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  1. Is this a wind up? Nearly 4,000 posts and you come across as some **** struck newbie that just got off the plane in LOS. Sorry, but spending 800,000 baht on someone else's house is classic newbie, never did any research on Thailand, stuff. You gave her 35,000 a MONTH . Many Thais make 9,000 a month, so what the h*** did she do to earn that much? Constructive comment- hmmmmmm. How about kissing all the money you gave her goodbye and leave before it gets worse. IMO no chance you'll ever see a satang back. she would can all that over an argument? If half of what you write is true, it's been planned from long ago, and having milked you of what she thinks she can get, it's time to move on to the next sucker. i really don't want to go through the shit finding another girl You don't have to, but that relationship is over. i don't see why i should give in to this,should i hold my ground or try to patch it up,i must admit i did send some rather nasty texts after,which i regret. ah, regret! If I had a $ for every regret I have, I'd be extremely rich. IMO it's over, time to move on.
  2. Hmmmm. While the medical profession were happy enough to mutilate me to keep me a taxpayer for more years, they never suggested a cancer support group, and I did it alone. Then they could only offer drugs for the depression that followed. Western women won the game long ago, but they have kept it a secret to keep us mere males in thrall, else we might rebel. Even escaping to a man friendly country like Thailand is to be discouraged, hence the constant propaganda about how evil the nite scene here is.
  3. Substitute 5 years for 17 years and I could have written that. I'm sure that my problems with her were caused by her sister because I would not give her ( sister ) any money, and since she moved away from her sister post divorce the hatred has gone, but the hurt lives on for both of us. I did visit her, and I felt sorry for her as her standard of living has dropped and she has a poor future in store ( unless she can find another to bankroll her lifestyle ), but I won't be helping her. Beds, made etc.
  4. Never will either. To men, women are a foreign land, exotic but inscrutable. Same the other way, but women will never admit to it.
  5. OP sounds like my cousin. Laziest man I ever met, but even he did get out of bed and do something, occasionally. My Thai ex's nephew fits the bill though.
  6. I never envied the boring old stick in the muds that stayed at home, got married, had families, bought houses, became boring and bereft of humour, ended up divorced and bitter or lived in horrible marriages. Of all that I know, I envied only one couple for their simple but happy life, then he died. So, IMO it doesn't matter what one does, it all ends up like s*** in the end. If I know anything, it's that I did the right thing by not having any sprogs, but sometimes I daydream that I had nice children to pass my legacy onto, and then I wake up.
  7. I had an amazing life, and went to many places few westerners have been, courtesy of the military, and my other job, but have come to wish I had kept more links to people back home as I will have few if any friends once I get stuck in a nursing home, and left to rot. It's not something we think about when life is more interesting overseas. Every expat should read "The men that don't fit in" by Robert W Service.
  8. You get back what you give. My parents sent me off to boarding school so they didn't have to look after me, and I was on my own and working after I left school so why would I have stuck around to look after them?
  9. No. Nothing is ever enough.
  10. Well said. Holding doors open is nothing to do with respect, but is good manners. Sadly most people these days don't know what manners are, and don't respect anyone else either. That comes from parents not training children properly. Back home. I don't do the door holding thing to young women that I don't know, as they are modern and want to be equal to men. Fair enough, but don't expect me to treat them like they are helpless little flowers and need protecting like in the olden days. However, I must be looking really old, as a young woman on the train offered her seat to me .
  11. ( probably they are married and don't need to constantly touch). or they haven't had sex for years and he wishes he was with someone that would hold his hand.
  12. Thanks.
  13. Back in the 70s girls holding hands was commonplace- just friendship. Sadly, it's rare now.
  14. You think too much, in my opinion. I held my wife's hand because I liked to do so. I was never for a second foolish enough to believe that I "owned" her. That condition belonged to her sister and her mother. When I had a young Thai GF back in the day ( a long time ago ) and we were in an area with lots of western women tourists I took great satisfaction in making a display of holding her hand as it really P them O.