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  1. I know that Canadians don't need a visa and can stay for 30 days without a visa. However if the person travels by road to other nearby countries within that 30 days do they get another 30 days when they come back or do they only get 15 days??
  2. Cadet’s autopsy stalled

    As I said in the previous posts..... just another same BS story as the Koh Tao murders of the 2 British a couple of years ago... and could name many others also... life is cheap in Asian countries .... you can get someone permanently go to Lala land for peanuts if you have the right connections and / or get away with murder with a few more media complications and longer process but STILL GET AWAY WITH IT... This is one big disadvantage of living in Asia and I mean Asia ... not specifically Thailand
  3. Just another Koh Tao bullshit story with false evidence , false DNA tests and 2 young innocent Burmese scapegoats to hush the realities of Thai supremacy
  4. Exactly because from what I previously read the organs were already removed and not there at all ......?? Disappeared somehow... Or maybe I misread that...?? If I did read it correctly then what are they examining ????
  5. I so so much agree with you ,,, only here could this be seen as a good deed and whatever ... OMG Please ! Really??
  6. Pyongyang or rather Pigongyang as I refer to him by his looks needs to be sent to where all the other ones believe they will meet some 100 virgins and be saved .... just don't know if they also accept PIGS..??? Sad if they don't nah?
  7. They are both so so ugly physically but more so , so so both mentally deranged ...!! and you are all going on about who is right or wrong ...?? OMG ... well when they cause the world disaster that may ensue from their arrogant challenges and stupidity how will you all be here to argue who was right and who was wrong..? Guess we can talk about it when we are all on the other side ...
  8. well when did it change???
  9. HARMLESS...?? Please read up on inter family child reproduction and how most turn out to be totally deformed and / or incapacitated chidren ,, but it continues to happen even in our century wherein we are superposed to be so developed and knowledgeable
  10. And he was carrying such a large of cash on him... BECAUSE???
  11. Hiring a Shan as a maeban

    Thanks once again and I will follow your advice .... Cheers Annabel
  12. Hiring a Shan as a maeban

    Thanks Dante... maybe that's what I need to do .just go to Immigration myself and find out... That would be at airport Immigration right ? My Thai is not that great and they speak a bit of a different Thai so a bit hard to communicate with them... Anyway thanks for your help~!!
  13. Hiring a Shan as a maeban

    I want to hire this couple for my house and they are Shan from Burma. They have their documents and work permit but would now be changing jobs. What do I need to do to as their new employer to make them legally working for me...?? Thanks in advance!
  14. yet another intelligent person on our failing planet ... If it's about your wife and not whales I don't give a sweet <deleted>>/// That's your bad luck .... but when it come the our planets animal life that is a much bigger priority to me than stupid ignorant and cruel human beings as we like to call ourselves ..PFFFFFFFFFFFF!!! https://awionline.org/action-ealerts/tell-norways-ambassador-us-stop-killing-whales https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/norway_save_the_whales_33/?absNRcb Luv you too!!
  15. "You have never been to Norway, have you? From the age of 20 until 60 I used to spend 6 or more weeks there every year. The 4 months of spring/summer/autumn make up for the 8 winter months Norwegians are nice and intelligent people (when they are not drunk), and on top of that, there is the scenery, the unspoiled environment, the feeling of total freedom, a perfectly organized country, great social security system, safety." Duh...........!!! Are you for real??? No and I certainly don't want to, especially at this time of the year when they become worse than the Koreans and Chinese who have their eating dog murderous festivals and now these wonderful Norwegians as you call them go on their wild stupid killing whale seasons ....+++ now they not only do that but, catch the female whales gut them /// take the fetuses out of them and dump the mothers back into the sea over and above killing them in the sea shores and swimming in their blood after they killed them...........OMG [email protected]!!~... ah~never mind! talking to stone walls again .. And you ask if we have been there ???