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  1. thairookie

    Bus to Sriracha from Airport

    Great ! Thanks for the confirmation.
  2. thairookie

    Bus to Sriracha from Airport

    The RR bus from Swampy to Jomtien does not pass by Sriracha. Is there another RR bus from Swampy to Pattaya North ? I'm referring to RR, not Bell Service. Bell buses pass by Sriracha but according to Bell they are not allowed to stop and drop passengers there.
  3. I have been told that there is a bus that travels daytime from Swampy direct to Sriracha near Gate 8 at Level 1. Isn't that Roong Reung that goes to Jomtien ? I have taken that bus many times but it never goes to Sriracha. Does anyone have any information on this ? By daytime what do they mean ? Last bus at 6 pm ? Thank you for your kind sharing.
  4. thairookie

    Aeon Sriracha .. any good ?

    Has anyone been to Aeon @ Sriracha ? How's the place compared to Robinsons, Sriracha ?
  5. thairookie

    Banking coming next month to every 7-eleven

    It's because the purchasers for services have the additional options of going to the real banks or post offices.
  6. thairookie

    VAT return in DMK? And how?

    You must remember to beat the Chinese queue first. They will hoard the area whether they come early or late. If they are late, they will break the queue and jump ahead of you.
  7. Surely they mean "attending lectures" and NOT "giving lectures". So teaching is out of the equation, I supposed.
  8. thairookie

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    You should go there for the air conditioning, at least.
  9. thairookie

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    Yes, while in Bangkok T21 seldom excites me. Like you, I prefer The Mall Bangkapi, Zen, Isetan, Tokyu and Central World/Chidlom. T21 is an enclosed and air conditioned version of Pratunam market. I like the decor, especially the toilets. But without a departmental store, a lot of stuff will go missing - such as exquisite timepieces and Jaguar shirts @ 499 baht.
  10. thairookie

    When is Terminal 21 scheduled for opening ?

    The presence of an anchor departmental store is inclusive - we can still have many unique stores, as in MBK where Tokyu is the anchor tenant.
  11. The shopping scene is Pattaya is getting a bit bland with Central Festival being the lone flag bearer. T21 is a nice addition as it's located along the baht bus route, unlike Harbor Mall. I hope there will be a main departmental store such as Robinsons or Central or The Mall or Zen to spruce up the shopping experience. Okay ... any idea when T21 will start operating ?
  12. thairookie

    How to travel from Pattaya to Sriracha Robinsons?

    Please show me a picture of the bus.
  13. thairookie

    How to travel from Pattaya to Sriracha Robinsons?

    I'm nearer to Thepprasit. As the journey is pretty long, I prefer not to take a baht bus if I have a choice.
  14. thairookie

    How to travel from Pattaya to Sriracha Robinsons?

    Do you have a picture of the bus ?
  15. I'm not sure if my information is updated. I understand there are mini buses parked outside Soi 13 Second Road, near Soi Diamond that go to Bangkok, and they will drop by Sriracha. Is it still operating ? And when coming back from Sriracha Robinsons, where can I take a bus ? Appreciate your help.