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  1. "Thank You Three Times" ???
  2. What I seen happen around my area is once one bag of trash gets fly tipped anywhere it becomes a recognized tipping point and is soon a pile of garbage. One land owner just round the corner had to put up a barbed wire fence and no tipping signs to stop the locals using his land.
  3. Good luck with finding staff for that. You would finish up paying a lot of people to sleep on the beach 55555
  4. 3BB

    You are absolutely right. 20 minutes after switching Google is in the toilet again. Time to call 3BB.
  5. 3BB

    Hmmmm a speedtest to America is freezing mid test. 555555
  6. 3BB

    OK just switched to Open DNS and Google is back up to speed so this is a DNS issue.
  7. 3BB

    Yes Google is incredibly slow for 2 days now with many timeouts. Other sites are working fine. I am in Bangtao. Odd as I am getting 30+ Mbps on a speedtest.
  8. Maybe they want to clean the lights
  9. Ever hear of UPS ? Problem solved.
  10. Only a matter of time before one of these rockets does serious damage to innocent bystanders. Then and only then will there be a reaction from the authorities.
  11. So which of the many restaurants along that stretch of beach that was "marked out" actually did this. I call BS, the area of land behind the restaurants is being developed, more likely the developers/owners of that land wanted to create a seawall the same as the Best Western. Blatant land grab.
  12. Dealer serviced or done by Somchai ?
  13. With the speed of a striking sloth they sprang into action. Korean try dive where they pose for pictures standing on the coral has done huge damage in this area for many years. Only now is it noticed ?
  14. Are there any advantages to the club if the membership left en masse. Could they be free to develop the real estate as the please ?