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  1. New law bans infant formula advertising

    Must say I am looking forward to the adverts for the natural product.
  2. If you treat the population like they are children, they will behave like children.
  3. Apparently BBL internet banking allows Thais to send money abroad, a privilege extended to those foreigners with a work permit. Might be worth investigating for the next time around.
  4. Try communism. In terms of book burning and prohibition of unsuitable texts they must be among the biggest bonfire lighters.
  5. Yes, it was a sad day when they stopped having golliwogs on jam jars. The Black and White Minstrel show disappeared as well. Still, the koran is widely accepted as a suitable text, in spite of its totally racist bias.
  6. Apropos, wonder if they are going to erect a statue of Trump. I doubt if there would be any objectors if it got pulled down and demolished. Most people seem to want that done to him anyway.
  7. WOW! That is way more sweeping than what I seen. At least some places are making progress. You must have had a huge budget. Most people only know there is a sister city because the sign on entering the city displays "twinned with ...". Jingoistic nutters like Trump don't help.
  8. The "sister city" scam is simply an opportunity for government officials to take a regular holiday funded by the tax payers. I know it, because my father was one of those running the scam. Every two years off to France and then Germany, the French and the Germans came across in the intervening years. He openly admittted (at least at home) that it was a total jolly.
  9. Not only more sharks, but more of every type of marine life. The water was also much much clearer with pristine corals. And still they keep on building more hotels, putting even more filth into the environment, and at night the fishing boats come into the "no fishing" zone and take whatever they can.
  10. We need more viral clips of these parasites and thugs. A lot more.
  11. With 1500 posts surely you know better than to never, ever get involved in other peoples issues in Thailand?
  12. Is that how these things are meant to be flown, with some weird acrobatic jockey "Superhero" hanging onto the ropes? Guess he must be the safety mechanism. Enjoy your flight, ladies and gentleman, for it may be your last. A least the little kid showed a lot of common sense. "Get me the <deleted> off this!"
  13. Superior accommodation in Soi 6? I doubt it. So that leaves natural beauty, precluding all the nose jobs. To be honest, I don't find the average Thai woman is particularly beautiful. And that is if you can even see their faces, as mostly they are looking into the mobile phone. Sure, there a a number of pretty girls around, but for real sensual feminine beauty it is hard to beat South America. And certainly I much prefer to listen to a South American or a Russian accent than ducks quacking. YMMV......
  14. The religion of peace. 600 murders and 1,000 injured in the south every year for the last twelve years. Four every day.