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  1. A lesson, were one needed, in what happens when you put venal people in a position of authority, give them a uniform ( which to their blinkered minds confers status) and allow their bigoted views to drive their official actions, untrammeled by a regime to whom the concept of any accountability to its people is abhorrent.
  2. To err is human, To arrh is pirate...
  3. Umh, I do rather think that she was the Prime Minister for quite a lot of the time in which Suthep was indulging in his "antics". The climax of Suthep's "antics" was quite probably intended (successfully, with a little help from his friends) to ensure that she was prevented from being re-elected and therefore appointed once more to the job...
  4. Well, I am delighted that you agree that the coup forestalled an entirely constitutional election. I'm more than happy for opinions to differ on who would have won.
  5. Absolutely correct. And as I know that you are a stickler for such details, shall we remind those who may have overlooked the point that the coup was instigated to forestall a completely constitutional election, which coincidentally Yingluck and the party she led was rather likely to win... As you imply, it is so important to get these things right don't you agree?
  6. Ah, but the angry farang raging against the Thai at the side of the road will provide plenty of entertainment for passers by, irrespective of their (the passers' by) ethnicity...
  7. He is quite probably right. An utterly disreputable old thug, but nonetheless quite probably right; if Pheu Thai is allowed to stand. Of course, no matter how many votes they garner/seats they win, I'm sure that there will be a variety of reasons which will prevent them from actually taking up those seats.
  8. One of the very best! 'tis a cracker, so it is!
  9. So was I (under that impression - not confused, I've been confused since I first stepped off an aeroplane at Don Muang donkeys years ago)! I think we can safely say that there are a number of excuses " in the bank". The chairmanship of ASEAN is probably the first to be deployed, if only because it has a timescale outside Junta control. Certain health issues (highlighted today) could impose a one year delay, after that year then the delay until after a coronation; two years plus? That's without any concerns about "unrest", real or manufactured.
  10. That is the only paragraph that means anything.
  11. Just about everyone but the draft dodger I should imagine...
  12. That "one side" appointed him to a splendid, well paid "retirement job". He owes them. No doubt he will march in step.
  13. I rather think that the jurisdiction and "tourist" connection are not important. This chap is conducting a number of carefully staged and highly publicised operations against a wide variety of illegal operations. The publicity is good for the RTP and the government, people like to see criminals coming unstuck. Those same criminals are probably regretting opting out of the appropriate "informal regulation scheme" when it was offered. Note I am not suggesting that "Big Jok" is bent, but I would be surprised if there is not an element of oversight to the selection of the targets he is given. It will be interesting to see just how many trials and convictions actually result from these dramatic 2am swoops...
  14. Sorry, which amnesty are we talking about? The one which was proposed to an elected parliament, and subsequently withdrawn by the elected government, or the blanket amnesty granted to themselves by the generals who staged a military coup to forestall an election, and have subsequently ruled as a junta by dictat. You know the ones Roblock, we're currently discussing them banning the main opposition party and you're making out it is Thaksins fault!
  15. What do you mean? He is the director of scouts, guides and Red Cross cadets. He is right there at the cutting edge of contemporary youth culture, with their uniforms, neckscarves and marching. Why, I'll bet on important days he even turns out in khaki shorts and a woggle!