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  1. I, too, would like to know more detail about this issue. I have a 2016 Mazda 2 SkyActiv with no issues so far. What the heck can I expect? I cannot find any information on the internet. Maybe looking in the wrong places?????
  2. I am so sick of this topic appearing month after month after month in Thai Visa that I can't help but ask that the moderators, in the name of fairness please close this topic. There could be no reason to to continue this senseless diatribe other than to promote a "leftist" agenda hoping your minuscule efforts to unseat Trump would actually have an effect. This topic has far outlived its' life expectancy. I'm surprised more members have not asked that this never ending topic be closed.
  3. Centipede bite

    I got bit by one about 6 inches in length. It bit through the leather glove I was wearing like a hot knife through butter. It stung for about an hour but no swelling or other allergic reaction to it. I included the photo of a huge one that was in my swimming pool in Kaeng Krachan. Darn good thing they apparently can't swim.
  4. All immigration entries from the banned nations should now be required to arrive, be processed, and permanently housed in Hawaii. Since this judge cares so much about these Muslim immigrants, let him and his liberal buddies take care of them. In a few years they can enjoy the same "No Go" zones that several European cities now have to endure. Heck, he might even get a chance to become a future Sharia Law judge.
  5. The most advanced countries in the world cannot control the effects of catastrophic weather events. <deleted> do these flood prevention and mitigation centres think they are going to accomplish? Perhaps line the pockets of several construction contractors?
  6. "Samranchai told police he was driving to a local market to sell vegetables. He said construction materials were piled on both sides of a section of the road under construction. " No damn wonder they have fatal accidents. I see nothing in the article that states there were barriers with flashing warning lights warning drivers of the obstructions in the road. I think the government should be partially at fault for some of these accidents where construction zones and maintenance areas are unmarked and at time invisible until you are too close to avoid them.
  7. I couldn't help but immediately think of Baldrick from Blackadder when I read about Pattaya TAT's cunning plan. Baldrick's cunning plans seem to be more realistic than TAT's. https://www.google.co.th/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjkk-WliabWAhXExrwKHRDMDV8QtwIINjAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DAsXKS8Nyu8Q&usg=AFQjCNFk6fBNWaUX1ELVGxJee_td8nSgkA
  8. The new Immigration Office in Tha Yang required me to provide the additional stamp when I extended in Feb. What a PITA. I will stop by and ask them well ahead of my next extension if they are still requiring it.
  9. Camping in Kaeng Krachan ?

    The park area that closes during the rainy season is much further south from the dam and is 60 km west of Hua Hin. It's way down by the Pala-u waterfall and is also about 60 km south of the town of Kaeng Krachan. They might be open now as we have not had the huge rains other parts of Thailand have endured. One thing to note, if you do drive into the park where the waterfall is, is that the road where you pay to enter the park is a one way travel for most of the day and they reverse the travel late in the afternoon for people to leave. So, plan on a long day there if you enter early in the morning. Please NOTE! It's been 5 years since I've been to that part of the park so things might have changed by now. Sorry I can't provide better and more accurate details. I cannot recommend an upscale hotel either. There are many hotels advertised according to all the road side advertising but I've never stayed at any. Maybe Agoda has some hotels listed for this area.
  10. Camping in Kaeng Krachan ?

    If you visit Kaeng Krachan, especially the eastern side with the dam, there are camp sites around the government tourist lodge. Not sure if they rent tents, but it is possible. I hope you have a Thai speaker with you as English is very limited here. Even most signs are in Thai. Boats are available to take visitors to the island temple. It's a fun boat ride and you can feed the island monkeys if desired. Lots of places to eat around the lake as well. We live about 8 miles from the dam and like to drive over there to catch some great sunsets while eating dinner at one of the many food places.
  11. Check Out 50+ Craft Brews At Bangkok Beer Fest

    Is this just another "HI-SO" type event for wealthy beer drinkers. The last time I toured around the micro breweries around Sukhumvit I found the craft or micro beers to be the most expensive beers I have ever encountered. Some actually approaching $20 (u.s.) a pint. B250-B400 seemed to be the average for a glass of micro brew. Is this pricing due to taxes that the government places on alcohol producers or just another example of these breweries wanting to attract only the wealthy members of the beer loving fraternity? Having been spoiled by the prices of pints of micro-brews in the U.S. the prices here in Bangkok actually are a deterrent to enjoying these fine brews.
  12. 2017 Mazda 2 1.3

    Good luck on your search request. I did purchase a 2016 Mazda 2 basic model with a couple upgrades and only 4,500 km. However, it was from a private party and it was a great deal. Do I like the car? Yes. It performs and handles great for a smaller economical car. According to the fuel related computer estimates, the car should get about 525 km from a full tank. It does recommend 95 octane as per the sticker on the fuel tank cap. The English gentleman I purchased it from bought the car from a Mazda dealer out by MoChit area, I think. With the upgraded seats, paint, and privacy cover for the hatchback storage area, he said it cost him approx. 530,000 baht. Certainly not all the information you requested but at least it's some positive feedback.
  13. Jerry Seinfeld turns down hug from Kesha a whopping 3 times

    I bet he wouldn't turn down a hug from Kathy Griffin.
  14. This Hollywood piece of dog scat should be charged and convicted with a felony for threatening the life of a sitting president. The Secret Service should be all over her ass for the next few years just to make her miserable life more miserable.
  15. I went to the new Tha Yang office for Phetchaburi province. I wonder if there are other members reading this thread that have had the same experience at Tha Yang?