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  1. Farangs should be careful when hooking up with Thai g/f. Do your due diligence and make sure she is not romantically linked to Somchai or Pornsak before taking the plunge.
  2. It's a massive encouragement for taxi drivers to play thug. This will embolden them.
  3. Now I know why Thai males are barred from entering Gogo Bars in Walking Street.
  4. Yeah man! Which is why the Thais invented a new word called "gik" to diffuse the moralistic overtone of adultery. The word "faen" too provides a cover for cohabiting couples who are not married as "faen" can be used interchangeably with husband/wife.
  5. All this while, I had thought that "Thainess" was all about being non-confrontational and not to do anything to cause oneself or another to lose face. Guess there is an exception to every rule, be it Newton's rules or Thainess.
  6. There is no Thai embassy in NongKhai or anywhere in Thailand that you can get a 60-day entry.
  7. More like a platoon of hooligans masquerading as innocent law abiding taxi drivers.
  8. So what is the law regarding Uber taxis ? Uber cannot pick up a passenger from Suvarnabhumi or Donmeung and drive the passenger to Pattaya ?
  9. At least you know it's safe.
  10. Suan Sawarn has probably kherng sawarn long ago.
  11. In Pattaya, it's because of the 51% quota for Thais that is stalling the progress. End of the day, the 51% will be let out by the developers like serviced apartments.
  12. Now I know why developers need to collect 2 years' worth of common facilities upfront - so that they, the developers, don't have to pay.
  13. I have just been told that the owner of the project, upon completion of the project and issuance of "chanote" will have transferred the units to a new company set up by the project owner or simply to their relatives. That is to say, when the project is completed the "developer" will have "retired" and a new company owns all the units.
  14. And your developer paid up? So if they are in arrears for 5 years we can't obtain judgment for all 5 years?
  15. Was there a verdict from the Court or you are still in the process of obtaining judgment?