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  1. I bet he wouldn't turn down a hug from Kathy Griffin.
  2. This Hollywood piece of dog scat should be charged and convicted with a felony for threatening the life of a sitting president. The Secret Service should be all over her ass for the next few years just to make her miserable life more miserable.
  3. I went to the new Tha Yang office for Phetchaburi province. I wonder if there are other members reading this thread that have had the same experience at Tha Yang?
  4. From previous post: My last extension required me to have to go back to Bangkok and waste an entire day getting a second income verification stamp from the main immigration office in Bangkok. This is the first time I had to do this after 6 years of getting an extension based on the affidavit form from my U.S. embassy. Is this now a standard requirement for everyone or is my Tha Yang office going out of their way to be a pain in the posterior?
  5. Congratulations on the strong baht. Congratulations on your continuing drop in exports due to your strong baht. I agree with RichardColeman's post regarding unemployment.
  6. I have an adult pair of Tokays that I really enjoy watching. This photo was taken two evenings ago and it's one of the parents guarding an offspring of theirs. This adult tokay is close to a foot long.
  7. Have any TV members had any tendon surgery performed by local orthopedic doctors? I have a shoulder problem that may require surgery and now I'm on the hunt for a recommended orthopedic specialist closer to home so I don't have to go to Bangkok.
  8. Continue letting the Thai Baht strengthen and see what happens to the pricey auto exports.
  9. Thanks, Bigkahuna, for spotting my mistake. It' been corrected.
  10. 2016 Mazda 2 standard model car I purchased 2 months ago from a gentleman in Bangkok who bought it new at the very end of Oct., 2016 for approx. 540,000 baht ( upgraded seats, paint and window tinting). Needed to sell due to job conflicts after driving only 4,700 km. Basically a new car for 405,000 Baht including 1st class insurance until the end of Oct., 2017. This price was, by far, the best I've seen for this class of car from any manufacturer by any dealer or private sale. Not only was the price a bargain, the car is a joy to drive around in.
  11. Right now, at 2 p.m. in Kaeng Krachan, temp is 39 and humidity 33%. Equals a balmy heat index of 42.5 C. It's been like this the majority of days since March. Our electric bill is about the same as a small village.
  12. Let Kim put a nuke on the end of one of their "trustworthy" missiles and blow his own ass off the face of the earth when it comes crashing back down on him.
  13. All they are going to end up with is a forum of questionable military officers arguing over who has the most important fake military decorations on their shirts.
  14. The good ol' prison gang of the Aryan Nation will likely make this P.O.S. live in fear until either they kill him or he dies on his own. Sooner or later he will get what he deserves. Hopefully sooner rather than later.
  15. Not good news considering the shortage of 7-11's Thailand is currently experiencing.