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  1. In the real world police powers extend to forcible entry in these circumstances. The Husky looks in bad shape. Neglect or ignorance, not heat, I fear
  2. What would those roadblocks be, may I ask as I haven't used the BKK route in a while
  3. I am pleased to learn of your concern for these unfortunate animals - humane killing, I agree, is bad enough. Please tell m what you propose to do that will help?
  4. I cannot eat Halal due to the unnecessary suffering caused to the animals they choose to eat. I am surprised it's allowed by countries with observed animal cruelty regulations.
  5. Show us the van number - we all have the right to know who the loonies are so that we can avoid them
  6. 3 days training in 2 days - is this a new high speed trend in Thailand?
  7. Thailand and Brunei share insights on education

    I wonder if this turn out to be a lot of help to either party?
  8. pests

    I expected this to be another thread on annoying creatures like My Mate Nate
  9. Let him show us what he considers a 'good' video
  10. He's 30 something - why does he behave like a 10 year old?
  11. There was a saying in my corner of the entertainment business "Never give a Thai a microphone"
  12. Where did you get the 500 baht notes from in the USA?
  13. It's no problem for me - I never go into houses where I would be required to remove my shoes.
  14. I'm sorry to say Nancy that I disagree. The Oxford Dictionaries definition of migrate is - "of a person) move to a new area or country in order to find work or better living conditions." That is, I believe, what you and I have done, regardless of the status our hosts afford us. I really believe that all foreigners moving here should have to pass IELTS, if only to encourage more Thai people to attempt to do so.