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  1. My personal data being sold

    I think its probably some kind of con to get you to upgrade to the paid version as that version probably can block this. What information could the Service provider actually sell? Most communications to sites which require forms being completed would be encrypted using SSL. And any data selling normally comes from the companies who forms you completed. Sorry con!
  2. Maybe our Thai friends who say "Thai wouldn't do that without provocation should familiarize themselves with this story and video. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1003301-shooting-and-kicking-at-gas-station-mum-tries-to-buy-off-parent-with 10000-baht
  3. My mate is looking for a new visa after finishing works. Where is the best place in Laos, Vietienne or Savannakhet to get a double entry tourist visa. Thanks
  4. I guess it also depends on what the westerner wants out of his life. Do they want a life with a wife who they basically treat like a slave, cook , clean, do all the stuff for them but have absolutely no interest in anything outside of her bubble, no interest in news, current affairs, work, anything outside of Issan life. Of course the Issan wife is happy and doesnt car she does it for the money and the older the better as that means they will die sooner and Issan wifey becomes financially comfortable with nice house and inheritance. Or does the westerner want an intelligent women who is seen as equal, can hold a decent conversation, can discuss news and current affairs and who actually give. I dont know any western country where the husband would give the wives parents money every month.
  5. thaivisaconnect

    Same for me
  6. VPN on a tethered computer

    I dont think you will ever get it running to be honest, when you tether you are using 2 different networks at the same time, wifi and cellular data. The only option you got is to try and tether using a USB cable and then VPN using the cellular connection, that may work.
  7. Zuk z2 Pro in Thailand

    i dont think they going to drop that much, Gearbest are selling them for less than 9k, thats madness for those specs.
  8. Zuk z2 Pro in Thailand

    Looks a great phone for the money though, reviews are very positive.
  9. Bit stange, wonder what the police think he has done!
  10. AIS: email to MMS service

    Why dont you just create a second gmail account and then forward certain emails from first account to second account and then set up email account on phone using only second account. http://www.tomjepson.co.uk/how-to-auto-forward-specific-emails-in-gmail/
  11. Ikea Monthly Sale?

    Does anyone know if Ikea has a sale on the last day of every month? I want to go down there from Udon this week but the wife is saying to wait until the end of month as there is always a sale on. I fear she might be pulling a fast one on me because she cant be fannied to go this week. Anyone have any idea? True or not?
  12. Son charged with hiding mother’s body 

    Thats a shame, bloke was so poor he couldn't even afford to bury his own mother and probably couldn't ask anybody else either! Sad.
  13. I heard of a source that Apple are looking to release an Iphone with Oreo on it to test the water. Anybody else heard this because if its true Im in.
  14. KBank Shopping Card refund

    I sent a mate some money using Paypal straight from my Kbank shopping card, unfortunately as Im an idiot and got his email wrong I had to request to cancel the payment and resend again using the correct email address. However typical BS, even though it took them 1 minute to take the payment from my Kbank Shopping card it will take them 30 days to refund it. But I seem to remember reading about issues relating to refunding as its a Virtual card, has anybody ever successfully had a refund to shopping card. Finally are there any banks that supply a Debit card that actually works on the internet without the need for virtual cards etc.
  15. Youtube Offline

    Not sure what is going on, I just tested it by downloading a video, turning off wifi and data and can watch it fine offline