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  1. Maybe in your village. My head man has gone so far out of his way to assist I've been embarrassed. Maybe your attitude is a contributing factor ???
  2. malt25

    Is GrabTaxi operating in Pattaya ?

    I understand several Pattaya & BKK taxi drivers have been fined for Grabbing !
  3. Careful... someone will definitely take offence at that !
  4. Oh, FYI, I'm on a retirement extension so not personally affected.
  5. I realise this a long shot, but you did ask for all possible reasons. Aussie Centerlink reduced pension payment if married. Official marriage info is on record and can be accessed..
  6. Well, aren't you just a little Princess !
  7. Why would you bring logic into the discussion ? Silly, silly boy !
  8. Did you hear that uncle Jack got burnt last week. Oh, really. Bad ? Well, they don't stuff about at the crematorium.