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  1. Well, at least the steering wheels didn't come off on a Morris Marina! Never happened to me, but It did to a mate of mine, just outside Catterick Garrison. But I digress - so did my pal actually, straight into a ditch! The REME recovered it for us, but my mate rather lost interest in the brand after that...
  2. Looking at the OP photo, the fellow with the anorak on his head was definitely at the back of the queue when the dressing up box was opened! And what a novel idea - one cop gets to carry the weapon, another one gets to wear the webbing with the ammunition pouches - some sort of jobshare arrangement perhaps?
  3. Oh I don't know - at least we're not sending Mr Trump's son in law...
  4. I had an Austin Allegro once - now that deserves some medals!
  5. Are you casting aspersions on our Diplomatic Corps?
  6. Apparently he trained as, and worked as an architect before becoming Duke of Gloucester (on the death of his father) I don't expect he has ever been near a war zone - all his medals and orders are civil ones not gallantry nor campaign medals (as you would know if you had "ever been near a war zone"). Jolly inclusive choice though: Earl of Ulster (that will get the Paddies going), Baron Culloden (that will wind up the Scots Nats) and Duke of Gloucester (where all Welshmen head once they have learned to Swim)! Oh to be an Englishman,
  7. JAG

    TNSC wants Thai Govt to build dry ports

    Actually, dry white port, over ice in a frosted glass is a jolly nice drink! Can't get the stuff here sadly. As a bear of very little brain, could someone explain just what a "dry port" in this context, is?
  8. If Immigration, or more particularly these luridly entitled campaigns and crackdowns were enforcing existing rules fairly and across the board, "without fear or favour", then fine. However, they do seem to be rather concentrated on certain ethnic groups, geographical areas and areas of illegal activities. Maybe low hanging fruit, maybe shakedowns to "enhance and concentrate informal fiscal arrangements", perhaps as Samuih Bodoh suggests good old fashioned junta xenophobia. As for the man himself, well I suggest that he has a flair for self publicity and self promotion, which he has turned to a campaign to push himself and those who are close to him up the professional and political ladder. Seems to be working.
  9. JAG

    National 20-year strategy plan takes effect

    I believe that it was written on the back of "the roadmap". Incidentally, has anyone seen the...
  10. The time means nothing - not now he hasn't a watch!
  11. Oh well none of course. It is another layer of beaurocratic activity. It will benefit those operating the scheme. There will be committees (travel and various other allowances), appointments and people in charge ( patronage, opportunities for nepotism and status) , a budget will have to be allocated and managed (no comment). Come back in two years, and every amphur will have a new building, staffed by people in khaki uniforms, and ranks of plastic chairs outside for the plebs to sit and wait, a queing system supervised by a uniformed security guard with the inevitable whistle. Now we are in the technological white heat frenzy of Thailand 4.0 then one can expect everyone of any importance in the organisation to be issued with an iPad, to allow for the records to be seamlessly accessed day or night. I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if the dogs are required to report every 90 days to the office! Meanwhile the stray dogs will continue to eke out their miserable existence, and fellows like the chap in the OP photograph will continue to do whatever they can to make the animals lives better, reliant on charity. So, lots of benefits, but not for the dogs or their owners...
  12. And half of the motorbikes in rural areas aren't registered, with no number plates, insurance or "tabien rot"!
  13. Will the doors still go "doo - dah" when you go in?
  14. Little Miss JAG wants a new phone for Christmas, so the beer allowance is already looking a bit threadbare!
  15. Kung Foo was so named because when young he used to love fighting - now he has had the chop, or as my wife said "Kung Foo is now a ladyboy", he has calmed down a bit.