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  1. thaibeachlovers

    Pattayaland bar closures

    Pattayaland was there before Walking St, and was big back then. LK Metro didn't even figure, but has become the place since many of the bar areas on Beach and the sois closed
  2. thaibeachlovers

    Pattayaland bar closures

    Nothing to do with competition. Thainess demands that no actual real life situation be taken into consideration when setting rents. Far better to be dreaming about the ( illusory ) profits to be made from a big new hotel or shopping mall.
  3. thaibeachlovers

    beach wedding pattaya/jomtien

    If wanting a beach wedding, do it properly and go to a decent beach down south. Otherwise, as said hotels will do it, but hopefully not on Pattaya beach, if there is anything left of it by February.
  4. thaibeachlovers

    Parking at Arcade bus station

    If the OP means just leave the bike in front, not a good idea. Use the paid parking.
  5. Excellent news. I hope all those farangs that thought they were too smart to get caught lose everything they cheated to get. Been quite a few on TVF over the years telling us how clever they are.
  6. I think that like me, Brad picks the wrong women. I don't think either are worth losing sleep over. If Jolie can't afford to look after the children, she can always hand them over to Pitt. Women like her give women a bad name- got megabucks, but still wants to squeeze the man for all she can get.
  7. Too confusing for me to laud. I think I speak for most film goers when I say that I want to be entertained for my money, and not wondering what the **** it was all about at the end. I shouldn't have to use google to find out what happened. Hasn't been a sequel, which could say it all. Some movie makers are just too clever to make good movies. I also don't like movies where the cast seem to have a big secret that they aren't going to let the audience in on. The Oceans films were like that.
  8. Pity she's not the world's best actress then. I'd never go to a movie just because she is in it. Anyway, once AI really gets started, human actors are doomed. The most they can hope for is a voice dub.
  9. thaibeachlovers

    Splits deepen over British minister Johnson's burqa comments

    Works both ways. By wearing such clothing it causes religious hatred. Ask a westerner that has worked in Saudi how they feel when they see that clothing. Including racial hatred is irrelevant as Islam is not a race.
  10. and that is related to Mueller's interview because .........................
  11. thaibeachlovers

    Surge in coal use scuttling climate change efforts

    Solar and wind power can be used locally to cut out the large producers. IMO they won't allow it to happen as they would lose profits. Already happened in the west when companies stopped individuals being paid to put power back into the grid when in surplus, as they were losing too much money. By deleting the pay back option, solar became less cost effective.
  12. thaibeachlovers

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    For the umpteenth time, while full face coverings may be worn by Muslim women, they are not Islamic dress but cultural. There is no requirement in the Koran for full face covering, hence it is not required in Islam ie NOT Islamic.
  13. thaibeachlovers

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    I absolutely support women's right to wear whatever they like, as long as it's appropriate to the environment. No one would dream of walking down Regent St wearing a Brown Shirt uniform complete with swastika because it would be inappropriate, so it's also inappropriate to wear a full face covering on Regent St. If they really want to dress like that, there are many countries where they can do so without problems. Strangely though, they don't seem to want to go live in Afghanistan or Saudi.
  14. thaibeachlovers

    Boris Johnson slammed over Islamophobic comments

    Accusing me of spewing baseless allegations is both personal and an attack. If you don't understand that, there is no point in debating it with you.
  15. Confused? I wasn't comparing DT to Capone, and I wasn't talking about congressional hearings re HRC. Try reading it more carefully.