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  1. Thank you sandyf, guess I wasn't completely mad having "6 months in 12" in my head after all! As pointed out in comments above, arriving at the UK border, travelling from Bangkok, after previously spending 6 months out of the last 12 in the UK, would surely induce more than a little twitching of the nether regions. Who can tell what the officer would allow. I did read somewhere in those immigration guidelines that being allowing to stay for a shorter period than that requested could be an option to the officer. Would certainly seem fairer than being bundled onto the next flight home.
  2. Yes bob, we looked at the settlement option, but we have to be living "together" in the UK for 21 out of 24 months to qualify it would seem. Work here in LOS won't allow me to do that at the present time.
  3. Blimey, thanks for digging that PDF out OG Just been looking back at the Visa application guidance info too, and maybe that "6 months in 12" was just my imagination. That's great news. So it looks like there won't be any problems if we're living in Thailand longer than the UK between visits to the UK.
  4. The UK 10 yr multi entry Visit Visa rules say that the holder can stay for up to a combined total 6 months in a 12 month period. Is someone on the forum able to clarify how the 12 months is decided. Is it a calendar 12 months Jan - Dec? Or is it ANY 12 month period? The Mrs has already stayed 2 months June/July 2018. She wants to visit 2 months Nov/Dec 2018, and 2 months April/May 2019 (= total 6 months). How does the 12 month window move or when does the clock "reset" allowing her to visit again later in 2019? Thanks to anyone in advance.
  5. The question on my mind is how much water were they releasing back when the dams were 80% full and the crisis had not yet arrived! Got to love all the "mitigation plans now in place to minimize adverse effects to villagers downstream" pontificating.
  6. What we need to see is the "outflow" rate plot overlaid on the 2018 retained water level plot.
  7. Slightly off topic as the OP is talking about teachers.... But am I right in thinking that a director of a company who is on director's remuneration, still paying income tax, is not allowed to contribute to and receive social security?
  8. Marvo

    Guns on the street in Thaiand

    Not looking to carry one, no. Just wondering how many of all those guns that seem to be out there are actually likely to be legal.
  9. Anybody else noticed that a lot of the new boxes appearing on the shelves are only 10% ABV?
  10. Is it allowed to carry a gun in Thailand, for self -defense purposes? Is a license available for such a thing?
  11. Reason given. I never assume anything in Thailand, or this life.
  12. Just a little update.... 18 days after application for extension based on Marriage, I was asked to bring a new certified bank statement to the immigration office (Hua Hin). They wanted to check that I had not transferred out the 400K after making the application!!!! Anyone else had that?
  13. Is an Embassy letter certifying "income from abroad" acceptable for applying for an extension of stay based on marriage?
  14. XE don't buy or sell Thai Baht, they only "publish" the interbank mid-market rate Have a look at the rocket science FAQ section on XE's site http://www.xe.com/faq.php No.2 "mid-market" currency rates buy rates or sell rates? The mid-market rates shown in our information services are neither "buy" rates nor "sell" rates. Mid-market rates are derived from mid-point between the buy and sell rates of large-value transactions in the global currency markets. Since "buy rates" and "sell rates" include overheads and profit margins that are set independently by each foreign exchange provider, they will vary depending on who you're talking to, and will always be different than the mid-market rate.