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  1. Slip

    teatime tv (2)

    I honestly thought it was said with humourous intent.
  2. I wasn't making an accusation against you dear Riclag: It was just that a couple of the choice quotes in the article such as: "Democrats have done an excellent job of trashing Trump’s policies, issuing hysterical alarms over the supposed dangers of deregulation (toxic water, foul air!) and vilifying the GOP tax bill." and "Democrats are terrified that the tax cuts will be a pleasant surprise to those who believed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) when she called the bill Armageddon" got me to wondering 'who on earth is this writing for The Hill?' so I checked- I was wrong to say Fox reporter- I should have said Fox columnist.
  3. I find it odd that the fox news reporter who wrote the blatantly biased opinion-piece in the hill quotes that, seeing as it was written 6 months ago. It seems rather dishonest reporting to me.
  4. Yet another example of how the GOP under the guidance of Trump have no basis on which to manage the US on behalf of its people. It is wearing to be sickened so on a daily basis.
  5. No- I said "...throwing insults at vets like your hero." If you honestly can't work out how you have misunderstood, then there is no point in continuing any discussion with you, as you clearly can't or won't understand it. This is exactly what you did to another poster whose meaning was equally clear to me, which was what made me comment in the 1st place.
  6. It is your repeated apparent inability to understand basic English that leaves me thinking you are trolling. Perhaps it is just that English is not you first language, in which case I apologise.
  7. The implication of stevenl's post is quite clear. While you may not be throwing insults at vets like your hero, you are trolling the board.
  8. Also a thank you from me Jenny. At the moment I'm doing a course from UCL which is surprisingly in-depth. It sounds like the same sort of setup- you can study for free, but 50 notes for the certificate. https://www.coursera.org/learn/esl-reading/home/welcome BrianP you can also attend the nationwide seminars arranged by the text book publishers frequently, but I warn you they are of little actual value.
  9. It isn't the same Thaibeachlovers- in fact it works the opposite way. If I were to block you on here in the same way, you would not be able to see, react, or reply to my posts, rather than me yours.
  10. PSA as there is a purveyor of fake news in the house: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/x22-report/
  11. If you are desperate and in immediate trouble you don't necessarily have much choice. Som nam na Hortons.
  12. I can understand your frustration at lunatic Trump, but I think if he can be removed peace can prevail.
  13. This has been pissing me off a little bit for some time here on TV. RWNJs coming out with monikers like 'slag, slut, whore, hooker' etc, while the people they champion are not only distasteful but actually criminal. At least they have restricted their racial hatred to concepts as opposed to slurs and hate speech for the most part (so far).
  14. You may have forgotten the absolute co-operation, nay deference, of Trump and his cult.