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  1. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Um. Unfortunately for your theory it's all about the Greenland and Antarctic ice caps. If they melted, the sea level would rise significantly. However, that may never happen during human existence.
  2. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    Try millennia ago.
  3. The myth of melting ice and rising seas

    The ice cap theory only applies to ice that was formed on land. Sea ice that thaws does not add depth. The ice around Antarctica is mainly sea ice. Some of it is from glaciers, but so far not much of that has moved into the sea. Should the Antarctic warm up, it will start to snow there, which would remove water from a liquid state and retain it as new ice. There are explanations for island or land loss other than sea level rise.
  4. Cops have to patrol the roads, but non cop minions will patrol the beaches for people committing a crime worse than assault and battery. They probably won't speak English either. Good luck if one get's caught, or fitted up.
  5. If they'd "thought it through properly" that would be a first. Don't count on a farang ever winning in court if they don't want the farang to win. As for your question, it all depends on who is booking you, if they had one last night, if they had an argument with the mia noi, if they had enough to eat, or if they are annoyed at life in general. They used the environmental legislation rather than littering because, IMO, they didn't understand it properly. No sane person is going to put a tourist in jail for a year or fine them 100k for having a smoke of tobacco when littering is a mere 2,000, though I saw a no smoking sign threatening 5,000 for smoking on a songtheaw the other day. Still rather less than 100k. BTW, don't expect to ever win an argument with a petty official on the basis of logic or sense, and that applies anywhere in the world. PS- creating smoke by any means is polluting, whether by ciggie or pipe. The only thing it isn't would be littering.
  6. How many sit on their fat backsides because the government pays them to do so? If the government paid them for a bus ticket to the south of England where the work is and a cheap rental for 3 months, then nothing, some might actually go get a job. I don't know anyone would rather live 10 in a decrepit bedsit to get a pittance for a menial job if they could get enough to live in a proper house without having to get out of bed at dawn every day. This one, IMO, is on governments that give the dole for nothing in return, and on every voter that elected them.
  7. They came from..........................................? Did they just appear from nothing? Did dark matter happen to be lurking around for no reason at all? Was there anything in existence before the big bang? Is the universe really infinite? If it is, does every possibility exist within it, like a supernatural power? If it just happened, where was all the "stuff" before? Is it scientific to believe that something can just appear out of nothing?
  8. Maybe in quiet ones, but the ones I use would make 1,000 baht in small change every 10 to 15 minutes, so they aren't going to be going under the counter. I often buy something small to break a 1,000 bill in 7 11 because I know they always have lots of money.
  9. LBs don't normally do snatch thieving on m'bikes- they do pickpocketing while "hugging" the unfortunate victim, and they are really good at it. Don't put your wallet in a back pocket. I always run when they try to "hug" me, and I mean actually run.
  10. Any sane guy would consider a girl that looked young would be trouble. Sometimes they "borrow" their sisters ID card, and of course, the cops don't care what age the ID card says she is if she is too young. Too easy to go with a guy and then blackmail for money. Having said that I once went with a girl that looked early 20s and found out she was over 30.
  11. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    Re doing CPR on someone had a heart attack, and did CPR training back when breaths were a standard part of it, the routine is different now.
  12. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    Should also know that left shoulder tip pain is a good sign in conjunction with chest pain of a heart attack. I sometimes get severe chest pain, which could be several reasons, but no shoulder pain so far, so ignore and they go away eventually. If I didn't know about the shoulder pain I'd be off to the hospital for nothing. NB, the above is MY experience- don't blame me if it's different for you. Just giving my 2 bob's worth. I wouldn't EXPECT a Thai ER to have any sort of capacity like a US one, just as the ambulances sometimes have no resuscitation gear.
  13. Rental deposit--preparing for move to CM

    TWO months! Given that some places won't return it ( usual scam ) that's a bit expensive. The place I rented only charged one month. The whole condo scam business is why I prefer to live in an hotel- no deposit, no electric bills, no water bills, everything the condo had except a kitchen, and cleaning, drinking water, wifi, cable tv included, and all for the same price as a condo.
  14. True or more CM Immigration rubbish ?

    Only need a new TM 30 if your address changes, so I understand, but I definitely needed it when I did my last extension. The reality is if they want to get one for something they can. Depends on their mood.
  15. True or more CM Immigration rubbish ?

    Not TM 30. That's nothing to do with us. TM 28 if I remember rightly. I went to do one at the old office way back and they didn't even know what it was.