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  1. Vincente Fox's comment about the wall sums things up pretty well. https://youtu.be/bSE6c2Nzooo
  2. I saw two of them that were at least that size (I think they were 5 - 6 feet long) in a klong near Ratchada & Ladprao a couple of days ago. They were just swimming around, but they were very near some houses!
  3. Songkran Atchariyasap is a real hero. Almost every news story that involves people being taken advantage of or ignored by the police seems to also feature him as the one who stands up for their rights.
  4. N. Korea is a problem for everybody, with no easy solutions. The Chinese don't want a war or a big refugee problem on their doorstep. (bad for their economy!) The US, Japan and S. Korea don't want Fat Boy to have nukes. Fat boy and his ruling elite don't want to lose control of their country. Because a large number of N. Koreans actually believe FB's aggressive posturing, he may find himself with no choice but to act, or lose face. This is a unstable, dangerous situation that could easily escalate out of control.
  5. 1,000 - 2,000 people paid anywhere from 8,000 to 20,000 baht. So, it's a reasonable to make estimates of income somewhere between 10 and 30 million, probably favoring the high side. I read earlier that she sent about 300 people on a trip to Hong Kong and Japan already, which is why so many people signed up for this second trip. That trip probably cost at least 50k per person or about 1.5 million. If her operating costs, old debts, etc, add up to 3.5 million, we should still have somewhere between 5 million and 25 million left. So, where is the money?
  6. Since the N. Koreans who planned the murder have all scampered off home or are hiding in the embassy, those two women will probably hang, regardless of whether they knew what they were doing or not.
  7. I watched the video 3 times to check this... The truck driver is clearly in the wrong. Not because he was turning from the middle lane, that long a vehicle would need that much room to turn, but because he did not use his turn signals at all. The light that some posters cite as a late turn signal is more likely a brake light as it comes on when he realizes that he has hit the car and stays on, rather than blinks. The left side brake light is probably burned out.
  8. This is all over Thai news and social media. It was advertised as a trip lead by 'Ajarn Shogun', a rather chubby, androgynous young woman. I wonder if Ajarn Shogun was smart enough to flew the country with her takings or if she was planning on paying off the police?
  9. This is how you spell it in Thai: มะรุม But I don't know anything else about it!
  10. I'm worried that Trump will use this as a distraction from his troubles at home. If the Senate or House committees find any more evidence of Trump/Russia cooperation from before the elections, he may decide that a quick strike against N. Korea could be a useful distraction, after all, nothing rallies people behind a leader like a little war! Unfortunately, the consequences of a 'surgical strike' would be pretty much unpredictable, though I am sure that fat boy would do SOMETHING!
  11. A quick google confirms that she was not 'raised' by monkeys, though they seem to have taken care of her for a while. According to the Hindustan Times she was wearing underpants when she was found! She is probably just a mentally disabled child who was abandoned by her parents.
  12. Feral children are rare, but they are a well-documented phenomena. If she was old enough to speak before she was 'adopted' by the monkeys she may learn to speak again. More likely she will never learn more than a few words and will spend the rest of her life institutionalized.
  13. ^ Unless I am mistaken, the only crimes he has committed in Thailand are using a fraudulently issued passport and entering the kingdom under an assumed name. So, he would probably not looked for by or arrested by the criminal police, but rather the immigration police. Unless they catch him trying to cross a border or unless he is arrested for some crime committed here in Thailand, I doubt if they will catch him.
  14. There is a far right wing minority in the US Congress called the 'Freedom Caucus", aka the Tea Party. They comprise about 12 -13% of the Republican Members of Congress, or about 7% of the total House of Rep. They have just enough members to deprive the Republicans of a majority. Now, some people (including myself) believe that free public health care is a basic human right and should be the government's responsibility. Others believe that health care is the responsibility of each individual and that the government has no business in interfering or regulating the health care (or any other) market. The majority in the US probably fall somewhere in between these two extremes. The Tea Party obviously believe that the government should not be involved with health care and will probably shoot down any compromise, unless enough of them realize that their rhetoric is inhumane and too far out of touch with 21st century ethics.
  15. "Romney was a port in the 700s. When the sea retreated and it could no longer be used for shipping, it died and was replaced by New Romney, which now lies 2 kilometres away from the sea." Meanwhile, Dunwich, in Suffolk has vanished beneath the waves along with several other medieval English ports. Does this mean that the sea level is rising in Suffolk and falling in Kent? No, it just means that if you cherry-pick your facts instead of weighing the overall evidence you can 'prove' whatever point you want to prove. Earth's climate is complex and dynamic and is affected by many factors, including the impact of human activities. The next decade or two should show us definitively how the climate and sea level is changing. BTW, shipping companies are already planning for ice-free arctic summers after 2020.