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  1. Dealer serviced or done by Somchai ?
  2. With the speed of a striking sloth they sprang into action. Korean try dive where they pose for pictures standing on the coral has done huge damage in this area for many years. Only now is it noticed ?
  3. Are there any advantages to the club if the membership left en masse. Could they be free to develop the real estate as the please ?
  4. Head on collision with a squid ?
  5. Boat staff don't have toes ?
  6. Yes. I understand that pressure was brought to bear and an initial offer of 80K was upped to cover all costs which ran in to several 100K baht.
  7. My friend was one of the survivors from that crash. She left Thailand 2 days ago after a month in the hospital. If the police had interviewed her they could have established that she specifically paid the company to transport her to the border so 'she' could renew her visa. Voila proof. I wonder why the police never thought of that.
  8. Did anyone hear of a case going to court so quickly ? Anyone hear of a huge fine being imposed on a driver ? Meanwhile the victims in hospital have no contact or reassurance from the visa company that their escalating medical bills will be covered. This stinks. Pure PR.
  9. If I am not mistaken the sand is from the beach so surely vendors are renting out the Kings beach. I am not a lawyer but isn't that illegal ?
  10. I'd like to read about that. Could you post a link to your source please.
  11. Yes, but it is a problem that could be easily addressed, if only there was a will to do it.
  12. Could be, but you expect a company rep to be on hand to sort that out. Just a second, I forgot where I am.
  13. Just heard from a friend who was in that van that the hospital will not allow her to transfer to Phuket until she provides her insurance details. Sounds like the van company were not insured.
  14. There is a tropical cyclone forming close to the Andaman Islands but it is expected to track north west. Could well send a decent swell to Phuket, get the board waxed.
  15. Three Navy patrol boats standing off Bang Tao beach this morning ????? EDIT Could be there for the Ironman event.