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  1. malt25

    Missing all of my back molars [bottom]

    Sheryl, you beat me to it. Major dental issue & asking for advice here on TVF. I could understand if the query was about recommending a good dental clinic. Maybe if OP cares to tell us his/her location some recommendations might be forthcoming. Just a thought.
  2. malt25

    Help... I Am Infested With Ticks

    My clock use to have lots of ticks, I took the battery out, problem solved.
  3. This isn't intended as a flame or put down. I'm genuinely interested in sensible replies. Ok, you are a Brit. Your income is say, via a social security payment or pension. You have 2 or possibly 3 other sources of income from investment, share dividends or maybe property rental. Do you expect the British embassy either directly or via outsourcing, to do whatever administration that's necessary to verify your income ? Personally I feel you are asking a lot & can understand the embassy's non issue of said document in the forthcoming future. Being an Aussie, I only have to get a statutory declaration, that I have filled in the content, witnessed by my embassy, verifying MY signature. When applying for my extension based on retirement, I present said statutory declaration as well as Australian bank statement showing pension payment. I also present Thai bank statement showing transfer from Oz to Thailand. I also have at hand, but have never needed, copy of broker transfer of funds from Oz to Thai bank. Job done ! Is there any possibility of this income verification method working for yo guys ? I understand that the Thai immigration can, & possible will move the goal posts for many of us in the future. But until that time comes, we can only play by the rules as we know them. Interesting times ahead.
  4. Not quite correct. The Australian Embassy only certifies that it's actually "you" who have signed the letter or statutory declaration. It's irrelevant what "you" have written. BUT, if you have made a false statement on said declaration, you could be in deep shit with both Aussie & Thai authorities. So inasmuch, the Aussie embassy wouldn't know or care what you have written. Only that it is signed by the actual person making the declaration.
  5. malt25

    Udon Thani Airport Car Park

    On the few occasions I've needed to leave my car in Udon when flying out I have left it at a hotel. If I've stayed the night before flight or when I return, no charge. Just a thought.
  6. Maybe the one where the two guys were eating ?
  7. Wow, that's a pretty profound statement. I'm sure it'll really motivate the BIB.
  8. malt25

    V8 Supercars

    Mornin all. Anyone know if the Bathurst race will be telecast here in LOS on either Saturday or Sunday ? If not via TV any suggestions how I might access on internet ? Thanks in advance.
  9. malt25

    Bic Biros

    Try Mr Google. A 2 second search gives you the answer.
  10. So, he just needs 5 trips to get his 100K here. I think the cost of the trips & associated expenses might offset any gain in exchange rates & fees. Just a thought.
  11. I transfer Aud to thailand every fortnight. Have been doing for several years. Have a look here. They are who I use. Never a complaint. Ofx.com | OzForex Is Now OFX | OFX Money Transfer Experts‎
  12. Just as a matter of interest... is that 5 rooms or 5 bedrooms ?
  13. malt25

    Australian man shoots self in head at Phuket shooting range

    Very well said. A little of my story, for anyone who might be interested. I battled the Black Dog for most of my life. Fortunately, over the past few years the condition is being more understood & somewhat accepted. My condition was caused by a chemical imbalance & unfortunately wasn't diagnosed until I was 50. I had no specific stress issues. I just couldn't handle excessive pressure & as a result fell into a hole. The older I got, the deeper & darker the hole. It cost me several good jobs & relationships. My parents didn't understand but always supported me to the fullest. My condition must have been agony for them. I was convinced I was going mad. Just prior to my 50th birthday I was fortunate enough to be observed by a MD in a running club where we both were members. The doctor noticed my mood changes & other indicators "something wasn't quite right". I had tried diet & fitness & mingling with new people as a form of therapy. I hated my life & tried everything I could think of to somehow improve my situation. Nothing worked. After a few long slow runs & in depth discussion with the good doctor he prescribed medication. I've now been taking it daily for 20 years & will continue to do so until I drop off the perch. The medication has been a life saver for me. In my early 50's I began to travel, alone. Before the medication there were long periods I couldn't leave the house. I often look back on my life & wonder how different it could have been. But, the past 20 years I'm a different person. I'm outgoing, positive & have traveled solo to places I only dreamt about in my previous life. Oh, & I've relocated to LOS. I won't go into the "cause & effect" argument, other than to say... it sounds like something from a 60's or 70's medical journal trying to diagnose or justify male depression. Possibly an academic attempting to justify his or her government financial grant. I'm happy for anyone to contact me if I can answer any questions re this subject.
  14. malt25

    Moving to Thailand

    Not everyone looks at profit. Some of us contribute to the local community for no financial gain.
  15. malt25

    Australian man shoots self in head at Phuket shooting range

    NO, you certainly don't get it. Unless you've been in such a position YOU will never understand. Money has absolutely nothing to do with depression. There's a big difference between a little depression & being at the bottom of a black pit.