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  1. No worries about gators. But hurricanes are a big deal. My friend who lived in Orlando bought a big generator. And he's used it several times.
  2. I've lived in Vegas off and on since 1975. My parents were there full time from then on. I know it very well. There is a great budget part of Vegas. Just away from the strip. North Vegas can be rough. But other areas are great. And extremely easy to avoid the rough parts. Super easy. Locals don't go to the MGM. Nor most of the strip.
  3. As you know, Tucson has some really dodgy areas. And not much nearby. It's pretty isolated. Within a few hours of St. Pete, you've got lots of great places to visit. Lots. Tucson and the surrounding area is brutal in the summer. Brutal. I'd have to leave. Which is what we did when living in Vegas.
  4. It's a sad day when people accept a president who lies and doesn't stick to the promises that got him elected. Democracy failed. Obama accomplished a lot. NAFTA was signed by Clinton, not Obama.
  5. The larger media sites have their own reporters on site. Typically. And for sure vet their sources better than the smaller ones. No comparison. That's why I try to stick to the larger ones. If you do some research, you'll see issues around that MIT "expert". I'll stick with what the French are reporting. Much more credible. Though I know it doesn't support your point of view.
  6. Yes. Samples were obtained. Hours later, the French government released a dossier compiled by intelligence officials stating that sarin samples from the attack site showed that the nerve agent was produced “according to the same manufacturing process” used in an earlier attack attributed to Assad’s armed forces.
  7. My apologies. Sitting in the Trodos mountains enjoying Cypriot wine on a terrace with stunning views. I should be focused on other matters.
  8. So you are OK with Trump going back on all his campaign promises? NAFTA being the latest. Clearly, he's not doing the job as he promised last year. LOL Obama was an OK president. Sadly, stymied by Congress in his last term. Place the blame properly.
  9. That is a repost by Yahoo from another site. Easy to figure out if you research it. Plus, it's been shown to be dodgy. At best.
  10. I believe it was Chirac who said there was no "undisputed truth " that iraq had WMD. Get your facts straight.
  11. Assad has been using chemical weapons for a long time. Mainly chlorine. But has used sarin previously. You are seeking logic from a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Never going to happen.
  12. That website is fake news and conspiracy theories. Not credible at all.
  13. The West has come up with plenty of evidence. Sadly, some love conspiracy theories more. I'll stick to what the experts say.
  14. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Syrian government made Sarin used in Khan Sheikhoun, France says -
  15. This is about Flynn, not Hillary. Don't deflect.