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  1. I figured as much. I eat rice sometimes now, but only once or twice a week. When I was on the road 5 days a week as a field engineer, it got to be so boring eating rice with pork, rice with chicken every day I used to long for the weekends so that I could eat western food. Beef was rarely available, lamb was harder to find and the "western food" at 7/11 wasn't really fit for soi dogs to eat. Since those early days Thailand has vastly improved in the food stakes but I am no longer on the road but retired. The dinner my wife cooked for me tonight was onion soup with chicken. I made sausage (homemade) bacon and eggs for lunch and breakfast was half a melon, a mango and a toasted bun, also homemade. The mango was from one of the 5 mago trees on the land. Many of the posters on TVF have been in Thailand far longer than I have (and we are grumpy old gits at times). What you keep bringing up has been done to death many times in this forum and other forums come to that, so that when it comes up yet again it gets a bit repetative. I know it isn't easy finding new topics but when posters point things out to you they are not trying to run you down, it is that we have heard most of it before. Part of the problem in Thailand is that Thais are held back politically so nothing much changes over the years and it is a case of rinse and repeat but try to find something different to say. When/if the logjam breaks, and it will eventually, things will be a lot different and depending on who takes over from this lot it will be better.
  2. But that is only your opinion. Other people have differing opinions and on the forum as long as we keep within the rules (which includes insulting other posters) we can post what we wish. Of course if you disagree that much then report my post to the mods.
  3. You forgot pie, liquor and mash. Up in Scotland they live on haggis, mutton pies, deep fried Mars bars and Irn Bru. It must be true as I have been to Scotland 3 times. In Wales they eat laverbread made from seaweed with bacon and cockles. It must be true as I read it on Wikipedia.
  4. Strange thing that. I have been living in Asian countries on and off since 1968. How about you?
  5. You certainly have some strange ideas unless you are a troll Just how long have you lived in Asia? I certainly don't eat rice every day and nor does my 12 yearold Thai/British son. Did you ever hear about noodles, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables instead of rice? My wife certainly has and she used to cook and run a restaurant. What is your culinary claim to fame?
  6. But who decides the questions and answers, decides who and how many people are tested, does the testing and comes up with a result. Who would be unbiased enough to do it? It really doesn't matter that you are happy or not that primitive beliefs still exist in such large numbers, because of your statement your are already biased towards one side.
  7. You are the one making it us v them. I am quite happy for people to believe what they want. Niether science or religion makes one person, tribe or race smarter than another. Only people themselves do that. People believe in religion because they are comfortable with it. People believe in science for the same reason. Who defines which is right?
  8. But you are inferring for your own agenda that if Thais are superstitious and don't belive in science then they cannot be as smart as Westerners who DO believe in science. If in 2017 you don't believe in spirits, ghosts or bogeymen that is up to you. Other people do which is up to them.
  9. quote from the OP " Police and foundation rescue staff had to trek three kilometers on foot to reach the victim and other tourists. They were in a steep and rocky area not officially opened for tourism due to its inaccessibility." So if those highly sophisticated Westerners with all their accumulated scientific knowledge completely ignored the fact that the area was not officially opened for tourism due to its inaccessability, that makes them smarter than the highly suprstitious locals who actually don't go to that area. Westerners are smarter than Thais are they?
  10. Ordinary soldiers, especially conscripts, are cheaper and easier to replace than APCs. So are pickup trucks.
  11. According to KBank which is the bank that my pensions are paid into the exchange rate between the THB/GBP started on 02 January at 43.5525, hit its low point on 16th January of 42.265 and it high point on 11th May of 44.53125. This morning it was 42.80625. Going back down a little. That gives a difference of of about 2.66 baht for the year so far. What will it do next? I have no idea, nor do I think many people including money traders and forex experts do either, though their guesses are probably not much better than mine.
  12. Then give it a reference and then people can look it up.
  13. Actually saminoz didn't make a list of anything, but merely did a snip and paste on the post I made at #4. I got that from the internet and I did not make a list but merely copied the links. Do you have any online references for your made up list or is it just made up? Of course YOU can make a list of bad side effects, but it doesn't mean much unless you can back it up with references as I and many other posters do. For example how many people did you survey for your list, what were the questions, what class of people did you ask the questions from, were they just from one country or many countries, was it done by email, phone calls or personal visits and for how long a period?
  14. Although this is slightly off topic try this for size and comparison. Or this for an overall view.
  15. One thing that scares me is what if it should happen again but this time it was a Russian aircraft clearly marked that was shot down. Alternatively if a Russian aircraft shot a US aircraft down, what would the US do? With the current POTUS in the White House I dread to think of the response.