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  1. I always give my wife a letter allowing her to travel to Thailand with our son. They both have Thai and UK passports. I include a copy of my passport with my letter.
  2. Thais stealing? I don’t believe it.
  3. Never heard of “handbags at dawn”? A Louis Viton, or Hermes bag can inflict serious damage to a nation. ?
  4. It’ll all be on eBay before the cops eat their next breakfast. ?
  5. Trying to pull his head through the eye of his dick! He could probably achieve it, if he took his helmet (the one on his head) off. ?
  6. Yes Cheryl, I knew that he was in Cambodia, but others had commentated before me about moving him to one of the large hospitals in Thailand, where he may get better treatment. Are there any hospitals in Thailand that have specialist centres, that are capable of catheter procedures similar to this? I’ve had several ops on carotid arteries and other procedures on heart, including blood clot removal, also a aorta and bi femoral bypass, but that was in UK, just wondered for the future. ?
  7. khundon

    The risk you take running a RED traffic light

    Pity that “Million miles driven” by Rainyday wasn’t across a few borders several years ago on his way home.
  8. Yes Cheryl, I agree and I never thought that the guy in the OP would be suitable for this procedure, even if he could have access to it. I was merely commenting on your “Not done/doable” part in your post. I should have made it clear in my post, that I was referring to a procedure that is now possible in some countries, like the UK. Not sure if this procedure is available in Thailand, pretty certain it’s not, where this guy is. My apologies. ?
  9. Sheryl, not done/doable? Some blood clots in the brain do dissolve with drugs, or on their own over time and if the clot is in an area of the brain that blood can pass or where blood can divert around the clot and no damage it caused, then fine, leave it there. However, if the clot is in an area that the above is not possible and the clot will cause irreversible damage to brain function, then catheter removal is possible, if the surgeon can access the clot in a reasonable period of time. https://news.sky.com/story/amp/game-changing-stroke-treatment-rolled-out-10833772
  10. If you take Aspirin without first knowing wether the problem is a stroke (blockage) or a bleed within the brain, you could well be doing more harm than good. Aspirin will thin the blood and significantly reduce the ability of the blood to clot. Fine if you have a blockage, not so good if you have a bleed inside the brain. Many symptoms for a blockage (stroke) are the same as for a bleed. Get to a hospital and get a scan first.
  11. khundon

    The risk you take running a RED traffic light

    Rainyday Good bloody riddance, leave and don’t let the door his you up your ass on the way out. The blame lays squarley with the motorcyclist, he ran the red light you fool. Stop deflecting blame on the OP! Any farang getting involved when Thais had already stopped, just complicates matters and if your not first aid trained or a doctor, best thing is stay out of it. As for slowly passing the accident along with many others, that’s normal, or would you park up and wait for the BIB to arrive and try to blame you?
  12. Why would Apple move iPhone production back to the US? Apple don’t even bring their profits back, Billions kept in off shore tax havens.
  13. So, in your opinion, it takes more skill to find and load certain boxes of products onto a pallet in a wharehouse, than to find certain boxes of products on a pallet in a shop, unpacked them and put them on a shelf. Rubbish. Your “Risks to health” won’t fly either.
  14. Much better to get him to a hospital where they can remove the blood clots. I doubt any airline would fly him back to UK whilst the clots remain in his head. They only fly patients who are stable and well enough to travel. He may have insurance who knows, if it will cover the £100k plus to get him home, is another matter. Either way, I wish him luck.
  15. That’s nothing, I sold our Council house for £260K. The Council weren’t happy about that either. ?