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  1. As a ballroom dancer I have heard he is a force to be reckoned with. As a one time minister with an economics portfolio, I have heard that he correctly predicted all five recessions whilst he was in government...
  2. Along with the rest of Pugwashs' crew - Master B.... no I must not go on....
  3. I don't think anyone is suggesting for a moment that this video and it's ilk should not be removed from Facebook, and Facebook clearly need a prompter mechanism for doing so. There are good reasons, given this regimes open hostility to criticism and any channel for comment by its subjects to suspect that they will use this as an excuse to try and control all content on Facebook, and other social medias.
  4. Indeed, no cover up. The decision has been made. End of story. No discussion.
  5. I was wandering whether it might have been one of our resident "if it is the Thai way it must be the best way" enthusiasts - you know there are several who comment here, but then I realised it didn't end with "if you don't like it here why don't you go back to..."
  6. Well, he and the bloke on the pushbike are two very lucky chaps indeed! Some real quality pointing going on in the later stages of the video clip!
  7. Oh some keyboard warrior having a go at people whose attitude he doesn't like...
  8. Where will they be based? Near Bangkok of course. You yourself said "follow the money"...
  9. I would suggest he describes himself as grungy grey then, given that he doesn't appear to have had a decent wash for a while I know, I know, I'm just an old fascist stereotypes...
  10. Last time my barber asked me that question I was a bit naive, and asked for a lawnmower and 4 liters of Castrol 20/50. I was planning to mow the lawn and do an oil change on my pick up...
  11. what is more he knows just the chaps to do it. Hawaii here we come?
  12. Well yes it might, On the other hand those lobbying and petitioning may be invited for an "extended discussion without coffee" by the local military. If they use social media to lobby or petition then of course there is alwaysthe risk of the computer crimes act....
  13. Lobbying and petitioning eh? You do know how and by whom Thailand is governed right now?
  14. The three or so hundred Baht which you have quite possibly spent in Jimmy's Sports Bar this afternoon is probably a very large chunk, if not all of the daily disposable income of quite a number of the drivers of the older pick up trucks that you have observed passing by. I'm not moralising on your drinking expenditure - that's entirely your own business, but perhaps you can see why just buying a "people carrier" is not an option for many? This is the whole point - these regulations will effect disproportionately those who have no other option. .
  15. Perhaps the way in which the law should be drafted, and subsequently enforced, should take into account the reality of the situation.