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  1. CLAIM Jon Ossoff is running to represent Georgia's sixth congressional district while living outside its boundaries. TRUE RATING TRUE
  2. Some people apparently have little idea of what actually went on back then. Murder was murder even then. Murder someone and the law would hang the guilty.
  3. Yes, and it would help if the candidate actually lived in the district they want to represent. Apparently Ossoff couldn't even vote for himself. I don't like using this thread to speak about the recent election, but apparently there is no dedicated thread for it, despite being of obvious importance.
  4. Agreed. The ratings on politicians of both parties says that the population has had enough as well. However, IMO, politicians being creatures of self interest will always put self before the people. Love him or hate him, or neither, IMO the people of the US elected Trump to try and make a change in that culture. So far the establishment is resisting with all its might.
  5. Excellent response. I was impressed by the well considered, convincing reasons why I was wrong, and why I should join the resistance. Have a nice day .
  6. Perhaps she doesn't want to get married to a farang. Just wants the money. By my calculator, she would have had to "date" a new guy every day for 13 years .
  7. Remember how they laughed like drains when Ann Coulter predicted Trump would win? They're not laughing now. I'm predicting they won't be laughing next year either. Seems like the only resisting in in Dem circles, and the rest prefer the GOP.
  8. Whatever they say about the nite scene in C M, it's pathetic for anyone that's been in Pattaya. The "good old days" are going anywhere I've been. I think it's something to do with how all people care about now is money and appearance.
  9. She probably never went there. Hua Hin is my idea of hell in Thailand. Why? Because it used to be a great place to live, and they are ruining it with horrid promenades, horrid big buildings in front of the lookout, horrid broken marina, horrid useless car park at Bali Hi, stupid regulations aimed only at farang nite scene, and didn't improve any of the infrastructure. Beach is disappearing, water polluted, stinky drains, floods, over development, traffic jams, too many malls and getting expensive.
  10. Not true, they stopped for the red lights, but once the people crossed they started again. I used them all the time when they worked. However, it would be better if cops were posted there so they actually did some work.
  11. You mean like the park that used to exist at Bali HI and the scenic walkway that used to go to the lighthouse?
  12. Nah. It's only going to be half or less for any actual work.
  13. The OP doesn't say "prostitutes", it says "prostitution", though I've never seen sex happening in a barbeer, so it shouldn't mean all the staff have to leave. When I stayed in Pattaya recently the bars near the hotel closed about 2 am, so I don't see the problem, though many a night on W S in the 90s I went back to hotel after dawn.
  14. Hmmmmm. I was wanting to go back to Pattaya in a couple of months, as the nite scene in Chiang Mai is pathetic, but if the authorities get their wish the nite scene will be just as pathetic down there so I might as well stay in C M.
  15. The islands get large numbers of western tourists. Had Rin gets thousands every month just for the FMP and backpackers don't use bargirls, so not mongers.