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  1. Hope that the young boys will learn and see them in the World Cup
  2. The Thai Immigration Officer don't investigate you, but then the MAIN Immigration Department will send his team to investigate the officers. If any wrongdoing, the officers will face the music.
  3. This is the conversation between the officer and me. There is no problem in Aranyaprathet Immigration exiting and entering back, but then you need to stay overnight in Cambodia or hang around the casino hotels for a night. However, many foreigners misunderstood the statement. If they allow you to do the Visa run on the same day, the officer must write a detailed report why he/she allow you to enter the same day. The main office always sends the investigate to check the work. If they find something wrong, they will face questioning or suspend their duty or transfer them. They also said that every foreigner enter the country, you can enter twice a year only, except Malaysians or Non-Imm visas. It was in the news, the officer said. For people flying "out" or "in" the same day, there is no restriction for all the Non-Imm visas. If the person traveling in and out Thailand very frequent, they always advice ONLY, why don't you apply for Non-Imm visa inside Thailand. Eg, my case is a Non-Imm O (dependent), you can show 400,000 baht in my account for two months. Then you don't need to do a visa run. We want to make sure that you can take care your wife. For Thai man marries to foreigner woman, it is more easy to apply, don't need to show the 400,000 baht.
  4. You can try to see the computer system, then you will see No Entry
  5. The immigration officer spoke to my wife (government officer). He want to help, but can’t do anything. It is their computer system barred one day out-in Thailand, as just implemented by the main office. So everywhere Border is the same. He says that if you fly, it is not a problem to do Visa run.
  6. Last time, I did many times Visa Run within a day, but today I was barred to enter Thailand. The entry from Aran to Poipet - Aran. Eventhough, I got all legal documents to showed to the immigration officer, but then the computer system show “no entry”. He also can’t do anything. The officer asked me to stay in the International Border for a night and tomorrow I can enter back to Thailand. This is is bad experience because I never carry anything except passport, wallet and a phone. No clothes and cleaning up stuffs. Whoever doing a Visa run, better prepare to stay overnight at another country first before return to Thailand.
  7. macgver

    New Directive Bans Expulsion of Pregnant Students

    Thais don't produce enough babies and population of the old ages is more than young ages. Furthermore, there are more LBGT compare with normal genders. Maybe the MOE trying this way to encourage more young people to produce more babies. The government need to come out more benefits and freebies to the young families.
  8. PM Prayut decided to cancel this law
  9. I feel so peaceful and not much noise outskirt of Bangkok. If you feel that it is noisy, better move out from Bangkok. Bangkok is not as worst than India. Try to go to India.
  10. macgver

    Thai universities drop in world rankings

    I am surprised that Ramkhamhaeng University is not in the ranking. In fact, when compared with graduated students from Chulalongkorn and Ramkhamhaeng, Ramkhamhaeng students can perform the work much more better ... they are result-oriented. Chula is hard to get in, but easy to pass the exam. Ram is easy to get in, but very difficult to pass the exam.
  11. The water level at the canal is quite high in Rangsit area
  12. Who are they going to blame this round?
  13. Unbelievable! I feel so safe here.
  14. Guess that the Embassy miss out Article 5 without reading it.