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  1. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    In that case, use creativity. From twitter, incidentally today: Beach vendor just tried to sell me a watch: Him: “Why you don’t want a watch” Me: “Aliens use them to track me” Him: blinks, gets up and walks off. The vendor will be puzzled and you'll get the last laugh :)
  2. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    I don't know about him, but I'm polite to the people simply because it makes me feel good. It's easy to ruin own vacation by being unpolite and and grumpy.
  3. Events, Festivals, Parties,

    Looks like Ao Por Grand Marina is going to hold Yacht / boating event on 20th - 25th February.
  4. How to politely turn down sellers in Thailand?

    It's good opportunity to practise your Thai - Mai au, krap (I don't want, thank you) - Farang mai mee tang, krap (Foreigner doesn't have money) - Mee läo, krap (I have already) Remember to smile and you'll get a smile back before the seller moves on.
  5. That sounds fair. Best of 3. Simply do it so that everybody can go forward. This whole waiting game is getting old.
  6. 1) Every community have common rules. That's why you can't refuse to pay taxes to UK government, even if you would not agree with the beer taxation. Otherwise why would anyone allow the UK government to say what their local city does? 2) Perhaps you have not heard of the freedoms of movement and work in other EU countries. Not all people want to stay where we have been born. Some like to move around and EU gives the ability for us to do so. There is probably a lot of other freedoms which EU does for us. Perhaps either EU or your local government have failed to bring the positive sides of EU to your knowledge?
  7. I once flew Bangkok air to Sonkhla and took a van from there to Penang. Big busses were not available. That's better than doing the whole way with van, still not fun at all. Got back home with Firefly and if I recall correctly, the plane was quite full. Air Asia flights Penang-KL-Phuket is often cheaper, but that route naturally takes a lot more time.
  8. Yes. I want us both sides to go forward. One way or another. It's this stagnation which is worse than either end to this story.
  9. Either way it would get the UK and the EU out of this stalled situation. If the Brexit vote wins again, there is no longer doubt and Brexit can go ahead in full speed. If the Remain vote wins, then Brexit is cancelled and the kids of the future will read about this silly season from their textbooks. Either way, this stagnation ends and people & countries can go forward improving their lives. Sounds fair?
  10. It's great to see that you are so keen supporter of democracy. I'm sure you'll be thrilled to support the new referendum vote. After all it means there is more democracy for you and everybody else. People's voice must be heard - Give the people of UK new vote now!
  11. Spam and email notifications

    I just got my first daily summary. This is perfect solution. I get topics with full posts, which is great. The spam messages has already been removed from the posts. The interesting questions already have answers, which make this method even better. Thanks again.
  12. What type of snake is this ?

    The more important thing here is the learning process. We tend first to react with instinct and kill the snakes, which then can be learned to overcome with more knowledge. This happened to me and @plachon, it will happen to many more.
  13. The prices depends quite a lot, when the reservations have been made. I just flew with Scoot to Singapore for about 3000 baht/return. The benefit of flying to Penang, instead of going the Udon Thani route is that there is no visa costs and also there is no 2 hour minibus travel to the border of Laos. Not to forget the ability to enjoy Penang's Indian food offerings :)
  14. The teenager lacked the ability to see the larger picture, but had already developed the wisdom of listening reason. Well done, both.
  15. That photo looks like it's from the domestic terminal. The new international terminal has higher ceiling.