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  1. I'd steer clear of water if I were you. My brother keeps fish, and I've seen what they do in it! [emoji3]
  2. I know what you said,, and I think that this junta is doing everything it can to block evolution.
  3. I read recently (it may even have been here) that the EU negotiations with Japan, for example, may take up to or more than 5 years. In that case, we will quite possibly have sorted out own deal with them, and the others, before the EU does. At least we won't have to worry about some Belgian regional politicians putting the mockers on things because they want a new swimming pool in Mons or something similar...
  4. If you block evolution, you are likely to have revolution...
  5. I read that, and several other accounts. I'm not sure that the Khmer Rouge were invaders - they were indigenous communist rebels. There are several disturbing accounts of the regime. I read one, called if I recall "The Green Door". In it a western journalist (French I believe, not that it is relevant) was being thrown out by the Khmer Rouge just after they had taken over. He had his Cambodian girlfriend with him, when he got to the border post (the green door) the Thai sentry said, "Just say you are married to her, she can come across, no papers needed." He tells how he thought for a moment, and then said "No". She was led away, to what we can now be sure was a slow death at the hands of the Khmer Rouge. I've often thought about that, and you know, I hope that bastard never had/has an untroubled nights sleep for the rest of his life! Comparison between the Khmer Rouge and the red shirts crop up from time to time here. Whatever you may think about the red shirts, or for that matter any other faction in Thai politics they are nowhere near the Khmer Rouge, who are unparalleled in modern times for barbaric savagery.
  6. yes, I rather understand some significant fortunes were made...
  7. The camp tramp need not apply...
  8. Be patient, they're waiting for Thai to replace English as THE international language, then...
  9. Indeed, here in the "Top North" a sonnet or two is never off their lips, as they live the virtuous life in their fields...
  10. "Dharma based democracy", "transition to a better democracy", "reconciliation", "lack of spirituality"... It's like an off the wall political science course. A spade is a spade and this is a military junta, installed by a military coup to do the bidding of a small extremely wealthy group. They are now attempting to cement themselves into power.
  11. Steady on Ratcatcher, you will be giving the "haters" conniptions... In the interests of balance you really should have provided a link to some equally heart warming pictures of 'The Napoleon of Notting Hill"...
  12. We're run by nuns - they don't seem to bother too much about that...
  13. Of course we don't know what their father was in jail for, and how much longer he was there for, - but, If I were in charge (yes I know) and it was at all possible, I would have paroled him , and told him to take the boys home, sort himself out and stay out of trouble.
  14. Well, there is one way to know for sure isn't there? A free election, without restriction on who can stand or the policy platforms they campaign on. I wonder why that cannot be countenanced? Anyone any idea?