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  1. OK guys, make a note of that date, helmets on. On the 26th back to normal...... helmets off.
  2. Snakes

    Most snake bites are the result of cornering a snake and attacking it.
  3. Snakes

    That is not true. They are attracted by prey, shelter and snakes of the opposite gender. However, filth attracts vermin such as rats, which are prey for snakes...... But I am against killing of snakes. And they do not want to be around humans and given the chance will slither off asap.
  4. Not just Turkey. It is the way transfers in a non-domestic currency are required to be made. If you transfer USD then a US based correspondent bank has to be involved. If you transfer EUR then a European correspondent bank has to be involved. (if you want to know more, then look up vostro and nostro accounts in correspondent banks)
  5. Totally. I have done this several times over my life. It is always a huge relief to get rid of stuff, travel light and start again, being ever more selective about what to buy. Tastes, hobbies and (in the case of clothes) body size change. And I want to look forward to tomorrow not sit in a room full of reminders about the past. I do have a selection of photos stored on Google Drive, if I really feel the need. No stuff = FREEDOM! But I know a lot of people utterly anchored to their past and their big pile of stuff.
  6. The tits were already ruptured three years prior to the claimed accident. She's taking the pi55. I do hate the "trippers and fallers" and "mobile phone down the toilet" fraudsters putting everybody's insurance costs up.
  7. I have to admit to making merit a few times along Bintabaht street in Hua Hin.
  8. Nobody voted for Theresa May as Prime Minister.
  9. Prawit says political ban will remain in place

    The Thai road to democracy is as all roads in Thailand, fraught with pot holes, road blocks, diversions, collisions and drivers in the wrong lane going in the wrong direction.
  10. Probably no jail time, nobody was hit.That precedent has already been set. Thais can fire off random shots in public with no prosecution unless somebody stops a piece of lead. And if it is a dog, that is certain jail time.
  11. A few of my random thoughts. This seems like a very fraught issue. If the gf inherits the deceased's share of the company, does she also inherit the signing rights? Which, if the company was set up correctly, would be solely in the deceased's name. There might be presigned undated sales contracts from the Thai shareholders. Just have to fill in the name of the benificiary. Maybe check around for these documents. When I had a company, this is how it was done. You may be able to give control to her through this route. Otherwise standby for a majority takeover, as the 51% Thai owned shares exert their voting rights to assign themselves signature rights. You can only aquire an extra few percent if the existing shareholders are willing to sell. Might find the price has risen. Presumably the Thai shareholders will also have a claim on 51% of the value of the assets in the company. It may even not be possible to transfer the house out of the company wthout paying them. Good luck with this. Keep us informed. There will be more than a few in this situation.
  12. That is not important. It's all about the face. There was an old Chinese woman in Hua Hin many years ago who had an immaculate Benz parked at home. She could not drive.......
  13. Sounds like you had some bad experience. I don't quite understand why there should be a transfer to the name of the executor. Surely that simply increases costs and risks for the estate?
  14. Bank forbids me from sending money home

    It is being defined as a commodity, not a currency. There are now over 1,300 cryptos in existence. https://coinmarketcap.com/14
  15. Bank forbids me from sending money home

    He was probably hoping that he could "look after it" for you.