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  1. What we need to see is the "outflow" rate plot overlaid on the 2018 retained water level plot.
  2. Slightly off topic as the OP is talking about teachers.... But am I right in thinking that a director of a company who is on director's remuneration, still paying income tax, is not allowed to contribute to and receive social security?
  3. Marvo

    Guns on the street in Thaiand

    Not looking to carry one, no. Just wondering how many of all those guns that seem to be out there are actually likely to be legal.
  4. Anybody else noticed that a lot of the new boxes appearing on the shelves are only 10% ABV?
  5. Is it allowed to carry a gun in Thailand, for self -defense purposes? Is a license available for such a thing?
  6. Reason given. I never assume anything in Thailand, or this life.
  7. Just a little update.... 18 days after application for extension based on Marriage, I was asked to bring a new certified bank statement to the immigration office (Hua Hin). They wanted to check that I had not transferred out the 400K after making the application!!!! Anyone else had that?
  8. Is an Embassy letter certifying "income from abroad" acceptable for applying for an extension of stay based on marriage?
  9. Re "Rules changed..." This year we (wife & I) were required to bring a friend to the immigration office to "vouch" for us as still living together as man and wife. Also the photos in and around the house needed us in the SAME clothes, taken by (and with) the visiting immigration officer. Previously the photos had to be wearing DIFFERENT clothes in each picture. I just can't keep up with all these changes!
  10. UPDATE: The Mrs went to see the BiB to pay the fine, and had it explained to her that carrying at least a copy of the Green/Blue book in the vehicle is mandatory by law. Apparently there is even a notice up in the police station saying the same. But as we all know, it is basically just another way to extract a few more baht, even if the bike is all legal, you are all helmeted up, carrying your licence and insurance docs.
  11. Thanks BQ, glad it's not only me who can never find what I'm searching for on TV UPDATE: Looks like the step son was wearing no helmet, had no license with him etc. and had no money with him, so they gave him the lowest fine they could! ROFL!
  12. Tnx BENQ, but the ThaiVisa search function is so <deleted>, it is impossible to dig up the info I am looking for.
  13. Or... Maybe the insurers would like proof that you actually owned it LOL!
  14. Thanks BENQ, Seems strange for it to say clearly in Thai law that "a copy" is required to be carried at all times. But This is Thailand so could well be true.