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  1. If if they did not have sex, then they did not have a valid marriage in the first place. No marriage, no divorce. The "marriage" should be declared null and void.
  2. You are absolutely correct ! Peter needs to be prosecuted for violating immigration laws, unless he can produce a work permit for firefighters. Peter is taking away a job that is reserved exclusively for Thais. Alternatively, Peter can register a firefighting company giving his majority share of the company to some unknown Thais. He must employ 3 or 4 more Thais too.
  3. badminton club

    Surely not. Thailand has two world champions, and they intend to produce more. Badminton is the national sports, and its pervasiveness is second only to telling lies.
  4. badminton club

    Fairtex may have already closed. Diamond is open but the condition of the court is among the worst in Thailand, and expensive too.
  5. Just ban Chinese tourists from China, and everything will be fine. Airlines should be also allowed to ban Chinese tourists from China for the sake of safer air travel. The Chinese government should introduce a pre-travel examinations for her citizens. Only those who passed and received a certificate of travel ensuring that they will not force open the doors of the aircraft will be allowed to fly.
  6. I think you need to handover 51%, not 49%.
  7. Pra Khanong massage parlour raided for sex trafficking

    So are customers supposed to verify for the age of the girls before they buy them a beer ?
  8. The best priced Internet leased line @ home

    Looks like 650 baht per month is not a bad deal after all. But it's not cost efficient to subscribe one line per unit in the same condo. Next thing is to look for a contractor who works with the juristic office to come up with a speed closer to 10mbps, as opposed to the standard 4 mbps or less. When I was in Bangkok I was lucky to live near the perimeters of the condo where TRUE had a wifi station installed above one of the lamp posts. I could use my pre-paid SIM card for data to access the free TRUE wifi.
  9. Thai women going from farang back to Thai men?

    This paragraph should be printed on the cover of every TM30 form or as an annex to every VISA issued by the Royal Thai Embassy. It's about time the Thai Lakorn incorporated this story line into every Thai dramas.
  10. 3BB, TRUE, DTAC or AIS ? I love the concept of coupon Internet package that one can purchase from juristic office, but unfortunately my condo is run by some crooks and the Internet is often hit and miss. As a result, I am forced to subscribe to a leased line from 3BB @ 650 baht per month. If you are farang name, you pay per year. Only Thai name can pay per month. Until my condo management is toppled and the Internet system completely overhauled, I will need to seek the best leased line bargain in Pattaya. How much are you paying for your leased line ?
  11. These cowards are just using patriotism to hide their jealousy of the more affluent foreigners. If you are poor, how often do you get the chance to vent your frustrations on the rich ? If an opportunity presents itself, even if it's none of your business, just join in the fight and blame the foreigners, not your government, for your being poor.
  12. This thread still fails to explain why a baht bus with the signboard Jomtien stops at Walking Street and will not ferry you to Jomtien. As a result, I have to spend another 10 baht and join the queue at Wat Chai Mongkol.
  13. If you are stopped by traffic police @ Pattaya

    Yes, this seems to be the new practice. And you have to pay the fine before you can collect your bike.
  14. What is the new practice and "fees" ? Do you still have to pay on the spot ? Or do they make you pay at police station before you can proceed driving ? Or they issue a summon and you can pay another day ?
  15. So what kind of fate awaits that captured python ? Will it be delivered to Louis Vuitton or Lacoste factory in Thailand to be made into some hiso chic handbag ?