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  1. I see, you got your wish through and my reply was washed away due your report. This should make you merits of the final idea of separating western folks from each others. Well, guess what. I still have a huge respect of the western ideology and I guess they feel the same. We can fight with each other, which is to improve each others thoughts and ideas. That's simply how we operate. Together. That's also why the western ideology has always been so much stronger than the eastern one. It's we versus me. With the current Russian 'Me' presidents things are not going well forward.
  2. What I want is to stop the abuse by the Cambodian, Thai, Myanmar and US leaders, who have abused their 'commoners' aka useful fools, for years. Why can't we stop this stupid abuse by the powers, we didn't elect?
  3. What people want is really what people want. It's that simple.
  4. I see the least of cool with that. A person, who has almost absolute power, only think about himself. There is something, really wrong with him.
  5. Let's do the reverse order. 1) I'm pretty sure you are able to figure out what I mean by blaming Ludwig. This is unless your handle has been replaced by some university kids, studying, how to do propaganda. Could that be the truth? 2) Your profile was always Russian, but you used to present intelligent and thoughtful human being. 3) <deleted> politics you are doing, it's not working. Sorry 4) <deleted> once again, it's not working. Sorry 5) It was my wish that both Finns and the Russians would have agreed to behave like human beings. I have no idea whether you are a Finn, Russian or USA.. or representing any of the many other members of cultures we love and have. It's not my issue, it's your issue eventually. Simply be fair to others.
  6. When Finns and Russians agree that the current US politics on North Korea is really bad and really troublesome/frightening , one should take a note. On other matters... Then again, I used to talk with my highly analytical British friend, what if Trump would become the POTUS, a lot before he became one. One of the positive points was that he should have had balls to say to Russia was that occupying Crimea was a offencive and big mistake. That was the big issue back then. Do you still remember? I guess not. Ps. Should I fill my profile information and say that I'm from Trang. I make love with dolphins. I used to work for Central African space program, been to the Moon so many times, it bores me already?
  7. Political fear mongering to gain more power? Political fear mongering to gain more money? Political fear mongering to gain more personal money from the big companies? No, I didn't even do a simple Google search of this Dr Peter Vincent Pry. I honestly didn't even have to do so. I rely on sciences. I rely on physics. I don't rely on "God is on our side" thoughts. At the end of the day, I rely on well thought strategies, which are based of sciences and well analysed current politics around the world. I guess this makes me Trumpetist. I also like to see big corporates and big governments to be shaken up, to make sure that we, the ordinary folks will have best way to live and we don't feel like being slaves. The point is that I want and tend to rely of information, which is fool proofed.. which is quite the opposite, which Trump supporters are about. That's the reason, why Trump became elected. Facts don't matter, when facts should matter the most.
  8. It's a nice conspiracy idea to think of, but I'd say there is no way NK could have been able to put a satellite to an orbit with functional, long lasting and powerful enough nuclear bomb to cause a wide EMP effect.
  9. Current USA rhetoric is unstable and causes lots of uncertainty around the world. USA is not stabilising force at the moment. Then there is the real possibility that USA will attack North Korea and cause a war which escalates. For Ludwig Boltzmann.. I'm not going to say it. You'll have to decode the idea by yourself. It's not very complicated. As a hint, it's very much related on my previous post :)
  10. I'm not able to see what is happening in Korean peninsula as isolated situation, which would not have great global consequences if the war starts. I wish I could.
  11. War options: North Korea starts shelling South Korea or Japan -> Nuclear war USA starts offencive against North Korea -> Nuclear war Or, both sides could just start talking, or even fully ignore each other's presence -> No Nuclear war. Even in the case USA would start with a massive nuclear strike, against North Korea.. South Korea would be a toast, China would be so very pissed and Russia says 'Well, if USA could use nukes on NK, will use the tactical nukes in Europe.".. and then we all are frucked.
  12. I also think that currently USA is far bigger threat to the world, than North Korea is.
  13. Whenever Trump is going to get out of the office, there is a much brighter future ahead. Former Mexican president Vicente Fox announced his candidacy as US next president. Watch the video, it's hilarious.
  14. Let's not forget there hasn't been active war. I think that itself is a major achievement.
  15. Nobody really cares, who started the whole thing at the end of the world. What is now required, is for both sides to behave like adults and start talking. There has been crazy rhetoric from both sides. The only solution is to talk this thing over. - Kim will stay in power - North Korea can keep it's nukes - North Korea will limit it's missiles range to certain distance - North Korea stops nuclear test - USA and South Korea stop doing provocative military drills near North Korea