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  1. Of course you can complain but you will be wasting your time. Wake up to reality and think that by not voting you cannot affect the result in any way at all. You don't believe in politicians so you won't even write to them and give your thoughts on how YOU feel the system should be changed. You are like a voice in a deep forest. Will anybody hear you and will anybody care?
  2. Then don't complain if people vote for TM or ANY politician that in your own words above say "I have zero faith in politicians." You don't have faith in politicians yet you come up with nothing to replace them with.
  3. Really? And how many have you been to either as a pupil, parent or teacher?
  4. Thank you very much for describing me (who voted for UKIP at the last election and will at the next one) as a racist. Being that we do not know each other, have never met nor are we likely to, I take great exception by being called a racist by someone who has little idea of reality. I will accept your apology should you proffer one on this thread. If however you do not then it shows me and many others that you really have no idea what you are talking about, and should not post things without thinking about and understanding what you will say.
  5. My Granddad died in 1958 and he was 82. My Grandmum died in 1953 aged 76. They didn't have the advantages to todays advances in medicine. I do agree with you about the foreign aid payments though. Not that this or any government would spend it on unfreezing pensions though.
  6. Out here in rural Khampaeng Phet I am paying the government rate inc VAT. Month price per unit Oct 2016 4.16 Nov 2016 4.15 Dec 2016 4.13 Jan 2017 4.10 Feb 2017 4.06 Mar 2017 4.11 Apr 2017 4.14
  7. TM does not need to persuade many Labour Voters all the time that Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour party leader.
  8. The GBP is slowly creeping up against the THB but please try not to mention it out loud in case you frighten it off. This is not too accurate unless you are using them and transferring large sums of GBP. XE Currency Converter: GBP to THB Read important information about the THB. 1 GBP =44.7881THB British Pound1 GBP = 44.7881 THB ↔ Thai Baht1 THB = 0.0223274 GBP Live mid-market rate 2017-04-29 05:30 UTC
  9. Do the insurgents look different than the local people down there in some way? Easy if they do but if they all look similar, how many in a line up of 100 people would be the terrorist you can shoot? 1, 2, 5 etc? The government troops DO shoot at the terrorists when then can find them but the problem is that to be successful at it you need a large number of fully qualified fighting troops. Unfortunately the Army has few regular soldiers but lots of cannon fodder due to conscription who are not really trained well enough for Counter insurgency. Another problem nowadays is the availability of mobile phones so that if any sympathiser were to see troops gathered for an operation, a quick phone call would cause the terrorists to disperse.
  10. Yesterday afternoon thunder and lightning woke me from my afternoon nap about 4pm with a little rain. I brought my laundry in (working clothes for grass and scrub cutting) and by 4:45 the wind got up and ripped the dying and dead coconut fronds off the trees. Then the rain started in earnest and the skies opened. I normally collect rainwater for drinking with a bypass for little rain. It came down so hard that it blew the push fit connector off and was spraying 3 of 4 metres into my workshop. The only way to stop it was to go up onto the balcony and kick the push fit 2 inch down pipe apart. Of course it also caused a power outage but this one went all the way back to Khampaeng Phet 65 km away. That lasted about 2 hours and the rain finally stopped about 11pm. Initially the rain just ran off the surface but when I walked over to the fish pond today the soil had e give in it though there is still no water in the fish pond. I think it has just soaked in. We needed it and with a bit of luck my fishpond may fill right up this year and if it does it will be the first year since 2011.
  11. Out here in ruarl Khampeang Phet last night the was plenty of thunder and lightning around us but not a drop of rain.
  12. The other English language newspaper was more accurate.
  13. I would fight you over the Grahams port but you can have the cheese. I prefer a good cheddar or some Brie. I bought 3 packets of Brie in BKK last week.
  14. What a wonderful and totally inaccurate statement. It is however fully in line with your regular Thai bashing.
  15. Over here in rural Khampaeng Phet by the Mae Wong national park my rain fed fish pond which holds about 500,000 litres only got to about 75% by November and by the end of January was bone dry. Though we have had some rain this year it is still empty and dry.