried potato and beef cubes). What I miss most are American donuts and regular bakery goods from the local bakeries in California......nothing at all like what we get here. I would die and go to heaven for Maple Bars, Buttermilk Bars, Cinnamon and other assorted donuts and huge cinnamon rolls (as kids we used to call them cow plops). We had been here for about six years before going back to California for a visit.....we went to a new Safeway grocery store in a nearby town (we lived in a place about the size of Cha Am). We could not believe the size of the store which offered every type of food you could imagine; fresh, frozen, cooked on site, ready to eat etc. It was truly unbelievable. Well, by now you must know we're from a different planet and I've drooled all over my keyboard remembering all the foods I miss. Don't believe all you read about American junk foods and appetites. America has foods from all over the world, fabulous stores of all kinds and restaurants from everywhere. galore. Italian, Chinese, Thai, French, Spanish, German.....you name it and you'll find it. Most of it can't be found in Thailand but I doubt anyone moves here just for the food.
  9. In the previous two elections before 2016 my wife and I each voted for President Obama. We were proud to support a person who seemed destined to be a superb President. By the end of his second term it was obvious to us that we had misjudged his intentions, as he appeared to be leading the United States every day toward true Socialism. Accordingly, we voted for the Republican candidate who promised to lead the country in a direction more suited to our taste. That candidate, Donald Trump, was duly elected and has since received a welcome the devil himself would not deserve. When is this nearly daily crap-storm going to end? I have never in my life seen one individual subjected to so much abuse, most of it undeserved and based on lies, innuendo and a malice that knows no bounds. Yesterday we watched a very well done interview with General Kelly depicting his job and relationship with the President. The interview was unbiased and fairly presented (not done by CNN). This morning I turned on CNN and in ten minutes had listened to one outright lie and another untrue supposition based on the interview we had both watched less than ten hours before. CNN used to be our favorite news outlet.We never felt a hint of what it was to become this past year; a bastion of misinformation and fabrication, more likely to obfuscate than enlighten. Frankly, I am shocked the FCC lets this continuing sideshow continue without some kind of protest. Today we decided to stop watching CNN's daily ritual of demeaning our President and anything or anyone near him. We have watched both CNN and Fox News for the past year, both seemingly living on different planets, both representing their side with vigor......however it has stopped being interesting, it is now just disgusting as CNN seems to have completely lost its hold on the truth.
  10. Installing Internet into New House

    VDSL is an upgrade of ADSL. They do have it and it doesn't require fiber. It is now 599 for 50 mbs. They charged us 1,200 baht a month for the same product (for a full year) until I discovered we didn't have Fiber and made them change our bill..........sorry, no refund for you sucker (I think I heard her say this under her breath). They claimed they had lowered the price just recently..........
  11. Uninformed about what !! Oh, did I make the ultimate blunder in PC Land? I'm sorry the exact language I used wasn't to your liking; or maybe it is you who are uninformed.....when you can't correlate "a bunch of white idiots" with "a white-nationalist rally" Doesn't seem to be much of a stretch does it?
  12. I'm posting for fun.......and to let you all know you missed the point. Why are you still posting here?
  13. Briggsy, the only reason I can support is that she is more proud to be an American than to be a Thai.
  14. I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately the supervisor of the Tha Yang Immigration office thinks otherwise. When asked by her subordinate she pulled a well used sheaf of yellow paper and waved it around for him to see. He got the point. I don't know why people in the Thai government (I apologize heartily for this apparent racist statement) don't know, or haven't been taught that a notarized document is only good for the purpose of identifying who signed it, not for the validation of the document's content. (good for the validation of income though, so let's not complain too much) If I weren't sick from a cold I would have got a really good laugh this morning at the antics of my darling wife asking me in various ways, including waving and jumping up and down, "don't you understand this is the Thai way? Don't you understand this is Thailand? What's the matter with you??????????
  15. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    In my place in Cha Am all I can get in the way of regular TV is UBC, which right now is the worst of the worst. I would love to get Fox but we get CNN and BBC. I can't take the coverage of CNN for long........would trade most anything to get FOX News.