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  1. In October of 2015 I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The symptoms included an irregular heartbeat which would self regulate itself. Initially, I would have an irregular heartbeat for a day or so and then be ok for a week or so. After a few months of this the progression gradually increased whereby I was having irregular heartbeats for a solid week or so with only a day or so of normality. Eventually one morning I was reading a book when I had to squint to read the words, feeling distinctly unwell I got up to walk around but found that I had to sit down again otherwise I would have fallen down! After about 15 minutes I felt ok. However, I got a friend to take me to the Bangkok hospital in Khon Kaen to get checked out, this was a Sunday so went to emergency, I was booked into ICU for observation and tests. It was found by blood tests that I had hyperthyroidism. Initially I was prescribed tapazole 3 times a day and the same with inderal. It has taken 2 years of increasingly less dosage of the tablets to bring the thyroid to within the normal range. I was taken off the inderal, (beta blocker), about a year ago, no ill effects. I attended the hospital every 2 months for blood tests to keep track of it all. Initially, the readings were: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) <0.005 normal range (0.270-4.200) Triiodothyronine Free (Free T3) 11.16 (2.00-4.40) Thyroxine Free (Free T4) 3.18 (0.93-1.7) I have been tablet free since earlier this month - I will be going for a final blood test in December after being off the tablets for one month. I have since found out that I have 2 sisters who also had/has hyperthyroidism. Maybe also it is inherently in the genes. As an aside - My lipids were not too brilliant, as I found out when in Bkk medical centre having my big ops last year. LDL was 166 and Glucose hovering around 100 to an extreme of 110. To control this I adjusted my diet to regulate it, glucose level consistently below 100 but LDL not so easy to control but have had it down to below 130 a couple of times. I find by taking one omega 3 tablet a day seems to improve the LDL. For ease of following the progression of it all, made a graph so can follow pictorially with notations of amount of tablets being taken and any unusual happenings along the way. Cost - Thyroid Function test (TSH,Free T3,Free T4) - 1000 baht Lipid profile (glu.Chol,Trig,HDL,LDL)- 712 baht with Physicians charges + bits and pieces including medicines generally the total bill has been between 2200-3000 baht. A big thing is exercise - religiously do 30 minutes a day on the treadmill at a fast walking pace (5.8kph at an incline), sweating a bit at the end of it! Am 69 and vary between 72kg - 75kg depending on what I do in the afternoons, i.e. strenuous work or not. Sorry for the ramble banK
  2. If I should die

    Why not when back in the UK make a will. That will make it so much easier - all she would need is someone who is familiar with the uk system to liaise with the solicitor regarding death certificate, her bank account details etc.. That's what I have in place. banK
  3. Yes have been using it no prob.
  4. Why not get a Thai mobile - You will get the code sent to you - all withing 2 seconds. banK
  5. Medical cover in Thailand - Age 86

    Is there a table of tariffs for Cigna for various ages, or do you need to get a quote online. Reason I ask is that this year's renewal I thought was quite a hike (28 percent), from age 68 to 69. I did ask them at the time and they said that it was due to "worldwide health cost increases". I was somewhat skeptical to that reason due to my past history. It went from 3139 gbp to 4039 gbp. banK
  6. Yes does seem rather high - they also initially said that I would be icu for one day and the full stay would be for a week. Both myself and insurer queried the length of time - There was an issue of a previous operation for an AAA 7 months before, they cut down the same scar 20cm and inserted the mesh there. There was also a bit of a problem with my hyper thyroid numbers at the time, the operation had to be put off till they stabilised it. Reading back over my post sounds like I'm falling apart!! I'm fine!! I actually drove home myself after discharge (30km)., and within a few days I was into my routine of walking on the treadmill for 30mins/day. banK
  7. I had mine done in the Bangkok Khon Kaen Hospital last September. I had open surgery under a general anesthetic. I had a mesh repair. I was in hospital for about 3 or 4 days. Total cost around 200,000 Baht. banK
  8. I've just renewed my Cigna inpatient gold policy (1000 gbp deductable) - no pre-existing conditions. Age 68. Cost last year was 3139 gbp, this year 4039 gbp. Quite a hike. Queried this with them on the phone and they stated due to the cost of world wide increases in health care and of course being one year older. Asked whether Brexit and the pound exchange rate had affected the increase - they said no. I just wonder whether my cancer/AAA operations year before last and last year a hernia operation had anything to do with it. Also noted, (being cynical), that the account number that I paid the premium into was changed from the previous years - same bank but different account number (is there a bad boys account!). Despite the above, I am grateful that I started with Cigna when I did and have no complaints as to the service provided thus far. banK