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  1. Dell have agreed to send a courier to pick it up tomorrow and to issue a full refund. So all's well that ends well. Back to the drawing board to select a different high spec replacement!
  2. Thanks for your words of wisdom and good advice Guys! The good thing is that I'm currently in the UK, and therefor enjoy a degree more purchase protection under the law than I would if I was still living in Thailand. The other good thing is that I paid for it with Paypal, and that gives me a further layer of protection, because I can just tell Paypal that the purchase was faulty and get my money back more easily... However I await Dells response to my polite e-mail to their customer support with considerable interest!
  3. I un-boxed my brand new Dell Alienware 17 R3 laptop today. I've been limping on with a 9 year old dell Inspiron 1520 laptop, which takes so long to do anything that I feel I ought to be round the back of it cranking it with a handle. I wanted something with the specs that would play modern, High Spec games, (like "Everyone's gone to the Rapture"). The damn thing won't even start! I have been preparing myself for setting it up for days, finding or renewing all the passwords to all my forums, and other sites, backing up all my files so that I can transfer them to the new one, and whipping myself into a fervor of pleasant anticipation... And I've been sent a Friday afternoon Lemon! I've tried to start it half a dozen times. I either get a frozen start screen, or a blue screen of doom with error code 0xc000001, and a message that my brand new laptop needs to be repaired! Of course it's impossible to get any response from Dell customer services on a Sunday, and I've sent an e-mail to dell explaining the situation. Tomorrow I expect to get a response from some self important Dell tech-head telling me to open it up and mess with it's innards and I won't bloody do it! I'm an complete and total technophobe and have the quaint old fashioned idea that when I spend nearly £1700 quid on a top rated, well reviewed laptop it should function as advertised! I spent extra money on having the RAM upgraded to 16 gig or meg or whatever it is, upgraded the hard drive specs to a 256 SSD + 1 Terabyte "spinning" HD, and to have MS office installed. (That is supposed to have a 25 digit key number to validate it, and I'm damned if I can find that anywhere!). I even invested another £30 odd quid for a nice neoprene carry case (plus P&P which is also bloody expensive!) All in all I'm chewing nails and spitting out rivets! Yes, I've tried to charge up the battery by leaving it plugged into the AC adaptor for the 4 bloody hours that was suggested as the first charging time, and still nothing! All I get is a message on the blue screen of doom telling me: "System Thread Exception Not Handled"! If and when they uplift it and send me one that has been properly tested and actually works I also expect to have the start date of my warranty revised to the day I finally get a functional machine, or am I just whistling in the wind?
  4. OK Boris... Now what's the plan for the future? It's alright, you can come out from under your desk... no one is going to try to hurt you today, Dry your tears, and put the blanket down, Now What's the Plan?... Oh dear... You haven't actually got one have you? You never thought you'd actually win did you? Well get off your fat ass and make a plan quickly... I know it will involve sums and difficult things like that, but if you don't work something out soon the country that you're so proud of will turn on you and take a horrible revenge on you for your idiocy... and no, sucking your thumb won't help!
  5. Words cannot express my Fear and Loathing of what has happened. The very worst elements of our society now feel empowered and will be flexing their muscles. Even the Leave voters who have been so cruelly deceived by the promises of our soon to be dictators will come to rue this day. Britain First will be laughing all the way to the gun shops that will soon be re-opening if the loathsome man Farage has his way. There will be many more Thomas Mairs, and many more victims of hate. Racists and thugs will soon be looking for someone to blame when the golden apples of the sun fail to rain down, and who will they be picking on? Employers will be cutting wages, and turning the clock back to the "Good old days" of mass unemployment, and only the "Right sort of people" will be able to find jobs. The asset stripping of the NHS has already begun, and the carpetbaggers will be moving into the City and the stock market this very morning. A climate of fear, not seen since the great depression and the rise of the Blackshirts, will pervade our society. There will be more Cabal Streets, (alas with no such inspiring results), and any liberal thinkers amongst the judiciary will soon find themselves sidelined and purged. I can only hope that one day the leave voters will understand what they did for their grandchildren yesterday. That they were lied to by people who never had their interests at heart will become apparent all to soon. The NHS will be the first casualty, as Farage took back his false promises within a matter of hours. Be very afraid...
  6. It turns out that she's gone missing in Krabi, not Pattaya. Here's an update from her local paper at home:
  7. One might as well ask why all snakes aren't constrictors... it's an equally effective method of dispatching prey... Or why some lay eggs and some give birth to live young... They took a different route through the fractals of evolution.
  8. Chloral Hydrate... the original Micky Finn.
  9. Has anyone considered the remote possibility that the blonde hair "found" in, on, or near Hannah's hand,and then "lost" again might have been snatched from Sean's head at some time during the clearly physical altercation he had with Mon and the local policeman, either the night that they told him about his impending "suicide" or even earlier? Sean was clearly terrified of them, and seemingly with good cause. That "evidence" would have greatly assisted the case for a grief stricken suicide. In the second draft of the "investigation" this "evidence" was now no longer relevant and was therefore "Lost". I'm not sure exactly how that would fit with the timeline, But Mon would clearly have had the opportunity to contaminate the crime scene, should he have wished to do so, as he "reported" the incident and was photographed there.
  10. It's a small boa constrictor, probably a red tailed boa. These snakes are not dangerous to an adult human being and will usually only attack something that will fit down their throat, like a rat. These snakes kill their prey by constriction and are not poisonous. It looks well used to human contact, so handling it shouldn't be a problem Not native to Thailand, originally from south america, though bred everywhere for the pet trade now. Up to you!
  11. I can only conclude that I'm paying off Karma at a vastly accelerated rate. Susan Ivanova. Babylon 5.

  12. Murg, just picked up on the note you sent about sending a PM. Sorry if this is. Late, but if you happen to be in Bangkok this month, please let me know and we can have a beer or 3. We can compare notes about settling in Thailand.

  13. I wonder if anyone could tell me what the laws are in thailand regarding the ownership and use of paintball guns? If they are legal to possess, I was wondering where could I buy one... Murg