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  1. Two chaps on his left look less than convinced...
  2. I would be equally critical of this sort of thing wherever in the world it occurred, as I suspect would the vast majority on here. Condemning it is not Thai bashing. In fact I would suggest that condoning on the grounds that it also happens in western countries is far more harmful to Thailand, and certainly displays very low expectations of their society. Sent from under my rock using...
  3. I think that is called cultural alignment... I remember once being in a fish and chip shop in Oban and watching in fascinated horror and awe as one was prepared - for a 24 stone creature with no teeth!
  4. Patience, patience. These things take time. The right people have to acquire the land, in order for the authorities to then purchase it for an appropriate price. Contracts have to be negotiated, and finding the most appropriate and generously inclined people to begin negotiations with is vital to the success and smooth conduct of the negotiations - all this takes time. Only when these less formal, undocumented (and therefore often misunderstood) processes are completed satisfactorily can progress be made. Bangkok wasn't built in a day you know...
  5. JAG

    Dengue-prone Asean to tighten defences

    Defences tightened... Well the submarines should stop the mossies getting in front the sea. We could use a satellite system to track them though... There again a fraction of the money spent/to be spent on these two problems would eliminate quite a few endemic diseases.
  6. Careful now, we're both showing our age - and tastes in journalism...
  7. Looking at the state of these children this ritual seems to have already involved rolling around in the dirt, and having muck paste applied to their faces -none too gently one can surmise. Absolute shame on the School Principal who permitted this, and every teacher who condoned it. Initiation, learning to love the school, my backside. It is nothing more than institutional bullying and encouraging thuggery. You can bet that those teachers who smile at this are those who insist that the children kneel before them to hand in their work...
  8. Duplicate post - "new technology baffles pissed old hack" - Private Eye passim.
  9. Cynics might want to know how shares in bubble bath manufacturers are performing...
  10. In all probability the Thai fishing skiff wasn't carrying the rope used anyway.
  11. Perhaps the Thais seem not to care because they realise that they have no input into this "national strategy", or indeed any other plans or decisions of this regime. Nor for the most part do they benefit from it. To object or protest it is to place one's head in the political tigers mouth; so they let it pass them by. That does not mean that, when the opportunity arises, they won't take that opportunity to show what they do think.
  12. Well not quite all of them. A certain Donald Trump successfully dodged the draft without having to move to Canada...
  13. 1) Not the topic. 2) I was posting about tolerance, which does not seem to be your strong suite, does it?
  14. No, it cannot be - I mean that would be using the charity to benefit Mr Trump - and he is an honourable man. Could it be that he was using the cash for funding research into the debilitating condition "bonespurs" - known for affecting the lives of so many promising young men...
  15. Tolerance, removes the problem. I teach in a RC school. We have a number of Muslim children. The school is in the part of town where most of the Muslims seem to live. The girls wear rather longer skirts, a few wear headscarfs, some of the senior boys don't shave. They have the same provision for RE as the Catholic children. Not a problem -after all they are all God's children.