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  1. Khon Kaen or Udon

    I'd go for KK.
  2. Razors & Shavers

    For what it's worth, I find hair conditioner the best soap for a smooth shave. But hey.... That's just me.
  3. Beach holiday.

    Well, if this pair are really from Trang, & their crap is indicative what Trang can do to you, it certainly won't be on my to visit list.
  4. Beach holiday.

    Where are all the Mods when you need one ? C'mon guys... hasn't my post been hijacked sufficiently for one of you to close ???
  5. Beach holiday.

    Guys !!! How about starting your own post ? I asked for some advice & have received many worthwhile suggestions. I didn't ask for a bickering match by a couple of "????????" If a mod reads this they might like to close the post. Thanks.
  6. Beach holiday.

    Thanks all for your suggestions. Much appreciated.
  7. Already convicted, is he ???
  8. Beach holiday.

    Howdy all. Some first hand advice/ suggestions please. I'm contemplating a short, about 4 day, beach holiday. A few friends have suggested Phuket, but I'm thinking Phuket is becoming too commercialized ? I have never traveled to any of the southern islands or beaches. I have visited Pattaya on several occasions, but don't wish to go again. I'll be on somewhat of a budget, so 3 star accommodation is all I'm looking for. What I "think" I'd like would be.... Reasonable beach. Ok bar or restaurants. Maybe a night market to wander. Oh, I'll be taking a friend so no need to offer suggestions re lady access. Thanks in advance.
  9. Probably Cambodian elephants. Thai elephants would never do this.
  10. Nightlife in Korat?

    . Isn't that where u select girls from, usually a number system, I believe... Yes, there's a fish bowl in Korat as well. Pretty fair line up, so I'm told.
  11. Music help please.

    Thanks to you & Forkinhades for your replies. Your advice sounds pretty good. I'll give it a try & let you know how I grt on. Thanks again..... Mal.
  12. Music help please.

    First up, I'm of the older generation & not all that IT savvy. I do usually manage to work my way through stuff though. My issue. I have several albums on my laptop that I "recorded" from CD. The problem is that the music stops after each song. I have to select, start each song individually. To try & solve the problem, I have transferred the songs to a USB stick, track by track, as I thought I may have originally transferred the album as a whole. I'm not sure if this could have been the cause. Now, when I play from the USB stick, I have the same problem. The next song will not play unless I start it manually. I have tried it with both repeat & shuffle on & off & makes NO difference. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks..... Mal.
  13. Why bring logic & common sense into the situation ?
  14. This post is a wind up..... right ? I can't wait for post number 2.
  15. Good job BIB. Showing more concern for farang's safety that that of fellow Thais. Definitely has his priorities in order.