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  1. Don mueang to suvarnabhummi

    You just tell the driver that you will pay the toll fees. Easy really.
  2. Don mueang to suvarnabhummi

    Taxi takes about 30 minutes and will cost about 450 with all the toll fees. Shuttle bus about 1 hour but free.
  3. Donsak Port Surat Thani

    An alternative route would be 417 followed by 420. This uses the airport road which is always busy and a minor rural road but does avoid the town.
  4. Donsak Port Surat Thani

    It avoids Surat completely and all the current roadworks. It also has very little traffic and you can comfortably drive at 160kph.
  5. Donsak Port Surat Thani

    Highway 44 would be the quickest and most straight forward.
  6. Fasttrack

  7. My bank book wasn't asked for.
  8. Your new unique reference code replaces what you entered in the reference code box before.
  9. When I contacted the London branch I was told that everyone must register or future payments will be held up. I also transferred money last week using the old method but I now have my new codes to use next time.
  10. Current address required. See the identity verification attachment in post #8
  11. Received my new reference codes today from BKK bank London along with instructions for transfering funds.
  12. I just spoke to a very helpful lady at Bangkok bank London who agreed to authorise my monthly transfer this month but going forward everyone will need to register or risk their transfer being stopped.
  13. Weather - Terrible forecast

    I remember that well. Many roads were washed away here on the mainland. The authorities have this year just finished the repairs to the road leading to Dat fa waterfall. 6 years later!