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  1. I used to watch Saturday Night Live for amusement. Now I just read these submarine threads instead.
  2. Bangkok Bank doesn't show you the commission they take on incoming international funds transfers. They just take it out of your incoming funds -- unless you specifically ask them to give/show you a detailed breakdown of the transaction. You're paying the commission, whether you realize it or not. http://www.bangkokbank.com/BangkokBank/PersonalBanking/DailyBanking/TransferingFunds/TransferringIntoThailand/Pages/InwardFAQs.aspx
  3. It's no true value if they keep a customer's price basically the same, but decimate their international programming content as they've done during the past year. But it's worse when they decimate their international programming as they've done, and then turn around and try to pass along any kind of price increase.
  4. Indeed, when the "techs" do the install, if they don't do the correct job of handling the AC piping, you certainly could end up with an AC system that's slowly leaking freon.
  5. Re the OP's original question, it's been my experience that different Thai ISPs respond differently to the use of VPN services. It's been my experience that both True and 3BB in general will tend to show IMPROVED international performance when using a good VPN. AIS fiber doesn't seem to show any improvement, but still gets good performance without it. And unfortunately, I can't speak to the local TMN ISP in Pattaya referenced by the OP.
  6. Promises... Promises.... Talk is cheap, and government/police "inactive posts" are seemingly limitless. Judge me on what I do, not what I say.
  7. When I think of the current headline: Underage sex scandal rocks quiet northeastern town I can't help but thinking, it ought to read instead: Underage sex scandal rocks RTP But it won't, will it....
  8. One of the more interesting analogies I can recall reading here...
  9. Nahhh... It's more John Travolta style... But bottom line: once I made the DNS changes and switched out of Opera and back to using Firefox as my browser with VPN, the Thai language Google web pages went away. Just told ole' EN now... again.
  10. More weirdness.... I went in, and changed the DNS settings on my wifi router that runs VPN, and on my PC and its networks all to standard Google DNS servers (8888 and 8844) instead of automatic. Tested it, and flushed DNS cache. Then connected my US VPN. Did the same "Google" entry in the Opera browser search bar, and got a Thai language search results page. Changed nothing, but then switched to Firefox browser on my PC, did the same "Google" entry in the Firefox browser's search bar, and got an ENGLISH language search results page. So perhaps, the time when I started seeing the Google page results in Thai was when I switched to using the Opera browser from Firefox a few months because, because Firefox was stalling/crashing due to insufficient RAM on my desktop PC. But last weekend, I upgraded the RAM, and so now I hope I'm OK to go back to using Firefox. I understand that Opera is based on Chrome. So perhaps there's something else somewhere leaking out of Opera (even with WebRTC disabled) and Chrome that doesn't leak out in Firefox. Hmmmm....
  11. BTW, Revolut on their help pages has a good explanation of what is officially called Dynamic Currency Conversion (when the ATM asks you if you want to see the withdrawal amount in your home country currency), and why you ALWAYS want to avoid that and click NO in response to the ATM prompt. Always stay strictly in THB.
  12. In years of living here, and dealing with international banking issues, I've learned well over time to be very skeptical of the claims made by any private company foreign exchange transfer services. Because usually, they're not all they seem to be. In the case of Revolut, they're promising to use "the real exchange rate," whatever that means, I don't know. But here's exactly how it works out with them. As of today 4/27, Revolut is offering an exchange rate for US $ to Thai baht of 34.0613. By comparison, the VISA networks USA site for 4/27 has a US$ to THB exchange rate of 34.38, which is about 1% better. MC won't post their 4/27 rates for another 12 hours or so, but their 4/26 rate was 34.49. And then, on the receiving end, for any incoming international bank transfer, the Thai bank is typically going to charge a commission of 0.25% of your transfer, minimum 200 baht and maximum 500 baht -- even though those charges typically are not listed as line items in your online banking register. So, all in all, not too bad for a private transfer service. Paypal, Western Union, Moneygram and others similar take a whole lot more than 1% out of your funds via fees and/lower exchange rates. But still, you do need to figure in getting a 1% lower exchange rate and the Thai bank transfer commission into your calculations.
  13. And he wasn't just convicted of two prior rapes in general. He was convicted of two prior rapes of his prior taxi passengers!!! And the taxi company still allowed the guy to be driving and apparently never submitted his info to the Depart of Land Transport for background checking.
  14. Wow!!! The good officers at Thai DLT really know how to hit violators hard... all of a 3000 baht fine for the offending taxi company. That's one that they're going to remember for a good long time... laughing all the way.... And people wonder why so many people and businesses here fail to follow the various laws.... Here's why in a nutshell.
  15. I tried it again after specifically disabling WebRTC via an Opera browser extension. And followed all the prior steps I mentioned above. But something is still leaking thru. MY IP shows as U.S. But when I type just "Google" in the browser search bar (and not signed into any Google account), the Thai version of Google search comes up. Maybe I need to try with a different version browser other than Opera, and see if that makes any difference. It's strange, I never used to get the Thai language Google search page in the past when using a U.S. IP address, but that started changing some months back, and recently I get that TH language Google page all the time, no matter what kind of connection I have. Not sure what changed along the way to cause that.