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  1. I already have aircard (which doesn't work with my MBA for some reason). I normally connect it to my Wifi-router to provide network to home. Anyway Aircard has 3G/LTE modem inside, which will use almost the same amount of power as a phone connected with USB. It would be slight improvement to USB connected phone, but I'm not sure how much as the 3G/LTE modem uses fair amount of energy. Thus so far Phone providing 3G connectivity with bluetooth tethering seems to be the best solution. This way I only use energy for the Bluetooth connection between phone and laptop. Both Laptop and phone can be charged separately.
  2. This seems to be the case. Phone connected to the laptop, even if the battery is full at the start, does eat battery for keeping the 3G connection up and running. I switched my phone to use 3G instead of LTE to save some battery. I have 2Mbps connection so the extra speed LTE offers, does not help me a bit. Any type of hotspot would use the laptop wifi when connecting to the internet. Overall I think the Bluetooth connection is the best for the laptop battery. I can charge my phone with a new powerbank I purchased today. Mr Steephen Eloop has 11.000mAh power, but is likely to charge wrong type of devices...
  3. Major Accident/Incident Chalong

    Anything new to report?
  4. Placebo if based on holistic body and mind effect. I think it's normal that the brain controls body's hormones and therefore also the body functions. When the will of life is gone, the body follows and finally shuts down. I hope old people like HWB can get their peaceful death without further delay. I value the quality of life over the length of the life.
  5. Europe's energy independence is where the money should really be put into. Germany's moronic decision to close nuclear powerplants is not helping at all. Solar panels and wind turbines are helping but at this point those are more of gimmicks than a reliable source of base energy.
  6. Solar panels in Phuket

    I don't have a car, so that's not an option for my acute need for electricity. The same applies to any solar panel ordered from distance. I have now been without electricity for 1 week and might be 5-7 days more. I guess I'll just keep on running to the neighbours to charge my laptop and usb-power for my phone.
  7. Centre way is the good way to go. Both extreme left and right are not happy, which means that it's a balanced act. The vast quiet majority is probably happy. I value societies which offer humanity for those who are in need. I also value societies which can be tough against those who are not obeying the rules of their new home. Nothing extreme, just the boring centre way of thinking.
  8. Solar panels in Phuket

    I'm looking for a small, 50W or similar, solar panel to power my home electronics during power outages. Yesterday Amorn didn't have any smaller panels left. They smallest they had was 120W panel, which is too much for my needs. Are there other shops, which sell reasonably priced solar panels? Alternatively are there shops which sell really small and cheap gasoline generators. Something like 200-400W range. The smallest I have seen so far was 800W generator for 5500 baht. I suppose fuel cell technology is not yet available in small scale power production?
  9. Vacation trip ideas for Phuket, Krabi and S.E Islands

    They could skip Phuket altogether and stay at the high end resorts at Koh Yao islands. Nice and quiet places, which are great getaways when the life becomes too hectic in Phuket.
  10. Phuket Airport to Khura Buri

    I normally say opposite of the highway police. Also locals know it in that way. There are busses which go up north. Some busses go only to Takua Pa, were you can have a stop at the bus station. Others go all the way to Chumpom. This is how long it normally takes. The busses go every 1 to 1.5 hours. Bus schedule10:10 Phuket10:50 Muang Mai11:50 Khao Lak real: 12:1512:50 Takua pa real 13:1015:40 Ranong18:00 Chumpom
  11. What is suitcase generator? I went to look for possible ways to get electricity. Solar panels were sold out at Phuket's only Amorn. They only had 120W panel, which is too much for my temporary use. Smallest and cheapest generator was 800W for 5500 baht. I'm not keen of having one temporary toy in my home. How much generators consume gasoline? Now if there only would be some small fuel cells, which could use normal cooking gas, that would be nice. Preferably one with integrated batteries and inverter to fill up the batteries when required.. or a nuclear battery, but those might not be available in open market :) My home electricity usage has been about 40-50 kWh/month for some time. Very little. For zombie apocalypse, I'll simply learn how to make alcohol and threaten to burn impulse's bunker with Molotov's cocktails, unless he donates his antibiotics to me
  12. Thanks. I'm also thinking the USB option might be the best. I have already turned the wifi off from both devices. I still need to have bt on on my laptop to connect to bt-keyboard. I can't do a good comparison as my usage varies. I put all the radios etc off when watching movies in the night. There was a major breakage of power next to my home. I'm thinking of getting an larger solar panel to charge my laptop, but it depends how long it takes to get my power back. I already have a old 5W solar panel for an emergency light :) The big deal is the hot nights, which would require a fan.. and that means big solar panels and large enough batteries. Cold box has been my fridge for the time being. Jungle life offers opportunities to learn how to survive in various situations :)
  13. I have been out of electricity for the past 4-5 days and am not sure when I'll get my power back. This is a bit special situation, but the knowledge would be handy during traveling, when opportunities for charging laptop battery are limited. I'm using mobile internet connection. Now I wonder which is more power effective way to connect my laptop (Macbook air) to get the internet connection. My main aim is to use as little battery life on my laptop. I have a USB powerbank to charge the mobile phone. I also keep my phone on airplane mode when I'm not using the internet. 1) Connect using bluetooth tethering 2) Connect using Wifi tethering 3) Connect using USB-tethering. Connection using bluetooth and wifi tethering allows me to power and charge the phone from the usb-powerbank. Connection using usb-tethering powers the phone from my laptop, but I don't waste extra energy for bluetooth/wifi connection. Any ideas or practical knowledge? .. and I'm on my way to charge my laptop and powerbank at the neighbouring hotel, once again :)
  14. Interesting. If I understood this correctly, LoraWan or Lora? is truly meant only for IoT devices allowing them to update information to the internet. Sounds to me that more suitable places to host the LoraWan antennas would be at the top of the mobile network towers, not at the often low placed Wifi hotspots. This technology is usable for example weather stations, which send their logged data to the server for example once in 10 minutes. Another feasible application could be monitoring the water level on home watertanks. The network uplink is highly unreliable, so that it applications must be ok with lost 5-85% of the data (it doesn't matter if the data is not updates for an hour or two in this case). The protocol is 1-way communication from the IoT devices to the internet. Unlike Wifi, which works 2-ways, allowing us to browse the internet etc. Lora frequencies differ quite a lot depending of the continent where the OSI layer 2 sub protocol is being used. The uplink server broadcasts a header ping to the IoT devices with information of used spectrum once every 2 seconds. Interesting technology. Does anyone have more information or ideas of potential use cases or practical usage? Further reading: https://www.link-labs.com/blog/use-cases-and-considerations-for-lorawan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LoRa https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/lorawan/#terminology https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5038744/
  15. Wildlife in Phuket

    There are many lakes at Laguna. Can you specify which one?