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  1. After that massive concert please all stand for the anthem. You B'stards, it gonna take me all night to get through that lot
  2. Hombres all, you must have realised by now that I am the slowest poster in the world, indeed a sign of the unexceptional. I envy your life experiences and regret that I didn't get out more, however I was determined to make a million before I reached 80, I achieved this, but it was in Baht, so I am the unusual skint millionaire. Every business I started lasted only 10 years and flopped, now I just mind my own business. Which is more than can be said by people taking the 'p' out of my UK Essex dumb village plod, I'll have you know, he was handpicked for my particular village. Oops. Continuing with my beloved SA theme....
  3. I'm sure I've seen that face on the village police station notice board. I'm not saying why I was in there.
  4. We had a Irish copper in the village, on his first patrol, it was a dark winters night, steaming his bicycle down the steep hill he ploughed into the 5' deep ford..but he was a good friend and I was able to dodge several speed tickets, for the price of a bottle of the amber nectar. Soon after my ex chucked me out, I met a nice young lady at a party, who turned out to be a psychologist. She took me here, and I still haven't recovered... So many different clubs in London, I used to go every night...
  5. Sandy, you're taking the 'p' out of us..'UK a major player in the EU'. Did you mean major payer perhaps? 'As I heard someone say yesterday'.... Brilliant, now we understand your POV.
  6. I only wrote simply what I wrote, I don't understand what you're on about. However, the UK has no auto industry, it just sticks other countries cars together. There is no such thing as an English car. Car overproduction is a world wide problem, based on stupid economics.
  7. The theory is that they govern by consent and execute democracy in accordance with the majority decision. The situation in Europe is worse, either it must listen to the people or collapse. You can't save what the elites mean by "Europe" and also serve The People. There is a fundamental opposition of interests between those two entities.
  8. It'd be nice if you put less speed in yer brekky nosh, I can't keep up wiv yer, and me speekers is steemin.
  9. I say old chap, we of the English upper class are imbued with impeccable taste, but unfortunately, we ain't got no behavior, so you easily make that 99% into 100%.
  10. Fair question oilinki, but the bad days are already here in the UK. The UK economy is based on consumerism and debt. The UK is unable to support itself.
  11. That naughty old Independant has turned the car crisis into an anti-brexit argument. The reality is that for years, no-one is buying new cars, and there are millions of new cars just rotting in acres and acres of land in the UK. Worth a quick Google. I'm afraid I'm partly guilty of upsetting the car industry, I paid 60GBp for mine 15 years ago. The UK economy is the grand deception.
  12. You're on track there Sandy, but I would go further and reform parliament and government. Ending poverty doesn’t seem to be a top priority for British MPs, as only 14 of them showed up to attend a parliamentary debate on the UN report urging the government to address the burning problem. If the debate was about their pay rise, the place would be packed solid. We have a corporatist government, not a democracy.
  13. The insane evil of war. America is perpetually at war. Doubt not, there were UK anti Vietnam war protests.
  14. Bot-speak, that's a fair comment. Let me rephrase: The UK news media is treating people like mushrooms. kept in the dark and fed on sh1t.
  15. Who the <deleted> put all that filf on.. I am dis custard.