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  1. thaibeachlovers

    Motorcycle taxi guy stole gold from farang's Thai wife

    Am I missing something, but I've been reading warnings about wearing gold in public for decades, and certainly with reference to Pattaya. M'bike snatch thieves have been operating for decades in Pattaya. Crime became a problem after Purachai devastated the farang bar scene in Pattaya, and a lot of guys lost their jobs.
  2. Yes, look right, look right, look left, look right and left again for the motorbikes travelling the wrong side of the road.
  3. A tunnel?????? The ladyboys would love that as no where to run to avoid them. Also probably never be cleaned, and full of rats eating food leftovers from the beggars that would inhabit the place. Why would Thais care about people using prams? Thais don't use prams.
  4. The glory days of Pattaya when the place was full of bargirls have long gone. Most bars are bereft of customers and the bars are being pushed out of Beach Road. It a process that is happening slowly, and the more attractive ones have apparently gone "on line", as they certainly ain't in the bars. The ones that are still in Pattaya have probably become "foot massage" girls, as there seem to be as many foot massage places as barbeers now.
  5. Perhaps you were fooled by the propaganda that Pattaya is a "family destination". It isn't, regardless of what some people would like to believe.
  6. thaibeachlovers

    Pattaya / THExpats / Health-Self-insured?

    Anyone that is saying they self insure is hiding their head in the sand if they think they can pay the bill for major medical problems or accidents. Like you say, millions of baht. George Soros would probably be OK, but most expats would have to try their luck in a public hospital if really serious and paying themselves. Even dental implants cost large. I was quoted over 80,000 for one. If from the UK, and not residing there, one can't just turn up at a hospital and expect free treatment now.
  7. thaibeachlovers

    Gloom, Doom, Hotel Room...

    I just checked on the Krabi subforum, and a lot of hotels ( way more than 70 ) on Phi Phi were inspected, 90% found illegal, but no mention of any arrests of anyone.
  8. thaibeachlovers

    Gloom, Doom, Hotel Room...

    Situation normal then. It wouldn't be LOS if they didn't go through such upheavals occasionally. This "crackdown" is just the latest in a very long list. Remember when they were going to fine people 100,000 baht and a year in jail for smoking on the beach? Has anyone gone to jail for that? This too shall pass, and they'll move on to the next target. If I owned property in LOS, I'd be starting to be a bit concerned.
  9. thaibeachlovers

    Confusion reigns ahead of Maya Bay closure, June 1

    Re the headline, situation normal then!
  10. thaibeachlovers

    Confusion reigns ahead of Maya Bay closure, June 1

    You seem to think that going to Maya Bay is on a par with visiting the Louvre or something. It used to be a reasonably attractive beach before thousands of people got delivered there, whether they wanted to or not, but there are many such places along Thailand's coastline. The only reason tour boats even started going there was because a movie was filmed there. It wasn't even a very good movie, but the main character despised the sort of person that goes to Maya. Actually, he loathed them. Rather ironic then that the sort of person that Richard despised goes to Maya because of Richard. I strongly suggest that not being able to go to Maya Bay is not going to dissuade even one person from visiting LOS. IMO they should do what Duterte did in the Philippines and close it for a year. That way, it might have a chance to recover properly. Four months isn't going to make any difference, but some people will be missing out, so never mind if it just gets ruined all over again.
  11. Tell us in 6 months if any of the illegal hotels were closed and hopefully demolished. I suspect it will be business as usual. Lets not forget that most if not all the buildings were constructed from scratch after the tsunami.
  12. thaibeachlovers

    Long-tail boats at Koh Phi Phi damaged by storm

    Agreed. The last time I went to Phi Phi they were going along all the beaches constantly, unmuffled, of course ( mufflers are so uncool- much better to destroy the ambience and ruin people's enjoyment ). Unfortunately, the boats only appear full of water, and will no doubt be refloated, to resume their assault on people's hearing. With any luck though, the salt water will have ruined the engines, so there may be a short respite from the plague of the longtails.
  13. thaibeachlovers

    90% of hotels on Koh Phi Phi found incapable of registration

    In a perfect world, Phi Phi would never have been allowed to become the stinking <deleted> <deleted > it has become because of greed. I'd love it if all those hotels were closed down and demolished, then the place might get some of what made it so wonderful ( back in the early 90s ) before the big money men got involved. Unfortunately, that's not what happens in LOS, and I have no doubt that they will still be operating in years to come. The tsunami washed away many of the horrid buildings that had blighted it, and damaged most that weren't, but they went and rebuilt it worse than before. Ugh.
  14. I'm guessing but probably no one involved in that campaign actually visited Pattaya.
  15. Perhaps you are looking at it as a foreigner, but the only nationality to take into account here is Thai. Thais don't think it's immoral. Geddit?