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  1. TallGuyJohninBKK

    DANITAS Tortillas! I Love You Too Much! ~(˘▾˘~)

    But, they seem to be selling the somewhat smaller 8-9 inch flour tortilla 10-pack from Danitas for just 88 baht, which makes the 10 inch pricing kind of crazy too. But, Makro apparently has had their 12 in version at times -- which I've never seen in any other store that I can recall -- for 235b. Perhaps the larger sizes are overpriced because those are the ones used by restaurants and so there's greater demand for those particular products vs. the smaller ones.
  2. TallGuyJohninBKK

    DANITAS Tortillas! I Love You Too Much! ~(˘▾˘~)

    I believe that's the price they've been in Villa for some time, the 10 inch size. I stopped buying and using them lately when I noticed that just one of their 10 in flour tortillas has almost 500 mg of sodium, 20% of your daily recommended allowance for sodium just in the one plain flour tortilla. to me, that's CRAZY! The first photo shows the per tortilla nutrition info. The second photo of the front of the package, for some reason, shows the nutrition values for the entire package of 10 tortillas.
  3. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Fiber Optic Router Replace???? Help!!!

    Thanks for the tip about that software. Very useful and interesting, hadn't heard of it before. Unfortunately, my ASUS AC router (RT-ACRH13 / RT-AC58U) is of the Qualcomm variety, not the Broadcom variety, and thus as best as I can tell isn't running Merlin firmware and isn't compatible with this software.
  4. I believe Trump tends to draw a distinction between his kind of immigrant, the white skinned types including those partial to KKK politics like his father, and the brown and black skinned kinds, who are in his view animals, criminals, rapists, come from "sh**hole" countries, etc etc.
  5. They got the drugs... That's all they wanted/needed....
  6. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Fiber Optic Router Replace???? Help!!!

    The reason I keep the 3BB router wifi running alongside that of my own Asus AC router is to enable two simultaneous wifi data connection options at home -- one with a local Thai IP address, and the other with a foreign VPN IP address. Thus making it easy to choose between the two just via different wifi connection.
  7. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Government fast tracks personal data law

    I hope someone alerts Thai Immigration about this, since they've been one of the worst offenders about this in the past!
  8. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Former outstanding cop arrested in Bangkok on drug charges

    Well, it's clear from the accounts in the OP article that this guy really was an outstanding Thai policeman... Quite a stash the guy had accumulated there in his crib.
  9. Yes, and all of us might well wonder just where those "civil service documents" came from or by whom they were stamped/signed off on?
  10. So that's why there were all the various female blondes in the photo the other day of Joke's latest foreigners roundup. It was a curious change of pace for the Big Joker, since most of his past roundups had involved those of the dark or darker skinned varieties.
  11. Where there's an illegal buck to be made here, there's some local or locals willing to make it. No shortage of willing takers for pretty much anything with a payday.
  12. Before the real hitting started, was somebody hitting on someone else's boy or girl friend???
  13. Democracy and electing one's chosen elected officials is a b**ch, isn't it? But at least your so-called liberals in the LA and SF Bay area weren't elected as a result of an insidious campaign of false news, smears and misinformation perpetrated against the American people by Russia and its hackers, false Facebook accounts and propaganda efforts -- unlike our current "president" and Putin pal Trump.
  14. Here's a Los Angeles Times report from last month that illustrates why some reasonable thinking people are reluctant to provide cooperation with the federal immigration authorities these days: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-citizens-ice-20180427-htmlstory.html But, the broader reason for the non-cooperate policy in CA and other places -- whether anyone agrees with it or not -- is many law enforcement officials hold the view that they NEED the help and cooperation of the legal and illegal immigrant community to report on crimes and assist local law enforcement. And they're simply not going to get that cooperation and support, including witness testimony in court cases, from law abiding residents if those people are fearing that any time they contact the police or come in contact with the police that they're going to end up being checked for their immigration status, etc etc. And it's not just what the Trumpists here disparagingly refer to as liberals and leftists who hold that opinion, but a lot of major law enforcement authorities in the U.S.
  15. The White House invited some particular CA local government and law enforcement folks from conservative areas who support Trump's policies. The majority of CA and the state's government, and probably the majority of the population, do not. And if the WH had invited the sheriffs or police chiefs from places like San Francisco or Los Angeles, he would have gotten a very different message. But of course, they were aiming for an anti immigrant love fest Trump style.