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  1. Soupdragon

    Three Phuket Residents Die On Journey To Make Merit

    And that is why there will be more deaths at this place. What he should have said was the accident was caused by the driver driving too fast and he will be held responsible for all the deaths, even if he was one of them. What a harsh words for a terrible accident instead of a 'RIP' for the victims or something like that! Oops, it didn't concerned farangs, so why bother being compassionate.... IDIOTS! Try living here for over a decade and see how your compassion is eroded by the sheer stupidity of road users here.
  2. Soupdragon

    Three Phuket Residents Die On Journey To Make Merit

    Since roads were first made they get slippery when wet. If people haven't worked this out yet then maybe this is just natural selection at work.
  3. Soupdragon

    Urgent Request Blood Ubon

    I contacted the Phuket Regional Blood Centre and asked if they could transport blood to Ubon and the answer was no. Blood donated on Phuket is distributed to Krabi and Phangna only. As stated above A RH- blood is in very short supply and is always needed locally. The blood centre did say that Bangkok should be able to supply blood to Ubon so maybe concentrate your efforts there. Sorry I could not help.
  4. Soupdragon

    Urgent Request Blood Ubon

    I am A RH negative but I am on Phuket. Please let me know if I can donate on Phuket for transport to Ubon.
  5. How many hours per day would you have to spend squatting on the toilet to have any affect on your knees. ??
  6. Soupdragon

    Dsi Targets Phuket Land Encroachers

    What does allegedly encroached mean. Unless the boundaries of the National Park are flexible and shift around over time they either have or have not encroached. Does nobody have a map which clearly shows where the boundaries are ? Call me cynical but it seems if the right people benefit then no investigation finds fault (or is scrapped) but if pesky foreigners are involved then they stand to lose their investment.