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  1. Not having a gun, I will not be in the position of having shot someone. Old enough now to back down or hand over the money and walk away.
  2. UK - Paying voluntary NI contributions

    Thanks for the warning. More goalpost shifting, making it all more complicated and leaving people unsure and more insecure about how the thing functions.
  3. Senior monks summoned in temple scam

    Thailand needs a huge bonfire of orange frocks.
  4. UK - Paying voluntary NI contributions

    The problem is that the blundering and incompetent UK adminstration keep faffing around with the rules. IMO they should not do this, as saving for a pension is important and the goalposts should remain clear and achievable throughout a working life. Now it is one helluva mess. And that c0nt Hammond has further murked the waters. If in doubt, read Wiki. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_Pension_(United_Kingdom) I cannot find any inaccuracies. The government website does not seem to have been updated. Usual UK incompetence and "can't be ar5ed" attitude at play. 30 or 35 years? If you are retiring now you need 35 years to get the single tier pension. Previously it was 30 years and before that 44 years. When can you retire? See the wiki. Born before 5th April 1960 you will be 66. After that a weird sliding scale created by a jobsworth moron. Additional contributions? Claim self-employment and pay Class 2. They work out at 155 Quid or so for each year. I could rant on for hours about the utter idiocy being exhibited by the UK administration. They are incompentent fools But I would need to go and get some meds first....
  5. BS. 2 decades in Thailand and I have never felt the slightest desire or need to own or carry a firearm.
  6. Hope the authorities don't shut her down after reading this. The local schools will be losing face big time.
  7. Due to "cultural" considerations http://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/no-entry-for-foreigners-going-to-malaysia-for-beer-fest-and-gay-party
  8. Aah, this is following the usual line of defence, "But I have the corect papers". The question is how were these papers issued? And the answer is usualy a very hefty bung in the right direction.
  9. Send a message to Mr Prayuth. He will put them on the long long list of places to visit.
  10. Where was the source of the cigs and booze? Surely not Malaysia? They have a religious tax making beer way more expensive than in Thailand. Maybe they were being supplied by the duty free shop at for example Sadao, and if that is the case, then the officials working at that border point should be investigated for unusual wealth......
  11. Something to do with making a bit of extra cash, I think you'll find.
  12. Let's run the numbers here. An annual budget of 5 billon over five years is 25 billion for the Buddhist Bandits to manage. They reckon that of this, just 300 million went astray. That is a leakage of only 1.2%. Conclusion. This is the most honest organisation in Thaliand or there are a lot more "unusually rich" Bandits around. They have only scratched the surface.
  13. I also subjectively think that is the case. And I get the impression that fewer girls in the bars are looking for marriage, but prefer to play the short game.
  14. Problem is that they will not get any jail time. 500 Baht each, maximum.
  15. Swiss man rolled by lady boy after Walking Street romp

    Are victims of crime asked permission to have a photograph taken and splashed all over the world's media as a publicity stunt for the BiBs? What happens if I say, "no photo"?