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  1. Phuket divers blasted for coral damage

    When I worked on the liveaboards I offered a free Peak Performance Bouyancy course to people using digital cameras. The idea was to teach them to think about their position in the water whilst taking pictures. I have so many people concentrating on the photo whilst their fins were dragging over the corals.
  2. Surin Beach vendors call for a management solution

    Does the logic go, if we don't allow people to eat and drink on the beach then we don't need to provide toilets ?
  3. Take a look at how much the Shinawatra family fortune increased over her "rule". More than one billion dollars. There you have your answer why the rice scheme was implemented.
  4. Sharks being fished out of existence in Thai waters

    I worked on Phi Phi and sold dives on a 'see sharks' or your money back guarantee. That sales pitch lasted a year before I had to stop as it started costing me money. The numbers on Phi Phi Ley Wall had plummeted. At that time (2000-2004) every big restaurant on Phi Phi had a shark on ice out front. We tried to stop this and printed fliers explaining what was happening to the local shark populations and handed them out to tourists and put them on trees around the island. A few guys got threatened by restaurant owners and as fast as we put the fliers up they were torn down so we had to stop. Soon the size of the sharks in the restaurants got smaller and smaller until the only ones on display were juveniles but still they didn't stop killing them. Very frustrating.
  5. Much more likely than the "expert" opinion.
  6. Good to see the comprehensive safety training given by the army to those working in this industry has had a lasting effect.
  7. A logical way to follow up would be to inform the vehicle tax office to prevent them taxing the vehicle until the fine is paid. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  8. They have solved this problem, half the cameras have been sold to buy more tickets. Win win, the budget now lasts twice as long.
  9. It appears that the crime is importation not actually vaping. I bought mine in Thailand before they were declared illegal. Where do I stand ?
  10. Safety overhaul 4.0. Next upgrade to 5.0 coming soon.
  11. I think rain stopped play
  12. Will it be safe to park my car in any of the newly liberated parking spaces ?
  13. Yingluck plans to make her own closing statement

    "Thank You Three Times" ???