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  1. thaibutty

    Chinese-speaking Thai guides take to Phuket streets

    She was actually licensed. I had asked to see the license. However, I didn`t file a complaint. I thought whats the point, probably are all the same anyway. I know a few very good English speaking guides, who speak good English, are polite and give a great service. But I also heard from many guides that they won´t take on the job if it involves only taking tourists on a sightseeing tour. I`ve seen fantastic German speaking guides in Bangkok and Chiang Mai in various temples and palaces who spoke excellent German and were very knowledgeable. Never seen any in Phuket.
  2. thaibutty

    Chinese-speaking Thai guides take to Phuket streets

    I wonder if they are more qualified and motivated than the one German speaking Thai guide I once hired for visiting friends. Demanded 3000 Baht for one day, barely spoke any German at all and instead of giving my friends some relevant information about the temples they were visiting she made them stop at Wang Thalang, a Latex shop and a cashew nut factory, despite their protest that they did not want to see any of these places. Later she (yes, a female guide) complained to me that they didn`t buy anything and asked how she was supposed to make any money from the job. While there for sure are some crooks amongst the expats here, I am sure that if foreigners would be allowed to work as guides most would do a 100x better job than most of the so called local "guides"
  3. This has changed owners and names a few times in the last year. It's not a cafe anymore. it's also no longer dtoo daeng pizza, pasta, salad. Lately its been changed to a seafood restaurant. Let's see what it will be turned to next
  4. Probably not the same owners. I know the owner of the one in Chalong. They are a Thai family with several businesses in Phuket. The coffee place was just a side business they didn't pay much attention too apparently.
  5. This is an opportunity for an individual or couple to make an extra or full-time income in direct sales. The company offering this job is an internationally renowned, fast growing company, with a great product, outstanding management and a fantastic compensation plan. Training and tools provided for free. This is a great opportunity for everyone, with both a Thai and international background and network. And the best is yet to come; This company only started a couple of month ago in Thailand, after becoming a huge success all around the world. This could be your chance. Please send me PM for more information.
  6. You ever been at 7 11 where 3 are behind the counter 1 register open and store full.Pay one good employee 600 and you are still even. Keep on dreaming So what you are saying is that PT's policies will lead to massive unemployment. someone has to pay for all the people who hand out unnecessary paper tickets for park houses. Or the guards with the whistles or the he insane numbers of totally helpless staff in so many places. You think that business owners are going to pay them with 300 baht a day for a totally useless job???
  7. If the Democrats won the entire South, all of Bangkok, all the Central and Eastern Provices, they must be going for a landslide Democract victory then. Democrats won the South which gets them a total of around 50 seats. Bangkok is 15, all the small provinces in the central are all just a few seats each. They get more seats there than Phuea Thai. However, East and North have a much bigger population all together, giving them more seats in the parliament all together. In Issaan Phuea Thai is getting over 100 seats, while the Democrats get 3.
  8. I am really interested to see, how exaclty they want to raise the minimum wages to 300 baht all around the country, without bringing thousands of companies and small business owners into bankruptcy.
  9. I am watching Thai TV and it says Phuea Thai did not win a single seat from any province in the South! So much as to all Thais support the reds or Thaksin bullshit. All Thais in the South that I know detest Thaksin and the Red Shirts. Funny enough, that they paid 500 Baht per person and still didn´t get a single seat from the south. As the southern provinces get far less seats than the north and isaan, it doesn´t change a thing. But still interesting to note. Just in Thai TV as well. Central and Southern provinces, as well as Eastern Seaboard are all won by the Democrats, while the north and Issaan are won by Phuea Thai. Country is very much divided on this topic.