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  1. Suggest you let us know where you live & hopefully a member can recommend a bank that will appreciate your custom.
  2. Somewhat like all the market stalls side by side selling the same thing.
  3. Another rule, regulation that will NEVER be enforced.
  4. Basically because I don't understand anyone putting second hand tires on their car. You don't know their history. Unobvious sidewall damage & other possible defects. Top of the line tires can be expensive but some lesser know brands are fine for most driving conditions. At least they are NEW & usually come with some form of gaurantee. As well as brakes & steering, tires are a BIG safety item.
  5. Different stupid for sure. Like Christians, Catholics being baptized. People kissing the Pope's ring. Priests or whoever walking down the aisle waving a smoking tin can. Wearing a cross around ones neck. And that's from a so called educated, civilized culture. Different stupid for sure !!!
  6. Why on earth would you want to buy second hand tires ?
  7. You appear to be taking umbrige to many of the replies. I dunno why, you asked for it. " Now I get off my soapbox and hand over to the trolls."
  8. Not quite right. The turdo will spool, slow down very quickly once the engine is turned off. Leaving a turbo engine running at idle is primarily to let the engine oil cool the turbo to the same temp as the engine. After a lengthy or fast drive the turbo will be much hotter than the engine itself. Sometimes in extrene driving conditions the turbo can be red hot. If the engine is turned off at this point the oil pump ceases to pump oil through engine internals, including turbo. With the turbo's temp so high it can, will crystalize the oil. The result is the oil in the turbo & return pipe to the engine sump becomes a solid mass. Next time the engine is started there's no oil feed to the turbo, oil pipe blocked by crystalized oil. Solid carbon. No oil means no cooling or lubrication to turbo. I agree with your last sentence.
  9. " My original account was with a K Bank branch in Bangkok, we now live in Chiang Mai and if I ever need something changed or updated on my K Bank account ... I have to go to the branch I opened the account at. Never mind we don't live in Bangkok anymore. My wife (Thai) and I both have Bangkok Bank accounts in Chiang Mai, but its the same issue ... anything more than taking or depositing money requires going to the branch the account was opened at. " There is a way around going back to the original branch to close your account. Withdraw all but 20 baht from said account at any branch. Open a new account with your funds at the branch of your choice. With only 20 baht in the account & no action for 6 months or so, you'll get a letter from original branch telling you your account has been closed due to minimal funds on deposit nil transactions. Problem solved.
  10. Many moons ago, (pardon the pun) when I first arrived, I was in a conversation with some reasonably educated Thais about the sky, sun, moon & stars & such. I was trying to explain that many of the stars in the sky died many, many years ago & they were only seeing the light from the dead, extinguished star. How do you think that went ? Falang crazy man.
  11. I very much doubt that any Red Bull sponsored team or individual would have any idea about this cretin or the subject.
  12. " It is interesting what the Brit Emb does " How can anyone, embassy or otherwise, witness you signing a document if you are not signing said document in their presence ? " At least they should be able to do a mail back if it can't be done on the spot. " It's always done on the spot. Takes about 5 minutes max.
  13. Great hotel. English speaking staff. Roof top pool, bar & restaurant. Undercover parking. It's my pick in UT.
  14. I realize this won't solve all the issues, but something I have done & works well. I only receive mail from a few people back in home country. Family, accountant & solicitor. The wife has written our address in Thai & I've sent this to the mail senders back in Oz. The mail addressed in Thai must be seen as important as we haven't missed any since we started doing this.
  15. I might be wrong, but ! I thought the credit card used to purchase the ticket had to be presented at airline counter when checking in ???