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  1. And yet here he was, working now as a presumably licensed taxi driver.... Perhaps we need to put out a missing persons bulletin for the Thai DLT.
  2. The guy is 65 years old, and has been a monk there for who knows how long... People/guys who abuse children like that most likely don't just start at age 65. Who knows how many children the same guy has abused previously without ever getting caught. Or, perhaps he did get caught, and nothing came of it. More than likely, this unfortunate boy is just the tip of the iceberg.
  3. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Nonsense English exam answers

    Nope, the OP has already indicated above the circled answers are those of the teacher. And that teacher didn't quite get "everything" wrong, but they came pretty close to that.
  4. On the subject of either/or, just be careful not to rely on that kind of account for Thai Immigration's retirement or marriage extension bank deposit requirement. Immigration wants those kinds of accounts to be only in the name of the extension applicant.
  5. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Big Joke turns his attention to illegal "Tramadol" factory

    The man's ego, and jurisdiction, knows no bounds....
  6. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Nonsense English exam answers

    My bet would be.... either the teacher doesn't have a clue... And/or... the teacher doesn't have a clue AND used the wrong answer key sheet to grade the students' submissions.
  7. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Nonsense English exam answers

    Am I understanding this right? The answers with the pencil written "X" over the number are the student's chosen answers. And then the answer numbers circled in pencil are the teacher telling the student the supposed correct answer. If that's correct, then the teacher involved not only has no clue of the English language, but isn't very good at basic number values either. If that's the case, the student would be better ignoring anything this teacher has to say, or avoiding their entire class, entirely.
  8. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Are we ready for some football? Watching NFL question

    The NFL Game Pass service is totally separate and different from the DirecTV Sunday Ticket service. Here's the version that anyone using a web browser from an international IP will see: Here's what a U.S. web browser would see:
  9. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Are we ready for some football? Watching NFL question

    To answer the OP's question, NFL Game Pass is perfectly do-able here. But you're not buying any app. The Android app is free to download. But to access the games, you separately need to purchase a subscription to NFL Game Pass, typically via their website, and get the log-in credentials to use it. That's how/where you pay. There are two versions of NFL Game Pass subscriptions that are available: 1. The very expensive one ($199???, I can't remember) intended for non-U.S. markets where the games are shown live, which to me is pretty pointless because it means staying up between midnight-1 am to 7-8 am every weekend to watch them live, which is when most normal people are sleeping. But that subscription also gives you access to on demand viewing after the live games have concluded. 2. The less expensive one intended for U.S. markets, which you'll need to have a U.S. IP address and probably U.S. payment card to access. That one is $99.99 for the season, has NO live games, but gives you full on demand access to all games usually within a few hours after they're completed. But it also is NOT available any time when any game is being nationally televised. All of that is aimed at having the app NOT compete with the broadcast network televised games. You can watch NFL Game Pass via browsers on your computer. Or, they have various apps as well.
  10. It would seem the police got after her, and now the clip has been removed from her Facebook page. Just proves the ever apparent point -- want to get the attention of the Thai police? Post something to Facebook. Other than that, good luck.
  11. And yet, truancy, gambling, weapons, alcohol and prostitution etc. are certainly rampant among so-called "university" students here. So why would the authorities think that adding promiscuity to the list is going to be any different?
  12. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Tropical storm 'Bebinca' set to bring heavy downpours

    Where are those new Chinese submarines when you really need them!
  13. On an almost daily basis, Trump continues thru his words and actions to debase the U.S. presidency in ways and to an extent far beyond what anyone could have possibly imagined.
  14. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Any good lawyer for extending retirement visa?

    FWIW, I got my income affidavit from the U.S. Embassy in BKK today, and the process was exactly the same as it has been now for years. Nothing extra asked or demanded.
  15. You think the police could solve it? That is why people here decide to take action themselves because law and enforcements don't work. I certainly don't condone murder. But at the same time, what Shady is saying is true -- the reason here people take matters into their own hands is because law enforcement is, by and large, useless.