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  1. And I just can't understand why people call me a control freak. 555555
  2. Yeah, I'm probably over thinking things. Why would the waters be muddied ? If a friend of my wife in Oz nominates as sponsor, as far as I know, there'd be NO connection to me. Do appreciate your comments & input tho.
  3. Thanks for that. But, my close personal friend will be applying for the visa with same name as me. I'm thinking of having a female friend in Oz nominate as the sponsor. Only a thought at this time. Cheers.
  4. She will only be applying for a tourist visa. Only propose a visit of a few weeks maximum. Wife & my elderly mum (91) would like to meet. We have a very well established home here in LOS & in NO way would ever consider settling in Oz. So no aged pension for her.
  5. "Are you a Lamyai fan?" NO !
  6. Mornin Simple :-) One would think, hope, any such proposal would be grandfathered. Can you imaging the outcry, uproar, if tens of thousands of expats suddenly had their aged pension cut off. For those expats settled overseas and supporting families to have their lives thrown into caos, would be heading down the road to human rights violation. But, I'd never put such ideas past politicians. Yes, for those considering the expat move, I'd be giving such serious thought.
  7. Hi Haso. I agree with what you say. But something else to consider, I think. When my wife applies for an Australian tourist visa she will need a sponsor, me. Even if I don't directly advise Centrelink of my change in circumstances, I will be indirectly advising them via the sponsorship on the tourist visa application. I'm wondering if there's an auto alert to Centrelink from Aussie embassies re such info. Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid.
  8. " Do you know a nice place for families to fish in freshwater around Hua Hin please ? " You could try a bucket, bath tub, water tank. The possibilities are endless. Sorry, I couldn't help it !
  9. Na, I thought I was smarter than I actually am & rushed through the test. Silly ol fart.
  10. I had never ridden or owned a motorbike before coming to Thailand. I gained my license on the second attempt. Didn't get enough questions correct first test. Riding test is a joke. Rode about 200 meters & the official wasn't watching. I'd guess most testing centers are the same. Yes, once you have your license you can ride whatever you like. I was 68 when I took the test. Cheers.
  11. " As for work on the house ive yet to meet a contractor or company that take away any items after doing work for you. In my experience they leave it for you to dispose of." I only incurred this problem once, first & last time. I've had major house reno done as well as concrete driveway & other work over the past few years. When getting quote for any work I stipulate ALL rubbish Must be removed by the workers before they get paid. I have little doubt some of the contractors add a little extra to the bill to cover such cost, if any, but rubbish disposal isn't something I have to do. Just sayin.
  12. Thank you.
  13. " Is it legal as it is?" If you contacted the fire dept as suggested, instead of rambling on here, you'd probably already have your answer. I doubt if any of us members know the legality of Thai fire safety regulations.
  14. I've just resolved my delima. I'll divorce the missus & kick her & the grand kids out. Take in a young hottie to tend my needs, desires. Change from married to retirement extension. Problem solved. Thanks WhyYouTalkMeBad. Have to admit the missus & grand kids not overly impressed though.
  15. Hi Peter. I don't necessarily disagree, but I'd queston that a legitimate aged pension payment is welfare. Cheers..... Mal.