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  1. It's a rich statement. An illegitimate government accuses others of trying to delegitimize it.
  2. If he's just making up stuff then why haven't all those people come out and denied what he has written?
  3. This is surprising. Usually they just wind up falling off buildings, being killed in muggings, or coming up with mysterious illnesses.
  4. It's shameful that Haley would threaten other nations over not supporting a decision which has been hated almost universally except by the Trump supporters in the U.S. (a minority at this point), and Israel.
  5. EU gives up on Thai democracy

    That is such a ridiculous argument. The majority went out and voted for what they wanted previously. In the last election you had goons waiting in lines trying to intimidate people not to vote... and this current regime was put into power by those goons who escaped any sort of prosecution for their actions. The junta rule is not the will of the people. However, we may never know an accurate will of the people at this point because people who speak out are arrested for attitude adjustments, and public gatherings that are not of junta approval are not allowed to happen.
  6. You get your news from somewhere. I live in Thailand as well, there are streams for all the popular news channels. The whole cleanse yourself and accept the will of the people argument is silly. a) The majority of American's did not vote for Donald Trump (though he was legitimately elected, with an assist from Russia) No matter who is in office they are subject to criticism. The reason Trump gets more than others is because he deserves it more than others. He makes ridiculous statements and ridiculous policies and attacks people more than any politician I can think of, often in a very childish way. By your logic everyone should just accept Trump saying or doing whatever he pleases because he is the president. I'm sorry but that is ridiculous.
  7. Lol but I bet you get your news off Fox News. Which means you are getting a small subset of news and is as biased as it comes. When bad news about the Trump administration breaks, Fox barely touches it and instead runs all day segments on, "What about Hillary?" I'd guess they are about as biased as it gets, unless you get to more extreme smaller things like the Young Turks (on the opposite side). Stirring up the swamp? The Trump administration is the swamp. The "tax reform" which raises taxes on poorer Americans to give a massive tax break to the wealthiest is a perfect example of that. The Theresa May comment was confusing considering she it not exactly a Trump ally at this point.
  8. Quite possibly. Time will tell. What we definitely know though is that Pence knew about the foreign agent dealings and lied about it on TV. He was the head of the transition, and the transition team was notified about this fact both from congress, and from Flynn's lawyers himself. Then went out and acted shocked like he had no idea. Trump is the opposite. He's too dumb to cover it up.
  9. Stop parroting fox news. That sounded verbatim. Next up: What about ___? Flynn reportedly called McFarland to give an update to the Trump team (she was his junior so she would have then been passing that to the higher ups) about his call the day that sanctions were applied on Russia. And there were multiple calls on that same day. If he was doing that on the behalf of the Trump team, and they have all repeatedly lied and denied it... it's another nail in the coffin.
  10. Wagging the dog with their own country?
  11. We also know that at least one of those perpetrators wasn't even a muslim. There is no confirmation that any of them are.
  12. This is who is. It's who he has always been, unfortunately a group of middle American's couldn't see it.
  13. Poor really are getting poorer in Thailand

    I know people with bachelor degrees who make less than that.