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  1. This years tax returns certainly aren't under audit so he can't use that excuse any more.
  2. This is what happens when you have the public vote on something that only the junta could comment on leading up until the vote.
  3. Sure, nothing benefits all citizens, but there are systems in place which benefit people who need it, and then there is the Trump family, benefitting themselves. You don't see the difference between systems that benefit millions of people who need it, and those that benefit a handful who really didn't need it in the first place?
  4. Aren't we always? These aren't programs that are beneficial to citizens. They are things that are beneficial to the Trump family only.
  5. So much potential for corruption in this administration, justified by saying things like Trump won't discuss business with his sons. Or that Ivanka sat in on meetings but was no longer involved in business. From Trump manipulating business on Twitter, to Kellyanne Conway giving ads to Ivanka's business in interviews. Then you have obfuscation and lies like Trump won't accept a salary as president... which has sense changed to he will donate his salary to charity... which means he can use it as a write off, which means the tax payers still have to pay it. And oh let's not forget that Trump has spent 1/3 of his presidency on his own properties, and his wife is living separate from him and also require secret service. Both of these cases help his business because people will pay extra to be some place with access to the first family... but of course it's costing tax payers millions of dollars in both cases.
  6. @pkspeaker: People have responded to those things already, but you keep posting them again and again, and it makes it difficult to read through the thread.
  7. @pkspeaker: Is there any reason you keep posting the same massive links and images in every single post?
  8. It's tough to deny climate change is happening unless you are looking for a reason and reading web sites sponsored by the energy industry. Keep in mind that prior to Pruitt taking control of the EPA Exxon was being sued for their role in trying to cover it up, very similar to what happened with the tobacco industry. With regards to the 97% consensus, that hasn't just been reached in one study, it's been reached in at least 5 separate studies. And a higher (90%+) has been reached in numerous more. The money that goes into creating doubt is from the energy industries that directly benefit from it. The reality is that clean energy is viable. It's viable to invest in it now. And this will create jobs. But you can expect those profiting from oil and coal to fight this for as long as they can. And they have the perfect people in the white house to ensure they milk some profits (at the expense of the environment) over the next few years.
  9. A lot of Americans would support it. It was part of what made Bernie Sanders so popular. The establishment would fight against it, but I don't think it's an impossibility.
  10. Trump promised the moon to voters, who seemed willing to overlook the fact that there was no substance to it. It was based on conspiracy theories and rhetoric, and his health care reform was a great example of that. He focused on what a "disaster" Obamacare was, promised to replace it with "something terrific" and once he was elected it became clear that he had no plan at all for how to fix it. In the end he jumped on Ryan's plan which reduced the number of people covered, reduced the quality of coverage, but managed to give a huge tax break to the top 2%. And when it failed, due to not being able to get the votes from his own party (which holds majority in the house) he blamed it on Democrats (who didn't have the votes to stop it) and now seems to be cheering for Obamacare (which he is sure to not support any improvements to) to fail at the cost of the American people. He's a con man. Always has been, always will be. That last four minutes of Bill Maher's show this week pretty much covers Trump's political career:
  11. It's also been said that Obama wire tapped Trump Tower... People say a lot these days.
  12. It shouldn't have taken much vetting to know that Flynn was a nut. I mean the guy basically said 1.6 billion people were infected by the "vicious cancer" of Islam. That alone should have prevented him from taking that office. the fact that they knew in January that he had lied about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador and still did nothing. And we also now know that Mike Pence was warned about Flynn's Turkish lobbying as well before he took his post. Trump's people don't care about vetting. They care about getting their people into positions of power and then trying to cover up their tracks to keep them there.
  13. They are there at the will of those countries per agreements with those countries.
  14. Exactly. If there was a wire tap it would show there was reasonable cause to put one there. In his effort to distract people from the Russian probes he's not only made himself look ridiculous with yet another unfounded claim (similar to his voter fraud one), but in the event that he was wire tapped, it shows that the FIS court deemed there to be probable cause for the taps which is going to do the exact opposite of what he hopes.
  15. The only thing more predictable than Trump making an outlandish and unfounded claim to try to distract from his own bad press is the fact that his fan base will find ways to defend it. Was Trump Tower wire tapped? Who knows? But if he was it was part of an FBI investigation and it was not something ordered by Obama. Trump seems to lack a basic understanding of the office that he holds.