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  1. Something tells me they will find evidence of this before they ever hold an election... Whether or not it is based on valid evidence of course will be murky.
  2. The market collapsed under Bush... It rebounded massively under Obama.
  3. Comparing the situation of someone from a wealthy country who chooses to retire or travel the world getting a visa to someone who is a refugee, coming from a violent and impoverished area is a good illustrates a complete disconnect. Some people hit the lottery when it comes to where they were born, others get a raw deal. This is tribalism. Nothing more.
  4. There are too many smart people in the world for that to happen. Sure there are a bunch of lemmings who will seek to blame people for all of their woes, and politicians who will capitalize on that. Not everyone hates blindly. The makeup of the right extremists is primarily old white men. How is that sustainable as those guys die out?
  5. Blasey-Ford's testimony very very much credible. Even GOP senators were admitting so. Kavanaugh meanwhile came off as a partisan shill. Blaming the Clinton's and using conspiracy theories. That's how a supreme court judge should act? Lindsey Graham continued his freefall over the past year.
  6. Not one word of this is true.
  7. jcsmith

    The Mexican Grill is good!

    I went there recently. It may not be packed but the food was good. I still prefer the Salsa Kitchen in general but I thought the food here was good and the two have very different styles. The enchiladas and quesadillas were better than the Salsa Kitchen's imo, but hard to touch the Salsa Kitchen's chicken (which is stellar). I'll definitely go again as it's near the house and pretty tasty.
  8. It's amazing to see the backtracking by republican congressman who previously said if Trump fired Sessions he'd be impeached. Now we hear Lindsey Graham (what happened to this guy?) speculating that Trump will get rid of him after the mid-terms. We all know what Trump's intentions are here. And the GOP continues to enable him. Vote these spineless congressman out of office.
  9. I do agree on the pardon. If Trump pardons him now it will be political suicide. But I do bet that is one of his last moves as president will be to pardon him. As you said though, he can't pardon state crimes.
  10. If that's your best response to that mountain of evidence, then there isn't much else to say. All accusations? There is an actual email from Russians to Donald Trump Jr. that was also forwarded to Kushner and others where they clearly state in the email that it is about the Russian Governments effort to aid the Trump campaign and that it was about dirt on Hillary Clinton. After that email he responded, "I love it!" and took the meeting. That isn't accusations. That is pure fact. The Dossier was also funded originally by republicans to get dirt on Trump. Then later taken over by Hillary Clinton.
  11. - He asked Comey to let it go on Flynn (sticking his finger into an investigation of his own administration, and one where he likely ordered Flynn to make the call). - While he can claim he didn't do that, and it would be his word (the word of a pathological liar) against the word of a boyscout... if he didn't ask him to do it why did he ask everyone else in the meeting to leave before asking the question? That bit of information has been corroberated with other people in the meeting. - He fired the man investigating him, and admitted on national television it was over "this Russia thing". - He then reportedly tried to fire Mueller but was stopped by his own lawyers refusing to give the order. - He has repeatedly griped about Sessions recusing himself from the investigation. - He would have fired Sessions if the GOP didn't sternly warn him against it, and instead he's publicly and privately tried to shame him into stepping down. - He's used Devin Nunes to try to impeach Rosenstein for the same reason. He needs to get rid of them so he can get rid of Mueller. Nunes was part of his campaign, and we know he had interactions with the white house when he tried to push the conspiracy theories that they fed him as something he discovered and was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. - He's publicly gone after the people investigating him out of spite. He's smeared them. He fired McCabe hours before he was going to retire. He removed Brennan's security clearance. He's going after Orr currently on Twitter. - He helped concoct the lie about the Tower Meeting then later admitted that it was about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton. About the "perjury trap". It's only a trap if he is untruthful. If he has nothing to hide, answer the questions honestly and he can clear his name. He's obviously not innocent. He's going to lie to try to cover it up. That isn't a perjury trap, that is a guilty man who is afraid to incriminate himself.
  12. The "ridiculous" collusion where he admits his son, son and law, campaign manager, and others met with Russians for the purposes of getting (illegally obtained) dirt on Hillary Clinton? Or where Michael Cohen is reported to have met with Russian officials, claims he never did, but there is reportedly proof that he did? Let's assume for a minute that this is all "ridiculous", and that when Trump's son said, "I love it!" in a response about the "Russian governments efforts to get Donald Trump elected" that the Trump campaign received nothing from the Russians. We'll assume that Kushner, Trump Jr, Manafort, and Flynn took all took that meeting (with Trump just upstairs) with good intentions. We'll make that assumption contrary to the fact that he started talking about the dirt around this time, that the push for it happened the same day that he said on public television, "Russia if you are listening...", and the fact that Papadoupalous had a drunken conversation where he spoke about the Russian government having dirt on Hillary Clinton before it was even known that they did. Let's pretend all of that is just some weird coincidence of a hectic campaign that was incompetent but didn't realize what they were doing. That's a stretch but we'll assume it for now. Even if we assume all of that, you are still left with the following questions: - Why did Flynn phone Kislyak and tell him not to worry about the Obama sanctions that they'd backtrack them after they took right after they were imposed. Then lie about it? - Why when the Trump campaign was told that Flynn was possibly compromised by the Russians, and working as an unregistered foreign agent for Turkey did they take weeks before firing him? And only did so after the news hit the public? - Why would Trump tell everyone else to leave the room to talk to Comey, and then ask him to let it go on Flynn? - Why would Trump fire Comey and admit it was over the Russia investigation on television, if he had nothing to hide? - What is the link between the Alfa Bank server and Trump server? And why did he then hire the Alfa Bank's lawyer into a senior position his administration? This bank is oligarch controlled. - Why were there so many Russian connected individuals at the inauguration? - Why did his administration have amnesia about all of these Russian contacts on their security applications? Kushner for example had to revise his multiple times as different contacts became public? - Why did Trump leak sensitive intelligence from Israel to Russian officials in their visit to the white house? - Why did Trump tell Russian officials on that same white house visit that Comey was fired and shouldn't be a problem any more? - Why has Trump been publicly trying to shame Sessions into stepping down if it is not about the Russia investigation? It clearly is. Could it be because he realizes it will lead all the way to him? - Why did they lie about the purpose of the tower meeting? Trump himself was involved in concocting that lie, originally saying it was about Russian adoptions. They only backtracked after the emails came out where it was impossible to deny as it laid out what it was about and that it was from the Russian government. Then they changed their story to they received no dirt (so only attempted collusion). - Why would Trump continue to refuse that Russia interfered in the election when everyone else thinks this is a given, and Putin has even admitted that they wanted to help Trump get elected? How could he stand on a podium and take Putin's side over his own intelligence community? And then try to backtrack and say "I said would when I meant wouldn't" after the fact. Then after that again start backtracking and seeming unsure of it? - Why did Trump meet all alone with Putin without anyone else? And why does nobody else know what was said in that meeting still today? - Why won't Trump give an interview to clear his name if he is truly innocent? - Why have the bulk of the officials at the top of the Russia investigation been removed from office? Why was Brennan's security clearance removed and he threatened to remove those of others in the investigation? He is targeting the people investigating him specifically. That's without even opening the can of worms that is Devin Nunes. If Trump is truly innocent of these ridiculous charges, then why has he invested so much time into obstructing the investigation? Because he certainly hasn't acted like an innocent man. He's acted like a guilty person who is doing everything in his power to attack the investigators, to stop the investigation, and to paint himself as a victim. If he were innocent he could have sat down with Mueller when he promised to. Told his side of the story and cleared his name.
  13. Not to mention there are additional charges that weren't in this case for Manafort. There is supposedly twice as much evidence in the next trial. He's going to be in prison for a long time.
  14. They've spent FAR more on Trump's trips to his own properties (which he profits from). Where is the corruption from the Mueller team? Where was this concern over length of time when investigating Benghazi? You do realize there have been 32 indictments already and multiple guilty pleas. This is far from a witch hunt. Trump knows that and he's in meltdown mode.
  15. jcsmith

    SURVEY: Is Russia the enemy?

    Russia is not the enemy. Putin is though.