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  1. You know you're living with a Thai when........

    She probably wants to go to a posher restaurant as the first one didn't give her enough "face". OR a friend told her they do that dish better or different and she wants to try it.
  2. You know you're living with a Thai when........

    Spider webs catch lots of mossies that would otherwise be sucking our blood. I never removed cobwebs, as they are a good thing.
  3. Top Ten hard truths of living as an expat in Thailand

    Depends on the office. Pattaya immigration appears to be the best one for farangs, probably because so many using it. Other offices around the country invent things to make it difficult, like having to have a medical for a retirement extension, or requiring the village headman to turn up to say the farang lives there. Because offices can require different things, instead of the same requirements in all of Thailand, it makes it difficult for those unfortunate enough to live in places other than Pattaya/ Jomptien.
  4. Fair enough. I misunderstood your reply.
  5. Given people don't normally change their spots, the Canadians presumably knew what they were getting when they voted for him, so own goal then.
  6. Since when did the SCOTUS have anything to do with the constitution, other than interpreting it?
  7. They didn't miss anything. The constitution was written to protect citizens from the tyranny of government, which you may understand was the reason for the war they just won against a tyrannical government, against which they rebelled. It's nothing to do with technology. Ironical thing about all those going on about how it isn't relevant, is that they want to change it, IMO, to allow tyranny of government again. Good luck with that.
  8. Of course not all women are lazy blood-sucking money grabbers. That's obviously a generalisation, like saying all men are fine upstanding gentlemen, when some aren't.
  9. it's all spent on themselves and their lazy family. My ex was very generous, as she once bought me a shirt. Probably cost 100 baht. She also bought me a birthday card every year. She bought me a bicycle, but I had to pay half the cost. The one I wanted only cost what she paid but no, she had to buy one I didn't want at twice the price. If she actually repaid all the money I "loaned" her, I'd be well off now.
  10. Nah, Bkk back when Central World was called the World Trade Center. He'll probably be on his next reincarnation by now.
  11. On the whole, people don't take any notice of studies unless it affects them personally. If people did so, no one would smoke, or eat anything with sugar in it.
  12. Not much. Generics are cheap.
  13. No argument from me on that. Age limit, compulsory training and passing the course, waiting period, personal gun licence issued by police after a thorough background check, limit on number of owned weapons without a special licence. Sounds good to me.
  14. ?????? What does the police force have to do with the right to self protection. What are you on about? Individuals can't just go to schools with weapons regardless of their intentions. What you are suggesting is vigilantism, which is illegal.
  15. A lot more than half, IMO.