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  1. Have you looked into creating Symlinks from iCloud to NAS?
  2. Well if you are going for speed and cost and you are in the Apple ecosystem then iCloud at 350 baht per month for 2TB cannot be beaten?
  3. Well I wouldn't personally use One drive,. I tried them and uploaded all my images, accidentally had a few of the wife breast feeding the young one, and they emailed me to remove them. Not so much a problem but that means they are scanning all my content and i dont like that!
  4. Encrypted but no password needed .

    I would hazard a guess its storing the password in RAM, probably an Apple feature you dont want, I would also hazard a guess if you restarted the Mac it would ask for password.
  5. Going from iphone to Android - pros and cons?

    I think the actual phone itself is of a higher quality with Iphone but IOS is to restricitve and boring.. So IMHO. 1 Customizations. 2. Using other apps apart from default apps 3. Ability to install apps outside of the Playstore which may be other wise be banned. It is a question that will be never be anwsered.. Just ask yourself ..Who would you prefer to spend the night with 1 white women or 3 black chicks and you have your answer.
  6. Best way to go for up to 6 month cell service?

    You should look at Post paid packages - I use Dtac get some great speeds (around 50+ mark on 4G) and I get 16gb +300 mins call time for 600 baht. Also pay 125 baht extra for a second sim for use in tablet which gives another 1gb but then shares normal data package.
  7. Xiaomi Display Replacement

    I doubt anybody in MBK would have spare screens for Redmi Note 4 would they? This is the problem with the Xiaomi phones if the screen goes your knackered, Iv had to throw a few phones away becuase of this problem.
  8. Xiaomi phones, frame bend at volume keys.

    I always have a case on albeit a hard plastic and not TPU, maybe thats the issue.
  9. Iv had a few Xiaomi phones and every drop the phone the frame bends round by the volume keys/power. It's happened so far on all of them. The obvious thing is not to drop the phone I know but I was wondering if this has happened to anybody else as I know Xiaomi phones are getting popular in this community. Sent from my MI MAX 2 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. The worst thing about this story is the school trying to cover it up, in UK they would of been suspended immediately and maybe expelled if it was proven to be malicious. Over here they couldn't give a rat's ass and are probably more worried what the other parent will say about blaming there idiot kids. Yellow belly....
  11. Samsung S8+ screen replacement

    Didnt they offer a free replacement as pat of there sales pitch?
  12. Help with Samsung Note 5 Screen Replacement

    Im sure pantip in CM would have one for cheap?
  13. Evernote any good > https://omghowto.com/easy-ways-to-create-notes-in-evernote-for-android.html
  14. Well get another job then if you face hardship being a taxi driver!!! Not turning on the meter is illegal in a metered tax. What the taxis are basically saying is "If we cannot charge what we want and rip of customers we cannot live" so in that case let Uber take the fare! It's so engrained in Thai society to rip off westerners by charging more that even officials are trying to find away round it without breaking the law.
  15. New Phone Purchase in Thailand

    Can't go wrong with Xiaomi, IV had 4 of them, current one redmi pro is.solid, been researching extensively and my next phone will be an Xiaomi MI5x around 220 dollars solid battery, great camera and will serve the purpose for the next year or so.