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  1. Thai English Translator App

    I think the link you posted is for their EN-Chinese translator. The TH-EN app appears to be here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tpk.voictranslator
  2. What????? Thai police complicit in criminal activity??? Helping an accused flee the country??? Surely he jests. After all, we're talking about the Royal Thai Police here!!! It's simply not possible!
  3. Here's an interesting U.S. News and World Report article on the climate change related impacts on coastal southern states such as Texas and others. These areas are those that some budget minded expats might be considering. But the future climate and natural disaster outlook there seems bleak. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/articles/2017-09-22/what-harvey-revealed-about-climate-change-in-the-south And I had been thinking of somewhere in Texas as a possible future landing spot... [I mean, before the latest massive hurricane Harvey there -- not just until after reading this article.] http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/hurricane-harvey-flooding-earth-sink-texas-houston-water-weight-crust-natural-disaster-a7958601.html
  4. 6.5 million yaba pills, 10kg of ‘ice’ seized in two raids

    I'd like to install trackers on some of the seized drug packages shown for display at the news conference, and see what becomes of the seized drugs after the cameras have gone away.
  5. Big thanks to The Nation for not disclosing what bus company was operating this bus. Afterall, why would anyone want to know what bus left a 2 km trail of destruction and had its bus driver flee the scene of a fatal crash.
  6. I'm assuming you're alluding to the news reports that Kim supposedly had some of his cohorts who fell into disfavor be executed by cannon/artillery fire. A rather unique North Korean take on executions.
  7. I'd also point out, the headline on the article is more than a bit misleading: If I were a Japanese sadist, I'd be a bit miffed, because sex in the shower wasn't part of my deal. The sex in the shower part, alleged as rape, belonged to a Thai perpetrator, not Japanese.
  8. I wasn't trying to argue what occurred in this case was right. Obviously it wasn't, and there were various illegalities involved. I was only pointing out, at least based on the news report, it's not clear that the trio ever got to the point of being "bar-fined" at the club. Only the one comment reported from one of the young women. Also of note, no mention in the article of any action being taken against the club. And if underage prostitution could actually be proven there, they too should have been in hot water.
  9. Miss Teen ‘Amy’ tense after first night in prison

    And I'm sure a darned tasty bowl of rice it was!!! I hope she really likes rice, because I'm sure she'll be getting it on a daily basis for quite a while to come. Probably the bad leftover rice stocks that the government can't/won't sell on the open market.
  10. Sharp tax hike on alcohol and tobacco effective immediately

    Checked my tracking beer lists again tonight with the online stores for Tops, Tesco and Villa markets. Still no retail pricing changes for those outlets vs their prices before the new tax rates went into effect.
  11. The province health director says he is powerless to do anything about prostitutes with HIV knowingly engaging in unprotected sex with clients? For starters, isn't prostitution illegal in Thailand? I don't know about Thai law on this, but in other countries, it's a crime to knowingly/deliberately expose others to HIV/AIDS. Here, police routinely seem able to come up with ways to enforce/interpret laws that suits their purpose/desires...
  12. 2017 Retirement Extension at Chaengwattana BKK

    The two or three misc forms at CW have been standard for a long time. And as you said, the familiar two about rules and overstays were there for my last visit. The third form, as best as I recall, was a long one and may have been a different one from in the past. I queried the officer about it via my wife, and basically, she just wanted me to sign at the bottom and leave everything else blank. I read thru it quickly, didn't see anything problematic, so just signed and gave it back to the officer. Honestly, I don't remember it saying anything about my landlord, but it might have. Don't recall that specifically. In any event, I wasn't asked for anything in connection with that.
  13. 2017 Retirement Extension at Chaengwattana BKK

    I did mine last month at CW, and have never been asked about that in all my years here and doing retirement extensions at CW. I'm a renter, BTW. I always bring a copy of my current lease with me, just in case. But never been asked to show that either.
  14. Yes, it must be terrible to bring actual historical facts into the discussion, instead of unfounded and ill-informed opinions.