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  1. i have a caxton card prepaid visa card no charge to load it in the uk from any card open a bank account in thailand move the money to thai bank also no charge money now in thai baht
  2. take control of the people kill resistance take the power over the people
  3. sweeneythailand

    new rip off now at pattaya immigration

    i asked thai people you know this law no not law just take more money no one do this
  4. sweeneythailand

    new rip off now at pattaya immigration

    so now we now know that it is some kind of rubbish law we dont kneed it wont work can not be implemented and should be scraped as should the Thai driving license a uk license should bee all you need as it use to be but now even a international license is not a license in Thailand as it is for the police to make money from any one they want to rip off 400 baht no hat no license no bike papers no tax or any thing else they feel they can get you for. my neighbour gets it for having a 3 wheeled bike salink he takes dogs to get treatment in a cage 400 baht its just ruining the city of pattaya
  5. sweeneythailand

    new rip off now at pattaya immigration

    i do one month in one month out for years never had a problem what new law is it that wants 2 mill people to go to immigration within 24 hours of arrival
  6. sweeneythailand

    new rip off now at pattaya immigration

    i will leave on saterday so will do it next trip
  7. need a new drivers licence what a farse yes f arse pissed is not the only thing i feel licence ran out on my last birthday so need new one ok not a problem been there done that 3 times now well went to imagination soi 5. 450 baht to do papers and photos 40 baht to park now went in and i am told that because i did not get in to immigration within 24 hours of arrival i have a fine of 1600 baht for not informing them i was in Thailand . bullshit i put my address on my form as i arrive as i have the last 100 times i arrived so now i can not have a resident paper no money they wont do it so cant have new license so no won will have a license in thailand o it is now cheaper not to have a license than be leagle the police are curupt now imagration are curupt soon no more tourists coming to Thailand take note pm you are messing in the only thing that bring people to your country i have wife and kids in thailand and try to be lawful at all times but you make a mockery of it all