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  1. According to WHO, there are over 24,000 traffic deaths every year in Thailand. That comes to about 66 deaths a day. So, for an average 7 days we could expect about 462 traffic deaths... almost 40 deaths more than died on the 'seven deadly days'. I have always maintained that New Years and Songkran are statistically the times when you are least likely to die on the road! This is actually not too surprising. Given the gridlock on the roads heading out of and then into Bangkok, traffic is going much slower than usual. Speed seems to be deadlier than drinking! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate
  2. Cell phone policy....

    No cell phone policy at my school, it's up to each teacher to set their rules. I collect the phones from my homeroom classes in the morning and give them back at 2:30, but I am the strictest teacher at school in that respect! Some teachers collect the phones in the morning, give them back at lunchtime and then collect them a again... a huge waste of time IMHO.
  3. I would be surprised if an election produced any result other than a win (though probably a plurality rather than a majority) for the TRT/PPP/whatever successor party. The junta members probably think this as well and so are doing everything they can to not hold an election.
  4. Daughter disowns father for having younger Thai GF

    I've only read the first page or so of posts, but I was surprised not to see any mention of the Asian stipulation! If I was the father of a girl who wrote something like this I would strongly and publicly condemn her racist attitudes and cut off all contact with her.
  5. For the past 10 years or so, processing my visa usually took about 2, or occasionally 3 hours. My last renewal, in August, took over 5 hours. Everyone with a marriage extension was being directed to one desk which was delayed for a couple of hours by a woman with a Thai husband and 1/2 Thai teenage daughter who was being rejected for some reason!
  6. Are these on the list? Allspice Bell Peppers Cashew Chilies Corn Guava Papaya Pineapples Sweet potatoes ... and many more that were introduced hundreds of years ago from Central and South America.
  7. Salvage challenge after captain sinks boat in Chao Phraya

    As others have pointed out, there is no place in Thailand with high enough average winds for windpower to be economically feasible. I wonder what the insurance police on those turbines looks like?????
  8. Sap admits being paid to lie on Jomsap’s behalf

    She's wearing a police jacket, so I don't think she is his lawyer. Quite frankly, I tend to believe the schoolteacher rather than the police.
  9. So... is he saying that the president does not have first strike capability? If so, good!
  10. Angry Noodle Soup Thrower Turns Herself In

    ^ I saw the video and was thinking the same thing. I am sure that there was some ice nearby that could have been applied and greatly reduced the severity of the burns.
  11. 50,000 baht? Two people, five months... that comes to 5,000 baht per month! This doesn't surprise me though. The problems with education in Thailand mostly come from the top down.
  12. SURVEY: Are men getting shafted?

    I voted yes, BUT... there is a big difference between a powerful scumbag using his position to prey upon women and someone's drunken escapades that took place years or even decades ago.
  13. Well, that should 'bring happiness' to the people.
  14. Hallucinating biker dies in truck crash

    I have had hallucinations from sleep deprivation and was aware at the time that they were not real. I would say that his actions were a result of his drug abuse with the sleep deprivation.
  15. Change in banknotes?

    My wife says that the new notes will start being issued sometime next year.