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  1. This will upset quite a few. Trump actually admitting Russia meddles in domestic affairs of other countries! LOL http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/18/politics/trump-national-security-strategy/index.html
  2. What Trump says and what he writes is two different things. Here's what his written words say. Completely different and left out in his speech. I guess @FreddieRoyle will be stunned by this. LOL http://edition.cnn.com/2017/12/18/politics/trump-national-security-strategy/index.html
  3. Guess what! Your hero just said otherwise! Russia doing a great benevolent job? You should visit Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Syria. I guarantee those living there will tell a different story. Where do you get your news from? Staggering.
  4. Trump is just thrashing around. Nothing coherent nor consistent. Listen to his speech. Sounded like he was running for office. Just listed all his accomplishments. He's mentally deranged.
  5. Why wouldn't I know about this? I was just there! And spent some time in these villages. Refused to integrate? We bullies? Seriously? You've got a warped sense of how these things have played out. Here's a pic of me with one of these indigenous people on my last trip to this exact area.
  6. craigt3365

    POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    I didn't pull out before. I was entered into it without my knowledge. Again. And at the time I was a mod. So management pulled me out. I was very happy with that decision. After the abuse here. I quit as a mod.
  7. Way cheaper with Grab and they all speak English!
  8. Many are calling this a genocide. Most are NOT Muslim. Time for something to be done and help these poor people.
  9. I'm just back from KL. Every mall has a designated Grab taxi pickup location. Signs are everywhere for Grab. Why can't Thailand get it together? Sad and embarrassing
  10. craigt3365

    POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    I had no idea I was in this until 2 days ago. Those in the final running should be asked first before proceeding. IMHO. We have many, many good members here. Sadly, a few bad ones that tend to ruin it.
  11. craigt3365

    POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    I've been threatened several times and had personal details published. One reason I quit as a mod. Not worth it. Sorry and thanks to those who voted for me.
  12. craigt3365

    Traveling with dog to Canada

    This might help a bit.
  13. craigt3365

    POSTER OF THE YEAR: The Final Round, 2017

    Please vote for Colinneil. Thank you.
  14. I use to work with a very large lady. Saw her downing 1/4 gallon of ice cream one day. I asked if that was a good thing. Her reply? "It's diet ice cream."! LOL