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  1. Ok, since you said "please", let me be more clear. By law, the victim of this police brutality and potential murder is not guilty of anything at this point. That is because the police are not empowered to determine guilt or innocence. Yes, the victim might be a murderer, or then again he may have been a special agent empowered by parliament to not stop for police checks because he was delivering an urgent report needed to avert an act of terrorism. Honestly, I doubt either of these scenarios are true, but the fact is that the cop did not know when he intentionally created a high-speed and potentially deadly traffic accident. So while you are free to make your opinion known, the law is clear that the police officer was acting illegally in using lethal force to stop the victim. It was brainless, immoral, and in your words, wrong. That is why his superior officer had to tell those obvious lies. Otherwise there was no way to get the cop of the hook. In this case, the truth would not have set him free. Furthermore, since your only source of information about the incident consists of a video and a "highly suspect" report, I submit that your opinion might at the least be premature. I know that in some groups the prevailing view is that anyone that seems to disrespect a policeman should be killed without recourse, and anyone suspected of any violation of the law should be murdered by the state before they get a chance to present their defense, but the last time I checked, that is not the official and legal policy of this beautiful country. I am sure that many of us who live here resent your saying otherwise. It's just plain disrespectful. So here's my question: do you advocate the same use of deadly force against a person who demonstrates disrespect of our ethical and law abiding police on the internet by suggesting that they should act illegally?
  2. You actually BELIEVE that nonsense about the policeman chasing the victim for 30 minutes? ! Without radoing ahead? THIRTY minutes? When was the last time you even heard about a BIB showing that amount of dedication to duty? Or work? Nobody believes that the officer acted in self-defense so why would they believe anything else in that report? Please!
  3. There are far more than just two choices here. You've created a totally false dichotomy. One wonders if you are intentionally trying to manipulate the news or if your brain truly can't handle more than two possibilities at once.
  4. It is also possible that the driver was on his way to the hospital because he was suffering from a heart attack and stopping would be fatal. Our he was bringing medicine his child needed to receive in the next five minutes to save his life. Or a thousand other extenuating reasons. At this point we don't know. The policeman also did not know the reason for not immediately stopping and yet felt he had three right to kill the driver (since that obviously would always be a potential result of a high-speed crash.) It is NOT ok for police to use more force than necessary to enforce ANY law. Would you say it would be ok for a policeman to fire a bullet into your brain because you dropped a chewing gum wrapper?
  5. Tackling the dark side of Thai university initiation rites

    Let me see ... frightening, humiliating, and abusing freshmen has the effect of making them feel less lonely? Did I understand that correctly? Or are the rituals merely a manifestation of the seniors' sadistic impulses which they rationalize by saying that the freshmen deserve it because the seniors went through the same thing 3 years ago. But isn't that like a father saying that it is ok to beat and burn his child because he himself had a sadistic parent? When will the university start acting like they are run by responsible adults? These activities bring shame and scorn to Thailand. The universities represent the intellectual elite of the country. What does that say about this society?
  6. What exactly are the "controls" that the dentists want removed, and what do they feel will be the gain by removing them? In other words, what is the whole point of this exercise?
  7. Give it up, Kabula. You're wrong, and the more you argue, the more you're embarrassing yourself.
  8. I wonder if there is something to be learned here from Las Vegas. I'm certainly not an expert on the topic and I would love to hear from someone who knows the details, but I believe that LV had an analogous situation. It was the capital of naughtiness in the USA and making incredible amounts of money for its investors (the locals are a different story of course). But then the powers looked at their golden goose and thought "but we're only attracting single adult males. We could double our profits if we could somehow attract females as well. No, wait! What if we attracted whole FAMILIES? My God! How could we even store all the money we'll be making!" And so they set out to change their image. But a funny thing happened on the way to the bank: Families didn't come. Few people wanted to bring their kids to a place with a reputation like LAS VEGAS. And the incoming numbers of single men dropped since the main reason they were coming was now disappearing. So after a few years of this failure the founding fathers looked around and decided to go back to the good old days and now the city advertises on national television that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". And the money machine started to come back to life. Mightn't Thailand do better by building a new family destination city down the road and keep the cash flowing from the existing one rather than killing of a HUGE moneymaking enterprise to make way for one that they only hope will be better? Wouldn't that be closer to having one's cake and eating it too? How about we learn from someone else's experience for a change?
  9. Farmers across Thailand begin combating drought

    Golly, you simply can't resist confrontation when an open mind would suit you so much better. The fact is that I have NOT requested approval, and (please forgive me if I am mistaken) I have no reason to consider your participation as "high level". I simply asked if anyone knew a good person to contact in the present government. Quite clearly in your case the answer is "no". Any comments after that are distractions and unwelcome. I do, however, thank you for your interest and if you feel qualified to help with the research in any way I invite you to contact me directly.
  10. Farmers across Thailand begin combating drought

    Reasonable question (if it weren't for the fact that it ignores my request to put aside any skepticism for the moment). I'm not seeking investors nor even approval of my method or protocol. I already have a string of patents along with textbooks published in at least five languages. That makes your snide question seem both ignorant and arrogant -- which is a shame because you are probably neither of those things. My question is a sincere one. I would like to help my adopted country but I also know how the game is played. I am hoping that someone on TV knows of a politician who would accept my offer of help in the spirit it was given and would keep the interests of the country in mind - and not let the fact that I am a farang blind his judgment. I will leave the creation of a perpetual motion machine to someone else. [emoji6]
  11. Farmers across Thailand begin combating drought

    I am reading this discussion with great interest. I don't want to bore anyone with a long cv, so I'll just ask that you please put aside your skepticism long enough to take this question seriously. I have been developing a system for rapid water absorption and increased retention in the soil. There is still much room for improvement, but at this stage it already can eliminate most of the drought for farmers while doubling the amount of fresh water available for the cities. It also allows farming with less chemicals/fertilizers, has a small effect in reducing flooding, eliminates the stockpile of unsold latex, restores reasonable prices for rubber farmers and allows rice farmers to plant a second crop. As I said, there is still a lot of room for improvement, but we've long passed the proof-of-concept stage and have even carried out a limited field trial. Now for the question: In order for this system to really benefit the nation it would have to be employed fairly widely - and that usually means cooperation with the government. In the past I had relationships with some of the right people, but since the coup I have stayed away. Does anyone have any suggestions about who and/or how to go about getting the right people in the government to look at this project?
  12. Just wondering, what state did your friend's lady apply for her new visa? I understand that can make a difference.