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  1. Reached the last step of the scale at 300+ yesterday
  2. This is not chiang mai, this is the Praw station. This morning in Chiang Mai at the Chang Pheuak station (pm 2.5):
  3. Seniors live on pension, children don't earn money, and ladies night... well guess I always hated that too but you could say that statistically they earn less for the same job. Now the foreigner price here doesn't make sense for those of us who pay income taxes here. Also I know more rich thais here than rich foreigners so saying thais have less money is irrelevant too. Don't like the new dual pricing policies at all!
  4. Bought these for my nespresso machine for when I'm running out of capsules:
  5. Been and talk to all 3 places. They all have their qualities. I want to pick Blank Studio but they don't have the same renown as k-home. @JaseTheBass, how did you hear about them? Do you know anyone who has worked with them before?
  6. Little update. Had a talk with khome, blank studio and full scale studio. All three sound convincing and prices don't vary that much. Full scale sounded very confident, but by the looks they don't really have time and are more interested in getting architecture design awards than anything else so dropped that option. Now am down to k-home and blank studio. K-home is more expensive on the construction side (starting at 15,000 baht/sq.m.) with "free" (in other words included in the building price) design. The positive is their experience in construction. Negative is the lack of experience designing modern "unique" houses. Also find it expensive considering 15k is the base price, it will probably go up to 18-20k for good materials (not looking for luxury, just good quality). Blank Studio quotes at 650baht/sq.m. for the design so approx 100k in our case. The positive is that their projects were built at a starting price of 10-12k per sq.m. so I think at 15k you can get what you want. Other positive is their creativity and experience in modern style. Negative is the construction side. They don't have their teams but do the supervision, that's a bit risky. I would love to hear some experiences from blank studio on the construction aspect.
  7. Changed to food panda a few months ago and personally think they are far better. The android app is really convenient and I find their website better made than mow. Also they are much cheaper (about 50% cheaper). The problem I had recently with food panda is that they changed the min. order price on most of the restaurants. I just don't understand why, how does this affect anything? With min. order price of 250 I can't order a single meal for myself anymore, I always get around the 180-220 baht. Totally retarded...
  8. Thanks a lot for that link, their design is amazing and price is totally reasonable. Will contact him this week.
  9. Thanks for the list of names, will google those and have a look. I want something in this style but within my budget and with thai materials (could see a more classic shingle roof style)
  10. Not sure if I should post in the CM forum or the house forum... I'm planning on building a house, modern style. I've had bad experiences with my first architect so decided to start anew with someone else rather than continuing with him. I've been to K Home Construction in San Phi Seua and they seemed very professional. They do the whole construction from A to Z, including construction permit, engineer control... They quoted a price of roughly 15k per sq.m. as base price for a one story house of 150-200sq.m. It's not really cheap but if the work is good it might be okay (with a bit better materials it might go to roughly 17k per sq.m.). Anyone had any experience with them or can recommend someone with modern architecture experience? Thanks
  11. Just went to the small Tad Mork Waterfalls in Mae Sa valley yesterday, had my work permit and thai social insurance card with me, tried to talk to the guard for 10 minutes he wouldn't let me go through with the normal price. Plain stupid... tried to tell me that I could use the same ticket for the Mae Saa waterfalls. Didn't even reply that I don't give a s**t about his mae saa waterfalls, just went back in the car and turned around
  12. I'm also looking for a similar solution. It has been asked before, but does no one import / build solar attic fans in Thailand? With the heat and amount of sun you would think it is a no brainer for any house? Looking for something like that, looks good and is basically free since it uses solar power:
  13. Went last weekend. Loud, bad service and crazy prices... They think they are in the center of Paris or what??? Also they had construction all around...
  14. I've lived in the convention condo, The resort and now I'm in Baan suan. The convention condo is very good priced, cheap and clean enough, nice pool but small gym. The resort has the best gym by far, it's a real sized gym with a lot of equipment, sauna... Pool and garden are amazing too. It's expensive but you pay for more than just the room, quiet and respectful owners and nice interior design. The nicest condo I've lived in by far. Big parking, friendly staff, nothing negative to say except it's of course a bit more pricey than the other around. For 20-25k you'll get a +/-70sq.m. room there. Baan Suan is the worst of the three from my point of view. The gym is a small aquarium with 2-3 rusty machines, pool is nice but it's in the parking, personally after a pool in garden like at the resort, I barely go to the one at baan suan. View might be good if you are on the doi suthep side, but the other half has either view to the inside which means view on the opposite room or view on a construction site (the hinoki condo). I find it dark, old looking and depressing, trying to find something else asap. This is my personal opinion
  15. You're a couple of years late....but you could have easily done that in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Florida from 2009-2012. The townhouse I previously mentioned, was rented out for two years at 569 per month. That's a 31% gross yield. I allow 40% for expenses, so 18.6% net. Even with management in place, you need to be vigilante. Thank you for your insight, you seem to be very knowledgeable about real estate. I'm from Switzerland and it's almost impossible for anyone to buy a house there as the 10% down payment is too much to start with. And sorry if I derailed the topic.