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  1. The topic of DL comes up often enough to warrant a pinned topic on it. I went in to renew my 5 year license today, 1 day after my birthday in order to get 5 years + 364 days. The timing of my experience today will probably not be the norm as it was two days before a 5 day holiday and the place was packed. 1. Arrived at exactly 9:30AM and went to the 2nd floor and got in the long queue to the information desk. She will pre-check your documents and hand you the application form. After filling it out took the documents to window 22 at 9:45AM where they check your document more closely. I supplied them with the application form, copy of my passport, copy of my work permit (address verification in my case) all signed, my DL, passport and work permit. Given a queue number which has two numbers on it. The top one is the queue number used to make your payment and the bottom is the time to go for your physical examination and training video. 2. 10:00AM was called in to the physical testing area. Due to the very large number of people today they only did the color eye test and forgo the other tests. Collect your documents that are laid out on the table. 3. Next, went to the training video room and handed over the documents again. Set through the video but again, due to the large numbers today, they actually cut it short to get the next group in. Collect documents from the table in front and go out to wait to be called to pay. My number was C139, they were serving C52. 4. When called to the window, hand your documents over and payment. In my case it was 500 Baht for the license, 5 Baht for the stamp and an additional 50 Baht for amendment (Changed my address from the last one). 5. Go in to the room and get a queue card to wait for your photo to be taken and DL (plastic) to be given to you. Do not need to bring a photo. There was an additional 10 Baht charge and believe it was for the plastic card holder/protector. 6. DL handed over and done at 12:59PM. Next post will show photos of most of the procedures outlined above.
  2. Tywais

    Cats & Dogs

    Thought it was time I became proactive in creating new topics. Thanks to all the members who have started breathing life back into the photography forum. Thirsty kitty (HTC Desire phone)
  3. Tywais

    Try To Be A Lilttle Considerate Of Eachother

    Two year old topic and now has turned into an extension of another topic ... //Closed//
  4. Didn't notice that, but yes it's 29.99 or around 1000 Baht. Looks like one too many zeros.
  5. If there are no other applications running the task manager will show a System Idle Process at around 99% and is perfectly normal. It means 99% of the time the CPU is doing nothing.
  6. There is a way though very unlikely it would be added in to the OS software and that is if it overwrites the firmware of the hard disk. Another way that can make a mess of things is if it creates something like a GPT or other proprietary partition which can be a real pain to remove. But physically damaging a disk, no.
  7. I removed some posts due to going a bit too far over the forum rules line on discussing piracy.
  8. Not sure about the QT Lite but I've downloaded the QuickTime Alternative 2.9.2 (2nd item) from them not that long ago and had no problems. I suspect a download failure somewhere along the line.
  9. You can download these for free that allows you to run quicktime/realplayer files in standard media players: QuickTime Alternative RealTime Alternative
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    A Separate Forum For Games Please

    sbk and I did the initial grunt work with George's and Huski's blessing. After going through the first hundred or so topics I see why I don't go to the Pub that often. If you see any other candidates, just let us know. We went back about one year's worth.
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    Oops, got lost as to which company. Yeah, the JIB site doesn't give the option.
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    On the top right of the page there are language option flags. Select English then on the bottom left click on Shipping/Returns Policy. It explains the shipping methods in English.
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    Slurring Sound On Xp

    I came across these posts with the same symptoms: and another This is assuming both drives are SATA.
  14. Tywais

    Slurring Sound On Xp

    Perhaps you are referring to the particular Seagate drives he is using. I just ran a test using a program called Fastcopy to transfer a multi gigabyte file from one Seagate (10.1 series) to another and at the same time using Foobar to play an album. Transfer rates around 40-45MBps and no stuttering from the on board sound on my ASUS mainboard.