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  1. He was the last 007. Enjoy your sleep MR Bond.
  2. Who is that person and why she or he is relevant today?
  3. If one believes that shit which is 'live', the person believes anything. Btw I have couple Sun stones for sale, would you be interested?
  4. I'm sorry but who is this person Mrs Clinton you love to talk about?
  5. I know. Being sarcastic requires more than that.
  6. I personally wasn't too keen to return to my home in Phuket. I remember the times when I watched the airplanes fly off Phuket and I thought I'm happy not being inside one. That time I felt Phuket was my home.
  7. While I do agree with you that it's not vise try to push military money to other countries internal problems, I do think we should support the human rights side on each country. This can and have been done traditionally with sanctions and monetary support. That is diplomacy over military intervention. Military interventions have really bad track record to success.
  8. Could 100 million Indonesians migrate to some other countries in case they don't like the policies what the other 200 million push to them? There is a reason, why we need to allow minorities to have their own ways to live. This applies to all countries.
  9. Will Flynn's next stop be a) Ecuadorian embassy Mother Russia
  10. Is it really? There are people who are constantly afraid and tend to group all muslims into the same category of terrorist. While they are not and they hate the terrorists like every other human should. Is it fair for me to say that you are an Russian mafioso? No, it's not. Would it be nice if 50% of Thais would think that you are Russian mafioso? I guess it would not feel so great? The same applies to religions. Note that I consider that every religion bad.
  11. There are rarely comments on TV, which make me laugh out loud. This was one of those moments :)
  12. Really? How about other crimes? Start condemning every time a farang, Russian mafia or not, commits crimes in Thailand. By your way of thinking You are the Russian mafia, didn't you know that?
  13. It was not only that. They publicly caned woman for physical affection outside marriage. What an screwed up society.
  14. I'd say no. I'd say general population of muslims hate these fcukers even more than we do. Think how your life would change here in Thailand if there would be several terrorist attacks by farangs and the Thais would start seeing every farang as potential terrorist.