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  1. So, imagine 2,000 passengers a day, 365 days a year, for 25 years..... 273 billion Baht / (2,000 x 365 x 25) = 15,123 Baht per ticket to recover only the capital investment. Add interest, wages, maintenance, running costs, renewal of rolling stock...... Where can I invest in this dead-cert?
  2. Pictures of your front gate

    LOL! A picture of Crossy's gates... "unelectrified "
  3. djayz... absolutely SPOT ON! If you don't get a Rooster award on Sunday, I'll be very disappointed ** Note to Rooster.... Nomination!
  4. Keep it up Rooster! Love the prose. Don't get to read much "proper" english here in the Land of Short-cuts.
  5. The judge presiding over and considering the last (failed) appeal was THE SAME judge that found them guilty in the original trial. I sincerely hope that an independent judge is to consider this final appeal, if not...........
  6. Is anyone out there able to advise re. how a Thai Co. accounts tax/duty-wise for stuff manufactured overseas (China), sold and shipped, direct from the factory, to a different overseas country (e.g. Europe). Scenario: The product (sports equip) is not physically imported into Thailand and then exported. But the Chinese factory is paid by the Thai Co. and product sold (& shipped) to overseas buyers is invoiced by the Thai Co. and money collected by the Thai Co. How is tax / import-export / VAT etc. dealt with according to Thai law? Any pointers appreciated :)
  7. Sorry Here2008, I wasn't quite clear. She does not yet have the WP. She intends to leave Thailand and get a Non-O or Non-B when the job offer is firm. I'm just collecting procedure info as I'm interested in this stuff and may be asked for my "opinions"
  8. No Extn of stay yet, no So, not during the 90 days of a newly issued 90 day Non-O then. Have to wait until the annual extension of stay has been awarded/granted. Is that correct?
  9. For a European woman working in Thailand with a work permit on a Non-O or a Non-B... Can her (European) husband obtain a Non-O visa (or related visa) based on his wife living and working in Thailand? Thanks for any input.
  10. "One Tambon, One Product". That concept pretty pretty well closes the door on expansion by diversification doesn't it. Who's brainwave was this? Here's an innovative idea.... how about "One Tambon, Whatever There's a Market For"!
  11. Popping cloggs on a motorcycle seems like a pretty natural occurrence in Thailand.
  12. Another full bag of nails hit with wit and precision squarely on the head Can't help wondering how many cheekily crafted salient quips sail undetected over the crania of TV's highly cultivated and astute Sunday morning audience
  13. Whats the punishment in Thailand, for shooting someone coming at you with a machete?
  14. Add to the list, Paris, Manchester, Bangkok,... and wherever the next 20 places are going to be next. Reminds me of the well voiced definition of madness.... Keeping on doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
  15. I think all of you keyboard warriors winging about Rooster's tone have no idea whatsoever of what the complexes of the reality are.