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  1. Seriously? You would die without AC? People survived for centuries without electricity. The difference now is that people have become so dependent on electricity and gadgets that they can't survive without them. Is that evidence of being "smart", or is it the people that can survive without such that are smart? Nature doesn't give a monkey's about human dependence on external aids to survive. A smartphone won't save you in an earthquake or a hurricane that destroys the infrastructure if the cell towers go down. A ham radio with batteries might, in the aftermath. Does anyone in Puerto Rico care about the Galaxy 8?
  2. Currently working my way through Jack Reacher series, and have a few Dune books for when I finish with Jack.
  3. To be serious for a minute, the guys that will do best are those that for whatever reason can't get a real girl to have sex with them. Disabled, ugly, overly shy, nerds will be first in line once they get developed to the point of actual functionality. No longer will the cool guys have the best looking girls. Also, there will be male models for women that can't get a guy that "respects them in the morning" Their models will make them breakfast, buy them flowers and pretend to listen to them.
  4. They look amazing, never have a headache or have to wash their hair, will wear sexy clothes and will never complain if you put them in a cupboard while you have your mates around for a boys night.
  5. It should come programmed to do that already. What else would "family" mode be for? It coming faster that I expected, and hurrah, the power of women over men is almost over. Pity I won't get to benefit, but I was born too soon for that. Real women should be scared, very scared, and no doubt they are gathering together to try and stop them before they ( women ) become superfluous to requirement. They already started with the propaganda about the sex doll being hacked to murder their man with a knife.
  6. Navy nurses in hot water for flipping off newborn, forcing baby to dance to rap

    The nurse did NOT shake the baby. Do you realise that almost all child abuse is done by parents, including the mother?
  7. Navy nurses in hot water for flipping off newborn, forcing baby to dance to rap

    Of course nurses are underpaid. Most people would never be able to do that job, as is evidenced when they have to get nurses from overseas to top up the numbers, which is why they can get away with paying low wages- just employ a few thousand more Phillipinas. Some of the things I have done as a nurse would have made most people cry and run away. It is an underpaid job because no one cares about nurses, unless they need them to save their lives, and because they are a predominantly female occupation they are reluctant to strike. What is your, or your family's life worth if they have to stay in hospital? It should be a great job, but suffers from institutional bullying, management disrespect and lack of support.
  8. Navy nurses in hot water for flipping off newborn, forcing baby to dance to rap

    Well said and thanks for posting the VDO so we can see for ourselves that no harm befell the baby. Considering that parents do stuff like that all the time with their babies it is boggling to me how worked up people get over such nothing burgers. Certainly, the nurses putting it on the record must be really dumb to not know what would happen. However, I do consider forcing anyone, let alone babies, to listen to rap is committing a crime against humanity . BTW, unless something is very very wrong in the nursing world, that is NOT the nurses hand flipping off the baby. Nurses should not have long nails like that and nail polish is not allowed on duty.
  9. Nana was amazing back in the mid 90s before Purachai ruined it. My favourite Nana gogo, Hollywood Royale ( no longer exists in name or experience ) was open from 7pm till after dawn, had 3 stages, one of which had naked dancers, chock a block with gorgeous girls, seats full of punters every night, fantastic shows. I'd spend the whole night in there and never get bored. Being from a fairly puritanical country, it just blew me away. Cheap too, unless getting a takeaway. No pressure to buy drinks for the girls. Poppin' indeed. Sadly, I doubt those days will be seen again.
  10. Try using a "smartphone" there now. It's just as useless as a normal phone. However, "stone age" ham radio will still operate with batteries 5555555555555555555.
  11. Two birds who were not chickens combined to produce an egg that was a chicken You don't believe in creationism, but apparently don't understand evolution.
  12. Navy nurses in hot water for flipping off newborn, forcing baby to dance to rap

    Indeed stupid to be filming themselves and more so for putting it on the internet. Given we can't see the "dance", some people need to get a life with calls for imprisonment etc. Obviously the baby did not "suffer" any injuries. I dare say none that are so "horrified" about it have any idea as to the reality of a nurses life. I am a survivor of many years of being bullied, burned out, abused by horrible patients without any support. I still have nightmares about it. Of course, no one cares about underpaid, bullied nurses till they need them.
  13. VietJet - NEVER

    Could lead to charges of slander or defamation, depending on what was said.
  14. Can someone correct this erroneous heading. It is only in Auckland airport, not NZ wide. Despite noting that the pipeline is privately owned, the government has called in the military to help truck in supplies of fuel LOL. That'll probably take a while, as the government(s) have been doing all they can to emasculate the military since the 70s. It's probably down to one small truck that won't run because it's u/s and there aren't any VMs left to fix it .
  15. Nah, either the greenies or the bureaucrats would stop that. They won't even build enough houses, so families are living in cars and garages. NZ is now so overwhelmed with PC stupidity that it has become a fun devoid zone. The only thing the bureaucrats can't stop is the gangs and the crime.