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  1. This means that our Russian 'friends' are actually afraid that People's vote becomes reality? Pro Russian folks will naturally be against people's vote.
  2. = I'm representing the United States of America - OK = Didn't you hear me, I'm representing the powerful United States of America! - Check = I demand to be respected by my peers - Respect is earned. We respect the people we can trust = But I demand respect! - Well, with that attitude, you might want to talk with the less fair and more authoritarian regimes. = That's exactly what We The USA is going to do!
  3. If one of the girls you see is Isobel Yeung, then I drop all my defences. She is the definition of a perfect woman for me.
  4. What if the font tells a story? What if the font tells a story how less and less people working for Putin's troll factory are less and less eager to produce Tzar Putin's propaganda? What if ordinary Russians also wish to be part of the community of the world?
  5. Your fake accents doesn't fool us. Your baseline message is still based on logic. I just found myself thinking that Italians are actually more logical people than the Englishmen are. How the Anglo Saxon genes have degenerated over the years.
  6. oilinki

    May seeks to reassure EU leaders on Brexit deal

    Are you aware how 'simple border' Switzerland has with EU? Or how actually not simple border Switzerland has with EU?
  7. oilinki

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    Then that trick doesn't really help. I haven't tried it myself, just read about it. I had a funny period when I kept on waking up at 4am, 5am etc. Not during my normal waking hours of 9am to 11 am. I was puzzled why I woke up so early. I thought it was because I got new coffee machine and I was just too eager to get the good coffee in the morning Anyway. I decided not to stress about what time I woke up and went to sleep. I enjoyed to see the first lights of the morning, which I haven't seen for the most times of my life. I simply decided to enjoy the moments of life, I haven't experienced before. I was happy to experience the different timing of life. After some weeks, my routine got back to normal. I felt both good and also a bit sad. Waking up before sunrise was kind of cool experiment. Perhaps you also could simply enjoy this unusual time to wake up and go to sleep?
  8. Once again, why does your font different from the font of the forum?
  9. And it shows, you don't talk like a proper Englishman.
  10. oilinki

    Sleep or Hibernate

    In practical level. I think it's fair to say that forget hibernation. It was a thing from past when computers used to start slowly (15 minutes) and suspend technology didn't always work. Today people either shutdown and restart their computers each day, or they simply suspend it. I normally reboot my laptop every 3-4 weeks or so. This is due some software being upgraded or some software behaving badly. I simply put my laptop to sleep (close the lid), during nights, when my laptop is not doing anything else, like downloading Linux torrents. My laptop's current uptime, or the time it has been up and running without reboots or shutdowns, is 17 days. The system has been behaving well, so I don't even think of shutting down the system at the moment. I just put it to sleep, whenever it's not doing anything productive for me. air:2018-02-18 oilinki$ uptime 21:34 up 17 days, 1:06, 6 users, load averages: 1.96 2.20 1.94 Summa summarum. If you have a laptop, which works well, forget hibernate as a thing from the past. Use suspend to continue what you were doing before you suspended or 'freezed' your computer. If you want to start over each time, simply shutdown your computer and start it, the next time you use it. For most of us, who use our computers everyday, suspend is the best way to go.
  11. Should I create additional accounts not to be the only one who Referencing to ?
  12. England - the 21st century India for Finns. Cheap labour, servants, spicy booze, silly talking head politicians - you name it, we'll provide it for you. I kind of start to like Brexit already.
  13. Well it depends. Can we use them Englishmen as our servants to do all the hard outdoor work, while we Finns can watch them from the patio, drinking screwdrivers? That's actually an intriguing idea! Why not? You.. oh, the English folks.. would make pretty good pool of servants. We could hire some more organised ones as butlers who keep the lads in control. When can they start? Ps. When you copy stuff from Wikipedia or St Petersbourg database, remember to change the font.