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  1. malt25

    Yamaha touch up paint

    Morning Dave. I'm also an owner of a new yamaha bike. If I needed touch up paint here's what I'd do. Not saying it will work, but would be my plan. 1. Check with other Yamaha bike dealers. Not all as hopeless as your dealer. 2. Check Mr Google. I've just looked up Yamaha paint code & several pages of paint codes. Most reputable auto body shops will be able to mix for you. Probably have to get a minimum a liter or so. 3. Google will provide details of all, most Yamaha bike clubs in Thailand. I'm sure any of these clubs will point you in the right direction. 4. Last resort would be to contact Yamaha motorcycles in Bangkok for assistance. Good luck.
  2. malt25

    Man who donates ‘super-sperm’ may have fathered 150 children

    I went to the sperm bank the other day. Nurse asked if I'd like to masturbate in the cup. Said I was good but didn't think I was ready for competition just yet.
  3. malt25

    Fines for standing at the back of Baht Buses?

    I kinda think the 90 day report initiative is hanging in there longer than a few weeks.
  4. malt25

    Fines for standing at the back of Baht Buses?

    Driver + responsibility + safety = Oxymoron. Wake up, where do you think you are ?
  5. malt25

    japanese swords

    Maybe the Mods should start a new Forum... "Just asking for a friend Forum" Just a thought.
  6. " with a table being placed at each of the points to issue tickets to the violators." No need for any BIB. Tables will do the job. Thai ingenuity at it's best.
  7. Can't someone be sedated, maybe heavily sedated & still fully conscious ? Just wondering.
  8. I must be missing something here. Wouldn't the unpaid tax have been generated while still residing in your country of citizenship ? If so, isn't one morally & legally obliged to pay ? If tax generated while residing away from "home country", then different situation.
  9. malt25

    Fines for standing at the back of Baht Buses?

    Words fail me !
  10. malt25

    Fines for standing at the back of Baht Buses?

    Why would you bring logic into the discussion ?
  11. malt25

    Fines for standing at the back of Baht Buses?

    When are any road laws, regulations enforced here ? Helmets when riding motor bikes, more than 2 on a motor bike, riding side saddle on a motor bike, passengers in the back of a pick-up. The list goes on & on but rarely if ever enforced.
  12. malt25

    White waterhose for waterfilters

    Now you have me puzzled. My original comment was about turning off water supply if leaving the house for 24 hours or so. Then you replied that you didn't like that idea coz your fridge needs water supply for the ice maker. I queried about water supply to fridge for ice maker, continuing along the line of ice maker continuing to operate, assuming you will be absent as was my original reason for turning off the water supply. Then you comment that you are aware the ice maker will stop producing once bucket is full. So what don't you like about my original idea of turning off water supply when vacating the house for extended period ? What am I missing ???
  13. malt25

    White waterhose for waterfilters

    Issue 2 first. I've had the blue PVC pipes exposed to all the elements at the pump, filter & storage tank now for over 5 years. No sign of any deterioration. Re the fridge ice maker. Your comment has me wondering. I'm not familiar with ice makers.... but. Surely there must be some control device, cut out switch. If you are away & not using the ice, I can't imagine the fridge will keep producing ice once the ice receptacle is full. If it were me I'd be checking with Mr Google as to the operation of your particular model fridge to ascertain the operation function of the ice maker. If NO control & the ice maker continued on its merry way making ice.... imagine what would happen when you eventually opened the fridge door. With modern devices these days there's always safety controls. My Samsung washing machine for example. I usually turn off the power & water after use. Yeah, I know, control freak. I sometimes turn on the power & set the program but overlook turning water supply on. No problem. The machine won't operate. As soon as I turn water on, machine starts immediately. I'll be interested in knowing how you get on with the ice maker. Cheers..... Mal.