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  1. But lets just import some people from Africa & get some cultural enrichment.
  2. Bagwain

    Running costs for a pool

    Attached picture of a typical cell. In most cases you don't need to disassemble the cell , just take it off the pipes. Just put a few drops of dish washing liquid in and some water & shake it to get all the fat & oil of the plates.
  3. Bagwain

    Running costs for a pool

    Just creates scum lines in sides of the pool and effects the salt chlorinator cell plates. When the plates are covered in oil they won't produce chlorine. So even self cleaning as most are now, they only "by opposite polarisation", take off calcium buildup. So the cells need cleaning with dish washing liquid at least yearly!
  4. Bagwain

    Running costs for a pool

    8 hours is all you need to run the system. That is of course you have the right size filter & pump. 4 hours in the morning & 4 hours late afternoon. International standards are "1 turnover of pool water every 4 hours for commercial & 6 hours for domestic pools". Water Parks which I am consult to have turnover rates 2/3 hrs. It is difficult to get good sand in Thailand so your best bet is to use recycled plate glass "Eco Clear" Local sand lasts 18 mth, silica sand 7 yrs & "Eco Clear" 15 yrs. There are some very good robots on the market know if you want to go to that expense. They only need to be use at best twice a week if it is a wall climbing one! Eco Clear Brochure.pdf
  5. Bagwain

    Running costs for a pool

    Attached is an article I wrote for a real estate magazine on salt chlorination. I have available technology from Australia that uses Pink Himalayan salt and the system uses 2 active oxygen molecules to sanitise the water. Fantastic for the skin with 89 minerals & no harsh chemicals. Are you looking after your swimming pool.pdf
  6. Bagwain

    What type of pool

    Honestly throwing your money away with these!!
  7. Bagwain

    Sodium Hypochlorite

    Ship - do you mean from overseas? It is freighted around Thailand.
  8. <deleted> You have got to be kidding. That idiot had toooo many times under the cloth of a priest or 2!!!
  9. I have been out of Straya for 13 yrs since last visit & 15 yrs since last tax assessment. I recently got an accountant to search with their system (Doesn't raise any flags) with my TFN to see about a 1800 debt owing to the ATO. It has been written off as "Non Pursuit" He said that if I was to lodge a return it would bring it back to life. My concern was the new law that forbids you from leaving the country if you owe money to family Services ($400 +) which is run by the ATO. I don't but I also heard that the program was being considered for other departments as it is so successful. So far they have recouped 1.8 Billion.
  10. Something wrong with T/V. Every time I want to post a new topic it brings up the last one I did & I have to delete it. To many Thai propeller heads on the staff me thinks!! Anyway - good news for me. The ATO have written off my measly debt!! ?
  11. Speaking to an accountant by phone today & he informed me that the ATO got a windfall from the budget and put on a heap of staff. The agents are getting a hammering of these plebs for small amounts owed to the ATO. Make what you will of this, but doesn't sound good!!
  12. I used my sisters address for a couple of yrs. Now I just don't bother. Non res!!
  13. The guy that paid the big $$$ had already settled serious dollars many yrs before with divorce etc. In the Millions. Children grown up. Wife was pressure by Gov. dept. to lodge a claim. Foo*kin stinks!!!
  14. Also if you don't pay fines for not voting your licence is cancelled and you don't know!!
  15. I met him personally 3 weeks ago. The debt was over 600 K but as they hadn't served him with papers prior, he didn't have to pay all the add on etc. But to this date, it was still the largest paid to Family Services