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  1. 2008bangkok

    AIS 1 yr data subscripotion only 1200 baht

    Agreed, this promotion is not for everyone, for me its perfect, im connected to wifi either at work or at home 80% of the time the other 20% im out and about so just need a small speed for browsing and apps, occasional youtube if Im taking the kids to bouncy castle. so even 1 mb is ok. i currently paying 900 a month Dtac 20gb +300 texts + 2 multi sim.
  2. 2008bangkok

    AIS 1 yr data subscripotion only 1200 baht

    What do you mean by "Put into a hotspot" like a dongle? Dont see why not. They also do a 6 month version as well for an incredible 600 baht or 1200 baht for or 1 or 4 so maybe check that first,
  3. 2008bangkok

    AIS 1 yr data subscripotion only 1200 baht

    I think that the 1mb/4mb/6mb unlimited will not slow down. No mention in the T&C's
  4. 2008bangkok

    AIS 1 yr data subscripotion only 1200 baht

    No, I did aswell. I was also sad enough to ring them up and ask about that very question. Your right that link is for new SIM cards but they also have a similar promotion for current customers called maw maw (or similar) only difference I can see is that new sim get the free 24hr calls to AIS customers on the 1mb unlimited. I also got a friend to test to see how youtube would run on 1mb and it runs fine no buffer on 480 and 720 didn't test 1080.
  5. 2008bangkok

    AIS 1 yr data subscripotion only 1200 baht

    WOW, looking further into it, 1mb is great deal and includes free calls to AIS 24hr.. amazing deal. Talk and surf for 1200 baht a year!
  6. 2008bangkok

    AIS 1 yr data subscripotion only 1200 baht

    Didnt realise they all did them, only problem with True on lazada is they look like they all run out 31st Dec so only 6 months.
  7. AIS are doing a great deal where you get 1 yr unlimited data at either 1mb which is 1200 baht for the year or 4mb at 2500 baht for the year. Great deal for those who dont need to watch videos all day.
  8. 2008bangkok

    international roaming

    Download the Dtac calling app, no need for international roaming and calls and sms at local rate over wifi
  9. 2008bangkok

    Curved screen is it a pro or a con?

    Been using Chinese phones for the past 2-3 years. Great price and same specs for a fraction of the price . Currently got a Ulefone power 3 with a battery that got SOT of 12 hours. None of the big boy can compete with that.
  10. Gotta say Im not a fan of Kasikorn banks branch customer service, always rude, will never budge an inch and that is in all of the branches, I tell you a quick story, i was in Mukdahan doing a visa trip which i had travelled from Bangkok, i lost my ATM card so I went to the branch to get a new one.. even after explaining my predicament and showed them my passport, + a valid Kasikorn bank signed credit card they still refused to give me a new card without my bank book.. If it wasn't for the the fact that Kasikorn bank phone service helped me by extended my credit limit on my credit card and i was then able to draw cash on that i would of been screwed. Very unhelpful
  11. I wouldn't matter if it was a male or female that kid of behaviour is disgusting and shouldn't be tolerated at any level, and if the teacher doesn't get fired of this then it just shows dont it. I have 2 kids which unfortunately are in thai schools in bkk albeit better than average ones with a proper english language course ones and had the same happen to my son where they said his hair was to long, i went mad and took my son out of school until the teachers came round the house fully kitted out in traditional thai dress to discuss the matter!!
  12. Another example of thainess, the parents shouldn't have accepted an apology and the person should of been fired on the spot and never to work in a school again. What the military gotta be there for anyway.
  13. 2008bangkok

    Encrypted sim cards

    Would need sim and the service. probably better just using data and use a service like telegram to call people if your that paranoid about people snooping in on your calls.
  14. 2008bangkok

    Sim Card with Internet prices for 1 month

    I think the OP would understand as I left a link Soo they could see the information themselves. Getting late ate why. Otherwise go back to the Troll cave and get some rest
  15. 2008bangkok

    Sim Card with Internet prices for 1 month

    Hello again Mr Angry. Wrong post.