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  1. I wonder if this turn out to be a lot of help to either party?
  2. I expected this to be another thread on annoying creatures like My Mate Nate
  3. Let him show us what he considers a 'good' video
  4. He's 30 something - why does he behave like a 10 year old?
  5. There was a saying in my corner of the entertainment business "Never give a Thai a microphone"
  6. Where did you get the 500 baht notes from in the USA?
  7. It's no problem for me - I never go into houses where I would be required to remove my shoes.
  8. I'm sorry to say Nancy that I disagree. The Oxford Dictionaries definition of migrate is - "of a person) move to a new area or country in order to find work or better living conditions." That is, I believe, what you and I have done, regardless of the status our hosts afford us. I really believe that all foreigners moving here should have to pass IELTS, if only to encourage more Thai people to attempt to do so.
  9. Yes, why should not all foreigners migrating to Thailand have to pass IELTS?
  10. I wonder why Citylife has not followed up on this story - isn't that what journalists should do?
  11. and it's Marilyn................
  12. The deadlines up - look forward to learning the solution - who will be reporting on it and when?
  13. Anything so predictable is BORING - let's move on..........................................
  14. Does it suggest anything about thought processes in LOS if she's one of the top 100?