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  1. EM alone to lower pH? No, don't see how that would provide a fix without having organic matter in the soil. It is one of many biological preparations and when activated has a pH about 3.8 but it has to have a food source or the microbes die. Composting with EM I have found produces a pH of close to 6.4. Adding enough OM to your "soil" will restore balance over time. Simply put, you have two choices, you build up a living soil which then feeds the plants or your feed nutrients to your crops as required and grow them in dirt or whatever.
  2. Pigs 101 (A Start)

    So the live weight price is being attacked again I hear. 48 baht or there abouts, geez! What's the feeling guys?
  3. Farm Photos

    And the situation appears to be getting worse with an announcement that the government will stop farmers from collecting their own seed rice from "commercial" strains they have grown. Patent protection looms like has happened to soy and corn in most parts of the world.
  4. You need to add something acidic obviously. So what have you got? EM is applied at about pH3.8.
  5. Fertilizer for Calamansi?

    Cumquats usually have a potassium fertiliser applied. For reference read this http://homeguides.sfgate.com/grow-calamansi-21727.html You could try any of the 0-0-60 ferts available at any feed store if you intend to grow a few trees. Either a full 50kg bag or usually you can buy it by the Kg.
  6. Worm castings.

    Castings are biologically active as well which helps with plant immunity. Compost worms are worms that live near the surface as opposed to worms that live deeper in the soil. The large worms live at depth and are not used in worm farming normally. Plenty of information on this site and on the net. Member Wormfarmer is a good source of castings and worms, check out his posts.
  7. Pellet making Machine

    Attach a "wiper blade" to the shaft of the mincer so that you can adjust the distance to the extrusion plate in the mincer. The plate is stationary and the shaft rotates with the blade cutting the pellets to length. But, you should have a search of the web for how people do this. Many fish feed makers extrude as "wet noodles" which they then dry and cut up later.
  8. Pellet making Machine

    All you need is a hand cranked meat grinder/mincer. Get one that you can change the plates for various size apertures. Buy a metal unit not a cheap plastic bodied thing.
  9. Peat moss planting pots.

    Seen similiar made from coconut husk
  10. R.I.P My Old Mate, Aussi Russell

    I am stunned by this news. What a shame. My condolences to the family.
  11. Butterfly larvae. If the leaves have been eaten form the edge inwards, then that's what it probable is. Have a look for butterflies around the tree at about 10am on a bright morning. There are a number of butterflies that lay eggs of citrus trees.
  12. The oldest professional in the world, not made here. International currency exchange in this politically correct world, the only tradeable commodity with equal value worldwide. Butt-coins.
  13. Will khaki ducks eat banana plants?

    I have bananas growing, chickens but no ducks. When the bananas are harvested the stems are cut down and initially heaped up with any leaves. That creates great conditions for insects and the chickens go for them amid the pile. Maybe the same for ducks.
  14. Water Filtration

    Have a look at the design again. A fair bit of science involved despite the cheapness. Even has built in cleaning system.
  15. Water Filtration

    Canada, I remember a water filtration system done by PunPun. It was 4 towers made of concrete rings, each filled with different media. Sure you could find it on their website. From memory it was capable of supplying a small community.