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    Govt Ban Alcohol To Curb New Year Cheer

    A simple solution to the road deaths during New Year: Allow free taxi service for everyone. And double the average wage for taxi drivers for these few hours of fun A very small price for the government to pay for saving lifes and property damage. Sure, a few logistics problems to work out......but do-able I thinks What do you think? vc
  2. ------SOI---VC-------

    Woman Attacked By Bangkok Taxi Driver

    After reading the news reports and comments, three things come to my mind. 1. Sure things like this happen in different countries, but Thailand is one country where tourists have always felt safe. The Government MUST take more proactive action(s) to protect tourist. If they don't and the newswires get a hold of these violent actions, slow season will have a whole new meaning. 2. Why would Immigration refuse an extention on her visa.....this is rather strange in my opinion. Is there more to the story concerning this older chinese lady? 3. Not that there is anything wrong with a 38 year old Chinese lady out alone around 2 AM, in the Sukhimvit area, but I also find that a bit interesting. Just my 2 cents worth vc