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  1. Welcome to ThaiVisa On behalf of the moderators, admins, and members of ThaiVisa, we wish to welcome all new members to the forum... and hope that you find our forum informative and enjoyable. This is the Welcome thread for 2018, so post your introduction here. Click here to Download the Complimentary ThaiVisa Calendar for 2018
  2. The topic of DL comes up often enough to warrant a pinned topic on it. I went in to renew my 5 year license today, 1 day after my birthday in order to get 5 years + 364 days. The timing of my experience today will probably not be the norm as it was two days before a 5 day holiday and the place was packed. 1. Arrived at exactly 9:30AM and went to the 2nd floor and got in the long queue to the information desk. She will pre-check your documents and hand you the application form. After filling it out took the documents to window 22 at 9:45AM where they check your document more closely. I supplied them with the application form, copy of my passport, copy of my work permit (address verification in my case) all signed, my DL, passport and work permit. Given a queue number which has two numbers on it. The top one is the queue number used to make your payment and the bottom is the time to go for your physical examination and training video. 2. 10:00AM was called in to the physical testing area. Due to the very large number of people today they only did the color eye test and forgo the other tests. Collect your documents that are laid out on the table. 3. Next, went to the training video room and handed over the documents again. Set through the video but again, due to the large numbers today, they actually cut it short to get the next group in. Collect documents from the table in front and go out to wait to be called to pay. My number was C139, they were serving C52. 4. When called to the window, hand your documents over and payment. In my case it was 500 Baht for the license, 5 Baht for the stamp and an additional 50 Baht for amendment (Changed my address from the last one). 5. Go in to the room and get a queue card to wait for your photo to be taken and DL (plastic) to be given to you. Do not need to bring a photo. There was an additional 10 Baht charge and believe it was for the plastic card holder/protector. 6. DL handed over and done at 12:59PM. Next post will show photos of most of the procedures outlined above.
  3. Post commenting on a moderator's decision removed.
  4. MacWalen is a sponsor on Thaivisa and as such is allowed to promote his business. Attacks on a sponsor will not be tolerated and as such posts and replies doing such have been removed.
  5. Tywais

    Navigator now working in Thailand

    And I found it stores your different routes for different locations so you can just select a predetermined and stored route.
  6. You can be in front of a bank at midnight but doesn't mean you just came out of the bank.
  7. Possible your e-mail provider is blocking them if they are bouncing. Or inbox full? May check with them (provider) to see if they will white list Thaivisa. Alternatively, supply TV with another e-mail address if you have one.
  8. Tywais

    seed suppliers in Chiang Mai?

    Converted to attachments now.
  9. Tywais

    Amazon dot com new Global shipping

    Thanks for that breakdown, very useful.
  10. Tywais

    Small black snake's

    its a asian minor bird yes they talk and whistle a lot very good at mimicking No, I think it is an asian Miner bird, named for it,s penchant for digging holes in the ground and burying lame ornithologists Thailand Mynah Birds
  11. Tywais

    Small black snake's

    Not quite right (Thai name), left off the word bahn or house. The link I posted earlier and another poster points out the snake type, Thai name and that it is not venomous. http://www.thailandsnakes.com/non-venomous/brahminy-blind-snake-non-venomous-not-dangerous/ Defensive Behavior: Trying to get away. The mouth is too small to inflict a bite on humans. Venom Toxicity: No venom or means to inject it.
  12. Tywais

    House to rent in ban Chang

    Some listings in Thaivisa Classifieds.
  13. Tywais

    Price of micro S. D. cards

    No advantage for class 10 for your needs other then future proofing. My camera needs class 10 due to HD video and 16Mpixel camera. My smart phone works fine with Class 4 for its smaller camera and mp3s are no problem.
  14. Tywais

    Amazon dot com new Global shipping

    That is the same as Shipito. Which forwarder do you use and how successful has the deliveries been? I only mentioned Shipito as it was mentioned several times by other forum members who seemed to have no problems with them. I haven't signed up with them yet but am interested in other possibilities.
  15. Tywais

    Cat trade gang apprehended in Nakhon Phanom

    Posts that are OTT with double entendres have been removed. Keep it clean guys.