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  1. thaibeachlovers

    Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush dead at 94

    Far as I'm concerned, only memorable for 2 things- lying about taxes and stopping the first Iraq war before it should have been, meaning a second was necessary.
  2. Ooh talks. That'll fix it for sure. How about admitting you were wrong, Macron?
  3. thaibeachlovers

    'State of insurrection' as fuel tax riots engulf central Paris

    Yes. I don't trust governments with the power to kill people on the streets, regardless of whom they want to kill. Just look at the US to see where that gets people.
  4. thaibeachlovers

    Big Mac Only 54B Today

    If I was there I'd buy 2. I love big macs. Must be the chemicals they add as other burgers don't make me want to eat them, and the contents are nothing special. The great mystery to me is how they have conned the Thais to pay 3 times as much as a Thai meal to buy garbage food.
  5. Any tyre repair place should be able to help you.
  6. thaibeachlovers

    'State of insurrection' as fuel tax riots engulf central Paris

    Starts with that, and ends up with governments killing people they don't like. I understand where you are coming from, but I don't want government to have that power.
  7. thaibeachlovers

    PSA test

    It's some time since I posted on this thread, but for interest's sake- I had a biopsy done without anaesthetic and it was barely a pinch, several times. Certainly nothing to stress about. The most discomfort was having the tube inserted, and a local wouldn't do anything about that. The only side effect was blood in my stools for a few days. NOT a big deal. Having had the surgical option I really regret it. Ruined my life completely. I'd rather have had the laser to open the urethra through the prostate, and offed myself if and when the cancer spread, but that's just me. Unfortunately, the laser wasn't on offer then, and I wasn't able to talk to other men been through the procedure. I was fortunate though in that I read about radiation after when the lymph glands have been removed causing elephantiasis, so I refused it, and still cancer free ( far as I know ) 13 years later. The side effects of the surgery are horrible though. For sure if I hadn't had the surgery I'd be dead now, but I've said it before, and sometimes living is worse than death.
  8. thaibeachlovers

    where to buy different sized RUBBER / SILICON GASKETS ??

    PS, if you fail to find the correct size you want, you could just use some silicone sealer from a tube with a small hole in the nozzle.
  9. thaibeachlovers

    where to buy different sized RUBBER / SILICON GASKETS ??

    You want O rings, not gaskets. Gaskets are precut to fit things like engine blocks. I have a box that came with many different sized O rings, so it's possible to get them. The best places I found for things like that were small specialist shops like those beside the moat near Chiang Mai gate.
  10. thaibeachlovers

    All Western all the time?

    Suggest you go look for yourself. It's got loads of concrete buildings like any Thai city, but small oasis of greenery. Surely you wouldn't move somewhere you'd never been? Plenty of villages you can poo in a hole in the floor and wash in cold water if that's what you want. I lived in a village where I was the only farang, so it's possible.
  11. thaibeachlovers

    Buying New Zealand Dollars in Chiang Mai

    I had the best luck at the exchange desk in Central Airport shopping mall. It's near the exit to the shuttle buses by the information desk. NZ dollars are very hard to get anyway, as can't be many going to C M.
  12. As one that has observed Pattaya for decades, there have always been too many bars since the turn of the century, but it's got worse in the past few years with the downturn in monger numbers. Anyone that bought a bar in the past 10 years must have either been blind, or over optimistic. Only a few have the magic formula to attract more than a few customers, and most were always doomed. BTW, it's only been since Pattaya was touted as a "family destination" that it's all gone wrong. When it was "fun city" for mongers all was well and most bar owners did OK, as long as they were not idiots ( and there were more than a few of them ).
  13. I don't remember the name, but there was a small reservoir north of C M where my wife and I used to go to eat in small huts on the water's edge, or picnic on the grass by the lake. Nice and relaxing only minutes away from the city madness.
  14. 555555555555 I never stayed in Pattaya for the beach. My username refers to the beaches of Koh Phangan, Railay, Koh Lanta etc. The only reason I didn't stay on one for my last year in paradise was that I would have been too sad as I have all the best memories of my times on them, and knowing it was for the last time would have made me too melancholy to enjoy them. I had never lived in Chiang Mai before, so there was not that problem to endure.
  15. thaibeachlovers

    bus to airport

    Do you not realise where you are? If you want things to be like on the sign, go live in a western country. One of the first things one needs to learn when entering the borders of LOS, is that they do things differently there, and what it says on the box is not necessarily in the box. While it was quite annoying when it affected me personally, on the whole I thought it was one of the things I liked about Thailand. BTW, far as I know, Bell bus always had ONE price, and always included hotel pick up drop off. However, I'm surprised that it's now 300 baht. Used to be around 100, then 200. Unless the other company has also increased prices substantially, 300 is excessive.