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  1. If I should die

    Why not when back in the UK make a will. That will make it so much easier - all she would need is someone who is familiar with the uk system to liaise with the solicitor regarding death certificate, her bank account details etc.. That's what I have in place. banK
  2. Looks like it. banK
  3. Yes have been using it no prob.
  4. Why not get a Thai mobile - You will get the code sent to you - all withing 2 seconds. banK
  5. Medical cover in Thailand - Age 86

    Is there a table of tariffs for Cigna for various ages, or do you need to get a quote online. Reason I ask is that this year's renewal I thought was quite a hike (28 percent), from age 68 to 69. I did ask them at the time and they said that it was due to "worldwide health cost increases". I was somewhat skeptical to that reason due to my past history. It went from 3139 gbp to 4039 gbp. banK
  6. Yes does seem rather high - they also initially said that I would be icu for one day and the full stay would be for a week. Both myself and insurer queried the length of time - There was an issue of a previous operation for an AAA 7 months before, they cut down the same scar 20cm and inserted the mesh there. There was also a bit of a problem with my hyper thyroid numbers at the time, the operation had to be put off till they stabilised it. Reading back over my post sounds like I'm falling apart!! I'm fine!! I actually drove home myself after discharge (30km)., and within a few days I was into my routine of walking on the treadmill for 30mins/day. banK
  7. I had mine done in the Bangkok Khon Kaen Hospital last September. I had open surgery under a general anesthetic. I had a mesh repair. I was in hospital for about 3 or 4 days. Total cost around 200,000 Baht. banK
  8. I've just renewed my Cigna inpatient gold policy (1000 gbp deductable) - no pre-existing conditions. Age 68. Cost last year was 3139 gbp, this year 4039 gbp. Quite a hike. Queried this with them on the phone and they stated due to the cost of world wide increases in health care and of course being one year older. Asked whether Brexit and the pound exchange rate had affected the increase - they said no. I just wonder whether my cancer/AAA operations year before last and last year a hernia operation had anything to do with it. Also noted, (being cynical), that the account number that I paid the premium into was changed from the previous years - same bank but different account number (is there a bad boys account!). Despite the above, I am grateful that I started with Cigna when I did and have no complaints as to the service provided thus far. banK
  9. I did the process last week in Khon Kaen, I would imagine to be the same process. They had their own form to fill in and didn't want the one from the embassy. They indicate with a stamp the original "O" visa issued, the last entry in old passport of the last entry to Thailand and the date of the expiry of the current extension. Another stamp with the last entry to Thailand. Another stamp with the current extension. Another stamp stating the date this was all done on. Another stamp of the current re entry permit. The end banK
  10. Have a friend who paid his with his bangkok bank debit card - this about 2 months ago. banK
  11. The only thing about previous health record was the interview on the phone. No medical examination. Looks like honesty prevails! If you google it - "Cigna Global Health options". These plans for expats only - (you can also have the option of having your foreign wife on the plan if you wish, more expensive of course!!). banK
  12. I was living in Thailand. I found out about them on the internet - phoned them direct had an extensive too and fro via email so that I had a recorded copy of their replies to me. Eventually decided to go with them. The reason I took out health insurance was a casual conversation with a friend, up until the time things started to go wrong, virtually nothing health wise had affected me in my life. No previous health records required, no medical examinations required, just the interview on the phone conducted on Skype and that's it. Yes, I have revisited the my original story and find it quite incredible the sequence and good fortune I had. At todays' rate of exchange, in total it comes to more than 70,000 gbp. For the outlay of 8500 gbp + 2000 gbp excess. Now if I had to pay out 70000 gbp over that time I would probably have had to return to the UK - any delay in faffing about could have missed the stage 1 and the risk of the AAA bursting ( it was quite away along). Anyway, all turned out OK thankfully. banK
  13. Someone has PM'ed me askig me details of my insurer, I will publish it here so if anyone else might be interested. I am 68 years old (May 1948), I started with Cigna 2 months before my 66th birthday. The office is in Scotland UK. I was interviewed over the phone regarding my past health, I even told them that I smoked - they asked me how many, is it less than 15 per day? Yes. The cover I took out was the Gold package, inpatient only with an annual excess of 1000 GBP. The network of hospitals used in Thailand is the Bangkok hospital network - you can use any of their hospitals and they will direct pay after the excess is paid.. Very impressed with the Bangkok medical centre - English not a problem. If you use another hospital group then you pay and they reimburse within 5 days. The quote that came back was around 2500 GBP with no exclusions. I had no need to use the insurance during the 1st year. The renewal premium in year 2 was something like 2900 GBP, I thought this a rather steep increase (15%). However , I think that it came in a different age band/actuarial calculations for that year. 9 months into year 2 - it was discovered that I had lung cancer, I opted to get treated in Bangkok - if anyone interested read my thread "Lung Cancer". Whilst in hospital for this it was discovered that I had to have a stent for a AAA. Treatment for the above came to around 3 million Baht, all done before year 3 renewal of insurance. The 3rd year renewal cost was 3100 GBP or thereabouts (5.2% increase). Last week I had an Hernia operation in Bangkok hospital Khon Kaen. This partly due to the hernia at the top of the AAA site scar. There was only concern from Cigna - go and get it done. This operation and hospital stay 207000 Baht, 202000 Baht after discount. I cannot find fault with this insurance company, as Sheryl has said - yes it gets more expensive with age but I am quite happy with everything. The excess of 1000 GBP is NOT per incident but per annum, i.e. once the excess is paid any following incidents during that year is fully paid for by Cigna. banK
  14. I invested in a treadmill because no matter how hot or wet it is outside I could have a regular walk, previous to my operations I used to walk 30mins or so outside but sometimes had to give it a miss due to the heat or rain. I realise that the "walk" I do now is pretty important to my health, whereas before it wouldn't matter if I gave it a miss for a while. Also, a treadmill gives the option of variable speeds and inclines - it's not as boring as I thought it would be as you can have music as you walk! I generally keep the speed between 4.5-5kph - nothing strenuous and can generate a light sweat, afterwards take an electrolytic drink to rehydrate. I try to stick with a diet that is good for my hyperthyroidism and along with treadmill I feel really healthy, especially considering my recent past. I am more conscience of leading a healthier life. My weight varies between 69-71kg usually hovers around 70kg. Lipids quite good, although my LDL is a bit high (usually between 138-150), total cholesterol between 175-195. Since diagnosed with hyperthyroidism last October I have been keeping a graph of my lipids, free T3 and Free T4 . I find it very useful in charting how I am doing, if something goes out of range I can usually know what has caused it and can rectify it i.e not sticking to the diet. I get these blood tests done every 3 months when I see the endocrinologist, or when I have the odd operation!! If I was still living in UK/France as I was 10 years ago - I feel that my health wouldn't have been as good as it is now. I suppose living on the edge out here in Thailand makes you take more responsibility for your health. You have been eminently wise to have that health insurance, this business of putting away the equivalent each year and tap into it when needed and it being more cost effective is a fallacy. Look at my case - so far 3.2 million baht, you would not have put that into a "fund" in 10 years. One big hit and you could be wiped out - and what happens at the next incident. Thanks for "speedy recovery bit" - Although a 20cm slice down my abdomen the pain is just about gone..... banK