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  1. Yes, in as far as "everyone was impressed". You may not have noticed, they're shiny green plastic, that stick out at the back, and are perched on their bounces like a pea on Ben Nevis. The whole costume, helmet, sunglasses, tight green shirt and trousers, white pistol belt and high laced boots (one even had white boot laces!) made them look like extras from a Village People music video.
  2. Clearly fake news! An anouncement from Her Brittanic Majesties Embassy which does not stress diversity?
  3. Last time it was a bunch of swaggering bullshitting military police. Not only intellectually blunt but also devoid of any discernable personality...
  4. I dare say sooner or later a squad of Military Policemen will pole up here and start telling everyone what to do. They did the same just before the election which returned Thaksins party after the last coup. Worked a treat as I recall. Everyone was so impressed by the f'ing silly lacquered plastic helmets they were wearing...
  5. Well quite obviously, steps must be taken to ensure that everyone called Ernest is armed! A 21st Century codicil to the "Importance of being Ernest"! 😊 Sorry about that - after all the suggestion is sufficiently banal to almost be NRA policy!
  6. Perhaps you might look at my post again. I am suggesting that semi automatic military style weapons be removed from US society, as they have been in the UK. They have no sporting or hunting use, they are designed for one purpose only, to kill a lot of people in a short time. Removing them will go a long way to removing the problem of "nutters with weapons". Personally, and I speak as a retired long serving professional soldier, I have long since concluded that the desire to own such a weapon is indicative of, if not a desire to then certainly a wish to be able to use it for it's intended purpose. They have no place in any society in the hands of private citizens.
  7. I'm not advocating raising the purchase age, I'm advocating removing semi automatic assault rifles from society. The only place they belong is in a military arms kote. We (the UK) did it after a shooting episode (Hungerford) some years ago, we did it with pistols too after another school shooting (Dunblane). I understand Australia has done so too. We are still free nations. Remove these weapons from US society and it will still be a free nation. The gun nutters can indulge some other hopefully less lethal onanistic fantasy than how many hits they can score on a running child at 20 metres range, and they can still keep their dressing up boxes of camouflage fatigues and tactical assault vests if that is what fuels their wet dreams. They are sad sick people who are inflicting sad sick results upon your country. For the sake of your children snap out of it for God's sake! Do you really think that the decent honourable men who crafted your constitution, and it's second amendment, ever, in their wildest dreams, expected it to be used to justify this? You will still be able to "walk upright", in fact it will be easier because you won't have to clamber over the corpses of slaughtered schoolchildren.
  8. It is my understanding, that the "second ammendment" was enacted to allow for a militia to exist to defend the nascent republic from the various threats it faced in its early years, rather than to allow people to own military assault rifles. I understand hunting (don't do it myself), I understand target shooting as a sport. AR15 rifles and the like are weapons designed to put down a lot of fire, to kill people in large numbers. There is no sporting reason whatsoever for owning such a weapon. Banning them would have no effect upon "individual freedoms" other than the right to slaughter children because you are pissed off with something. It would have no effect upon sporting activities. Mr LaPierre is barking at the moon. As for arming teachers! Dear God...
  9. There is much in what you say. Yes fundamental reform is needed. Yes, the increasing numbers dissatisfied with the system, for all the reasons you outlined need to make themselves heard. There are, to my mind two possible ways that this can happen, and here I know our views diverge. Free elections, or rather a series of free elections, together with the political freedoms which all the various past constitutions lining the bookshelves in Government House guarantee. With that political freedom will come the chance for change, the chance for new voices to be heard and for new political alliances to form, within or outside the existing parties. This will take time, yes Thaksin will probably win the initial elections, voted for by those who are enthusiasts for him, and by those who hold their nose and vote for him as the least bad option. He is not a young man, he has what, two parliaments "left in him"? The pressures for change, for reform, can/will take effect. Pressing the reset button and installing another junta, or rigging things to ensure they remain for the next 20 years (for which they seem to be planning) will change nothing. Under them Thailand, it's society and economy will ossify. Just look at what has happened in Burma for the last decades. That leads to the second possibility. A violent end to the current regime. I don't want that, I doubt any sane person does, but as things go on it is becoming ever more likely. Don't forget the safety valve which defused the overstressed pressure cooker in the past has gone. A traumatic change also doesn't guarantee a less autocratic or more open regime following. But it must start with elections, and the electorates choice must be respected.
  10. Yes. Very true. As a bear of very little brain I had to lie down in a darkened room for a few minutes after I read it mind you! 😊
  11. The lottery takes in ( and pays out ) an extraordinary amount of cash twice a month. I should imagine the interest is considerable...
  12. That is very interesting. I would not be surprised if there were to be some scams in and around the lottery - there is a staggering amount of cash involved in the whole enterprise. Cynics might note the close interest paid by the BIB amongst others to many aspects of the lottery. I wonder if things are unraveling somewhere?
  13. I think it boils down to: red = commies.