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  1. The guys you may meet there have more class etc. than the typical Pattaya resident or visitor. Of course they have, LOL. They probably do their searching on line. Saves having to rub shoulders with the hoi poloi in the bar beers. And, they can afford the higher prices.
  2. Yes, moi will be back in the city of endless fun, or at least endless traffic. However, after my last sojurn there I will not be anticipating the fun and games that I used to enjoy back in the day. Anyway, so many things to check out, like will the endless project to provide sand on the beach have worked? will a shady tree have emerged on the beach walkway? will they have actually provided a bench or three to sit on? will the marina have collapsed? will the monstrocity by the Pattaya City sign have been demolished? will they really ban umbrellas on the beach on Weds and Thurs? will food be banned on the beach? will a lifeguard ever sit on the aluminium beach lookout chairs? will the floods have stopped on Beach Rd? will there be a pretty bargirl in a Pattaya bar beer? and so on. Sooooooo, you won't know it's moi, but I'll be around, hopefully on my favourite Walking Street bar stool after dark, provided the campaign to chase the attractions away hasn't succeeded. Cheers and sanuk to all.
  3. Anyone expecting the plod to enforce an end to sanuk will probably be disappointed.
  4. Hmmmm. I agree that it probably looked as though I "bought" the property, but it wasn't ever "mine" in a legal sense. My excuse is that paying it off was the price I had to pay for her to marry me, though it would have been better for me if I hadn't and she didn't. Yes, I was naive to believe that a Thai woman wouldn't play the long con on me, and I got burnt. Plenty of threads about that too, so I was foolish to believe that someone wasn't a lying harpie for 18 months before we finally got married. Yes, I got burned big time on that one, but at least I didn't buy the house in the village she wanted me to build for her, and I was able to walk away in the end ( never spend more on a Thai woman than you can afford to lose etc ). Also I never gave her family anything more than a cheap fridge- I wasn't going to get caught on that con- or paid sin sod. However, I do think that was different from someone coming to Thailand and buying a property for themselves. OTY if that satisfies you. BTW, are you keeping a file on me? Not many would have seen that thread.
  5. Hmmmm. If someone is so naive that in this day and age with google to help with research that they can't find out that buying property in LOS is a gamble at best, they should not be surprised if they "invest" loadsacash and it all goes phut. Certainly, I have been warning about it at every opportunity for years, but the power of the saffron glasses is strong. There might have been an excuse before the internet, but even then there were plenty of news items about such, and I was certainly aware in the 90s that it wasn't a good idea. Whatever, Caveat Emptor and all that, and even more so in LOS ( more Land of Suckers than Smiles these days ). I'm not usually "happy" that an individual got taken down, except for anyone that bought into that monstrocity blighting the shoreline. In that case I positively rejoice that people antisocial enough to support that horrid eyesore lost out.
  6. Long ago before they started using ice in the water and I participated, it went on all night, or at least till the last punter got too tired and went to bed. Re the morons that MUST spray one, I was walking up a deserted soi to my hotel when a big fat b'd ( farang ) in front of his hotel decided that he just had to give me a soaking, though it was obvious that it wasn't going to met with sanuk. Too stupid to go where the action was going on. As for the electric chair, go out and will get wet- they have no mercy.
  7. It's dead easy to register. Many people get family to chip in to buy stock, the foolish go to money lenders. Near my house there was a young girl with a stall selling cold drinks. I only saw her sell one drink before she went out of business. Wrong sort of business, right next to several mom and pop shops selling same stuff, and wrong location, with very few potential customers. However, for a while she owned her own business.
  8. I suggest you try using words instead of something only you understand. Even google does not explain what MOAL means.
  9. Gee wizz, lighten up guys. It was a throwaway comment not a treatise on the human condition.
  10. Looks simple to me. Keep the staus quo with high unemployment and loads of immigrants, with all the downside of that, or try something different. So far globalisation hasn't worked for anyone except the 1%. Never had families sleeping in cars in my country before globalisation.
  11. I agree with what you say, but what everyone is missing is that factories and work in most manual occupations is going to vanish and it's not going to be too far away before it happens. EVERYTHING is going to change, and society better get prepared, or chaos will occur, as the rich get everything and the once workers get the shaft. It doesn't matter how many people are in the country if they can't get jobs because robots are doing it all. Where will the tax to support the elderly come from then? No one knows because no one is talking about it. I have no clue what to do about it- I doubt the government will ban AI and robotics like in the "Dune" scenario. However, if it means I get a DDG android to look after me in my old age I won't be complaining.
  12. I liked the 60s/ 70s. No unemployment to speak of, everyone could afford a house if they worked hard and state houses were available for those that couldn't. Sod all pollution and the skiing was better. Public health actually meant that too. Cars were real unlike the crappy lookalike consumer junk we get shafted with now, Globalisation hadn't been heard of except in scifi, and the music was sooooooo much better than the garbage they put out now. I could go on, but what would be the point.
  13. Yes indeed. While everyone is wobbling on about a gas attack that may or may not have been ordered by Assad, Iran is doing what it has done since the revolution, attacking the west by devious means. Been an excellent magician's trick and been working really well, so far. I doubt it makes a monkey's who wins the election. The clerics hold the power in Iran. The president is, IMO, little more than a sop to the masses.
  14. All very well if we all want to sit around the campfire and sing Kumbaya. Unfortunately in the real world it is the responsibility of politicians to look after the people that pay their wages, not businesses and workers in other countries. If that means tariffs then so be it.
  15. I'm still puzzled. Tariffs would enable Australian companies to compete with cheaper labour countries. Simple enough, but do the politicians have the guts to go against globalisation and greedy businessmen?