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  1. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    How about a soil and tissue test lab being funded through this sort of program Dr T?
  2. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    I don't believe that Thailand is unique in today's globalised world. Price competition from developing nations has forced prices down. We live in a debt based world economy. Trade wars are looming. These are all part of life today, unfortunately. In terms of this topic, lets focus on the challenges facing the farmer. Conventional farming practices have depleted our soils and food nutritional value has diminished. Input costs are rising and returns declining. Labour availability is getting worse and cost increasing. Things must change, we must find answers and that means acquiring new knowledge.
  3. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    I wish you well on return to the states and I can understand your frustration with the Thai "culture". But things are changing albeit slowly. There is government support for redeveloping the cooperative nature of village farms and ways they can become more integrated into the "new" agricultural supply chain. Personally I see a positive future for those ready to embrace the changes. The days of subsidies are over and small holding farmers will have to adapt if they want to reach past just growing their own food.
  4. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    So can I ask what you would like to achieve?
  5. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    What could be achieved is to pool the techniques developed by members. There are sources of most of the ingredients needed available already in Thailand. Perhaps some sort of cooperative scheme? Or establishing pilot trials to develop products?
  6. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    Agreed but it would be closer to a miracle than just of value. The cost of localising the course work would be considerable. The level of interest and ultimately the return on investment through course fees or product sales doubtful. How many of TV farming members would be interested in buying the courses and the products do you think? What would be the combined annual spend of those people currently? It is all possible but.... ultimately, someone has to pay.
  7. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    Nutritech is a producer of inoculants etc.. which while not a heavy sell, they do promote through their training courses. Graeme Sait the owner is a great speaker and extremely passionate about the topic. I had the pleasure of assisting in getting a couple of half day seminars organised here in Australia for local farmers at which Graeme spoke. Extremely informative and delivered in laymans language which is very understandable. Anyone attending his courses will get as much information as they can soak in, it is pretty fast paced stuff and there is tonnes of it. To me it comes down to local environment, crops and conditions. The farm sizes and economics in Thailand are much different to Australia as well. Perhaps what is needed here is to migrate all that knowledge to suit local situations? Having said that, It would be of great assistance to me to be able to access localised information without having to try piecing it all together.
  8. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    I have been to their courses before. The course content has changed a bit possibly to stay in line as their product range has increased.
  9. IsaanAussie

    State of the Art Farming course

    So Doctor T, are you going to the course?
  10. This is as much to do with improving the Thai Immigration information management system and professional integrity of their officers as it is with anything else. What has been happening for years now is a gradual closing of the loopholes which allowed the visa system to be abused. Of late, the efforts are becoming more co-ordinated and systematic. The rules are clear, play by them, it's easy.
  11. IsaanAussie

    Maize and Rotational Crops

    Interesting progress. I have been looking at some information where worm castings and compost teas have been put in the drill during seeding. Also interesting results considering the really poor condition of the land. Anyone doing something similar in Isaan?
  12. IsaanAussie

    Pigs 101 (A Start)

    absolutely. I always worked on an FCR of 2,4 or below. Pf you can achieve 2.1 then more power to you, I never hit that
  13. IsaanAussie

    Pigs 101 (A Start)

    Nutterz64, understand your position completely. Really hard to know what to do. The probiotic issue is a good one with lots of products coming onto the market and claims of replacing antibiotics etc.. Personally I hold the view, as expressed in the article today, probiotics are a perventive measure, something that builds up natural health and immunity levels over time. Not a cure all. Hang tough my friend, the prices must rise soon.
  14. IsaanAussie

    Pigs 101 (A Start)

    As I have stated before, I didn't immunise my pigs after starting using prebiotic treatment through the water and didnt have one sick pig. But mine was a closed herd in an area of few pig farms so the chances of major disease issues was remote. The triple disease coverage suggested here brings the cost per pig per disease to manageable levels if you are at risk. Whatever, with costs and prices the way they are, good luck is not going to help. Pig farming is a low margin high cost game now.
  15. Sorry but your "professionals" have mislead you. If your soil already has the nasties, or any organic fertiliser you add contain bacterial and fungus microbes that might damage the tree then that is what will happen. But the biology in an appropriate organic fertiliser will protect the tree and will out-compete and eliminate the bad stuff that exists in the soil. Chemical fertiliser will not change the plight of the tree.