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  1. I have seen 1 minute Quaker Oats in Villa Market.
  2. More fake news. Where did you get this information?
  3. TGIR

    Buying a small car advice

    I know MG is Chinese. Not sure what you are trying to point out. As a side note in case others don't know is the MG is being produced in Thailand.
  4. I have never been in the kind of trouble you are reporting, but I don't see anyone offering to really help you, so here is my advice: 1) Put your best, clean clothing on, shave, shower and look as good as you can. 2) I'm not sure where you are, but go to the nearest, biggest airport you can go to in a taxi, don't talk to the driver. 3) When you get to the airport go to the ticket counter and try to buy a ticket home. If they won't accept your copy of your passport ask to see an immigration officer. 4) You should at some point be seen by an immigration officer. Don't take two hours to tell him stories, just tell him you got mugged, robbed and you just want to go home. Don't mention all of the stuff you did on here. If they find out about your problems and question you tell them you have been through so much trouble you don't know what to do and beg them to forgive you, ask them can you pay fines or whatever they want you to do (do not tell them how much money you have) you can just get out of Thailand and go home. Hopefully they will not know some of the trouble you had and will charge you 20,000 and let you go. If you end up in detention or whatever just deal with it and wait quietly until you get out of there. Don't tell everyone your amazing story, not the police or anyone else.....play dumb. Good luck to you......
  5. We did not choose to live with daily renters.......MYOB
  6. TGIR

    Remove stains from shirt armpits

    I found out a few years ago the antiperspirant I was using (Mennen from the U.S.) had too high of a content of Aluminum, which in itself stained my under arm area. Also my wife lets me know often that white clothing in Thailand will be dingy looking very soon after you start using the clothing. Your best bet is to switch to an Antiperspirant (not just deodorant, and not too high an aluminum content) and to soak your whites in detergent with Haiter bleach for color (light yellow container) and Fight stain remover (blue bottle). Soak overnight then wash as normal. I guess quantities depend on how much you are soaking and how bad stains are.
  7. We live in a 38 unit condo, all units are at least 180 sq meters with most over 250. A few months ago we noticed an unusual amount of activity around the pool (we are on the pool deck level), in the garage and elevators. We soon learned we had two owners renting out their condos on a daily basis using AirB&B. For us, a complete disaster. Our normal experience is light use of the other units except for holidays and family vacations. Generally we would have but a few people here, mostly older adults. There were, of course, times when small children and teenagers would have a full day or weekend of screaming and running around, but it was tolerable with just 38 units. To have just the two units renting daily, (most rentals were in groups of six or more people, almost always with children) the increase in noise, pool usage, and a constant flow of people in and out of the condo became unbearable very quickly. The change to only allow 30 days minimum rentals has been a Godsend.
  8. TGIR

    Scaring pigeons away from the balcony

    Per the post on page 1............Netting. We have tried everything else and nothing works long term but the netting. It isn't expensive, lasts a long time, and in our condo the maintenance people install it for us.
  9. TGIR

    Buying a small car advice

    We've had zero problems with service but have only been a couple of times. After 2 1/2 years we only have 21,000 km on it so I don't take it in more than once a year. We also have a 2006 Ford Escape here at our condo which we sold when we bought the Mazda......too bad they won't bring the Escape over here anymore, we had four of them. At any rate we always had good relations with Ford along with Mazda service departments. I see some questions/comments about MG. They look good but haven't been out long enough to gauge the quality of either the car or service. Personally I would hold off for awhile (they really don't have one that gets me excited anyway). A note on Honda which doesn't get mentioned much. We were and are still looking at CRV, BRV and Mobilio......put down 10K on a BRV before they came out and I didn't like it when we saw a real one. Needless to say we didn't get out 10K back and there wasn't any big push on their part to get us to buy anything......a couple of months ago I went in there browsing (Hua Hin) and some woman started asking me questions about how many time had I been there etc. I got a really strange vibe and left......kind of a weird, suspicious attitude which really put me off. Final note......I shop for cars as a hobby as mentioned before so I feel qualified to judge them against each other. My (and my wife's) choice right now would be the Nissan X-Trail, probably the Hybrid. It's 1.3 mil but big enough to not get smushed in a wreck, and not too big like Fortuner, MUX, Pajero etc . Also I believe the X-Trail gets some very good mileage numbers due to a tiny engine.......good enough for the flat driving around most of Thailand. CRV is a strong choice but yesterday I read they are going to make them even bigger in 2019 and that does it for me. I didn't like the added inches in 2016 or 2017, forget which year. It's starting to look like a school bus. Heads up on the X-Trail though......major body change coming in 2020. I love the CH-R but the wife doesn't so it's out for us. She doesn't like the BRV either......but I would if they would spiff it up a bit.
  10. TGIR

    Buying a small car advice

    I have a 2016 Mazda 2 sedan......very nice car, lots of pep with a auto trans that you can flip to manual in the hills. Great gas mileage. Only thing is I'm looking for something bigger like a CRV, X-Trail. However those will cost more, use more gas, cost more to clean etc. It would be mainly for crash protection......one of the smaller cars would be smushed by all the pick-ups and SUVs around Thailand. I can't buy until we sell a house......so am holding on for what I think will be a remake of the X-Trail in 2020. I really love the new CH-R but the wife hates the styling. Take a look at it, I think it beats everything in its class right now and has many of the newer electronic features. also for less than 1 million baht you can get it in a Hybrid. CH-R has some great color combos unlike Honda where it's white/silver/black......ugh. Same with Toyota....old style, old colors, old interior.....I wonder what they do with all their profits. Must have been plowing them into the CH-R . I did look at the Yaris sedan, the ATIV. Looks pretty good and could compete with the Mazda......Also I think depending on your likes and dislikes the Honda BRV and Mobilio are interesting......would buy a BR-V if there was a little more class in the interior. Honda City is boooring and B-in law has one that's two or three years old. Leather interior is definitely not wearing well.....looks really drab.
  11. I just had a new passport issued last month. This is the second one I've had. In both cases the local immigration office took both passports and transferred all my data from when I first entered Thailand and transferred it into the new passport. I don't see how that process could be done in the instance of the original poster. Doesn't he have to have 90 day stamps and annual visits to immigration?
  12. I got one like this yesterday. Scared the heck out of me because they said I had been infected by ransomware. Shut the computer off then turned it back on. The next one that I got this morning said a fan was broken on my laptop and could ruin the computer.....checked the fan and it wasn't running, so again scared the heck out of me.......kept track of the heat all day and it didn't seem to be a problem. About an hour ago I took of the back cover and the fan was running. Kind of wonder how my Kaspersky software allowed this to get by.
  13. TGIR

    Ford EcoSport vs Toyota C-HR

    Re CH-R vs Juke - At first I thought there was some similarity until we looked at one up close. Nothing there but a passing resemblance. The CH-R is "stylish" in my view and ugly in my wife's view.......I actually never even got in the Juke as I was turned off by the fact that style was everything and practical usage apparently not considered. CH-R on the other hand, is Toyota built for quality (one would hope). The Hybrid version is what I would take, not the base model. It has all the new electronic goodies I would want, specifically dual zone climate control, blind spot warning, 7 inch touchscreen, collision warning system, ten airbags, and more. Also great colors instead of the two or three choices you get with most of the others. Have fun selecting your new car and plz let know what you end up with.....I'm searching for my next one too, but have a house to sell before I can buy it.
  14. TGIR

    Ford EcoSport vs Toyota C-HR

    I'm a car nut and have either had or perused nearly every reasonably priced vehicle on the market. If you want to stay under a million My clear favorite would be the CH-R Hybrid......Eco Sport is too small and has a tiny engine. Have checked CH-R trunk and .golf clubs will fit in it along with three others. I put down a deposit on a BRV but it was really cheap looking inside and I wanted a little more glam. Size and price wise it would be second on my list. You can now buy aftermarket NAV and camera systems. We ended up with a Mazda 2 sedan due to price limitations and are quite pleased with it.....but I've had it over two years and am ready for something new......If you can go over a million get either the CRV or the X-Trail. I like both but don't want that big of a vehicle. My Mazda costs me about 700 baht every ten days or so for gas. That's something to think about as well. Had a 2006 Ford Escape 3.0 and loved it but gas was probably more than three times what it is in the Mazda.
  15. This is what it looked like a year before the Tsunami with the exception of maybe ten tourist boats and may be fifty or sixty tourists on the beach. No-one selling anything and lots of room to wander around. They should re-think the b.s. that they are doing with China. There isn't enough money in the world worth wrecking this beautiful country for.