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  1. If you are stopped by traffic police @ Pattaya

    Yes, this seems to be the new practice. And you have to pay the fine before you can collect your bike.
  2. What is the new practice and "fees" ? Do you still have to pay on the spot ? Or do they make you pay at police station before you can proceed driving ? Or they issue a summon and you can pay another day ?
  3. So what kind of fate awaits that captured python ? Will it be delivered to Louis Vuitton or Lacoste factory in Thailand to be made into some hiso chic handbag ?
  4. Perhaps this one odd member of the committee is incorruptible. He has to be removed.
  5. I realized recently that I could no longer log in to my Thaivisa using the existing app on my Note II.
  6. Does Samsung still sell notebooks in Thailand?

    I am pretty sure Samsung has pulled out of SE Asia. I am not sure if Taiwan or HK - a little North Asia - still sells Samsung laptops. I wish to purchase the latest Notebook 9 Pro, and I am still wondering if purchasing online from US is the only option.
  7. Samsung has apparently moved out of Singapore and some other Asia countries as far as their laptops and notebooks are concerned. Are you still able to find Samsung notebooks in Thailand ? The latest Samsung Notebook 9 Pro looks pretty interesting.
  8. Maybe he just wanted to save 200 baht ?
  9. Does anyone know what is Abhisit day job ? That fellow doesn't seem to hold a job at all, especially after being stripped off from his PM post after a democratic election.
  10. Thai baby girl name ideas

    Nataree phonetics in Thai = na da dee = nice looking face
  11. The Bangkok Mall

    Read my quote of "geisha" again.
  12. The Bangkok Mall

    Too many malls in Pattaya ? Care to name me 5 ? Central Festival, Center Marina, Royal Garden Plaza, Mike Shopping Mall
  13. I thought Magnus @ Third Road and South intersection is owned and staffed by foreigners? Even the name is farang.
  14. Don Mueang Report

    @ Swampy, tourists from Singapore can use the automated system. That should reduce the queue for foreigners by a substantial amount. Donmeung has yet to catch up with this new policy, and I expect them to do so soon which, I am sure, will shorten the ordinary queue for foreigners. I think the biggest problem is the hordes of Chinese tour groups. Everywhere they go, the slow things down from delay to pandemonium. And as someone pointed out, they don't fill up TM6 beforehand. I have experienced this at Utapao time and again. And when they did eventually, they would surely forget to fill up the address section indicating the name of the hotel. On one instance, the Chinese tourist was sent back to the queue.
  15. Don Mueang Report

    Is it the law that "every tourist" must carry 20,000 baht in order to enter Thailand?