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  1. Good job BIB. Showing more concern for farang's safety that that of fellow Thais. Definitely has his priorities in order.
  2. Good work Sherlock ! " Ms Rattanaporn Polthep " Definitely a farang.
  3. "some very indecent thoughts"... "in my teens and twenties." I'll be burning in the fires of hell for eternity. I'm 69 & still have very indecent thoughts.
  4. Has anyone recently done a Thai Will?

    Last month had my will done for 6,000 baht. Wife had hers done, 4,000 baht. Very easy & convenient.
  5. Quiet island for five young girls.

    Tasmania sounds about right.
  6. Phone numbers minivan Ekamai to Sattahip

    1554 should be stored in your phone beside the Mini Van number.
  7. Chemicals - Where to Buy?

    HomePro sells epoxy. Various brands & sizes. Not sure about the foam. I know HomePro sells the aerosol cans so they might be able to suggest where you can buy the unmixed type.
  8. UFC 217

    True visions channel 680. Telecast starts at 9:30.
  9. Gypsum.

    Evenin all. Some assistance please. I'm trying to buy some gypsum powder, as in for breaking up heavy, clay type ground. My local agricultural outlet has dolomite & lime in stock, however I can't get them to understand gypsum. Can anyone recommend a Thai script name or some way I can try & source. I'm in Sakon Nakhon province. Thanks all in advance.
  10. Not clear to me.What has this story got to do with falangs owning guns ?
  11. Entire body hurting.

    So, you're really worried & has been going on for some months ???? You ask for advice on an open forum ? You haven't been to a doctor ? We must be from different planets.
  12. " I am looking to buy a Ford or a Toyota loaded " Any particular load ? Family ?
  13. Why only in civilized countries ? Maybe if banned totally it would be a small step in the direction of becoming civilized.
  14. What are you on about ? The WORLD is metric, except 2 countries. Nothing to do with the Frogs pushing anything.