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  1. Apparently the bank book is not enough right now, at least not for the border with Malaysia.
  2. To the OP: Carry the 20'000 on you to be on the safe side. I need a new entry stamp for my non-B visa next week, and the visa service I always use demands everybody to have the cash these days. 3 months ago a copy of the bank book was still enough.
  3. Exactly! And are there not some bills still open from Azincourt?
  4. Why so lenient, death penalty would be appropriate,no?
  5. What makes you think a train project has to satisfy primarily tourists and even visa runners? Mind you I am against this useless and overpriced nonsense but for projects that benefit a majority of Thais (and at the same time also tourists).
  6. Smart move to tape the conversation. Lowly police are often placed between a rock and a hard place, their superiors siding with 'supposed' VIPs rather than with their underlings.
  7. Na Muang waterfall where? We have one (actually 2) on Samui, but I guess there are many others with the same name?
  8. Condescending pr... Disclaimer: For anybody who wants to sue me the above is to mean prince.
  9. Which planet are you living on again?
  10. I don't understand the problem. The fishing industry used to insist that they don't employ undocumented migrants.
  11. Now they only have to backtrack on this idiotic law concerning registration of all phone user's fingerprints. Only I fear they will not bow to people's opinion as they bow to big international companies.
  12. The only positive about this rule is that some bar/restaurant/etc. staff will get some well-earned holidays, most have to work through all holidays without proper compensation, unlike all the factory/office/government employees.
  13. Deleted- inappropriate.
  14. Not sure if you're winding me up here. Cut my middle finger about 1 inch deep, right through the nail and further. Sounds like nothing but was bleeding like a pig for one hour, plus the finger looks kinda funny now. Btw the guy was paler than me, at least he was aware what he did. . Plus other damage of course, but I think we're going a bit off-topic here .
  15. Because I was sitting at my workplace outside as usual, and the accident happened 30 meters from there, the car was in my line of sight for 20 minutes. After the accident, while still bleeding profusely, I talked to the man and the shop owner who I know well. Satisfied? Or do you need a picture?