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  1. Don't know much about Bangkok then- it's oldest nightclub dating back to 1957, and that's the stone age here. Between Sukhumvit 5-7 and opened when there were still rice patches and banana trees growing up the road Opened as the Copa cobana it was 12 years old when this was taken in 1969, on the left. The Landmark Hotel is where the shops were on the right. Manhatten hotel on soi 15 had just opened. Looks like this photo was taken around mid day- where are they all? That happens to be my photo when I was there from 1968-1969 and originally posted in this topic - http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/575072-bangkok-photos-from-1967-1968-period/#entry5547269 So be sure credit is given.
  2. Your Electric Bill...you must confess!

    What is the basis of the increases over that period: increased cost per unit, increased consumption resulting from lifestyle, higher temperatures leading to increased consumption or ageing equipment? The vast majority of it is based on the time of year. You will see the peaks are all in April with May usually where it starts falling again. This year due to the extended hot season April was only slightly higher then previous years but May increased above April's usage due to higher overall heating days. A couple of things, both April and May this year we had 5 day holidays which means I'm at home with the air on 24 hours/day for that period. @Naam "doing a graph showing cost in Baht is interesting but slightly misleading when seen in context with your question." Not really, the difference in cost over the period has been quite stable relative to percentage fluctuation and usage. But to fill in the rest of my data: As you can see, usage obviously follows cost very closely.
  3. New fire breaks out in Doi Kham

    Believe this is the location, several water sources for the helicopters nearby - Google Maps Wat Phra That Doi Kham
  4. New fire breaks out in Doi Kham

    More photos here - CM108
  5. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    AQI with PM2.5 24 hour average is still quite bad at 152. Has been in that region for a few days now. And the temperature quite miserable today at 41.
  6. Gif's

    Using Thaivisa App Pro edition it shows as a static issue so it is a limitation of the app. However if I click on the GIF it does bring it up a very tiny animated version. The one above is an remote linked image rather than an attachment. Will add as an attachment also to see how it behaves. //edit - same thing for linked images and attached images, static on the app.
  7. Gif's

  8. Gif's

    From my understanding TV app is based on Tapatalk and looking into it appears to be a limit there also and only shows the first frame. Will run some tests.
  9. Urgent weird engine problem!

    Also run the engine with the radiator cap off and look for bubbles coming up which could indicate a gasket failure or warped head.
  10. A negative is rather uncommon in Thailand. For Thailand, O- is only .2% of the population and A- .1% - http://www.rhesusnegative.net/themission/bloodtypefrequencies/ Rhesus Negative (Rh-) blood is very rare among Thai people so the Thai Red Cross Blood Bank sometimes does not have adequate stores of Rh- blood when it is urgently needed. The Central Blood Register is a resource for Embassies, other hospitals, the Thai Red Cross and individuals to call when Rh- blood is needed. Calls can then be made to the volunteers on the list to look for an eligible and available donor. Registered donors can be removed from the list at any time. Central Blood Register
  11. Urgent weird engine problem!

    Also check the radiator water level as you will get very similar symptoms if nearly dry and overheats. Been there done that.