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  1. Only to the truly obsessed.
  2. I don't think it will make any difference. There will be no enforcement. There was a terrible accident in my village yesterday. A lorry went out of control, hit a car (three dead) and then a motorcycle (child dead). It is the third accident here in as many years. The lorry had 60% of its windscreen obscured by coloured film, and curtains on the side windows. Both illegal when being driven, as of course is speeding and children riding a motorcycle. I have never seen any sort of police presence enforcing driving rules ion the road here apart from helmet checks outside the local police station at the end of the month. A tragedy.
  3. He doesn't need to be elected. The electoral odds are against him, yes but as he won't need electoral approval to remain in power that doesn't matter. He is staying. He fancies a really good trainset - ThB12.7 trillion's worth....
  4. I think I understand the point you are making. I will come from another angle - as a Catholic I believe in a merciful God, one that we should not prejudge. Perhaps we end up in much the same place...
  5. I hope that you are both right, not just because I don't relish any embarrassment if it turns out that she hasn't escaped. Perhaps one should consider that there are pressures which could be brought to bear to ensure the Thaksin/Pheu Thai "machine" remains silent. There may be elements within the faction currently in power who would see having a "hostage" able to effectively close down said machine as a distinct advantage. It may be seen as extreme, but the stakes really could not be higher. I am keeping what may be described as an open mind... Mind you, if what I'm suggesting (only as a possibility - there is no evidence either way) does turn out to be the case I doubt she will ever be seen again. I hope I'm barking up the wrong tree... Wasn't it Harold Wilson who said that " A week is a long time in politics"? It's been a month now.
  6. They have opened the boot and bonnet - so they can claim it is an "open and shut case"!
  7. The bus company will miraculously decide to change the route shortly before that is due to happen!
  8. A good assessment. Like so many things here the concept of "HiSo" has so many layers, like an onion skin; (I have two chihuahuas, one has a bit of a pedigree, and is known throughout the extended family and neighborhood as the " hi so dog!). But particularly where justice is concerned it will always boil down to money. I have no time for drugs - users or seller's, although I think hate is too strong a term to apply. Whilst she may have been stupid and criminal, I feel sorry for her father, struggling to cope with what is happening to his daughter. I wonder if he will be able to help her?
  9. Amongst the amazingly kalaidascopic selection of kit the RTA has are some Russian ( some Ukrainian made but still Russian designs) weapon systems, helicopters and armoured vehicles. They could be broken and need fixing?
  10. I wonder how many of his medals and assorted military shirt bling are for jetskiing? After all, the old UN Cyprus medal was known as the "waterski medal"!
  11. A very good job is done - the policy is clear. Every effort is made to allow the big entrepreneurs, who are at the centre of the nation's commercial activities, to trade freely, untrammeled by any competition, domestic or external. That is what is meant by free trade isn't it?
  12. Could I suggest that the Colonel takes plenty of photos of the hulls before he goes on the water That way when he returns he will be able to negotiate down the "damage" charges with the help of the Arizona Police Department.
  13. Prayut’s visit to US may happen soon

    "The Foreign Ministry was working to confirm a schedule for the visit, which Thailand expects to include discussions on ....and natural disasters, the deputy spokesperson said." I say, thats a bit near the bone, refering to the two of them as "natural disasters"?
  14. I have wondered whether she is being detained by the junta. The silence from Thaksin and his media machine may be a precondition for her remaining alive. Not that ridiculous really... Effectively a hostage. I don't think, in the absence of any evidence either way, that it can be dismissed out of hand.
  15. It has, I am sure crossed more than a few minds.