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  1. They're in love... Didn't you know??? Melania must be feeling a bit chuffed right about now....
  2. Sounds like we're looking for an ex NBA star with acting chops.... Although, now that I think about it, ex NFL star and NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp is a suitably big sized guy and quite a character on TV with a big personality... I think he'd be good in the role.... Plus, he could REALLY use the money....
  3. The main problem with that is -- thus far, Immigration has done absolutely NOTHING in the public domain to give any credence to what the U.S. and UK told their citizens -- that Immigration would accept monthly income deposits into a Thai bank account. Maybe that will end up being true, but right now, all we've had is weeks of silence from Immigration since the embassies' announcements and sporadic and inconsistent explanations/supposed rules reported to be coming from local immigration officers. The embassies need to be called on the carpet for that, and pressed to get Immigration to start telling US whatever they apparently told the embassies privately in their meetings. Expats here deserve some certainty of what the new policy/policies are going to be.
  4. For the many whom I suspect cannot attend for various reasons, including location, I'd suggest you write emails to BKK or CM ACS in the next couple days asking them.... --can they live video or audio stream the meeting? --failing that, can they provide a full transcript of the session after-the-fact via their website? --also, what if anything are they doing to get Thai Immigration HQ to come forward with a public announcement of just what they will and won't accept for financial proof/monthly income documentation for 2019 and beyond?
  5. TallGuyJohninBKK

    "Proof of Income"

    Verified and signed by whom? Also, did they ask you if you had, or why you didn't have, an income letter from the Australian Embassy? Lastly, did they approve your application based on monthly income OR based on deposits into a Thai bank account totaling 800K? In other words, did you have an 800K balance in your Thai bank account for the prior 3 months?
  6. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Amazon and VPN

    fyi, according to a couple of the prominent DNS services I was talking to this week, Amazon recently made some technical changes to their U.S. Prime Video site that effectively disabled a lot of VPN services that previously had been working. Part of their continuing campaign to block access to customers using VPNs. The VPN support staff I spoke with said their various services are working on trying to combat the changes made by Amazon, but thus far, hadn't had any success. I can just add, my current main VPN provider continues to have at least some of their servers that work fine for Amazon. If anyone needs more info about that, feel free to PM me here. But beyond that, I'm also looking for a 2nd/backup VPN provider that's going to be compatible with Amazon Prime. I always keep two just in case something happens along the way with one. But right now, I haven't been able to find/test a second provider that's working right now with Amazon Prime despite going thru trials with several providers. So if anyone can recommend one that currently (right now) is working with U.S. Amazon Prime, please PM me also. The one biggie that I haven't tested yet is Express VPN. In chat, their reps claim they are compatible, but those assurances from frontline VPN staff often are not worth anything, and you only find out the reality once you've subscribed. Fortunately, a lot of the majors these days are offering 30-day money back guarantees.
  7. The dumb ones stick around and get sent to prison for a few decades, like a few of YL's subordinates, perhaps believing their masters would shield them or protect them The "smart" ones like YL and these two get out while the getting's good. And of course, no one in authority presumably did much of anything to try to stop them. Take the money and RUN!, Baby!!!!
  8. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Lawyer vows to pursue rape claim against doctor

    This latest news report has a bunch more detail that was lacking from the original report... including the part about going back for a second visit after alleged misconduct occurred during an initial visit. The waters here seem to have gotten a whole lot murkier.
  9. TallGuyJohninBKK

    What drinking water filter do you use?

    The potential problem with that is, you have absolutely no idea what kind of water the delivery services are providing, and/or how clean or not clear the containers they're using are. Lots of past reports about the bulk water suppliers merely filling their jugs with tap water from wherever they're working out of, and then delivering it to customers as "pure" water. The sad fact is, you can't trust these local businesses any farther than you can throw them. The only way to be really sure is to handle the issue yourself.
  10. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Activist Protests Higher Salaries For Generals

    Ya, right!!!! Like that's their real monthly income....
  11. Jing, can you reply with a post number or a link to the prior post you're referring to... I went back several pages in this thread to Wednesday and didn't see the one you're describing. Probably not looking in the right place....
  12. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Activist Protests Higher Salaries For Generals

    And that's not even including, I presume, all the misc. Police GENERALS, of which there are countless!!!!
  13. TallGuyJohninBKK

    Election Commission Bans Online Sales Of Political Merch

    WHY??? Would be the obvious question. And of course, no reasonable answer for that. Other than, the government's continuing efforts to sponsor a "free and fair election."
  14. Interesting to note that the Denmark Embassy announcement seemed to make no specific mention of the monthly deposits into a Thai bank account method, as was mentioned by the U.S. and UK embassies. Of course, the Danish announcement didn't specifically mention the 800K in the Thai bank method either....
  15. In your talk with the IO there, did they specific mention that they will honor the income letters for the standard 6 month period after their issue date (meaning into 2019)? Or are you just assuming they'll honor the standard 6 month period?