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  1. If you are going for True cable TV anyway why don't you also get the internet? They have triple pay packages with discount (one line three services: TV, internet, phone)
  2. infernalman7

    In the market for new 65"

    I am waiting for either the new Philips Android TV or the LG webOS TV which is due to come out very soon. Its looking good but too new for any kind of reviews so far.
  3. infernalman7

    GTA V

    The lack of GTA5 on PC and Next Gen console is making me rage bad. But since the very architecture of PC/Xbone/PS4 is similar, I think the release (which will eventually happen) will be simultaneous.
  4. infernalman7

    True HD Channels no longer HD?

    Nope. All is well here. Note: all the new Thai channels (numbered from 11-46) they are not HD even if the name says HD.
  5. infernalman7

    True Visions - New Channels Lineup

    I cannot agree more with you. The announcement is running on all channels constantly to the point that I get headache. The new channel line-up list is everywhere whether it's online, or even printed on the True magazine and even on Bangkok Post and all other Thai newspapers. And the argument about grouping all English channels together is probably one of the hugest nonsense I've heard. Their target audience is Thai customers which consume both English and Thai contents. It makes more business sense to group channels based on category by default as many of the users have no clue how to manually recatagorize channels by themselves.
  6. Yes. I used my EU D/L it was fine. Thai D/L is definitely okay at check-in counters AND boarding.
  7. infernalman7

    GrabTaxi App?

    Tried Uber. The first ride under 300 Baht is free. And to me I think its very reasonably priced. I rode a new Merc E class. Fast, efficient, and the driver is the best you'll possibly get in BKK. But will try Grab Taxi.
  8. I am trying this out as its only $5 so why not. It's quite good actually. I can see myself using this regularly now. But its no where near 10Mbps to the US at the moment. :/
  9. infernalman7

    Where is best high speed internet connection?

    I'm using True. Very fast to SE Asian sites. Very slow to US/Europe.
  10. infernalman7

    True 4G Coverage - post your locations

    Chiang Mai almost everywhere in the old town and the West of the Old Town (Nimman, Suthep).
  11. infernalman7

    MAYA mall opening today!

    RIMPING at Maya is now open. Operating hours is 6am to midnight. Not bad at all.
  12. infernalman7

    MAYA mall opening today!

    Thais do purchase quite a lot. And part of opening a shop inside a mall is to attract these "future customers" and impress them in advance. Window shopping is part of the retail decisions. Maya right now is attracting more window shoppers but it would soon change. The only mall I think that will fail soon is Promenada with literally no magnet at all. No reason to go to. Not to mention confused parking layout and its crappy location.
  13. infernalman7

    Is AIS hiding a scam in their time-based internet packages?

    I also think that the device must be communicating even when you're not receiving or sending anything yourself. The best way to prevent this from happening in the future is to switch on and off the mobile data.
  14. infernalman7

    For anyone who is buying a PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    For personal use I doubt it.
  15. infernalman7

    Looking For Heart Rate Monitor.

    Try this http://www.mioglobal.com/ IT doesn't require you to wear a chest strap. And they ship to Thailand.