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  1. Well if anyone can do that, even you as you say, then why aren't YOU up on the international stage earning loadsa money just like he is?
  2. Iranian president declares end to Islamic State

    At least I read, watch and listen before I make my mind up. You seem to have a bias against Iran and believe whatever they do or say is wrong.
  3. Iranian president declares end to Islamic State

    Do you mean that every other military force in Syria and Iraq were killing and removing ISIS except teh Iranians? I thought that you were smarter than that.
  4. Here is another idea. Why not clear up all the oustanding cases from the past 20 years in chronological order and then the cases from the last 3 years will be done in turn.
  5. Nakhon Sawan News

    I did my 90 day report yesterday at KPP Immigration. I was about 30 days overdue, my fault completely. The head honcho asked me what I wanted while he was on his way out, so I showed him. Bad, you are on overstay now. I gently pointed out that my visa extension was still valid until 23rd August next year so I was not on overstay. Humph, you have to pay 2,000 baht fine. I replied that I already understood that. The lady was busy with another farang and his wife doing something about a re-entry visa and the guy who sat opposite her called me over and I explained to him. He didn't send me back so I sat there waiting for him. He did 90 day extensions for 10 work permits, some other stuff, another farangs passport all the while saying not long now. He eventually finished those piles of work and got to my problem. He didn't want my passport copies nor the 90 day TM47 form but he did give me a receipt for the 2,000 baht and I had to sign 3 times in 2 different books and he also put a stamp in my passport about the overstay and that I had paid the fine. Total time. 1 hour and 40 minutes. They really don't seem to know what they are doing in that office, certainly compared to Nakhon Sawan Immigration. Without the over 90 days it never took more than 10 minutes to process the 90 day reports and usually about 2 or 3 minutes.
  6. May ready for tough talks over Brexit

    I am not sure if this is the right thread to post this in but I read this on the BBC News website this morning. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-42057108 Perhaps Germany and the EU will have a bigger problem than Brexit to worry about soon.
  7. why do they want to burn everything

    I am not suggesting that farming is well in Thailand but more the opposite. Farming in Thailand is a bit like the curates egg. It is good in parts. From what i have read on here and in BKK Post there are pockets of farmers all over rural Thailand, but more near Royal Projects, who have seen the light. They have learned new ways, use natural fertilisers, diversify their crops, do hydroponic farming, at least where there is plenty of water available. Many older farmers are stuck in the cycle of debt, unable to service it properly, too old to change, children have seen how their parents live hand to mouth and don't want anything to do with farming and are leaving the land. Small holdings, lack of education, lack of govt involvement, many aspects need work. The small holdings are likely because in years gone by they were larger holdings but people had more children then and a gift of land from the parents was sort of traditional which over the years has resulted in small holdings. I agree on the lack of education for older farmers as they were not given much choice but as children are getting a better education it looks as though they don't want to be farmers now. I feel that in a few years time Thailand will be a net rice importer as all the older farmers die off and the land gets sold. Perhaps that may be a good thing if someonr would buy up the farms and make them large again but where would they find the cheap labour to work the land?
  8. The only musical instrument I ever played was the violin in my secondary school orchestra, and that for only 3 weeks before I was fired. My musical ability can be compared with that of a hippopotamus dancing to Saturday Night Fever. On a happier note my son can play the guitar a bit and is learning more weekly. I like some of your music but not all. XTC, the Doors and Radiohead do nothing much for me. Joni Mitchell, Culture Club I enjoyed. I do like Annie Lennox with and without the Eurythmics. I used to enjoy Alison Moyet who was in Culture club be she became less popular after a while though she is still around doing concerts. It is amazing when people on the forum open up on stuff like this compared to the political threads where they seem to be at each others throats half the time. I suppose this is a bit off the topic of Ginger Ed.
  9. Nakhon Sawan News

    According to the "other EL newspaper" Robinsons plan to open the 800-million-baht Robinson Lifestyle Kamphaengphet on Dec 8. No need to fight your way down to N/S any more for better shopping but I do hope that the Immigration police will be opening a checkpoint on the southern border betweem KPP and N/S.
  10. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    Actually he used to go to a school in Khampaeng Phet 65 km away leaving at 05:45 and returning around 18:00 daily. We used to get the receipt for his school clothes and it was refunded by the school. Yes we did know about the school and visited it before he joined and visited it 2 or 3 times a year while he was there. He didn't make the cut for the school he wanted in KPP and now goes to one only 15 km away with a reduction in fees (not much) but less travelling time. Yes we did check the school out before he went there and yes we do visit on a regular basis. Unfortunately this school does not refund the cost of the uniforms, but that is covered by the lesser travelling costs. quote "If Dekchai Somchai isn’t from the city and mom and dad are trying to get them in, a special fee, not less than 30 K is needed to get a seat in a hot and crowded classroom with 49 other kids/teenagers." There are only 25 pupils in my son's class and not 49 and the annual cost is around 22k and not 30k. In his previous school the cost was around 25k but still only 25 pupils in the class. Of course us living in Nakhon Nowhere might account for the difference. The school books they use are M1 Focus Smart books and I can download most of them from the internet.
  11. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    School fees also include uniforms, books, insurance, lunch and in some cases the school bus. My son goes to school m15 km away. He normally wears a white shirt and brown shorts on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, Scout uniform on a Wednesday and blue shirt and track suit bottoms on Thursday, except when he doesn't as the school dress code changes some weeks. I have 5 sets of white/brown, 1 scout set and 2 blue sets which makes 8 sets plus 2 sets of brown shoes and 1 set of white trainers. There is no school bus to take him but our neighbours daughter and a friends son go to the same school so we share the transport costs 1 week in every 3. They are enrolled in the Mini English Language Programme and on Saturday I paid 10,000 baht for the second term. Free schooling in rural Thailand is free with added costs of books, uniform and transport etc and wil only give kids a very basic education and little in the way of prospects for a good future life. Parents will do the best they can to give their children a better future even to going into debt themselves. Their parents did and their children will probably do the same thing themselves for their children.
  12. How come you have worked out that I am bitter? I am not but my musical tastes lie in the 1930s to the 1990s music and very little of what I hear of moderm music appeals to me. I thoroughly enjoy british folk music as well as fascinating Aida (Google them) yet few new artitsts make me want to stop and listen. I also like ABBA, the Spice Girls but not Bananarama, Tina Turner but not Ike and Tina, The Beatles but not the Rolling Stones, a lot of US Country music, many of the big bands of the 30s, 40s and 50s but they are no more, Louis Armstrong, Glen Miller, The Andrews Sisters. I detested punk, garage and grunge music of the 80s and 90s as it was so (to me) pointless. The problem is what is good music to me may not be good music you you and vice versa. I come from an era where I can hear and understand the words that are sung, the music is pleasant to my ears, there is no profanity, as it is never necessary or clever, but it does attract some people. I don't like rap either though some of it is well done and out together. How about your choices?
  13. He may have done, but the Beatles didn't really get started until about 1962 and broke up as the Beatles in 1970. He was correct there, but the individual members went on in their own ways in pop music though Ringo moved into voiceovers and character acting on TV as he didn't really make it on his own as a pop star.
  14. This is a disposable society and the me, me, me generation. What is popular and fashionable now can be dropped in an instant if a new more popular person comes along. For every popular singer there are thousands of unpopular ones, the one hit wonders, those who believed their own hype and failed on the way. I could never try to predict pop music nowadays. I hope that you are right about Ed Sheeran for his sake but at least he has made his money now and hopefully invested a lot for his future.
  15. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    That would mean leaving the safety and comfort of the farang ghettos and driving around in the new Fortuner and perhaps getting that dirty.