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  1. thaibutty

    New aquarium at central

    I have been to Siam Ocean World at Siam Paragon in Bangkok three times over the last 10 years and as I went there with my Thai wife we paid the Thai price every single time. I had to show Thai driving license, spoke to them politely in Thai. So no problem there. But the counter price is definitely considerably lower for Thais than foreigners.
  2. In other news: they are planning to develop a "smart city" which even tracks the health of pets. I wonder how that is going to work out if they can't even keep the power up during low season. We had 3 major blackouts in Chalong during the last week. Maybe build a dumb but reliable power supply for the entire island first before you go for smart cities. That would actually be a smart move
  3. thaibutty

    New aquarium at central

    Because Siam Ocean World in Bangkok also has dual pricing, as has literally every single attraction in Thailand, except a few that are run by foreigners.
  4. thaibutty

    New aquarium at central

    You can be sure they will
  5. thaibutty

    Phuket now has a world class shopping hub

    Some people actually do live here, you know...
  6. I think they have come out of the frame and not really broke like when you hit them with a ball etc... Thats exactly what happened. I was in Central on Sunday and walked past there. Several of the large windows had simply fallen out of the frame. Also there were no doors to the external staircases from the road up to the walkway. So with the strong wind the rain blew right into the walkway. Not sure if there were no doors in the first place or if they got blown out too. Either way a big mess. But it wasn't the windows and doors alone. Rain also came through the ceiling where they connected the walkway with the entrance to the old Central. So overall it just looks like a really crappy job by the developer.
  7. thaibutty

    Accounting in Phuket

    Been using this company for years: https://www.tacteamaudit.com Price seems to be reasonable compared to others. Depends on what you need and expect I guess:)
  8. thaibutty

    Pest control company

    We use this company: Skill Rid Pest Control https://www.yellowpages.co.th/en/profile/522269221374001 Have used them for several years now on a yearly contract. They did an initial check and now come every 3 months.
  9. thaibutty

    Pickup truck driver, 22, dies after Phuket crash

    Probably not much left of the driver...
  10. thaibutty

    Window/door mosquito shield (metal)

    Good to know.
  11. thaibutty

    Window/door mosquito shield (metal)

    Not sure if I understood correctly. But I think you want the mesh to be made from metal? If so I dont think the aluminium shops sell that. There is a booth at Homepro Chalong that sells metal mosquito shields for windows/doors. Forgot the name though
  12. thaibutty

    Whats wrong with the air on Phuket

    I agree that the air tends to be much clearer on the Chalong side. Still quite a bit of burning going on that is not only visible but also smells. Both Chao Fa Roads have a lot of traffic with buses and trucks, which also contribute. And another factor that was an issue for quite a while (not so much anymore) was the sand dust from the digging and daily explosions while the new water reservoir behind Wat Luang Phu Supha was built. But although I moaned about the air quality at times, currently I have nothing to complain, which Old Croc will surely appreciate:)
  13. what a bundle of joy you are. btw: you have the most accurate member description I've ever seen on this forum
  14. apparently, the sudden death of a young man on holiday is such a laughing matter to you...
  15. thaibutty

    Racist dual pricing for massages now?

    I have been here for almost 15 years and it bothers me now more than in the beginning. Probably because its where I feel at home, have family, a house, a business, speak the language etc. But still being treated different. Of course, I have learned to deal with it. I have my regular places where I am not being overcharged and treated in a very friendly way. Places that try to rip me off and even if its just a 20 Baht extra charge for being Farang will not see me again. So its not a big deal and I can live with it, but it does bother me every time it happens. Had a typical experience yesterday. Went to get a haircut, my regular barbershop in Chalong was closed so tried another one around the corner. Sat down explained what I want in Thai, had a nice little chat with the guy. Next chair is a Thai customer. We all have a nice chat in Thai. All nice people really. Until the end:) Thai customer is done, asks how much. Barber points to a sign that says in Thai "Haircut 150 baht" and says: 150 Baht 5 minutes later I am done too and asked him how much and he says: "180 Baht"... I answered: "your sign says 150 Baht," gave him 150 Baht and left the shop. Needless to say I will not be back again...