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  1. A friend just arrived here a few days ago. He got a visa exemption for 30 days and was told he had to report to immigration within 24 hours or face a fine. He's from Norway. I'm guessing this is to report where he is staying? They told him this is a new rule and just came out last week. Fact or translation problems? Thanks!
  2. Note: This topic is for posting travel deals only, not for discussions!Cheap flights tickets by Thaivisa Flights and Jetradar Please refer to this thread for ongoing airline and flight discussions:Airline Information And Flight Deals For ExpatsOff-topic or argumentative posts will be removed without notice. Also, to keep posts to a minimum, travel questions (like what routing to use, what airline flies where, what's the best airline to travel to ????), should be done as NEW topics in the Travel forum, not replies to this thread. This topic is for airline information and up to date travel deals ONLY. As suggested by beano2274, we're going to use this pinned topic as a source of information for airline information and flight deals to and from Thailand. This is going to be an ongoing process, so be aware changes may be made without notice. Let's work on this together! If you have something to add to a section, just reply to this post and one of the mods will move it up to this section for permanent display. Hopefully, it will help keep this thread manageable. We'll also prune posts with information/deals that have expired. A one stop shop for airline stuff. Rather than try to list every airlines website, let's have others do the work for us and just link over to there. How about this one, though I do think a few need to be listed here, especially the domestic ones:Airports of Thailand (AOT) Official WebsiteCheap flights ticketsThaivisa and Jetradar bring you great rates on Flights to and from all destinations.Flight Deals to all destinationsThailand Domestic Carriers: Flight Arrival and Departure Site for Thailand's Airports (Carib)Air AsiaHow to Beat AirAisa's Extra Charges (Quit4Justice)Bangkok AirHappy Air (Boycie)Jet Asia AirwaysKan Airlines (Boycie)Legacy Air (Pattaya to Siem Reap)Lion AirNok AirOrient Thai AirlinesPhuket AirlinesSolar Air (Mosha)Thai Airways InternationalThai Regional Airline (TBWG)Other Carriers Covering Thailand:Cebu Pacific AirFly ScootJetstar Asia AirwaysMandala AirlinesSouth East Asia Airlines (SEAir)VietJetAirTransAsia Airways (Taiwan)Tiger AirwaysMTT Pattaya - Has updated listings of promotional fares from ThailandReal Time Tracking of Flights:http://www.flightradar24.com/ (dabhand)http://flightaware.com/ (rakman)http://www.flightstats.com/ (mosha) http://www.checkmytrip.com enter in your reference number and you will get details of your booking, by Amadeus.Visa, Passport, Travel Insurance and Health Requirements Information:IATA Passport, Visa & Health travel document requirementsVisa Mapper (SBK)Embassy Finder ** Always check the embassy's website of the country you are visiting to make sure of visa requirements **AA Insurance BrokersWorld Nomads Riding Motorbikes in Thailand - A Must ReadAirline Passenger Rights:US Airline Passenger Rights (Yermanee)European Airline Passenger Rights (Lomatopo)Bringing Controlled Substances into Thailand:BBC Article on Dubai StopoversThaivisa Thread on Dubai Thai Language Guide Books and References: http://www.forward-books.com/ Interesting Travel Articles/Websites: *** The New "Big Three" of Travel Search Engines: Competition Dies *** The Newest Way to Find the Best Airfare Deals *** When to Buy the Cheapest Airline Tickets (Yermanee!)*** Why There is No Right Answer in Travel (Nomadic Matt)*** How To Find A Cheap Flight (Nomadic Matt)*** 10 Ways to Find Cheap Flights (Johnny Jet, with great chart comparing Airfare alert sites)*** Avoiding ATM Fees When Traveling Abroad (The Points Guy Blog)24 Best Travel Sites to Save You Money (kiplinger.com)Airfarewatchdog.com (List of airline route maps)Airfarewatchdog.com Top Ten Tips for Finding Low Airfares (Phatcharanan) Airlinequality (SkyTrax) Reviews of airlines, seats, lounges and airports Airfare Secrets USA Today (Phatcharanan)Airline Routes - Official Airline Route MapsAirline Route MapsAirline Seating Maps (seatguru.com, great site to find out if a seat is good or not)Alternative Airlines (Good listing of lesser known, smaller airlines - Globally)Asia River Cruise GuideBooking a Flight the Frugal Way (NYTimes.com)Confessions of an Airline Revenue Manager (patekatek)How to Find Cheap Airfares in Any Season (HuffingtonPost.com)Disaggregating Fare Aggregators 2009. Which Airfare Comparison Sites Are Best? (upgradetravelbetter.com, discusses several search engines listed below)Etiquette - The Ultimate Worldwide Guide (Swissotel)EU Passenger Rights (Yermanee)FlightFox (experts help find the best airfare for a small fee)Google.com/flights (great for seeing fares listed on a map)Guide To Sleeping in AirportsHelp Finding Budget Airlines Globally (whichbudget.com)Hopper (great flight data and research tools!!)iflybags (Checks baggage allowances and costs, WilliaminBKK)Low Cost Airlines Globally (Shows budget airlines around the world)ProMED(Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases) Rome2Rio (How to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile)Safety Ratings Per AirlineStay.com (great for creating personalized travel guides, also available off line)Teeza's Beaches and Islands For ThailandThailand's Railway Map (Idnguy)The Man in Seat 61 (for train travel anywhere in the world)Travel Weather WorldwideWhich Budget Airline (Shows budget airlines by country)Wikivoyage (great source of destination information)Meta Search Engines:AdiosoBest Travel Store (NanLaew)BingCheapTicketsDohop (LindsayBKK)Dohop/Away (Great for searching for deals from a particular city) (LindsayBKK)FarecompareFaregeek (Ezzra)Flight Centre UK (Boycie) Google Flight Search ToolHipmunk (A very interesting way to book flights-agony factor included!) (THAIPHUKET)HotwireIgougoJetRadarKayak(also has an alert feature for when fares go up/down for a particular route)Kelkoo (pattayadingo)LastminuteMatrix AirfareMobissimoMomondoOrbitzPriceline (Name Your Price!)Round The World Experts UK (Boycie) SkypickerSkyscanner TravelocityTravelope (jocko)TripAdvisor Flights (tripadvisor.com)Vayama (has special J class deals) (WilliaminBKK)YaptaZuji (Great for Australia and NZ)Travel Agents Specializing in Thailand:ATN Inter (UbonOz)Mastic Travel (Updated promotional fares from Thailand, Dexterm)Mox Travel (yermanee)MTT ThailandSaveFlightsThaiflyTravelconnecxionThailand Bus Information:The Transport Company (Inc. international routes) Thailand Train Tickets: https://www.thairailwayticket.com/eTSRT/ Round The World Sites:AirtreksBootsnallFlight Center (daviddrinkell)Roundtheworldflights.com (Boycie)Star Alliance (WilliaminBKK)One World (WilliaminBKK)Sky Team (WilliaminBKK)Travel Games:geoguessrHotel Booking Sites:Thaivisa Recommended Book Now, Pay When You Stay! With FREE cancellation on most rooms, No booking fees, All inclusive prices.Booking.comAgoda.com OtherAirbnb.comFlipkey.com (Vacation Rentals)Hostelz.com (huge listing of hotels, hostels, apartments, etc)Hotelscombined.com (PattayaParent)Latestays.comRoomorama (short term and vacation rentals)The Beach Front Club (only hotels directly on the beach, worldwide)Tingo.com (jocko)Tripexpert.comtrivago.com (krisb)Wimdu (private accommodation rentals)Thailand Car Rental Deals.Thailand Car Rentals Why Book With Us? - Major Suppliers, Big Savings - Book online and save upto 15% - Rated 1st by real users on Review Centre _________________________________________________________________________________ All suggestions are welcome!!!! Please report any broken links.
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    Welcome To New Members - 2554/2011

    Welcome everyone! Thaivisa.com has lots of great information for you. Don't be shy to post questions in the various forums. Moderators are also always around if you need help! Good luck!
  4. craigt3365

    Welcome To New Members - 2554/2011

    Welcome to Thaivisa.com! I recommend you post the above in the business forum. I think you will get a much better response from that forum rather than this one. Many of the specialized forums are watched on a regular basis by "experts". I know that's the case with the biz forum. Good luck and welcome!!
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    Welcome To New Members - 2554/2011

    Welcome! For sure jump on in. Your experiences would be invaluable to others here. Try the Thai Visa forum. Lots of great advise there. You need to post his nationality also as that may make a difference.
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    Welcome To New Members - 2554/2011

    Welcome! We look forward to your participation here on Thaivisa. My wife if from Khorat and we live south of Pattaya. Some good seafood restaurants in Sri Racha!
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    Welcome To New Members - 2554/2011

    Welcome and good luck with your new partner. You might want to try the Issan forum. It's more local to your area and I'm sure you will find others there who speak English.
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    Welcome To New Members - 2554/2011

    Welcome everybody! We hope Thaivisa is useful for you. Any questions, email us at [email protected]!! Marion: hopefully, your athletic interests will be an inspiration to all of us "lazy" farangs! :jap:
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    We moved here permanently in 2009. We've been bringing our personal goods over in our checked and carry on luggage. We each bring 2 large checked bags each (50-lbs), one carry on (stuffed to the max) and a back (which is also stuffed). You'd be amazed at how much stuff you can bring each trip. As we have to return to the US 2 times each year, we've brought everything over we needed to...as well as tons of stuff we buy in the US every trip. Sheets, towels, silverware....stuff that is very expensive here or hard to find where we live near Pattaya. Regarding hand tools, you are aware of the power differences? Forget one time to plug it into the converter, and it's toast. I just popped the power supply for a new PC hub. I thought it was 110-220...obviously, it wasn't. I looked into shipping a small amount of stuff before our first trip. I think it was like $400-500 for a 1 x 1 x 1 meter square area. Weight didn't matter. You can also bring an extra suitcase for a small amount of money. Which gives you another 50lbs of stuff to bring. Something to think about. Best of luck and feel free to post your query in a forum!!!! Craig
  10. craigt3365

    SANTANA Live In Bangkok 2011

    When was this? Early January of this year. At the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.
  11. craigt3365

    Leaving Your Country To Live Permanently To Thailand

    Please stay ON TOPIC. This thread is about "Leaving your country to live permanently in Thailand". Not about religion. If you want to discuss that, please open another thread.
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    Welcome To New Members - 2554/2011

    Hey Rusty! I would recommend a post in the visa forum for this. Lots of good advise from the fellow members who watch that forum. Best of luck and welcome to TV! Craig
  13. Any of these uses in another Thai bank's ATM? Or all the uses in a Bkk Bank ATM and checkout EDC? Only used it at BB ATM or the debit card machine at these stores checkouts. I'm a cheap charlie...don't want to pay 20B just to get some cash!!!! I'm near Pattaya, so there are BB Be1st ATMs all over the place. Even outside every store I use it for at the checkout!
  14. I have used my Be 1st card quite a few times. Carrefour, Makro, Tesco, Fuji, Central Festival department store, HomePro/Works, etc. Never had a problem with it. But I do try to limit it to reputable establishments only. Even in the US, I've had credit card fraud several times.
  15. I don't use credit cards here due to the potential for fraud. I've heard too many horror stories. I transfer a bulk amount in via Bangkok Bank...it's a relatively cheap transfer rate. And, you can get 25k Baht a pop at their ATMs, and it is also a debit card...which I only do in the more reputable stores. Makro, Carrefour, Tesco, etc. But only if I am out of cash or an ATM is not nearby! Talk about ripoffs...try exchanging money at the train station upon arrival in Venice. Un-f'in real. Craig, As you are especially security conscious and concerned about fraud, I wanted to make sure you were aware of the Be1st Smart Card. If you do not already have one of these please talk to your local branch. The advantage of the Be1st Smart Card compared to a normal card is that they have a Chip on them so they can not be skimmed or duplicated. The restriction is that not every BBL ATM accepts them, although progressively more and more are being updated so that they do so. Also, you can not use this ATM card at the ATM of other banks. So you could use iBanking (normal or Mobile) to transfer funds into an account tied to the Be1st Smart Card if you are especially concerned about your card being lost or stolen. You still need to chose a PIN, the experience is just like a normal BBL ATM card apart from the few seconds the ATM needs to read and validate the Chip. Here is the link to the card.detail on our site http://www.bangkokbank.com/Bangkok%20Bank/Personal%20Banking/Be1st%20and%20ATM%20Cards/Be1st%20Smart/Pages/Default.aspx Ian For sure I have that card, and transfer funds into that account. I didn't really ask for it, but it is what they gave me when we opened our account there 1 year ago. I love it...but do have a backup ATM card just in case we are "up country" and can't find an ATM that takes this card. As I travel a lot, I always carry 2 ATM cards from different banks. Would have been a bummer to have been stuck in Rwanda without a valid ATM card!!!!! Excellent recommendation!