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  1. PlaaChon

    Looking for a Fishing Buddy

    Hi, I'm not giving up yet. Despite excellent fishing spots (wild waters) in Kalasin and Khon Kaen I could not find a fishing buddy until today. Please contact, if there is someone. PlaaChon
  2. Hi, I'm still looking for a fishing buddy. I live in Khon Kaen and spend the weekend usually on our "ranch"in Kalasin. The property is located directly to the Lam Phrao Reservoir with a few ponds on. Years ago I put various imported and local species into the ponds. Is there someone who is interested in joint fishing trips around Khon Kaen and Kalasin? PlaaChon
  3. PlaaChon

    Fishing in Khon Kaen

    I have been for fishing in the Khon Kaen river several times. There are plenty of fish ( different species) in. Last year I caught a 5 kg snake head. I would appreciate to discuss more details. Since years I am looking for a fishing buddy. Unfortunately no luck until today.
  4. PlaaChon

    Fishing In And Around Kalasin

    hi Jim. I live in kalasin and khon khaen. Looking since years not very successful for a fishing buddy. Might be you are interested. For details please view my previouys posts. PlaaChon