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  1. billd766

    UK pension via pay pal

    There are 3 different rates as I could see but the one I used was guaranteed to be there within 24 hours, I am not worried so much by the transfer fee as I would have saved £1 GBP or 41 ish baht. What I have found is that the old way where my pension providers sent the money to my account, it would take anywhere from 2 working days up to a week and the charge was around £3. It came in at a higher rate than I used to get from KBank anyway
  2. Another double post curtesy of TVF.
  3. The cauldrons of oil are bubbling, the torture chambers are ready, What will we hear next from the PM? Et tu brute meaning: and you too, Brutus? to question a good friend's loyalty. From Shakespeare's tragedy, Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar's last words when stabbed by his best friend, Brutus. You... killed my... son! Why..? Et tu, Brute?
  4. Perhaps robblok has an "ology" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEfKEzX9QLE
  5. billd766

    UK pension via pay pal

    It would have been nicer if I had sent £10,000 instead of a measly £600.
  6. billd766

    UK pension via pay pal

    The main reason I went the express route was because I did the transfer yesterday and received it about 14:20 this afternoon. If it had been after banking hours I wouldn't have got the money until Monday. Looking at the routing slip it seems to have gone from TransferWise in the UK via Bangkok bank in the UK to BKK bank in Thailand and then to my KBank account.
  7. billd766

    Trump to award freedom medals to Elvis, Babe Ruth

    I forgot about the older Bush.
  8. billd766

    UK pension via pay pal

    I transferred £620 by their quickest routing and the transfer cost was £5.26. The GBP was converted into THB at a rate of 43.95 which was guaranteed at the time of transfer and the transaction took just short of 24 hours. It usually takes 2 to 3 working days using the old method and it would have been paid in at whatever the Kbank Forex rate will be on Monday. I am very impressed by TransferWise.
  9. billd766

    Trump to award freedom medals to Elvis, Babe Ruth

    Try looking at my post #21 where I gave you 2 separate sources to prove that BobBKK was correct and that you are wrong.
  10. billd766

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    Thank you for the update. I did a speed test on adsl Thailand to a Singapore server and with a 30/10 package from 3BB I was getting 33 down and 11 up. I could login to many of the sites that I use daily and they were all fine. It was just TVF that had the problem.
  11. billd766

    Forum very slow and pages not loading

    I gave up on it yesterday lunch time, went back about 6 pm and it was just as bad. It is a lot better now than it was yesterday. Does anybody know what caused the problem for the third time this year?
  12. billd766

    Trump to award freedom medals to Elvis, Babe Ruth

    Actually he was awarded one as BobBKK clearly stated. You can find it on this link under US Presidents a long way down the list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Presidential_Medal_of_Freedom_recipients Also here under 2011. https://www.infoplease.com/arts-entertainment/science-and-other-awards/presidential-medal-freedom
  13. quote from the OP. "Thawee Suraban who had been a Democrat Party MP before defecting to Pheu Thai many years ago, said yesterday that he believed Palang Pracharat would “win substantially” in the South, which has long been a stronghold for the Democrats." And he truly believes that Thai people will vote for even though he deserted from the Democrats to PTP to keep his snout in the trough, and has now deserted the PTP for another party to keep his snout in the trough once again. He seems to have as his personal motto, "pull up the ladder Jack, I'm OK"
  14. Who would make the decision to trust a wife? You, me or anonymous posters on a forum? Perhaps TVF could set up a committee to vet all Thai/farang marriages. Then it would be her husband who decides, which takes us back to what I said in an earlier post. If you can't trust your wife, why did you get married to her in the first place?
  15. billd766

    UK pensions

    If you want to stay in Asia with a full pension go to the Philippines - reciprocal agreement ie full pension there. <snip> What do I do with my Thai wife and son?