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  1. That's what I wanted...a fixed term acct...old-school Then I saw the word 'securities' in a questionaire and balked out Need more time to investigate. I put the money in my current account for the time being. Zero English spoken by the two young-ish bank clerks btw
  2. Just deposited some money (1mil) at KTB yesterday I was always using current accounts over the years here and abroad (never had any serious money ) The clerk (zero English) suggested some type of account with 1.5% interest. I agreed and later was given a bilingual survey form to fill. At some point it said 'Are you new to SECURITIES investment'? I said that I don't want to invest in 'securities' I proceeded to switch to an ordinary account.(for the time being) Anyone knows what this thing is about? btw...I know what 'securities' are but how does it play with my account?
  3. Gary...what papers exactly did you have to take to Immigration? I live in my Mrs house but we are not married. Should the tabian baan and her ID copy suffice?
  4. They will laugh at it. Kafkaesque bureaucracy.
  5. Any suggestions on other embassies in the region that don't require one?
  6. my case they go by the book and say that they only certify people who already receive pensions
  7. Hi all Just talked to an agent in Penang in order to get a Non-O visa (ret) Among the usual requirements he asked for proof of retirement (from my embassy) Is it a new rule? To make things worse, my embassy doesn't issue one to non-pensioners Anyone can illuminate me? Newbie on this kind of visa so please be polite
  8. 1991.....20's
  9. Anyone knows if I can change old C$ in BKK?
  10. This 'nice guy' is chargin 2RM for a photocopy that costs 20 sen in town He wanted to 'issue' a fake air ticket for me for a paltry 50 RM...LOL
  11. Self explanatory really. I will be getting a thai license in a couple of months In the meantime, I will be using my international one. Is it 'solid' in case things go pear-shaped?
  12. Model BT-50 Pro..model year a bit iffy..even the manual doesn't mention it 4 and manual shift Dark metallic blue colour....2.2 engine Thanks for the info
  13. Is it fair to assume that only the e-ticket is what they are after? I was never asked for anything over the years btw
  14. Hi all My missus has a Hi-Racer BT-50 (3 yrs old and 32k kms) I'm not sure of what years model it is but she bought it new. Mint condition Any idea how much it could fetch if sold? Thanks