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  1. Are eggs prices up ?

    My wife buys size 0, the largest, for 120 baht for 30 from the egg lady in the next village. We know that they are fresh and haven't been at Betagro for several days before going to supermarket chain and then out to the shops.
  2. Yet STILL the military does not provide armoured vehicles as troop transports. The useless blimp could have bought at least 100 armoured vehicles. I did a very simple Google search and came up with Wikipedia which has 72 pages of wheeled APCs and there are some strange looking ones there and some brilliant ones as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Wheeled_armoured_personnel_carriers Drop just one submarine and the government could but hundreds of APCs. The Chinese, Russians, even the UK, EU and USA would only be too happy to sell to Thailand. If that were to happen many Thai soldiers and their families would sleep happily.
  3. Try going to rural or forest temples and you won't find much cash there though you will find quite a few village people around helping out.
  4. Thank you for the information. I have bought bikes and sold one a long time ago to a mate. The workshop guy he uses for his bike did the transfer for us. I just signed the paperwork where I was told.
  5. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    There is a news item in the "other" newpaper this morning commenting that the leaders of the Yollow shirt invasions of Don Mueang and Suwannabhumi airports back in 2008 have been ordered but the courts to personally pay 552 million baht in damages between them. It was an OOPS moment as their lawyer did not appeal in time and asked the court for an extension. The courts refused. Now what was that you were saying about immunity for the Yellowshirts?
  6. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    Well I have lost about 6 kg but it has taken me all of this year to do so. All I did was to eat a little less. On 14th February I weighed 126.7 kg and my lowest weight was yesterday at 120.2 kg. It wasn't a decision as such but I simply ate a little less per meal. For breakfast I usually eat melon, perhaps a couple of bananas and a bread roll (homemade) with butter, sometimes plain, sometimes toasted, perhaps with something on it or not. Lunch is a catch it meal that I make myself, depending if I feel hungry or not. Dinner in the evening is whatever my wife cooks but I have managed to only half fill the plate and if anything gets left over it usually goes in the following mornings bread roll, if not it goes for lunch.
  7. Why do you think that the rest of the worls will become involved? The rest of the world doesn't care about Thailand as they have their own problems. I do agree however that there is nobody in Thailand who is big enough and with enough power to solve Thailands problems.
  8. Live the best way that I can and accept it. I just keep my head down, don't bother anybody and get on with my life, life and family. I know that I cannot shape Thailand the way I would like it to be so I just accept it as it is. At this time as the PTP hate the Democrats and the Democrats hate the PTP, the other smaller parties are sniffing around looking for scraps in the future, who benefits? The current government of course. Divide and rule while any real opposition (the PTP most likely as the Drmocrats can't win a one horse race) and fighting each other. Perhaps this is one of many reasons why the current government is trying to demonise Thaksin and all his tribe, Though to be fair he does not need much help in being demonised. Most of the rural people I talk to up here really don't care WHO is in power. What they care about mostly is that they have work and some money to feed the family, food on the table, a roof over their heads, money for the kids school clothes and books and they pray to whoever to keep their kids off drugs. They don't really care who runs national politics, they care a bit who runs it locally. IMHO the only way that Thailand can get back to some sense of normality is when a knight on a white horse comes from nowhere to lead them or if 5, 10 or 15 million of them all get together and march on the government and physically remove them. Sadly knights on white horses are not even available online and getting 15 million people together would be even harder than herding 15 million cats.
  9. What paperwork is required by the DLT to sell my motorbike? Can anyone help me out please?
  10. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    I suppose we have to define what normal is to begin with and work from that point.
  11. Does it hurt when you beat your head against a brick wall, and do you achieve anything more than a headache? I learnt many years ago to attempt to change the things that is possible for me to change, accept the things I can do nothing about, and hoping that I get the difference right. I am running about 60% on that last bit. I have been coming to Thailand and living here on and off since 1993 and TBH it hasn't really made that much difference to me over time whichever government has been in power. Nor has it made that much difference to my Thai family and friends either.
  12. Actually most of the world doesn't know or even care about politics in Thailand. Large areas of the world, the Caribean and the USA are more interested in the aftermath of hurricanes, the UK and the EU are more interested in Brexit, the USA, Russia, China, Japan and S Korea are far more interested in N Korea, ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand have their own problems. Why would anyone in fact, care about Thailands politics as long as they can spend a holiday here fairly safely if they wish. And NO the Army did not usurp power from an elected government as their was NO elected government to usurp it from. The previous PM, Yingluck dissolved the government in December 2013 if you care to remember and became the caretaker PM and she was removed by the courts. The Red shirts were shooting the Yellow shirts and the Yellow shirts were shooting the Red shirts, the RTP as usual were nowhere to be seen, so who else had the power to stop the street fighting? Try to understand that what was/is happening in Thailand is purely local and the real world doesn't care. There is nothing that any farang living in Thailand can do to affect the outcome no matter how the heart bleeds. You can fill pages of posts about how you and how the rest of the world feels, true or not, but ONLY the Thais can change it. None of us farangs can do a damn thing about it so you either accept things as they are or rant and rave for nothing. Can you truly say that all of your posts here on TVF have changed anything in Thailand? I know none of mine have.
  13. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    I have been on TVF today for about 1 1/2 hours. It started out OK but now it is a bit like a centipede with 47 broken legs. It is so slow again.
  14. Thank you very much for calling me and many of my friends fascists. Some days I think you have no idea of what you are talking about. The other days I am sure that you have no idea what you are talking about. This being one of them.
  15. Is TVF exceptionally slow today?

    Since this problem started a couple of days ago I have been unable to clear my notifications and the helpful little arrow to take me to the top od the page has disappeared also. What IS going on with TVF? It never used to be this bad.