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  1. Yeah, he was just doing a 'Steve Bannon' .
  2. Biggest crowd I ever saw in Nathon (in 12 years). But also the biggest traffic jams for 3 days already.
  3. I seem to remember a few stories from e.g. USA where 'evangelists' defrauded people of a lot of money. Many were also caught with drugs and/or being recipients of sex services, male or female. But of course they are forgiven when they 'repent' on TV, and then can go on reeking in shitloads of money.
  4. The irony of it, exactly the same as Thaksin did.
  5. 'Boss' outruns another charge

    Dick Cheney's 'hunting accident' is an even more blatant example.
  6. My Thai partner is very ashamed about such things, she suggested that Thailand (or at least Samui) should be sold to another country, preferably Switzerland, they would ensure good maintenance. .
  7. Just another example that the present government doesn't give a hoot about tackling corruption, unless it serves to remove their (perceived) political foes.
  8. Couldn't right now find the case where several policemen were released on bail after being sentenced to death for murder, 2014 or so. But these should suffice:
  9. Thai police seek Interpol help to find Yingluck

    Best laugh I had for quite some time!
  10. What a pity he didn't just have a few people killed while in office, then he could do a 'Kamnan Poh' and go straight to a luxury ward in hospital.
  11. TOT upgraded my 1.5mbs ADSL to 30/30 fiber 3 month ago, without me asking for it. Same price, free new router, in Nathon. Happy!
  12. Man, 23, surrenders over woman’s death in motel

    Could there be some vital information missing here, neither seizures nor strangulations tend to cause a pool of blood afaik?
  13. Another topic where he wants to turn back the wheel 30/40 years. Military folks can be extremely resistant to any positive change, trying to keep everybody in the dark ages (singer's twerking, internet in general ...).
  14. Not very probable, big brother would have raised hell already if that was the case. Looks more like a mutual agreement with YL being told shut up for a few days.Plus the governement would pay dearly if they made her disappear.
  15. You are attacking posters for giving a 'wrong' emoji, seriously? Disgusting attitude on a forum (couldn't find the vomit emoji)!!! Sent from my ASUS_X008D using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app