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  1. I couldn't help but to continually think after watching their comments after the meeting that Trump is 100% compromised. There's no doubt about it in my mind.
  2. I just had to take a moment to laugh at people accusing the left of prejudice and intolerance while discussing people harassing a government employee over lying and defending what a policy which more or less breaks down to racism. When Trump shows this hard line stance on immigration, he made sure to mention he wants quality tourists like those from Scandinavia. Talk about projecting... Prejudice and intolerance is practically a republican mantra at this point. But it has nothing to do with heckling SHS at a dinner. She verbally attacks the press every day. If she can't handle verbal attacks while she is out in public, then cry me a river. So long as people aren't violating the law, threatening her life, or physically attacking her, tough cookies.
  3. The fact that so many of his supporters are willing to give him a pass here is insane. Keep in mind what he is refusing to speak about involves at least one (and possibly multiple) foreign governments influencing the U.S. election, and possible collusion of the president himself. And Trump and his campaign members have obstructed, lied, ommitted, and plead guilty to charges already. We know that Trump concocted the false story about the tower meeting. We know he had Russia on his mind when he fired Comey. We know he has demanded information about an investigation into himself from his justice department. And we know he his narrative has changed from no contacts, to incidental contacts, to no collusion, to even if there were collusion its not a crime, to you can't indict a sitting president. That should concern the hell out of every American, and most of the free world. Because if Trump did collude with Russia (and possibly other governments) then a trade was made. A trade which may not be in America's best interests. So when you sit here and try to find ways for him to not be interviewed. To stop this investigation. You are saying that you don't care about any of that.
  4. So long as it doesn't turn to violence I don't see harassing people while they are out in public as a problem. That is the price people pay for supporting and defending these radical policies. She goes out every day and lies to the public. She attacks the press when they press her on subjects. She is worthy of criticism.
  5. I agree with the general sentiment of no child should be caged. But this has become a conservative talking point but it's a false equivalency. That's not to say that Obama doesn't deserved criticism for it either, but they aren't at all the same thing. Politifact covered this earlier in the week: http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2018/jun/19/matt-schlapp/no-donald-trumps-separation-immigrant-families-was/ And their conclusion was:
  6. The crazy bit about this is that after American Airlines told them they would not transport the kids on their airlines, they transported another batch of kids, and lied to the airlines. Promised them that these kids were not kids being separated from their parents, and they only found out once they landed. The whole thing is shady. If these kids are never matched up to their parents, Trump, Miller, Nielsen need to be held personally responsible for it.
  7. If he has committed no crime, and truly wants to clear his name... he should do the interview. He said he would months ago. The only reason for him not to take this interview is if he is in fear of incriminating himself, or if he is such a pathological liar that he knows he can not tell the truth and will commit perjury. Either way, a guy who won't give an interview for those reasons really should not be allowed to run the most powerful nation in the world.
  8. The big problem is that they have been intentionally slowing down access at the border to the point that they are not allowing asylum seekers in. People who have traveled long distances and then get turned away at the border without even hearing their case. Then they cross illegally and become criminals. They are in a desperate situation and the U.S. is legally obligated to listen to their case. This would be the equivalent of making a law informing people they can only eat food from Tops Supermarket. And when they showed up to Tops Supermarket to buy food telling them that tops is full and they can not come in. Then prosecuting starving people who stole a piece of bread or shopped elsewhere.
  9. Just get a passport and proper visas isn't really an option when you are fleeing violence at home. These are largely asylum seekers. Who show up at the border and are told its closed or who basically slow walks people in so nobody is getting in. So basically rather than to abide their responsibility to take in refugees, they close the border. Then when people try to illegally cross it they arrest them and take their kids. But it's not only that. There have been many reports of people who crossed seeking asylum legally, and had their kids separated from them. Forget about the policy or the reasons though. That's irrelevant. What they are doing to these people is cruel and immoral. Some of these people may never see their kids again. These innocent children will be traumatized by this. And it doesn't need to happen. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. They are trying to use the policy to get concessions on tougher immigration regulations, which should concern anyone who wants their Thai families to be able to make it back home with them, as one of the policies they are trying to change is bringing in family members. In essence these kids are political hostages to be used as leverage for Donald Trump to try to get some of his more radical immigration policies and border wall funding through congress. Let that sink in. Because that is what this is. He's doing permanent damage to children, for his own political gain.
  10. Don't fight it. Smoke it.
  11. The luxuries afforded to illegal immigrant children? They are being thrown in cages. If we imprisoned kids for their parents getting in trouble then you'd have a point. In many cases these kids do not have other people here, they only have their parents, who are split from them. If a kids parents go to jail in America they would go into the custody of a family member or guardian, and if all that fails an orphanage or foster care. This is a completely false equivalency. There's no excuse for it. None. There are also numerous reports of asylum seekers who didn't even cross the border illegally also being split from their children. Not to mention legal immigrants who have lived in the country for 20+ years (one guy 50 years recently), who paid taxes, who owned homes, being deported for misdemeanors like jay walking that they had 30 years ago. Or Dreamers who have done nothing wrong, been productive members of society, and have this cloud hanging over them.
  12. Politifact just posted an analysis of the claim that was claimed in here as well that this is no different than what Obama did. The rating is False. http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2018/jun/19/matt-schlapp/no-donald-trumps-separation-immigrant-families-was/
  13. Yeah it's obvious that he has used these kids as political hostages. He created a cruel policy. Tried to blame the democrats. Then tried to blame congress. Aunt Lydia is going out and telling people that this is a nation of laws and this this is a longstanding law. Sessions goes on TV quoting the bible to justify it. Seriously this is some Gileadean nonsense. Trump has shown his hand though. What he wants is for congress to cave in on his immigration reform. He wants the visa lottery system to go away. He wants to do away with provisions that make it easier to get family members into the country. He wants less immigration. And he's using this and DACA to try to bring democrats to the table. That's the underlying truth to this all. And the fact that he's traumatizing innocent children to try to accomplish this tells you everything you need to know about this guy. This is who he is. No empathy. No heart. Just a big massive ego.
  14. No, it's not the same policy that the Obama administration has. It's been condemned by the UN. And no there is no law enforcing this. The democrats didn't do it. Bush didn't do it. This is a Trump policy. Fact checks on this: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2018/may/29/donald-trump/trump-blames-democrat-own-policy-separating-family/ http://www.politifact.com/texas/statements/2018/jun/18/ted-cruz/ted-cruz-says-child-parent-separations-border-tied/ Both tried to make that claim and in both cases it was ruled false. There have also been numerous reports of this happening to legal asylum seekers who had committed no crimes. It is also reported that immigration crossing points have been closed or intentionally slowing down the rates so that lines do not move and people wait for days without ever being given an admission to make their case. Many of those people who have traveled long distances on short money eventually eventually try to cross the border illegally, are caught and their children taken away. I don't care what anyone thinks about immigration, you can't separate these kids from their parents. It's traumatic. It can do irreparable harm to these kids. You have these people like Ann Coulter trying to say these kids caught on audio are child actors... Or Laura Ingraham trying to say that these things are like Summer Camp. It shows a complete lack of empathy.
  15. ... And another year goes by.