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  1. Nice to see they're working so hard protecting consumers and suppressing crime. It's undoubtedly a hard and thankless task that, in Thailand, often involves obtaining the payment of large sums of money and, at times, free shopping sprees in the shops of the unfortunate ones...
  2. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    In my experience, in an industry where even the "best" services are sometimes marginal, the "lifetime VPN" service deals offered on websites like Stack Social and similar seem to often offer up some of the worst, most marginal VPN service players, usually ones to be avoided by a mile. After all, if they were a legitimate, successful VPN provider with a good-sized paying customer base, I'd say it's pretty doubtful they'd ever be offering lifetime service for $49.
  3. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Meanwhile, over in the world of IP Vanish, I've been giving them a try today under a 1 month, 7 days money back guarantee plan, and I'm not impressed or pleased, thus far. For starters, using their Windows OpenVPN app, I tried a whole series of different server selections from two of their major West Coast city locations, and not a single one of them would work with U.S. Amazon Prime. Every one gave a geo error when trying to play. Second, I checked their geolocation data on most of their many different server addresses for supposedly Los Angeles and San Jose, CA server locations. And, not a single one of their supposed L.A. server locations actually resolved to Los Angeles but instead to Costa Mesa, a city in Orange County to the south of L.A. And of their supposed San Jose servers, about half resolved to Costa Mesa hundreds of miles away and the other half to Phoenix Ariz., even farther away. I also tried another streaming service I use with various IPVanish connections and got spotty, inconsistent results. And to top it all off, when I went to try to address some of those issues with IPVanish's customer support, it seems that their only method of communicating for their customers is via a website based email portal -- no live chat, no phone support. I'll probably fiddle around some more tomorrow, including trying some direct server connections instead of going thru their Windows app, and see if that makes any difference. But at this point, I'm not hopeful and suspect this is going to be a very brief encounter. And to top it off, I had sent them an email this afternoon asking a simple question -- did their 7 day money back guarantee have any limit on data use associated with it? ( I asked, because some other VPN services offer money back guarantees, but only if you don't exceed a certain data use level during the trial). So tonight, I got an email back from IP Vanish -- 4 paragraphs on their refund policy and canceling subscriptions, etc... And not a single word about whether their money back policy had any data limit, which was the only question I had asked....
  4. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    11 pages and running isn't diddly for Thai Visa.... After all, it's an ongoing, active subject of interest for a lot of folks -- even if not for you.
  5. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Don't feel left out... The same IP Vanish chart had another link (footnote #3) with a site that goes after both Pure and Express VPN in particular for allegedly using fake/virtual server locations... https://restoreprivacy.com/vpn-server-locations/
  6. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    You'll need that extra/saved cash when the FBI comes knocking!!!
  7. What's the best VPN in Thailand?

    Pib, don't wanna rain on your Pure parade, but I was just looking at IP Vanish's website where they had an interesting chart on different VPN providers, including an interesting reference and link regarding Pure's service. Obviously, you just use your VPN to search out available Chang retailers and nothing else. But reading the linked article (footnote No. 2) re Pure makes for an interesting read. https://www.ipvanish.com/ The footnote #2 re Pure leads to the following article: https://torrentfreak.com/purevpn-logs-helped-fbi-net-alleged-cyberstalker-171009/
  8. Moderately Priced Thanksgiving Dinner

    There's always the canned blueberry pie for desert... BTW, just to be fair, I've had Foodland's Thanksgiving dinners a few times in the past (when they were straight turkey, not the current mixed turkey and mystery meat version), and those weren't so bad. Today's version, for whatever reason, seems to be a step downward.
  9. Moderately Priced Thanksgiving Dinner

    Needless to say, I wasn't expecting gourmet. But it was a fair distance short of that, a far fair distance short... But that's OK, as I'll be gorging soon on the real thing in the States, making today's misadventure a faint and mildly unpleasant memory.... And actually, I just ate the clam chowder, and it wasn't bad, actually had a lot of real clams and potato pieces -- at least I "think" it did...
  10. Australia's Victoria state closer to legalising assisted death

    Not being a particularly religious soul, I've never understood the reasons why some folks/groups seem to feel the need to enforce their own beliefs on how others choose to live or end their lives, especially when that decision may well be merciful to the person involved, and unlikely to cause harm to anyone else. My mother lived with degenerative MS for the last 20 years of her life, and it was not a pleasant thing for her or anyone remotely involved. I don't think she, being more religious than me, would have ever chosen to end her own life if the easy opportunity existed. But if I found myself in her situation, I'd certainly be giving it some serious consideration at some point. If people want to end their lives in a safe, controlled manner, they should be free to do so, and the state shouldn't be getting in the way. The last thing this world needs is a larger population of suffering, sick, helpless people -- especially those who don't wish to remain in that difficult state.
  11. What variety is white rice sold in supermarkets?

    I'd be careful about the brown jasmine rice thing as regards glycemic index. From the research I've read, brown jasmine rice has almost as high a GI level as regular jasmine rice, and regular jasmine rice is just about as high a GI rating as you can get with rice (which is bad of course). For whatever reasons, it's very different from the differences in the west between regular and brown rice, where regular rice has a moderate GI level but regular brown rice tends to have a pretty low GI level. Unfortunately, brown jasmine rice is an entirely different matter.
  12. PM concerned about school bus accident

    The sad truth is... if he did the same for each and every crash (I'm not saying "accident") that happens like this one, it would pretty much be a full-time job, and that's all he'd ever be doing every day of the week. Which, might be a good thing for the country...
  13. Moderately Priced Thanksgiving Dinner

    Well, I picked up my 329b Thanksgiving dinner from Foodland this afternoon, and it was/is... hmmm...... First off, it turns out what they're actually offering is a turkey AND ham dinner. And, at least at the Soi 5 outlet, their Took Lae Dee cafe only accepts cash, no cards. And, for some reason, once I walked in and ordered, it took them a good half hour or more to produce the food...why... I'm not at all sure. Today, they had a small poster up advertising the meal: Once I got it home and unpacked it, here's what it looked like: Gravy and clam chowder soup in bags to the left. Bread and potato at 10. Ham I think at 9. Turkey, small dark meat chunks at 6-8. Carrots and turnips at 3-5. Corn cob and a stuffing slice at 1-3. Blueberry pie slice hiding in the fridge. (Ohh... I can't find any cranberry anywhere....) All in all, the meats seem to be the most disappointing. I don't know what kind of "ham" the white, charred stuff is supposed to be. And the turkey for whatever reason looks mostly dark also....and not an actual "slice" anywhere to be found. More like scraps... Ohh well... live and learn....
  14. Amazon Fire Stick

    The point of using an entity like Shipito or Planet Express is they provide you with your own, real, legitimate U.S. mailing address that you can use for your own Amazon orders and anything else you desire. Your items arrive to your address with them, and then you tell them how you want them sent onward.
  15. Amazon Fire Stick

    BTW, re buying Fire Sticks from 3rd party sources like EBay, I'm no expert on that subject. But as best as I understand it, there can sometimes be problems with that because the original buyer has to register an Amazon account when they get the device, but then they're reselling it to a 3rd party. And there was a time recently when Amazon was de-registering Fire devices where they saw that the buyer (like a re-seller) had more than 10 or some such number of devices registered in the same name or address or whatever. It ended up causing a bit of a kerfuffle because there are actually some original buyers out there who, believe it or not, have that large a number of devices bought for their own personal use. Like, someone who bought the original Fire stick and box, and then bought the 2nd gen stick and box, and maybe bought for extra rooms at home, etc etc... So all of a sudden, those folks woke up one morning and discovered that all of their Fire devices had suddenly be de-registered by Amazon...