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  1. I don't care about UK nor the currency it uses. The whole UK is less important than Turkey. Get used to that.
  2. Hih? I guess that was a joke. (Jingthing blocks me because I don't give unwarranted love to Jews), don't let it disturb you.
  3. We all are fed up of spending, When our economies become unified, we'll be able to catch these abusers in real time. There is less space for those people.
  4. No. It's not OK to humiliate. It's not ok to kill children. It's not ok to get kicks out of watching people being killed. The problem is in society level, not on media level, which the video was broadcasted on. Fix the root cause so that these events never happen. Don't blame the messenger.
  5. The solution to this escalation of mutual fear would be offering the ill Kim a secure place to live. How nice it would be to work together, if only Russia would not cause similar ill Kim fears on it's European side.
  6. I think freedom always come with responsibility. I'm not happy what constitutes 'news' in today's world, but I guess I just have to get used to it. At least today's technology gives possibilities to filter silly news from real news
  7. Good question. I can only give generic answers. If I had daughter who'd be raped, my reaction would be different. I mean we have to fight for the freedom to publish live events. This time it was something horrible which should not be published nor watched by others. Next time might be something horrible again, but in that time it's abuse of power by someone in control. In that case we need the live feed for evidence and for support.
  8. Ok. AFAIK There are only 2 countries, that's less than 0.5% of our World's countries, who support Israel. Those countries are USA and, ahem, Israel. If there are other countries which are pro Israel, I'd like to learn something new. Now if little, but aggressive country's head like 'bibi', wishes to dictate policies to EU heads, he has miscalculated his influence.
  9. While I hate FB and it's news monopoly I will fight for people right to publish whatever they wish to show. There will always have to be right to say and publish whatever anyone wishes to do so. Thats our real freedom.
  10. While you have something to say, please learn to use paragraphs. Nobody is going through what you just wrote.
  11. Us = Europeans. Maybe it was bad marriage for UK, maybe not. I don't really care. This process has shown to the rest of us, how utterly dirty and inefficient UK politics really is. I'm personally increasingly happy that UK is leaving EU. Let's get this over with so that both sides can start doing new things instead of talking BS.
  12. There is one number to remember while shopping. Israel's bar code starts with 729.
  13. I'm afraid the war will escalate quickly to nuclear war by both sides. Furthermore when the nuclear weapons have been used in this war, those will be used in other wars as well. We would have 2 years to live.
  14. I guess those people who voted for LePen and live in Phuket, Khon Kaen and Pattaya really don't like immigrants..
  15. EU is a good club for us. It does need improvements, like any other collective society. Generally there are more benefits than negative aspects.