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  1. PM me for more details please
  2. Did I miss this entry for the April 1st gags first time round?
  3. I take the Isuzu to a car wash near home, it's a working vehicle so an odd extra scratch wouldn't matter. When I saw they could deal with that without damage they got the other cars to deal with, but I always wash the Lotus myself.
  4. English spoken?
  5. Drought has never set a fire - people set fires, deliberately or accidentally.
  6. I do not think you should park when children play - take your car/pick up elsewhere.
  7. There must be some really awful places around.............
  8. The video is clearly wrong - how could it be that a Bangkok taxi driver lied?
  9. They expressed their intentions - so go get 'em
  10. The taxi seems not to have noticed the approaching danger either. Of course all taxis are invincible as we well know.
  11. Good news - now go for him
  12. Just back from Laos. Price for most Wats or even places of interest is 3,000 kip for locals 10,000 for foreigners. I could live with that and visited a few spots my Thai friend wanted to see. I haven't visited any location of a similar nature in Thailand for many years and advise our visitors not to. This mature and well meaning decision by the MOT will not change that, rather harden my attitude.
  13. bit of a pun really - images show feet larger than head!
  14. Seen the pictures - I think she's blown the whole thing out of proportion.