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  1. China has the same problem. Under reporting of fatalities. The UN provides better estimates. Which are much higher.
  2. I'll try to stop by there in the next few days to take a peek. And some pics! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  3. There's a wholesale denial anybody else is meddling EXCEPT the US. LOL
  4. Perfect! Have Russia, the US, Turkey, Iran, SA, Lebanon, etc, etc, etc...all leave Syria. Best comment you've made yet. The UN proposed many resolutions to do just this. All vetoed by Russia. Yet you blame the US for this.
  5. You still blame Washington for the mess in Syria. You need to look at things from both sides of the equation. But you're dislike for the US won't allow you. Sad.
  6. I know many Brits. Many. None call Americans Yanks. It's not a fond term, and they know it. I also don't appreciate Aussies calling Brits Pommies. Perhaps you've not spent much time in the US. Take my word for it. You use that term in a bar in the NE and you'll end up on the floor. Yes, it's gone too far, but I'm trying to show you it's not a term of endearment. Seriously.
  7. They've been told. You're not American, so you are not aware of what's going on there. I'll cut you some slack for that. P.S. my father was born on an Indian reservation. So yes, I'm American. I'm far from precious. That's a bizarre thing to say. LOL
  8. Hypocrisy at it's worst. He only sees one side. The anti-US side.
  9. Yes, let's look at the bigger picture. Backing by Russia has simply meant that the civil war has dragged on for far longer. Research why the uprising started. How his father dealt with one just like it many years ago. Brutal repression. Is that what you support? I sure hope not. You can't compare Syria to Libya. Kinda like comparing it to Afghanistan. Completely different circumstances. Though some don't seem to get that.
  10. Saudi Arabia takes orders from the US? couldn't be farther from the truth. Washington is not stopping support for the rebels. Just the part by the CIA. Maybe Washington cal order the others, like Russia, to stop their support also? You're very one sided. P.S. vast numbers of Syrians fled the country when Russia started bombing them....lying they were only bombing ISIS....and some fell for that lie. LOL
  11. Brit is short for British. Aussie is hardly a derogatory term. For Brits, it's probably be limey or pom. For Aussies, probably Abo. For Americans, Yanks. Research the meaning of Yank. Not all appreciate the reference. Yankee and Yank First applied by the Dutch colonists of New Amsterdam to Connecticuters and other residents of New England, possibly from Dutch Janke ("Johnny") or from Jan Kees ("John Cheese").[83] Uncontracted, "Yankee" remains in use in the American South in reference to Northerners; contracted, "Yank" is employed internationally by speakers of British English in informal reference to all Americans (first recorded 1778. And yes, I'm offended and don't appreciate the reference.
  12. I'm not PC. Just saying the way you used the term was derogatory. And it was. It's not appreciated by Americans. And against forum rules. You can look that one up.
  13. The blame rests with the leader of the country. Assad. He started this mess, didn't manage it properly, and responsibility lies with the leader. It was in his power to stop the violence, which he didn't. He could have been more Japanese and just stepped down! LOL Take responsibility.
  14. 100% understood! But the blame is not 100% due to the US. Research where most of the foreign fighters in Syria come from that are fighting for ISIS. Places Russia has tried to suppress the population. Yes, you only blame the US.
  15. Not sure I understand that? Western civilization is a diverse on. In Europe and North America. Which is a great! These nuts want to kick out minorities. Trump's talk about Mexicans, women, Muslims, etc, is outdated and disgusting. No defending that. He's outdated.