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  1. Prawit has two weeks to clarify 25 pricey watches

    Just what/why exactly does anyone NEED 25 watches??? If I had 25 watches, I wouldn't even know what to do with them. Unless of course, I didn't really care about the watches themselves, but just considered their value to be a nice little supplement to my Army/government pension courtesy of whomever provided them....
  2. I think/hope I'm right about that... The U.S. EPA website I linked to above will calculate the values either way... actual measurement to AQI, or, AQI to actual measurement with the two different tabs on that webpage. From what I could gather in reading the EPA website yesterday on the AQI stuff, they wanted to have a standardized values chart where the same AQI values meant the same thing for each of the four or five different main pollutants that are monitored as standard. So obviously, the numeric measurement numbers for PM2.5, PM10, ozone, suphur etc are going to be all over the map because they're different kinds of substances with different measurements. But by converting the values for each pollutant to a standardized AQI value, it means that, for example, a 151 AQI value is going to be the trigger point for an unhealthy for all warning, regardless of the pollutant. At least in the U.S., from what I read, it seems like they take the highest AQI value for a particular day for whatever the highest value pollutant is that day, and then that becomes the official AQI reading and advisory level for that day. Here in Thailand, the highest values on the AQI scale seem to pretty regularly come from the PM2.5 reading. So that value tends to set the overall AQI value each day for locations.
  3. If I understand these things right, a 55 micrograms per cubic liter reading for PM2.5, if that was an average over 24 hours, works out to about a 151 AQI index number for PM2.5, which is the trigger number for a unhealthy for all rating. Gotta remember to keep distinct and separate the actual PM2.5 measurement readings vs what those translate into on the AQI scale. https://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.calculator Here's what the official AQI index numbers for CM City Hall have been over the past 48 hours, low of 114 and high of 163. And the large 137 number being as of 10 am Weds/today. Seems to show the worst times for PM2.5 there (the red color bars on the graphic below) start around 6 pm (18 hours on the scale) and continue past midnight.
  4. Can True Sim Cards Work with Any Android?

    I'm pretty sure, True Move H is transmitting their 3G and LTE signals on more than just 2100 MHz...
  5. SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    Yikes.... Considering the source, I'd be inclined to NOT believe almost anything she has to say. But as regards to Pence, if I were a betting man, I'd probably bet she's accurately portraying his peculiarities....
  6. SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    I must have missed something in the news, Jing... What the Amarosa thing about?
  7. SURVEY: Do you want Trump to finish his first term?

    So basically, you'd be trading a non-religious nutter for a very religious nutter.... That's a hard choice to make. But, Trump is so odious, it might actually be for the best.
  8. PM 2.5 supposedly is smaller than can be seen by the naked human eye. Normal house dust that you see on surfaces is a different, larger kind of particulate. From the U.S. EPA: See the description under PM 2.5 where it says those particles can only be directly seen under a microscope.
  9. AFAIK, the rules can vary quite a bit from courier to courier... Pays to check with the specific carrier you're planning to use. But in general, yes, the restrictions tend to be tough on batteries that are loose or being shipped alone, vs. batteries that are pre-installed in things like tablets or laptops. I've shipped both tablets and laptops from the U.S. to Thailand using USPS, and the built-in batteries were not a problem. But when I wanted to buy and ship a solo replacement lithium ion cell phone battery, I basically couldn't find any carrier willing to do it for a reasonable price.
  10. What sensor did you buy, and where did you buy it from?
  11. Can True Sim Cards Work with Any Android?

    Samsung phones tend to have a pretty broad range of frequency bands built into their hardware. Moreso on their medium to expensive new models, perhaps less so on their very cheapest models. But it's correct that the important thing is to check and make sure that whatever phone you intend to buy, in particular, has the various 3G and especially 4G/LTE bands that match those used by True, if that's the carrier you intend to use. You should check with True on that, but I think the most common 4G/LTE bands in use in Thailand these days are 1800, 2100 and 850 MHz, along with a few others currently used to a lesser extent. I think 850 and 2100 are also pretty common for the 3G bands, although keep in mind, 3G and 4G/LTE are separate services with separate bands, not interchangeable. In other words, just because your phone supports 2100 MHz 3G doesn't mean it automatically also supports 2100 MHz 4G/LTE. You need to look at each service and supported bands separately. The size of the SIM card is a lesser issue because, these days, most of the carriers offer the SIM cards that can be snapped down to the various sizes, micro or nano. But yes, there also are SIM adapter kits that would allow you to take a nano SIM and use it in a phone with a full size SIM slot.
  12. The key detail that Mattd and a few others are leaving out, when they talk about importing laptops and only paying 7% VAT, is WHAT SPECIFIC shipping method were they or others using in those cases? When people talk about going to their local Post Office to pick up a package, it's obviously NOT coming via FedEx or DHL, since both of them deliver directly to your door. The packages being picked up at the Post Office here are either coming via airmail or via USPS Priority or Express Mail. I believe it's still ok to ship laptops with built-in lithium ion batteries via USPS.... The problem with Thai Customs, particularly when you go thru their routes with FedEx or DHL, is they sometimes make "creative" decisions on how to assess the tax and duty owed. And they don't necessarily value your purchase at what you actually paid, but instead, on what they think the value is of what you purchased. There's a lot less of that kind of monkey business that goes on with airmail or USPS packages that get routed thru ThaiPost.
  13. IV Sedation dentistry advice

    There really wasn't very many places offered thus far in the thread in terms of confirmed dentistry locations that offer IV sedation or similar. Just some suggestions of places to inquire of. For example, I had a tooth pulled at Bangkok Dental Hospital, which really is just a large clinic, about a year back and inquired at the time about whether the extraction could be done under some form of sedation. And the answer was no, only local injection anesthetic.
  14. IV Sedation dentistry advice

    No mention of where/what the OP ended up doing for his dental needs???
  15. The British taking inspiration from the French? What has the world come to!!!