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  1. Kodi is way more sophisticated than something like Napster. It's a development platform . If you get one of these pre-loaded boxes, it's quite amazing. Impossible to find a website that will duplicate it.
  2. ProDent on N. Pattaya road by the Bangkok Bank, North side of road about 300 meters from the roundabout. Use to work at PIH. Great dentist.
  3. Rimmer taught me bluegrass guitar. We've got jams from time to time. She'd be very welcomed to join in! Can she sing? That would be fantastic!
  4. I tried it when it first came out. One month free. Not as much content as is available in the US. And several of my favorite shows weren't offered. So we cancelled. But for the price, it's a pretty good offering. I'm traveling around Europe now and Kodi is great. Many hotels only offer one or two English channels. Typically only news. Kodi is OK on the tablet. A life saver for those rainy days here. LOL
  5. Books are very expensive here in Thailand and there are really no libraries. Especially outside Bangkok. Is Game of Thrones being played at the cinema? LOL
  6. Don't feed the trolls. And spying isn't always about protecting your nation. Especially when it comes to the Chinese.
  7. Every major nation does this. Not just the US or China.
  8. Been gone since mid April. Long trip covering 11 countries! Though Andorra, Monaco and San Marino are covered rather quickly. LOL In Luxembourg now with a few spare days before blitzing through Italy to France over the next 3 weeks. I HATE typing on a tablet!
  9. Anti Trump media? Seriously? Even fellow Republicans are getting tired of his BS. He has only himself to blame for the bad press.
  10. Obama wasn't perfect. The ACA was a blessing for many. As for HUD, are you referring to this? If so, you might want better sources for your news.
  11. And what exactly do you mean by "successes"? LOL So far, not hard to find failures. Obama accomplished a lot, but was stopped from doing more by the Republican led Congress. Politics at it's worst. Obama was hardly arrogant. Especially when compared to Trump!
  12. Impeachment is a very remote possibility. The Republicans know it'd be worse for them and without them driving it, it will never happen. They are in control of both houses now. Democratic establishment shies away from Trump impeachment talk:
  13. NYT: Trump brags to Russians about firing 'nut job' Comey
  14. If he was so clever, he wouldn't be in the mess he's in now. Clearly, not clever enough. He's yet to pass any legislation of importance. Washington outsmarted him, like many of us predicted.
  15. I get changes like this all the time. Happens especially if you book a long time in advance. My recommendation is to always book direct with the airline. 99% of the time, you'll get the same price and will always get better service.