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  1. I don't know but if the horses head does get eaten I hope it shows up in the food porn thread.
  2. So two English teachers walk in to a bar one had 3,000 Baht and the other didn't. When they left one had 3,000 and the other didn't.
  3. I guess the real story here is somebody was dumb enough to make a loan to the wrong friend and then dumb enough to ask us if the BIB would enforce it.
  4. Don't you worry this story is at least a 20 page thread by the end.
  5. Why do I get the feeling this story involves two English teachers?
  6. I think it is more because many Thais use Facebook to block out the creepy farang next to them on the subway that annoys some posters. Imagine some old creep leaning over you so close he can read what you are doing on your phone. But I guess I am just being a snowflake.
  7. This thread is the gift that keeps giving. :)
  8. There would be a slight panic and then the guys at MBK would get rich installing mobile vpn on phones. The closest enterprising print shop would get a little side business printing signs that say "we fiks fatebook"
  9. Yes, obviously I was just making a joke.
  10. It's a good thing I was being humorous right?
  11. They should just end this kind of nonsense talk. I have the easiest solution to this and nothing gets banned or blocked. Levy an outrageously high tax on all internet connections whether they are home, Mobile or whatever. When you apply for a connection of any kind you are required to show you have at least 100,000K a month income and at least 3 million in the bank. People with that kind of income and above tend to be good guys anyway and the problem sorts itself out.
  12. Except for the fact that using a VPN to access blocked content is illegal. So your evil plan has already been foiled. :)
  13. I am afraid to give a like on this...
  14. it is readily accessible sometimes if you do a google search and enter from the site from the search. Same principle as circumventing pay walls I guess.
  15. Perhaps they were busy online posting something equally as fascinating as this? We are doing exactly the same thing online right now.