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  1. That may have to happen next year depending on the results of Brexit. Immigration is 65 km each way for me. A PITA but they are too lazy to come out to me.
  2. Thanks again. I no longer cut the grass and scrub but spend the time cleaning, maintaining and repairing the Honda and the 2 strokes from the assaults of the guy who cuts the grass
  3. Thanks. Some of his posts are OK but others.......
  4. As I was still above the 65,000 baht threshold I didn't bother to quibble. If it gets too close then it may be worth "discussing" with the IO.
  5. Where did you find that link please?
  6. billd766

    UK pensions

    Yesterday I had a pension paid through KBank and the Forex TT rate was 42.88 and the daily rate was 41.825.
  7. If I may go slightly off topic. Yesterday I got one pension paid through KBank and the TT rate was 41.825. The rate I got was 42.88. Today I did my retirement extension and Immigration took the rate from Bangkok bank as 41. KBank was 41.54375.
  8. What it boils down to is that you support Israel right or wrong and they can never do wrong in your eyes. Israel should be forced to sign the NPT and if not it should be declared a pariah state. That the USA does nothing about Israels' nuclear weapons is a disgrace. I appreciate that you and I and probably many others have differing opinions about Israel and long may it be so but please refrain from describing my post as drivel and any other posts that have a different view to yours. We ALL have the right to our opinion but to rubbish other posts because they don't agree with you proves at least to me that in some circumstances your posts are drivel to me. I try to keep a civil tongue in my fingers and not insult other posters.
  9. So why wasn't Israel put under sanctions for having nuclear weapons in the first place? Why shouldn't Iran have nuclear weapons to protect itself against Israel? After all N Korea has them for self defence against the USA. The USA, Russia, China, India and Pakistan also have them but nobody complains about them.
  10. And which country would be stupid enough to do that?
  11. That would seem reasonable provided that it excludes those who didn't vote. Perhaps 2/3 would be better. What happens if neither side gain the majority required?
  12. quote "Secondly they misunderstand the US which is above all resilient and will shrug off the present White House incumbent." After the damage has been done that will take years or decades to repair if it ever can be.
  13. No mention of Israeli nuclear weapons then or Israeli aggression in the region. Nothing mentioned about SA aggression in Yemen supported by both countries. No mention of US aggression in Syria either. Business as usual.
  14. There will be even less at the next election.