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  1. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    Can I suggest you put a fence across one corner of your nursery pens forming a triangular creep. The bottom rail being high enough for the piglets to walk under and put their feed bowl in there. The sow will not be able to get at it and the piglets will have somewhere to sleep away from the sow.
  2. Insect Control

    I agree with Cooked's suggestion to look at renovating that part of the school building you spend your night hours in. At least making it more insect proof.
  3. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    I used Betagro with my Duroc herd and the average FCR was 2.4 (240Kg) including creep feed thru to finisher. But remember these were pigs we breed and raised, not a selected group of piglets that grow fast with slower ones sold on or culled. I had a few pigs that got close to FCR of 1.8 but not many. There are a lot of factors other than the weight of feed it takes and I would advise you study the complete picture and perhaps compare results with others with the same pigs and similar sty conditions. The main market we had was prepared to pay more for pigs but demanded meat quality and provenance statements.
  4. Maize and Rotational Crops

    Have you guys tried to ferment this stuff rather than make silage?
  5. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    "farming aint all gold/easy after all" I'm hearing every word, hope things get a bit easier for you.
  6. Buriram sounds like a suitable place. Usual arrival/departure point for Ford and not too far from Sisaket. What about you Dr. T?
  7. Great, I plan to be back to stay by/in March as well. Then if we can catch the Ford as he zooms past on the way to a 24 hr intensive ploughing session or on the return journey, a meet up is possible. Tony
  8. Rubber Trees

    I came here in 1999 as the Ozzie Regional Automotive Trade Commissioner in BKK at the Embassy. Sat through the FTA, Asean and Apec deals and fed info to the Trade Minister and was not listened to. Shit happens. Now many friends have dollars and years with diminishing prospects of any return. As is always the answer here "Up to you"
  9. Concrete Pipes for water tanks

    Starting to sound like a Monty Python "hole in road, bloody luxury!" story. LOL
  10. Land Management

    I mean you no disrespect and hope you meet your objectives. But I have to say I think you need a reality check on how things work here. Happy enough to discuss that privately if you care to take it offline. Send me a PM and I will send you a phone number to ring.
  11. Land Management

    As a member since 2003 you have obviously had the chance to read many posts dealing with issues similar to your own. From what you have presented I only see one objective for you. Fund the MIL to whatever level you have expected to be done by others, (20-30K per month). Finance anything like the pickup and any other debts directly, and stop feeding the chickens! No is easier to say and involves less facial muscles than yes. The pressure on your wife will be reduced when she explains it is your money and there is no more to give them. Once the dust settles plan the future.
  12. Simply put it is groundwater to which a blend of microbes is added to aid the pigs digestion, growth rates and immunity. Similar to EM in that LAB is a major element and hence tends to be slightly acidic. One day we will manage to meet up and discuss soils etc.. Perhaps Forever Ford and Cooked might join in. Totally agree on soil and plant testing and prescription solutions being sought. Observed some very good results back in Oz over the past 4 years and anxious to get back here and restart.
  13. Rubber Trees

    https://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazine/2016/01/southeast-asia-rubber-boom/ Interesting read guys.
  14. Rubber Trees

    Cobbler, Big Boys games?......abso-bloody-lutely mate.
  15. Rubber Trees

    Scotbeve, you may well have a very good point here. You have at least got me thinking about the growth of ASEAN, the success of Thai Auto enterprises as opposed to their neighbours, and in particular rubber usage here against a steadily increasing Baht valuation. Government of any colour or design will listen to their major employers and exporters. Especially when the China or India cards are played.