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  1. The deadlines up - look forward to learning the solution - who will be reporting on it and when?
  2. Anything so predictable is BORING - let's move on..........................................
  3. Does it suggest anything about thought processes in LOS if she's one of the top 100?
  4. Two excellent responses to the OP. Both correct in their different ways. It spoils my coffee time when I see the space around me being misappropriated.
  5. Same for me!
  6. How is putting another 450 of these things helping ease congestion? Same question if 450 of the existing fleet are deleted. Just playing around the edges and into the hands of the current cowboys. Get A Proper Policy Sorted.
  7. Thanks pg
  8. Rain forest for atmosphere but probably not for food, Origin Cafe just down the road from there, open 7.30 am to 6 pm. Nice people also. Laughing Monkey (not a restaurant but a producer) for bacon & sausage and some fine ready meals. google them to find their location way behind Rimping. pgraham - by 3rd ring road do you mean the 121? if so which side of the 108 is it located, I've heard good things and would like to try there. One more vote for September.
  9. It's neither Grand, nor a Canyon. Why not rename it Death Trap?
  10. and how do they propose to share out any intelligence they collect - on the basis of the most unintelligent get a larger portion?
  11. Ignore them, like most things useless they'll eventually shrivel and blow away.
  12. Dear OP Please tell us what it's like living in Costa Rica.
  13. To help answer the OP's original question- Geriatric Medical Centre PSA + consultation with Urologist, around 1000 bht