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  1. Serial Dutch pedophile arrested in Hua Hin

    How is that racism working out for you? Pedos, serial killers (and to a lesser extent, even mass shooters) are common in every race and culture. What is it about your own makeup that makes you think it is OK to judge people by the colour of their skin?
  2. Sweeping up elephant dung is massively inefficient. He should be made to catch it directly from the source.
  3. Got a virus, need help.

    I'm kicking myself. My assumption was of course that 'a user' would know this, but I am entirely wrong in that. Full marks to you Peterw42 and 0 to me.
  4. Got a virus, need help.

    Yes, thanks Maxpower- I missed this. This problem lives through a clean install?
  5. Got a virus, need help.

    PUPs are not necessarily a huge problem. I see you have some other advice here, so will leave you to follow up on that. If it doesn't work we can always revisit.
  6. Got a virus, need help.

    Please post a report from MWB.
  7. Got a virus, need help.

    Do a quick scan with malware bytes and post what it picks up. https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/
  8. Sessions is a full on swamp dweller. My hope now is for him to be the very first to fall to the forces of truth and justice, and then the first to find a new lover on the inside. Trump and co can wait for a few months as long as he is no longer POTUS.
  9. You take the prize for the week. Are you aware of the public school education system in the UK, and of Shrewsbury's position therein?
  10. I found out today that the salary cap at our place has been dropped a third. They have a number of teachers who have been there for about 15 years, but I don't see how they will be able to do that in the future. They either have no concept of how remuneration, benefits and conditions affect supply or they don't care. This is one of the better establishments upcountry. I really disagree with your comment I'm afraid. There are few degreed NES around nowadays. 7 years ago 75% of teachers at my place were NES, today that has dropped to less than 20% I must dispute that too, sorry- I am grandfathered and I did that at a private OBEC school.
  11. Putin is doing his country proud, and impartial observers may feel compelled to give him kudos for it. I would hate to be a US citizen now. They are being trolled and punked by their own leadership.
  12. Good lord. Talking of grips, some posters here need to get one.
  13. That really isn't the case. Here is an unrolled tweet that is under 24 hours old. If you check out the writer and his network you will see that there are a lot of people who are still talking about impeachment extremely seriously. https://tttthreads.com/thread/929800331453784064
  14. Do you use twitter? It's full of redneck battfacked plumbers and otherwise.
  15. Yeah you should definitely rant on about Tipper Gore, Schwarzennegger and Reagan a bit more. In no way does it make you look ridiculous.